Chapter 195 - Its You!

    Chapter 195 - It's You!

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng didn't need Liu Bing Bing to instruct him. He was already running towards the group of people.

    He continuously switched positions and was so quick that he was like a ghost in the dark night, no one noticed his figure. When he appeared again, he was already behind the traffickers. He ran while striking the backs of their heads.

    With each hit, one person was knocked down.

    Qin Feng knocked out five people before even getting to the port.

    "Retreat, there's an ambush, there's an ambush!"

    Suddenly, the man that got onto the cargo ship first strained his throat and yelled. He wore black nocturnal clothing and wore a black mask on his face. Even if someone shined a light on his face, this man's entire face would still not be visible. Qin Feng found this man's roar a bit familiar, but he didn't yell again so Qin Feng couldn't determine who it was.

    "You thugs, where are you running to?"

    Since he was discovered, Qin Feng didn't hide. He used more strength in his legs and sped up continuously. In the time it takes to form a couple of breaths, he already arrived onto the large container ship.

    Without another word, Qin Feng sent a fist flying towards the man in black.

    "It's you!" When the man in black saw Qin Feng, he froze in shock. He lost his senses and Qin Feng sent him flying with one punch.

    This fist made the man in black spit fresh blood. However, since he was wearing a mask, the blood sprayed into the mask. Who knew how much of that blood went back into his mouth.

    "Retreat, hurry and retreat!"

    The man covered his chest and cried out. This time, he purposely made his voice raspier, and it sounded completely different from before.

    How could Qin Feng allow these people to retreat when they wanted to? He was certain that he knew this person, but he couldn't think of who it was. He chased after him and wanted to take him down.

    Qin Feng had just taken two steps when he retreated quickly. He pressed his legs into the ground and violently retreated midair.

    Tap tap tap!

    In the next second, the wooden board Qin Feng was standing on already became a hornet's nest from over ten bullets.

    Tap tap tap!

    Qin Feng had just landed when the sound of a submachine gun was heard. He could only retreat again. In the end, he retreated back into the underbrush, and only then did the submachine gun shooting slowly stop.

    Toot toot!

    The passenger ship's whistle resounded once again, and the ship started up again. Not long later, it left the port and returned to the seemingly limitless river.

    It was then that Qin Feng stuck out his body. He looked angrily at the underbrush across from him for Liu Bing Bing's figure. This woman was cruel. She tricked him into giving his life and disappeared during the most important moment.


    Qin Feng had just arrived at the underbrush across from him and saw Liu Bing Bing trussed up with a dirty rag stuffed into her mouth. She was crying for Qin Feng to help, but her mouth was blocked, so she could only make whimpering sounds.

    "Madame, are you here to catch the bad guys or to get taken by them?" Qin Feng helplessly pulled the rag out of Liu Bing Bing's mouth and helped her untie the rope.

    Liu Bing Bing was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. She yelled viciously: "Those bastards, they sneak attacked me when I wasn't paying attention and tied me up so I couldn't catch them. Stinking brats, don't let me see you again or I'll shoot you all dead!"

    "Chief Liu, you're the reason we failed today. You can't go back on the three conditions you agreed to previously." Qin Feng didn't care about anything but the three conditions.

    He still had the quest to train Liu Bing Bing and make this hot-tempered, icy woman become docile and obedient. Qin Feng was prepared to use these three conditions to commence his taming of Liu Bing Bing and slowly make her his servant. In the future, she would follow him obediently.

    Once the ropes around Liu Bing Bing were untied, she immediately stood and said to Qin Feng with regret: "Qin Feng, it's true that I'm the reason we failed this mission today, so I will agree to those three conditions. But, in the future, you still have to help me catch this group of criminals and you have to come when called."

    "That's cheating, I'm not doing that!" Qin Feng only had one life, and he wasn't going to casually play around with it.

    "Then I also won't agree to those three conditions!" Liu Bing Bing's expression fell, and she spoke coldly.

    What was a woman's heart? What did it mean to destroy the bridge after crossing the river? Qin Feng thoroughly experienced them now.

    "Chief Liu, I've misjudged you!" Qin Feng walked towards the police car with annoyance.

    Liu Bing Bing chased after him and tugged on Qin Feng's arm: "Qin Feng, how about this? If you agree to help me hunt down this group of traffickers from here on out, the three terms I previously agreed to still stand, and I can honor one of them right now."

    Liu Bing Bing gave her all for this task that was pressed upon her by upper management.

    Qin Feng immediately turned around, lightly held Liu Bing Bing's hands, and said with a laugh: "Chief Liu, you're treating me like an outsider... I, Qin Feng, am an indomitable man, so my words hold enormous weight and I don't do things halfway. Since I agreed to help you catch these criminals, I won't back out halfway."

