Chapter 188 - Since You Want to Eat Alone

    Chapter 188 - Since You Want to Eat Alone

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    The stalwart A-Biao's expression mirrored Qin Feng's; he first froze a bit, then he came back to his senses. Everyone was from the streets, so he could see everyone's intentions at first glance. He shook his head with some embarrassment. If he knew there were so many people in the room, he wouldn't have boasted about himself so dramatically.

    After this, how could he continue to get along in the streets?

    "Okay, all of the current Wen Group members are here, and including me, there are sixteen people in total." Liu Wen Jing became serious when she saw the room packed with Wen Group members.

    "Though it doesn't seem like we have many people, our Wen Group is a large group that not just anyone can join. If you want to join, you must undergo a meticulous selection process and various assessments. It's not exaggerating to say you would have to be a true expert to be able to survive all of the difficult tasks... And you all are the elite of the elite, professionals that are one in a thousand that I myself selected with utmost care.

    "Today, sixteen of us experts have gathered in one room. Once we set out, we can shake up Acropolis City's underground. If the sixteen of us join hands and fight together, Acropolis City's underground power structure would be flipped on its head. The bosses of the Wild Wolf and Flying Dragon Gangs would wet their pants in terror..."

    Oh sh*t!

    When the fourteen big men heard a woman bullsh*tting in front of them, they all had the urge to jump off a building. They found that they learned nothing on the streets, they couldn't even lie as well as a woman.

    These people were completely stunned when they heard Liu Wen Jing mention overturning the skies and covering the sky with one hand.

    "Tonight, our Wen Group will first let off the bosses of the Wild Wolf and Flying Dragon Gangs. Though we already have enough power to topple these two large powers into the fiery seas in one night, as a budding new power, we have to learn how to be low-key... I've decided that we'll be low-key and take the Feng Group first. We'll catch them unprepared, take their land, drink their fresh blood, and eat their flesh!

    "What do you say everyone, do you all have confidence?"

    After the rousing speech ended, these men didn't feel passionate or feel the desire to rush into battle. Instead, they only wanted to grab something to block their ears. They didn't dare continue listening to Liu Wen Jing's bullsh*t for fear that this gal would bullsh*t her way abroad and lead the Wen Group to conquer the galaxy and then the universe.

    "Cough cough," Qin Feng was the first to come to his senses. After hearing these words, he felt like he had an internal injury and coughed twice. He immediately stood and pulled Liu Wen Jing out of the room.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? I roused everyone's spirits and I'm going to bring them to chop people, let me get back!" Liu Wen Jing fought in Qin Feng's embrace.

    With one breath, Qin Feng lifted this lass onto his shoulder, and allowed her to punch and kick. He carried Liu Wen Jing into the public male restroom in the hallway and sat her on the windowsill.

    "Qin Feng, why did you bring me to the men's restroom?" Liu Wen Jing looked around her and screamed in fright. She used her strength to punch Qin Feng's chest: "Let me out, what do you want to do to me?"

    Qin Feng held Liu Wen Jing down with one hand and prevented her from leaving. He used his other hand to pull out his cell phone to make a call.

    The call was quickly answered.

    "Young Master Qin! What is your command?" Long-hair's reverent voice passed through the phone.

    "What movements have been made lately?" Qin Feng got straight to the point.

    "Young Master Qin, last time you said the Feng Group had to expand its power and take over the entire territory surrounding the pedestrian walkway, so there haven't been any other movements recently," Long-hair said while trembling with fear. He couldn't figure out why Young Master Qin was suddenly calling.

    "Then has the Wild Wolf Gang made any moves?"

    "The Wild Wolf Gang has also been expanding its power. Since us three brothers took their land to build our influence, that brat Wang Qiang dispatched a group of people near the pedestrian walkway. These past couple of days, they've been keeping tabs on our Feng Group, so I'm afraid they want to make a move on us." Long-hair was talking about the current boss of the Wild Wolf Gang.

    "How many are in this group of people?" Qin Feng's eyes turned, and he had a good idea.

    "Over a hundred people. And we've occupied one-third of the current Wild Wolf Gang's strongholds. It seems that that brat Wang Qiang is getting anxious after getting beaten and wants to take revenge on us three brothers. This time, I'm afraid there's going to be a nasty battle." Long-hair said it like it was.

    "Alright, gather up the entire Feng Group and await my orders. Tonight we're going to eliminate this power!" Qin Feng said all this indifferently and hung up.

    Liu Wen Jing stopped struggling and allowed Qin Feng to hug her small and full waist. She looked happily at Qin Feng: "Qin Feng, have you found people to help? They have a lot of people right? Right?"

    Qin Feng really wanted to say, "You dummy, you're about to be raped by over ten men and you're still having silly dreams."

