Chapter 192 - The Sad Liu Wen Jing

    Chapter 192 - The Sad Liu Wen Jing

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    Editor: Levs

    Liu Wen Jing seemed to suddenly think of something. She abruptly turned and hugged Qin Feng's neck. She yelled with excitement: "Qin Feng, did we win? Didn't our Wen Group win? We toppled the Feng Group. Let's hurry and leave. We'll kill all the way to the Fei Tian Bar and take over their base."

    Qin Feng smacked Liu Wen Jing's head again and yelled: "Kill kill kill, are you crazy? These aren't even Feng Group members, they're Wild Wolf Gang members. If you really fought the Feng Group today, would you even be alive and able to talk to me right now?"

    "Wild Wolf Gang members?" Liu Wen Jing suddenly let go of Qin Feng. She felt that something was wrong. She looked at Qin Feng in alarm: "What happened here?"

    Qin Feng grinned at Liu Wen Jing and said: "Silly girl, are you the only one that can trick me? Can I not trick you?

    "You're really naive, you foolish girl. Do you remember where you met me for the first time? It was at the Fei Tian Bar. Did you think I went there to drink? I'm the boss of the Feng Group. This time, I countered the plan with another plan and made the Wen Group face the Wild Wolf Gang. The real Feng Group has currently taken down the plaza road.

    "Silly little girl, you say you want to fight my Feng Group... Tell me how this young master should deal with you? This place is desolate and uninhabited. Haha, why don't you follow this young master and become the boss's wife?"

    Qin Feng was joking with Liu Wen Jing. He still had the quest to help her develop a number one power in Acropolis, how would he really betray her?

    He explained the situation frankly in preparation of taking Liu Wen Jing to the Fei Tian Bar to hand her management of the Feng Group. In the future, all they'd have to do is develop the Feng Group into the number one underground power in Acropolis and he'd complete the quest.

    However, after Liu Wen Jing heard Qin Feng's words, she was so shocked that she immediately stood. She looked at Qin Feng with alarm and despair and slowly backed away.

    She was forced to fight and build up powers to make money for her younger sister. She originally thought that she met an honorable man right upon coming onto the streets. She knew that most people in society had bad hearts, so she was already cautious enough, but she was still thrown into Qin Feng's gentle trap.

    Once she saw Qin Feng help her defeat the Feng Group and dive into the fray on his own, her long dormant young woman's heart was slightly moved. There was a germinating feeling, but the sprout had not yet come out when Qin Feng squeezed it to death in the cradle with one hand.

    Maybe with Qin Feng's skills, the prior fight was just a warmup, but to a weak woman like Liu Wen Jing, this was a dangerous and thrilling battle. She experienced a life or death situation with Qin Feng. Now, she was betrayed by him and felt an indescribable pain.

    "Qin Feng, you're a f*cking beast!" Liu Wen Jing cried with extreme sorrow.

    She knew she shouldn't have trusted anyone. She could accept getting tricked, but because of this, there now wasn't enough time. How would she continue helping her younger sister?

    It wasn't her that was cheated, it was her younger sister's good prospects!

    Qin Feng was slightly shocked. He didn't think Liu Wen Jing would suddenly become so angry. He was about to grab her and explain when there was suddenly the wail of a police siren. Five police cars quickly stopped near the plaza.

    Liu Wen Jing stared coldly at Qin Feng, then clenched her teeth and escaped into the dark park. However, she thoroughly hated Qin Feng and wanted to kill him.

    "Everyone crouch on the ground and put your hands on your head. Whoever dares to run away will be shot!"

    Qin Feng wanted to chase after Liu Wen Jing, but he saw a familiar face among the group of police rushing over so he stopped. His expression changed into a smile and he watched the icy Liu Bing Bing stalk over: "Chief Liu, it's such a late night and you all still have to work, it really is hard on you good police.

    The instant she saw Qin Feng, Liu Bing Bing shook with anger!

    She couldn't stand it. Why was it that every time there was a case involving fighting and even murder, this brat Qin Feng was always present? The even more frustrating thing was that this brat had a powerful background in Acropolis, so every time she caught him, she had no way of prosecuting him. She watched helplessly as he was wordlessly released. And every time, this brat brought an award pennant with him upon his departure.

    Liu Bing Bing's jade hands were already on the handgun at her waist. She really wanted to shoot Qin Feng to death. She could still picture her prior meeting with Qin Feng in the police station.

    This brat actually secretly switched the cup of water with the laxatives and gave her a stomach ache. Qin Feng even blocked the door, preventing Liu Bing Bing from going out and lastly forced her to French kiss him before letting her leave.

    "How can this jerk that's not even comparable to a beast still be alive?" Liu Bing Bing growled internally.

    "You guys deal with the people lying on the ground and leave this brat to me."

    "Yes, Chief Liu."

    Under the many eyes of her juniors, Liu Bing Bing suppressed the rage inside of her and began to assign them tasks. Over ten policemen ran into the group and handled the results of this brawl.

    Only then did Liu Bing Bing see the ground full of bodies. With one gaze, she estimated that there were close to a hundred of them. She looked at Qin Feng in astonishment and asked: "These people... did you beat up all of them?"

    At this time, there was no one else standing here other than Qin Feng, so Liu Bing Bing could only conclude that Qin Feng knocked this group of people out. In the past, she fought with Qin Feng in the interrogation room when she was trying to extort a confession, so she knew that this externally hedonistic young master had some skills.

    But, when she saw the ground filled with fallen bodies, she found that she had sorely underestimated Qin Feng.

    "Both yes and no," Qin Feng smiled and nodded. He suddenly raised his arm to look at the time on his watch. He said with surprise: "Ah, it's already past eleven. If I don't go back, my old dad'll whip me. Chief Liu, I'll drink tea with you next time, I'm going to head back first."

    Qin Feng ran two steps when he suddenly stopped because he felt a wave of danger from behind him. A pitch black handgun was pointed at his head.

    "Young Master Qin, I think you should come with me back to the police station."

    "Right right, I almost forgot." Qin Feng turned with a smile and looked coldly at Liu Bing Bing. He said: "Chief Liu, we haven't seen each other in a while, you must miss me that you want to invite me to tea alone in the middle of the night. I..."

    Qin Feng hadn't finished speaking when Liu Bing Bing removed the safety. The "Ka-cha" made one feel a gust of coldness. This girl was doing it for real.
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