    Qin Feng paused. He changed the topic and suddenly said: "Chief Liu, if I want to whip you with a belt right now, can I?"


    Liu Bing Bing's mouth twitched violently and thought she heard incorrectly. Her face darkened as she asked: "What did you say?"

    Qin Feng became stern. He already removed his belt and held it in his hand. He looked at Liu Bing Bing with a powerful and domineering expression and yelled: "Little beauty, this young master is really interested in you currently and wants to fiercely whip you with a belt. Bend down quickly and let this young master whip you three times. Then we can talk!"

    "Qin Feng, you...you want to die?" Liu Bing Bing was so angry that she was about to burst out and cuss. If she could beat Qin Feng in a fight, she would kill this stinking brat.

    "Oh, the river wind is really strong. Chief Liu, I have to go home and sleep. If there's no reason to look for me in the future, don't. I'm really busy."

    As Qin Feng spoke, he already walked far away. Liu Bing Bing saw that he was about to disappear into the dark night, so she clenched her teeth and shouted: "Young Master Qin, come back, I'll do it!"


    Liu Bing Bing had just finished speaking when she felt a burning pain and a loud sound pass from her body.

    She secretly cursed eighteen generations of Qin Feng's ancestors several times. This Qin Feng f*cking hit her for real!

    "Bing Bing, are you satisfied with this young master's lashing?" Qin Feng was over ten meters from Liu Bing Bing at first, but was by her side in a blink and waved a large, ruthless whip.

    Liu Bing Bing's fair and charming face was completely red from anger. Of course part of this blush was due to embarrassment since that was her most sensitive area. Besides pain from the whip, she also felt limp and numb all over.

    This was true painful pleasure!

    "Young Master Qin, you're so weak, I didn't feel anything!" Liu Bing Bing gritted her teeth and spoke coldly. How could she concede to Qin Feng?


    Then there was the sound of another whip. This sound was more crisp, and created a small tear in Liu Bing Bing's pants.


    Liu Bing Bing couldn't help but cry out at this whip. Who knew if it was a cry of pain or pleasure.

    "Bing Bing, that was fierce enough right? How are you speaking to this young master? Speak more gently, don't you know how to act coquettish?" Qin Feng whipped Liu Bing Bing while  lecturing her.

    This feeling could not be too great. He suddenly took a liking this quest involving taming Liu Bing Bing.

    If Qin Feng could see Lu Bing Bing's messy hair covering her face, he would be shocked to tears. That icy and charming face became completely sinister and filled with ruthless dissatisfaction. Liu Bing Bing ground her teeth noisily and opened her mouth again a long while later.

    When she opened her mouth, Qin Feng jumped in shock. So when this hot-headed girl acted coquettish, it tickled the heart like an obedient little kitten.

    "Young Master Qin, you're terrible. Don't bully me, I know I was wrong!"


    This time Qin Feng was too affected and used seventy percent of his strength. The whip cracked, and made Liu Bing Bing jump up. When she landed, she lost her balance and fell over.

    Qin Feng jumped in shock and immediately slipped his belt back on. He then realized that his belt was slightly torn, so it went without saying that Liu Bing Bing must be as red as a monkey's ass.

    "My bad, my bad, are you alright Bing Bing?"

    Qin Feng bought a bottle of Elementary Gold Sore Medicine from the System and immediately went beside Liu Bing Bing. He was about to press her down and help her apply medicine when he heard Liu Bing Bing's Grim Reaper-like cold voice: "Qin Feng, f*ck off. Now the first condition is satisfied, so if you dare to not show up to catch people next time, I'll get an army and flatten the Qin Manor."

    "Yes, yes, I'll come for sure!" Qin Feng was now calm, and felt that he went overboard. He hurriedly pressed down Liu Bing Bing's body with her back facing him: "Chief Liu, don't move, I'm helping you put on medicine."

    Once she heard that Qin Feng wanted to help her put on medicine, could Liu Bing Bing not move? The belt hit her in an awkward spot, was she going to let Qin Feng touch her ass?

    Liu Bing Bing immediately turned her body and was about to kick the perverted Qin Feng away, but she fell onto the ground first and immediately cried out in pain.

    This wasn't the first time Qin Feng saw Liu Bing Bing in such a difficult situation. He wanted to laugh, but felt bad for laughing. He flipped her back over and forcefully controlled her, then sprinkled the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine powder onto her body.

    The three whips turned Liu Bing Bing's pants into strips. Qin Feng suddenly didn't dare to continue provoking this mother tiger. He sprinkled the medicinal powder on her wound and said: "Chief Liu, this medicinal powder is quite good. It's not convenient for me to rub the powder on for you, so you can rub it yourself. In a bit, it won't hurt."

    After he finished speaking, Qin Feng ran into the underbrush to the side. He remembered that he knocked out five people at first and wondered if they had escaped.
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