Chapter 196 - Come to My Office

    Chapter 196 - Come to My Office

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    Liu Bing Bing lightly rubbed the medicinal powder onto her wound only when she saw that Qin Feng had walked far away. She rubbed her wound while internally cursing eighteen generations of Qin Feng's ancestors.

    "Chief Liu, are you done?" Come here and take a look." At this time, Qin Feng's voice was heard.

    Liu Bing Bing had already finished applying the medicine. She walked towards Qin Feng with a dissatisfied expression.

    "What?" Liu Bing Bing responded unhappily. She didn't wait for Qin Feng's response. Her expression changed drastically and she immediately squatted on the ground to examine the five people Qin Feng beat into a pile.

    "These people are...?" Liu Bing Bing thought they hadn't caught anyone in their operation tonight. Who knew that Qin Feng captured five people? The anger she felt towards Qin Feng waned slightly.

    She had to admit that this guy was pretty dependable when it came to getting proper business done.

    "Earlier, I thought these five were traffickers, but I just saw the scars from whips on their bodies. And it looks like they haven't washed or changed their clothes for quite a few days because they smell... I think this is probably because they've been captured by the traffickers, and they're the victims that they were preparing to smuggle."

    Stunned, Liu Bing Bing looked towards Qin Feng. She realized that Qin Feng's investigative skills were quite strong. Liu Bing Bing didn't know what to say about Qin Feng anymore because he had this kind of talent yet didn't serve the country as a cop. Instead, he became scum that accosted every beauty he saw.

    "Lift these victims into the police car and bring them back to the station to see if we can get any leads from them."

    Qin Feng single-handedly loaded the five victims onto the police car. He packed four in the back row and one person in the front passenger seat. There now wasn't enough space for both Qin Feng and Liu Bing Bing.

    "Qin Feng, walk back yourself!" Liu Bing Bing looked at Qin Feng coldly and got into the car.

    She was pitifully whipped by Qin Feng tonight so she now took her revenge on Qin Feng a bit. There's no need to mention how happy she was inside.

    However, she got into the car and came back out not five seconds later. With a darkened expression, she glared at Qin Feng and said: "Get in!"

    Qin Feng knew Liu Bing Bing wouldn't be able to leave without him. He smiled at her and said: "Chief Liu, why aren't you leaving?"

    "Cut the crap and get in the car." Liu Bing Bing was so angry that she wanted to kill someone.

    Qin Feng got into the driver's seat and smiled at Liu Bing Bing who was currently standing outside the car door: "Chief Liu, I know your bottom will hurt once you sit down. Hurry and get in, spread your legs, and sit on me. I will try my best to bring you home safely."

    Liu Bing Bing gritted her teeth and glared at Qin Feng for a whole minute. In the end, she stomped and got into the car.

    Liu Bing Bing sat in Qin Feng's embrace the whole way. Her weight was held up by her legs, and suspended her bottom because it would hurt. This way, she couldn't help but hug Qin Feng's neck for support. Qin Feng propped up his chin on Liu Bing Bing's shoulder to see the road.

    He drove with one hand and the other hand was wrapped around Liu Bing Bing's small, full waist to prevent her from falling.

    Qin Feng thought this ride went by in the blink of an eye.

    Liu Bing Bing felt as though this ride lasted a whole lifetime.

    Liu Bing Bing immediately rose to exit the police car once they arrived at the police station. Her charming face was completely red. When she got to the station, she called over a couple of her inferiors and lifted these victims into the police station.

    Not long later, these five victims woke up one by one. Liu Bing Bing questioned them personally and discovered that they didn't know one another. They were people of the lowest class that had come from other places to work and rented places to live in various suburban districts.

    The five of them were suddenly abducted at night when they were going home. After waking up, they found themselves locked in a large black house with a total of thirty-eight people inside. Tonight they were going to get shipped out to who knew where to do who knew what.

    This inquiry took over an hour. Liu Bing Bing's expression became increasingly heavy. She didn't find any useful leads. Instead, everything became even more jumbled.

    This large-scale trafficking group's goal was extremely unclear. Liu Bing Bing couldn't figure out why they were abducting people. Liu Bing Bing previously solved several small-scale criminal group cases in the past, and they either kidnapped children to a remote mountainous region and sold them; abducted women, took them to places of entertainment, and forced them into prostitution; or abducted people to sell their organs.

    But this time, this group of traffickers were extremely capable and abducted old and young alike. One could say that they were nondiscriminatory in regards to age. But that wasn't the strangest thing. According to the five victims, they were locked in a little black house and saw quite a few dead people, who knew how long the corpses were there for? And the traffickers even brought along the corpses in their operation tonight.

    "They're even smuggling dead people? What are these criminals trying to do?" Liu Bing Bing couldn't understand this question.


    Once he returned to the company, Qin Feng's life resumed to its extreme mundanity.

    Xu Ruo Rou continued to be busy from day to night. She made phone calls at all times without taking any breaks, and when she got back to the Qin Manor, she stayed up deep into the night making charts. Qin Feng had no idea what she was so busy doing.

    Because Qin Feng thought there was nothing to be busy about!

    That Li Yu Chen deliberated for a week but still provided no response, so Qin Feng had no hope in her response anymore. He thought something went wrong and wanted to find it and fix it, so his luck with women would return. But what went wrong? Qin Feng really didn't understand.

    The day was split in two: the first involved playing games, and the second involved a long nap. Before he knew it, the day was already over. When work was over, Qin Feng stood and prepared to go home. He deliberately slowed down to wait a bit for Xu Ruo Rou, but this lass didn't even lift her head. She continued to work painstakingly. With a sigh, Qin Feng grabbed his blazer and left.

    Not long after he left, Xu Ruo Rou raised her head. Pain and disappointment filled her clear eyes. She watched Qin Feng's slowly disappearing back and wanted to rush after him and grab his arm.

    Though they only hadn't spoken for a week, Xu Ruo Rou felt that a lifetime had passed. She suddenly really missed eating with Qin Feng, getting teased by him at work, and the feeling of sitting on his eye-catching 28" bicycle home after work.

    She lapsed into a daze as she thought about these fond memories, but what could she do now that events had progressed to this stage? She could only quietly pack up on her own, stand, and squeeze into that annoying bus and train.

    "Ruo Rou, come to my office."

    Xu Ruo Rou had just gotten to the doorway when Wang Chao's eerie voice drifted from behind her. This voice was like that of a demon's reverberating through her brain. She suddenly halted in her steps. She really didn't want to go to Wang Chao's office, but she didn't have the guts to just leave.

    "Ruo Rou, are you deaf? Get here right now!" Wang Chao yelled when he saw that Xu Ruo Rou didn't react.
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