Chapter 189 - Acting Skills Are Necessary to Get Along

    Chapter 189 - Acting Skills Are Necessary to Get Along

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    "I say, brother, you should have told us about such a big thing earlier... Since you want to take the lead, then you can go first tonight, I'm fine with it."

    "You go first, you go first. This is a small matter, it's not a big deal."

    "Alright, then you go first. However, the rest of us agreed that we're going by the original order, and no one can cut."

    "Okay, then it's happily decided!"

    For those who drift in society, who can avoid getting cut? And if you get cut, you can only blame yourself for not being skilled enough.

    At this time, Qin Feng deeply experienced the true meaning of this phrase, and only understood now that this "skill" refers to acting skills.

    A qualified hooligan must first begin acting. If they didn't have good enough acting skills to make fiction and reality almost indistinguishable, they would not be able to get along in the streets. One would be too embarrassed to say they got along in the streets if they hadn't done a couple of performances.

    "Haha, since everyone agrees, then we'll write off what happened at first. We're all still good brothers, am I right?" These hooligans changed their expressions too quickly, and Qin Feng had trouble getting used to it.

    "Good brothers, it's fate that we used the same motives to join the Wen Group. In the future, since we're all out on the streets, we'll meet frequently. Another friend means another escape route right?"

    "That's not right, women are like clothes, and brothers share a deep friendship. How can we ruin the friendship between us because of a set of flowery clothes?"

    "We're f*cking in the streets to make a living, and we value comradeship. Brother, we also did the wrong thing at first and misunderstood you. Now, that misunderstanding is resolved, and in the future, we will share joys and bear sorrows together."


    "Cough cough!" Qin Feng immediately coughed twice and interrupted the audience. He was afraid that if he let these people continue acting, they would start to go through with the process of becoming sworn brothers: "Since we're all brothers, then I must remind you that we can't just force ourselves onto that silly girl in this hotel."

    After saying this, the audience's elated expressions faded. They looked at Qin Feng with some dissatisfaction, but they were apprehensive of Qin Feng's abilities, so they didn't dare say anything in opposition.

    "Haha, don't misunderstand." Qin Feng waved his hand: "I'm just doing this for everyone's benefit. Think about it, this is Ru Jia Hotel, a country-wide chain hotel. Who knows how many cameras there are here? If you all take turns on Liu Wen Jing in the room, and this girl calls the cops, none of you will escape. They'll pull up the surveillance to find your faces and arrest you."

    Their faces all changed from dissatisfied to afraid.

    They saw the truth after hearing Qin Feng's words, and were glad this didn't happen. Who knew how many years they'd be imprisoned for if over ten men raped one woman?

    "Brother, you're completely right, good thing you reminded us in time, or we would have been arrested at night."

    "Right, right, we're not going to play in the hotel, we have to think of a way to trick the silly girl out of it and find a hidden place to make our move."

    "You all keep thinking that Liu Wen Jing is a silly girl, but I've found that she isn't dumb." Qin Feng saw that he changed their minds and continued: "Think about it, why did she meet us in a hotel? Why didn't she say anything beforehand and pretend she was getting a room? If you don't believe me, think about it, wasn't that the case?"

    The audience began to ask around. After doing so, they realized that they were called to the hotel one by one, and no one knew anyone else would be there. Once they heard that they were meeting at a hotel, they thought they were getting a room. In the end, they found that there was a f*cking room full of men.

    "F*ck, this stinking woman dared to trick us?"

    "I understand now, this woman knew right from the beginning that we had errant intentions, so she intentionally set the meeting at Ru Jia Hotel. Her motive was simple: to use her beauty to trick us into helping her fight the Feng Group. She even originally said to me that if we defeat the Feng Group, she'd by mine at night."

    After this hooligan shouted all this, there was public indignation all around because Liu Wen Jing said this to everyone present.

    Now that they all compared notes, they quickly realized Liu Wen Jing's plan. Even Qin Feng was swept with anger when he found out that Liu Wen Jing told everyone the same lie. How could a woman be so dishonest?

    "Everyone quiet down, I've thought of a good idea. We can beat her in her own game and harshly teach this bad woman a lesson, but taste her deliciousness at the same time." Qin Feng waved his arms and everyone fell silent.

    Every pair of eyes were hooked onto Qin Feng like a large group of students thirsting for knowledge. At this time, Qin Feng became the Big Brother in their eyes.

    "Didn't that bad woman Liu Wen Jing want us to sacrifice our lives for her to fight the Feng Group? Then let's pretend that we're really going to fight them... I've already coordinated with a group of my friends in the streets to meet at the pedestrian walkway. When we get there, they will pretend to be Feng Group members coming out to play around. At that time, we'll rush at them and send them running. When the 'Feng Group' is defeated, we'll carry Liu Wen Jing to the bar and get her drunk. After she gets drunk, we can play however we'd like!"

    "Hehe! To be frank, what I mean is that I'm inviting you all to act out a show!"

    Less than half of the people understood Qin Feng's plan, and most of them didn't.

    This minority that understood only understood the last line about acting out a show. Thus, they immediately pounded their chests with pride and shouted: "F*ck, your elder is the f*cking best at acting. If I wasn't ugly, I'd have been king of the cinema a long time ago. I think this plan is good, and I'm willing to participate."

    With someone taking the lead, the remaining people quickly joined in whether or not they understood Qin Feng's plan. However, they all had the same thought in mind: if the others joined, what do I have to fear? Plus, there would a beautiful woman at night, how could they miss out on that chance?

    Also, they all saw how Qin Feng was... and they thought he was pretty dependable!

    After intimidating the audience, Qin Feng's mouth quirked upwards into an almost imperceptible smirk. He walked in front of the audience and mightily led a large group of people out of the men's restroom. A couple of beautiful women who just so happened to be going to the ladies' room to relieve themselves were startled by the scene and ran away.

    "Qin Feng, how did it go? What did you say to them?" When she saw everyone come out, Liu Wen Jing immediately rushed up to grab Qin Feng's shoulder. She asked her questions anxiously.

    "Nothing much, I just said some rousing words before our fight. We can set off now." Qin Feng looked at Liu Wen Jing with a smile and turned to look at the others: "Brothers, are you ready to fight the Feng Group tonight?"

    "We're ready!" They all said together: "If the Feng Group isn't annihilated tonight, we'll do a live broadcast of us eating sh*t!"
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