Chapter 191 - Die!

    Chapter 191 - Die!

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    Editor: Levs

    "F*ck, what the hell is the Wen Group?" The baldie never heard of Big Brother Biao, nor did he know the Wen Group. His patience had run out, and he suddenly shouted towards his underlings behind him: "These people are f*cking crazy, trash them brothers."

    With this command, the group of close to a hundred of them pounced towards Qin Feng's Group like an undercurrent. They were quickly surrounded, and none of them could escape.

    "You're here, and the time to show off is here. I'm really excited!"

    "F*ck, your elder said he's Big Brother Biao who single-handedly defeats ten people. You hooligans are looking to die!"

    "Brothers, attack together and annihilate this group of clueless brats!"

    In terms of vigor, these thirteen hooligans were not weak at all. They even smiled brightly in the faces of the hundred people that surrounded them.


    The stalwart Big Brother Biao attacked first. With a powerful kick, he kicked one of the enemies onto the ground. With fierce punches, he knocked over another two people beside him.

    This scene fired up the spectators in the Wen Group. They could ascertain that the opponents really were the younger brothers Qin Feng called over. They just stood there without daring to move and let them hit however they wanted.

    At this time, the thirteen Wen Group hooligans were like thirteen fierce tigers and cheetahs. They rushed together onto the first line of defense with kicks and punches. They knew that this was just a show, and they didn't even bring any weapons. They fought with bare fists and felt a bit like a martial arts elder.


    Another dull sound echoed.

    This time, a Wen Group member fell, and it was the impossibly cocky Big Brother Biao.

    Baldie viciously swung a bat into his head. Fresh blood immediately streamed down Brother Biao's head, dyeing his face beyond recognition. It was particularly frightening in the hazy gloom of the night.

    The instant Brother Biao fell, he forgot to shout in pain. Instead, he looked at Baldie with an expression of doubt mixed with anger.

    "F*ck, you're stealing the show!"

    "I'm stealing your grandma!" Baldie was stunned for a moment, then he swung his bat even more wildly at Brother Biao. He hit him while shouting: "You really are a f*cking lunatic!"

    At this time, Qin Feng had long pulled Liu Wen Jing out of the battle area. He sat on a park bench while hugging Liu Wen Jing's small waist and smilingly watched the intense battle appreciatively.

    Liu Wen Jing didn't have Qin Feng's leisurely expression. She watched the Wen Group brothers fall one by one, and her expression was one of anxiety: "Qin Feng, hurry and make a move. If you do, they'll all fall."

    Qin Feng stared unhappily at Liu Wen Jing and yelled: "You silly lass, you must've watched too many television shows with martial arts and fantastical elements. You think I'm a god that can overturn the world just by making a move? Want to see me throw out some fireballs? ...you think I'm an acrobat?"

    Liu Wen Jing scrunched her nose and felt wronged. She said with disappointment: "Then what do we do? I seem to have overestimated our Wen Group's abilities. Should we run away? If you live on a green hill, you don't need to be afraid there's no firewood. Wait until I get back, I'll enlist people into the Wen Group again and next time we will definitely be able to succeed."

    "Then you don't care about these Wen Group brothers?" Qin Feng looked at Liu Wen Jing with a smile.

    Liu Wen Jing lowered her head in embarrassment: "Qin Feng, I know you're really smart and saw through my plans right from the beginning. These people aren't anything good, and I know what they're thinking... No one owes anyone anything, let's quickly make our escape!"

    Qin Feng released her and allowed Liu Wen Jing to run away, while he sat on the bench and continued to enjoy the messy fight. Of the thirteen Wen Group members, only five of them were left standing. On the other hand, their opponents only lost thirty people.

    It goes without saying that Qin Feng's confusing plan was really effective. Once these hooligans thought they were acting and freely showed off their abilities, the revealed some hidden capabilities. Tonight, they were good fighters that could each fight five people on their own. Usually, they wouldn't even dare to think to try something like this.

    "Why did you come back?" Not long later, Liu Wen Jing ran back, so Qin Feng asked his question while looking at her with a smile.

    "Qin Feng, hurry and run away with me, the Wen Group still needs you," said Liu Wen Jing with anxiousness.

    "Why would I leave when there's such a good live fight? You're a woman as cruel as a poisonous scorpion, would you care whether I live or die?" Qin Feng looked at Liu Wen Jing with a smile.

    Liu Wen Jing anxiously glanced at the battlefield and found that all of the Wen Group members had fallen. Baldie's entire body was filled with wounds. He led his remaining fifty-or-so brothers towards them with a vulgar expression.

    Liu Wen Jing suddenly fell limp and sat on the ground. She looked unspeakably hopeless. She lowered her head and said quietly: "I'm as cruel as a poisonous scorpion, I'm a big liar, I'm cold and unfeeling, but I had my reasons... Forget it, since I can't run, I'll face my fate!"


