Chapter 200 - Eyes Are Crooked

    Chapter 200 - Eyes Are Crooked

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    These days, Li Yu Chen slept really late, she kept deliberating whether or not she wanted to accept Young Master Qin's abnormal request. She personally could not accept being with two men, but these past couple of days, she kept getting calls from her mother urging her to get married, so she was extremely vexed.

    At this time, Li Yu Chen finished showering and lay on her bed in her pajamas. She stared at the night view outside her window in a daze when her phone rang.

    After she saw Young Master Qin's QQ notification, Li Yu Chen clutched her cell phone tightly. She knew she would have to make a decision tonight because Young Master Qin's temper wasn't that good.

    "I haven't gone to sleep yet. Young Master Qin, it's so late, you're still not sleeping?" Li Yu Chen responded while biting her lip and thinking hard.

    "Beautiful, how did you take an interest in me?" Once Qin Feng received the notification, he immediately replied.

    After getting the truth from Xu Ruo Rou just now, Qin Feng then knew the person Li Yu Chen was interested in was Young Master Qin, not the normal sales representative Qin Feng. With this, he began a new topic of conversation with Li Yu Chen.

    "I-I have my reasons," Li Yu Chen replied.

    "Can you tell me?"

    Li Yu Chen didn't think Young Master Qin would take the initiative to talk to her about other things. In the end, she gritted her teeth and simply told Young Master Qin the truth. It would be best if he could accept it, and if he couldn't, Li Yu Chen could only let go. She still could not accept fooling around with two men; she already gave her all.

    "Young Master Qin. The truth is, my mother insists upon me marrying into a rich family. The Qin Family is considered the wealthiest in Acropolis City, so my mom wants me to marry you. I also really want to marry into the Qin Family, so I took the initiative to contact you. Do you have those kinds of feelings towards me?"

    After Qin Feng saw this reply, he was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth. He thought Li Yu Chen's mother was too cute. This was a good mother that cared about her daughter.

    But going back to the matter at hand, Qin Feng asked about Li Yu Chen's familial and marital situation in detail because he had a quest regarding her to "help Li Yu Chen rid herself of marriage entreaty headaches." Now that he knew the reason for this quest, Qin Feng was very happy because he felt that this quest would soon be completed. This was a reward of 2000 Hedonist Points.

    In addition to his current total of 1100 Hedonist Points, he'd then have 3100 points and could buy the murder essential "Wind Blade" technique.

    "Beauty, I have a good idea that can help you find a good life partner and also help you rid yourself of auntie's marriage entreaty headaches." Qin Feng thought for a while and his fingers flitted across his phone: "I'm sure you've heard of my reputation. I'm a dissolute, unruly idler. A rich young master like me isn't a good marriage partner, and I never thought of marrying so early... But, I have a great recommendation for you, would you be interested?"

    After seeing Qin Feng's message, Li Yu Chen replied with a bit of disappointment: "Who, Young Master Qin?"

    "One of my distant relatives, his name is Qin Feng. I think right now my dad assigned him to work at the Royal Group and he's working up from the lowest position as a sales representative. But his family background isn't bad at all, and he's a Qin Household member. If you two hit it off, you'd also be marrying into a rich family." Qin Feng smiled vulgarly after sending this message.

    Qin Feng?

    After seeing Young Master Qin's message, Li Yu Chen was so shocked that she almost threw her phone.

    She felt as though her brain capacity was inadequate to process this. This relationship was becoming more and more complicated. She was lifeless for a couple of minutes, then continued to respond: "Young Master Qin, did you reveal my messages to Qin Feng right from the beginning?"

    "Yeah, I have too many girls around me. Anyhow, I don't have time to play with you, so I just tossed you to that guy," Qin Feng replied.

    Li Yu Chen immediately understood. No wonder Qin Feng was so gusty at work that time and directly touched her ass. Everything now made sense.

    Li Yu Chen breathed in deeply and reigned in her anger. It's true her mother forced her to take the initiative to flirt with Young Master Qin, but who knew Young Master Qin would play with her, toss her to that pervert Qin Feng like trash, and not tell her?

    If she didn't take the initiative to ask Young Master Qin, who knew how long she would be kept in the dark for.

    "Excuse me, but I'm not going to accompany you in your rich people games!" Li Yu Chen replied angrily.

    Qin Feng was not worried when he saw the message. He leisurely responded: "Beauty, don't be angry, I gave you a suggestion to help you stop Auntie from forcing you to get married. You can bring that guy Qin Feng back home, pretend he's Young Master Qin, then trick your mother and you'll no longer have to worry about her forcing you to get married."

    After Li Yu Chen saw the message, she was slightly moved: "But my mother searched up Young Master QIn's pictures before, so I can't use someone else to pretend to be him."

    "Hey, you really are naive. How are those pictures on the internet me? In order to prevent enemies from hurting me, my father randomly put up a picture of my bodyguard. In reality, all of the people in Acropolis have heard of me, but less than a hundred people have actually seen what I really look like."

    Li Yu Chen used to think that the person on the internet was Young Master Qin, so she was surprised when she found out the truth. She thought for a long while and felt that this plan could work, but it came too suddenly and she couldn't decide so quickly.

    "Young Master Qin, let me think about it for three days."

    "Alright, contact me any time after you've thought it through. That guy Qin Feng is really great, I grew up with him. How could I put this... I haven't seen any man as outstanding as him!"


    When Li Yu Chen saw this message, the corner of her lips twitched violently.

    In any case, after knowing Qin Feng for so long, she hadn't discovered any merits on him at all.

    Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou made up completely, and sat intimately together eating breakfast. After they were done eating, the two walked out of the Qin Manor shoulder to shoulder. Qin Feng pushed his 28" bicycle, carried Xu Ruo Rou onto it, then held her waist with one hand and the bicycle with the other as he rushed towards Royal Group.

    "Oh Group Leader Wang, you're so fashionable. Are you cosplaying a pirate captain?"

    Qin Feng held Xu Ruo Rou's hand and had just walked into the Sales Department lobby. When he saw Wang Chao with gauze covering one eye, he couldn't help but laugh.

    When Wang Chao saw Xu Ruo Rou and Qin Feng walking so intimately, he was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.

    What cosplay? He was already an adult, and so old that he didn't even know what "cosplay" was. His eye got injured when Xu Ruo Rou threw the folder at him yesterday. The doctor said in order to protect his eye from infection, he had to stick a large piece of gauze on and cover one entire eye. He looked like a one-eyed person.

    "Hmph... The monthly evaluations are soon. Be cocky, you brat. I'm afraid that after the evaluations, you won't have the opportunity to step into Royal Group again."

    Wang Chao glared coldly at Qin Feng. Because he only had one eye, when he looked at Qin Feng, it seemed as though he was looking and talking to Xu Ruo Rou.

    Qin Feng's expression fell and he said coldly: "Group Leader Wang, I was joking with you, why are you being so fierce towards our Ruo Rou? Would you believe me if I told you I would whip you right now?!"

    Xu Ruo Rou already became another one of Qin Feng's people. Other than himself, no one could bully Xu Ruo Rou.

    Wang Chao's face darkened and he glared fiercely at Qin Feng: "Are you blind? Your elder's glaring at you."

    Qin Feng clapped a hand on Wang Chao's shoulder. The enormous strength made Wang Chao feel as though his shoulder was about to get dislodged: "I already warned you not to glare at our Ruo Rou, why aren't you listening my advice?"

    Wang Chao had the desire to run Qin Feng over. He really did glare at Qin Feng both times earlier. However, he quickly understood. It was probably because he only had one eye right now. From Qin Feng's view, his gaze was a bit off and he glared at Xu Ruo Rou. He spoke to Qin Feng again.

    "Stinking brat, hurry and move your hand away!"

    Qin Feng saw that Wang Chao didn't dare stare at Xu Ruo Rou anymore and laughed as he released his grip on Wang Chao: "Group Leader Wang, that's right. Let's resolve matters between us men, how could you glare at a girl and get angry at her? Don't let me see that again or I won't show you any mercy!"

    Wang Chao couldn't beat Qin Feng in a fight. Every time he tried to do something to Qin Feng, he was the one who suffered.

    He held a deep hatred for Qin Feng and had no way of catching him. He felt as though death would be preferable to this kind of living.

    Wang Chao knew he couldn't suppress Qin Feng, so he wanted to let out his anger onto Xu Ruo Rou. This little girl really didn't listen. The past couple of days, she did a good job and didn't stick to Qin Feng, but today, right from the morning, they were reconciled.

    Wang Chao saw that Qin Feng already turned to leave, so he immediately glared at Xu Ruo Rou. He was about to speak when he suddenly thought of how his eyes were offset. He immediately adjusted the direction and glared at Qin Feng and said with a lowered voice: "Ruo Rou, the month-end sales evaluations are in two days. Consider this: if you still don't listen, I'll kick you both out."

    Wang Chao thought that looking at one person while saying mean things to another was too f*cked up. He had just finished speaking when he heard Xu Ruo Rou speak loudly.

    "Group Leader Wang, were you speaking with me just now?"

    This sound scared Wang Chao to death. When had he ever seen Xu Ruo Rou speak to him so confidently? And the most important part was that Qin Feng turned back.

    He viciously slapped Wang Chao's other shoulder. Wang Chao felt as though he was pressed down by an enormous mountain and almost kneeled on the ground.

    "Group Leader Wang, what did you say to Ruo Rou? Come, say it again in front of me."

    Wang Chao was so frightened that his face was drained of all its color. He looked at Qin Feng's cold expression and the evil air that bursted out of him. Wang Chao immediately waved his hands and said: "Qin Feng, don't misunderstand, I noticed that the month-end evaluations were approaching, so I wanted Ruo Rou to continue working hard and to not ever slack off.

    "Haha, I was encouraging her!" Wang Chao forced a fawning smile onto his face.

    He looked at Qin Feng but spoke to Xu Ruo Rou: "Ruo Rou, isn't that right?"

    Ruo Rou didn't want to spare Wang Chao a glance. She took Qin Feng's arm and left: "Qin Feng, let's go, don't bother with this kind of rotten man!"

    Wang Chao watched Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou's backs getting further away. He was so angry that he was about to combust.

    "Rotten man? You have the guts to call your elder a rotten man, slut? Just you f*cking wait, one day your elder will do you to death!"


    Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou each returned to their own desks. They had just sat down when Li Yu Chen called Qin Feng away.

    "General Manager Li, you were looking for me?" Qin Feng said with a jolly smile after arriving at Li Yu Chen's office.

    This Li Yu Chen called him into her office in the early morning, and Qin Feng already knew what was going to happen.

    "Uh, Qin Feng, y-you probably know, right?"

    Li Yu Chen didn't sleep the entire night last night. Her brain was filled with thoughts of using Qin Feng to pretend to be Young Master Qin. In the end, she decided to try, so she called in Qin Feng in the early morning.
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