    However, once he thought about his quest regarding Liu Wen Jing, Qin Feng smiled slightly and nodded: "Dearest, it's our Wen group's first time making a move. We must win and cannot lose, so of course I called for some people. I need to ensure your safety!"

    Liu Wen Jing was so moved that she danced for joy. Then, she suddenly hugged Qin Feng's neck and kissed his face. After kissing him, she realized what she had done and shyly lowered her head.


    At this time, the door to the men's restroom was slammed open and thirteen large men flocked in. Their gazes fell on Qin Feng and they glared fiercely at him like they wanted to skin him alive.

    "Your elder knew, your elder f*cking knew that you'd be f*cking ungenerous and hide here to have a meal by yourself. Brothers, how about we kill this brat together?"

    That man with the purple afro stood out and glared viciously at Qin Feng. He knew right from the beginning that Qin Feng was no good. Once he got into the room, he played dumb the whole time, and now he even took Liu Wen Jing into the men's restroom to play with her on his own.

    Did f*cking loyalty exist anymore?

    "Attack and kill this brat!"

    "Stinking brat, you want to cut in line? Your elder is number one tonight, see if I can't kill you!"

    These thirteen men didn't know one another, but came together. They all looked fiercely at Qin Feng and walked over to him. When Liu Wen Jing saw this, she immediately pushed Qin Feng out of the way and rushed before the audience: "Don't freak out, everyone. Quiet down and listen to my explanation.

    "We are all brothers of the Wen Group. We have a deep friendship, so we share joys and bear sorrows together. We can't fight amongst ourselves... Qin Feng didn't bring me to the bathroom to do what you're thinking of. He had just called his brother, and those brothers are going to help us take care of the Feng Group, so we should be thanking Qin Feng!"

    After Liu Wen Jing's explanation, the audience became even angrier: "F*ck, forget it if you want to eat on your own, but to bring your brothers to eat together? You're worse than a beast, brat."

    Purple afro couldn't take it anymore. He brandished his fists and headed towards Qin Feng. Qin Feng stood where he was perfectly straight and relaxed, and his expression was as calm as water. He waited for his opponent's fist to almost hit the tip of his nose when he suddenly lifted a foot and kicked the man in the stomach.

    With a "bang," Purple afro flew like he was sitting on on a rocket. In the next second, he hit the door to the men's restroom and fell onto the ground again. He was in so much pain that he couldn't stand.

    The remaining twelve people who were about to rush forward immediately halted. They looked at one another and didn't even dare fart.

    These people lived aimlessly in society, and fighting was commonplace to them. Thus, it was precisely because they often fought that they knew how to judge people's fighting skills. Though Qin Feng only kicked once and did a move so simple that he didn't need to use his arms, the brat with the afro couldn't even stand back up.

    They had just seen a glace of Qin Feng's abilities, and he clearly possessed the skills of a crazy person that these hooligans could not provoke!

    "Aiya, I said not to cause any internal strife. Qin Feng has amazing skills, he's truly an expert among experts. Now that he's here tonight, our first war will be loud and clear."

    Liu Wen Jing saw that the atmosphere had become stiff, so she immediately stood out to warm it up. She stood before the audience and shouted with a heroic and lofty wave of her hand: "Alright, since all of the Wen Group members have gathered, let's go take care of the Feng Group right now. I've decided that we will win by a landslide and take the Feng Group's Fei Tian Bar. Then, we'll celebrate our victory in the bar and get drunk!"

    No one applauded and no one agreed. After seeing how powerful Qin Feng was, they all planned to run away. They originally wanted to come to the Wen Group to pick up a little girl, but now there was someone that wanted to dominate Liu Wen Jing on their own. These other hooligans didn't have the guts to challenge Qin Feng again.

    "Wen Jing, go out first, I have something to say to these brothers." Qin Feng knew what these people intended to do, so he looked coldly at Liu Wen Jing.

    When Liu Wen Jing saw Qin Feng's severe gaze, she felt intimidated and was slightly unwilling to comply, but she still obediently walked out of the male restroom. After all, it wasn't somewhere she should be in the first place.

    He waited for Liu Wen Jing to leave and walked in front of the audience. His cold expression suddenly changed and he laughed vulgarly: "Haha, I'm sorry brothers, I have indeed planned to eat on my own. Too bad I came late so I'm number fifteen.

    "I can't wait for so long, so I'm preparing to take the first shot. Does anyone have anything to say about it?"

    Without waiting for the hooligans to respond, Qin Feng continued: "But everyone is just getting along in the streets, and I won't made the situation difficult. Tonight I'll cut in line. Let me go first, and after I'm done, you guys can follow the original order and play with this silly chick and I won't care."

    Just a second ago, they had fearful expressions like they were facing a large enemy. In the next second, they let out the breath they were holding, and a smile more vulgar than Qin Feng's appeared on their faces.
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