Chapter 190 - What Kind of People Are You?

    Chapter 190 - What Kind of People Are You?

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    Liu Wen Jing was stunned, and her expression changed unpredictably.

    Just as Qin Feng said, this woman wasn't simple. The whole time, she used her beauty to entice the hooligans to join the Wen Group, then she began to show her powers. She looked gentle and charming, but she never let the group members take advantage of her. Of course, Qin Feng was an exception.

    Liu Wen Jing had her own goals and ideas. She was absolutely not as foolish and simple as she looked. She could tell what these members' intentions were right from the beginning, but she still worked hard to think of a way to get these people help her defeat the Feng Group.

    Once she saw these people exit the restroom with completely altered expressions and unswerving fervor, she was extremely touched. She took Qin Feng's arm and smiled sweetly. They looked like an older brother and sister leading a group of little brothers, and they walked grandly out of the Ru Jia Hotel.

    Half an hour later, they arrived at the Northern District's pedestrian walkway. This procession was too large, and quite a few people stared at them along the way.

    We won't talk about how the thirteen hooligans looked green, but Qin Feng's face darkened: "I say Liu Wen Jing, you're the Wen Group's boss lady. This is our first battle, and even if you don't have a car, couldn't you have rented three vans? And even if you didn't have money to rent a van, couldn't you invite the people we're going to fight to come to where we are? Look at these brothers, their passion and vigor ran out during the way over. How could they kill people?"

    Liu Wen Jing looked wronged, stuck her body close to Qin Feng's embrace, and whispered into his ear: "Qin Feng, I only have twenty yuan in my pocket, it's not enough to call a cab. Why don't you lend me some?"

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched: "The pedestrian walkway isn't far, let's walk a bit faster and we'll be there soon."

    After speaking, Qin Feng covertly stuck his hand into his pocket and texted Long-hair. Soon, a phone call arrived.

    "Young Master Qin, we're all ready. This time, we plan to fight the Wild Wolf Gang at the plaza on the north side of the pedestrian walkway. Over a hundred of their people have arrived, and our people are currently going to take their empty nest and the plaza's road across from the pedestrian walkway."

    Qin Feng nodded. He pretentiously cleared his throat and yelled: "F*ck, we're almost here. Have the Feng Group call more people, or else it won't be enough for your elder."

    After hanging up, Qin Feng turned his head and gave the men a meaningful glance. Then, he said: "Brothers, the Feng Group members are already here, let's head over. Is everyone confident?"

    "Yes!" They yelled in unison.

    Qin Feng and these thirteen hooligans were acting, while Long-hair acted out another show.

    He had Long-hair plan a fight with the Wild Wolf Gang and trick their members on the pedestrian walkway into the plaza. At this time, Long-hair would bring the Feng Group to eliminate their empty nest on the plaza road, and Qin Feng would take his group to the plaza to face the Wild Wolf Gang. He planned to have these thirteen idiots fight a large battle with over a hundred of them.

    Since these hooligans liked acting so much, Qin Feng would give them a play within a play!

    Quickly, Qin Feng led these people to the plaza on top of the pedestrian walkway. It was already dark, and the plaza was considerably remote, so there wasn't really anyone coming or going.

    But they were currently gathered and densely packed into a large black shadow. When Liu Wen Jing and the thirteen hooligans saw it, they were stunned.

    Suddenly, a hooligan arrived beside Qin Feng. He pulled him to the side and said with a smile: "Brother, isn't your show too real? What street do you hang around? You must be someone important that you were able to call out so many brothers to pretend to be bad guys with just one phone call... In a bit, are we going to really go all out, or are we going to pretend to hit them a bit?"

    "Beat them! Beat them to death!" Qin Feng smiled: "That way, the silly lass won't detect anything fishy."

    "But... these are your brothers, that doesn't seem like such a good thing to do."

    "What brothers? They're all my lackeys. They'll only be happy if you all fought viciously because they could take credit in front of me when they get back," Qin Feng said calmly.

    "I understand, I'll quietly notify the brothers."

    These hooligans ran back to the rest of the group to pass along the order. He could tell that Qin Feng was a bigshot. Not only did he have skills, he also had lots of brothers.

    "Hi, what are you here for? This land is ours, so go somewhere else if you have no business here." An angry rebuke passed over from the Wild Wolf Gang. A bald man with a scar stepped out and glared coldly at Qin Feng.

    This Baldie was the one who brought his team to fight with the Feng Group. He clearly didn't treat Qin Feng's Group as Feng Group members. The Feng Group was trash, but there was no way they'd only bring around ten people.

    Qin Feng ignored Baldie. He smiled and walked toward him, and the thirteen hooligans behind him confidently puffed up their chests and followed.

    Soon both sides were a meter away from one another,

    "F*ck, are you looking for trouble brat? Your elder told you to f*ck off, are you f*cking deaf?" Baldie's eyebrows raised, and his expression became sinister.

    "F*ck, how are you talking to our boss? You f*cking want to die!" This time, Qin Feng didn't have to open his mouth, and someone stepped out behind him.

    It wasn't just one person that stood out, a whole group did.

    "Damn Baldie, you think your elder can't tell you tattooed that scar on your face? Your elder f*cking gets around on the streets as well. If you dare to shriek at our big brother, I'll kill you with one hand."

    "Damn, you think you're so great because you have a lot of people? You're acting like your elder hasn't seen the world... Do you know who your elder is? Ask about Big Brother Biao on the streets. Five years ago, I single-handedly defeated ten opponents and made them piss their pants. I'm afraid you weren't yet born then, brat. Now you have the guts to behave rudely in front of your senior? I'm going to laugh my front teeth out!" A-Biao stepped out as well.

    When he saw this scene, Baldie's imposing manner immediately weakened. He shook his head and was thinking about who "Older Brother Biao" was.

    Liu Wen Jing was so moved that tears sprang from her eyes. She knew, she just knew that every Wen Group member was a hidden expert. They didn't take action, but when they did, the results would be earth-trembling. Originally, when she saw that their opponent had over a hundred people, Liu Wen Jing was a bit afraid. Now, she was not even a little afraid. She took Qin Feng's arm and yelled and pointed at the Baldie.

    "Damn baldie, how dare you yell at my man? I'll chop you to death!"

    "Who are you people really?" Baldie hated when people called him "damn baldie," so he was furious. He asked his question while glaring viciously at everyone.

    "I never conceal my identity. I'm a Wen Group person, these are Wen Group's heroes!" Liu Wen Jing puffed up her chest and patted it with the heroic passion and demeanor of a female heroine.

    However, none of the people paid attention to her imposing manner, all of the attention fell on her full chest.
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