    Liu Wen Jing had just finished speaking when a large sound was heard followed by QIn Feng's light laughter: "Silly girl, what do you mean by facing your fate? Fate is in your hands. Want to conquer fate with me?"

    While Qin Feng spoke, he kicked again. His leg carried an enormous strength and toppled a whole row of people. He then casually picked up the fallen baseball bat and tossed it at Liu Wen Jing: "Fight with this, but don't injure your delicate hands."


    He had just finished speaking when Liu Wen Jing realized that Qin Feng already flew into the fray. He was like an otherworldly expert from Wuxia novels, his arms and fists were tyrannical and powerful.

    His moves weren't grand, but were only simple punches and kicks. Every time he punched, there would be the sound of something slicing through the air. It carried an irresistible force and was unblockable.

    His leg strength was frightening. With one kick, he could send one person flying over ten meters. None of the people Qin Feng knocked over were able to crawl up again.

    Liu Wen Jing's clear eyes twinkled. She was so happy she was about to float. She saw hope, saw her younger sister's future...

    "Hey, you hooligans, die!"

    Liu Wen Jing suddenly gave an angry shout, brandished the bat, and joined the fray as well. Though she was a woman, the strength of her fighting didn't lose to any man. She really was fierce and ruthless. She used all of her strength to smash the heads of these hooligans. She didn't even blink when she saw gushing blood.

    Because people don't live for themselves, Liu Wen Jing was willing to become a demon for her younger sister!

    "Dearest, be careful, I've come to help you... You scum, hurry and die for your great aunt. If you have the guts to touch my dearest, your mother will kill you and wipe you out completely."

    Liu Wen Jing saw everyone surrounding Qin Feng and beating him, and she actually felt worried about him. She intentionally yelled loudly to attract a large group of them to her. When she saw the group of stinking men that looked like wolves and tigers heading towards her, she clenched her teeth and pounced at them.

    "I'll beat you to death! Your mother will beat you to death!"

    Liu Wen Jing wildly waved the bat in her hands. Pitiful cries were occasionally heard. She didn't even know how many people she knocked over because she was so afraid, she closed her eyes. She only concerned herself with wildly hitting and swinging, and didn't dare look at the bloody scene.

    Even if her arms were so achy that she almost couldn't lift them, she still didn't dare stop.


    A cold dagger suddenly scraped Liu Wen Jing's arm. She immediately felt a wave of sharp pain and hot blood gushed out, giving her a fright.


    She was cut from behind, and a large blade sliced the back of her clothes, leaving a long gash on her back. She fiercely clenched her teeth, but made no noise.

    More and more hooligans gathered around Liu Wen Jing. She didn't even know when someone stole the bat from her hands. She continued to shut her eyes and curse while wildly waving her arms.

    "Stinking woman, go die!"

    A kick suddenly flew out of the crowd and hit Liu Wen Jing's small stomach. She was a small and weak girl, so she was immediately sent flying. She lay on the ground aching from head to toe and couldn't even stand back up.

    She saw the group of hooligans pounce at her with smiles and lewd gazes. Liu Wen Jing yelled in fright: "Dearest, hurry and save me, I can't do it anymore!"

    After she was done yelling, Liu Wen Jing looked at the group of over twenty hooligans. From the ones furthest away to the one closest to her, these people fell over while walking. They didn't even have time to cry out.

    Those walking in the front did not even detect the danger behind them. People were incessantly falling down, and Liu Wen Jing's mood was also incessantly shaken again and again.


    After the last hooligan fell, Liu Wen Jing saw Qin Feng's face clearly. His clothes and hair were a bit messy, but he stood there with his back bent like a large, towering mountain, making Liu Wen Jing feel completely safe.

    "You silly girl, why did you yell so carelessly?" Qin Feng rushed over with steps like arrows and knelt down beside Liu Wen Jing. He looked at her tattered and bloodied clothes and immediately bought two bottles of Elementary Gold Sore Medicine.

    Qin Feng tore away the clothing around Liu Wen Jing's wound, poured the medicinal powder on her, and rubbed it in. Qin Feng was a bit affected when he saw the large, startling gash on the silly girl's originally pristine back, yet she didn't make any noise in pain.

    "If you didn't yell, they would have just surrounded me. Look what you did to yourself, are you a woman?" Qin Feng lectured Liu Wen Jing.

    Liu Wen Jing was heavily injured, yet she still smiled sweetly: "Dearest, I saw them all running to bully you. I couldn't just watch. I attracted some of them over so you could breathe easier."

    Qin Feng hit Liu Wen Jing's head and said severely: "Breathe my ass. Listen here, next time there's a fight like this, take the bat and hide somewhere dark. It'll be enough to secretly hit one or two people if you felt the urge to. You really treated yourself like a woman warrior."
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