Chapter 201 - How Could it be a Fool?

    Chapter 201 - How Could it be a Fool?

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    "General Manager Li, are you talking about the matter regarding Young Master Qin?" Qin Feng probed.

    Li Yu Chen's charming face turned red. She said a bit shyly: " About that, since Young Master Qin already told you everything, then I don't have to beat around the bush... Qin Feng, I already set a good time with my mom, so I'll bring you to see her at the end of the month.

    "It just so happens that the month-end evaluations for the sales department are in two days. After the evaluation, it'll be the weekend and you can relax. Are you free those two days?"

    "Yeah, I'm free." Qin Feng smiled.

    Li Yu Chen exhaled slightly when Qin Feng agreed. She looked at him, and her voice became a lot more gentle: "Qin Feng, last time you touched me... I'm sorry about that, I was a little too agitated, so don't take offense."

    Only Qin Feng had the ability to touch a beautiful superior's ass and have her apologize to him. He immediately waved his hands and said magnanimously: "It's fine, it's fine. Last time, your behind took advantage of my hand, and this adversely affected me, but as long as General Manager Li knows she's wrong and can change, just pay more attention next time."

    When Qin Feng finished saying those words, he suddenly fell serious: "General Manager Li, the next time your behind touches my hand, I hope you aren't angry. You have to learn to be magnanimous like me and pretend nothing happened."

    Li Yu Chen's face darkened. She wanted to yell at Qin Feng, but she couldn't do so.

    After reigning in her emotions, she steered the conversation back to serious matters. She said: "Qin Feng, this weekend, pretend to be Young Master Qin and go to my house. I hope you can prepare a bit. My mother has sharp eyes, don't let her see through you right after you walk through the door."

    Qin Feng might not be able to do other things, but no one was worthier than him in pretending to be Young Master Qin. After all, he was Young Master Qin.

    At this time, he immediately pounded his chest and said: "General Manager Li, I grew up and played with Young Master Qin. I have all matters regarding his personality, habits, movements, and common phrases memorized by heart... Don't worry General Manager Li, when the weekend comes, I'll even wear the red underpants Young Master Qin likes to wear. Even if Auntie examines me from the outside to the inside, from beginning to end, she won't discover anything suspicious."

    "Pervert." Li Yu Chen couldn't take it. She faintly uttered a complaint.

    "Alright, go out and work. We'll iron out the other details when we meet on the weekend."


    That day, Qin Feng couldn't be too pleased with himself. He could touch Xu Ruo Rou's thighs again, and Li Yu Chen took the initiative to invite him to her house over the weekend. Time flew by, and Qin Feng felt as though work was over in the blink of an eye.

    Xu Ruo Rou hugged Qin Feng's arm and they walked out of the company together. They had just gotten to the ground floor when Qin Feng's cell phone rang.

    "Long-hair, what's up?" Long-hair had called, and Qin Feng directly got to the point.

    "Young Master Qin, I've already completed the matters you've instructed me to last time. When would you have time to swing around the Fei Tian Bar?" Long-hair spoke with reverence.

    "Okay, I'll head over right away."

    Qin Feng ended the call and told Xu Ruo Rou to wait and go home in Chairman Qin's car. He rode his 28" bicycle on his own and sped towards the Fei Tian Bar.

    Ten minutes later, Qin Feng casually tossed his 28" bicycle at the entrance of the Fei Tian Bar in passing, and swaggered in.

    "Young Master Qin, you're here!'

    When they knew that Qin Feng was coming, Long-hair and his other two brothers waited at the lounge of the bar after hanging up. When they saw Qin Feng heading over, the three of them immediately greeted him together.

    "Come, let's go talk in the office."

    Qin Feng walked in front of the three of them, and led them energetically into the bar. Last time, he toured the Fei Tian Bar, so he knew the layout like the back of his hand.

    After walking into the office, Qin Feng casually sat on one of the chairs and beckoned at Long-hair and the others before they sat in a row on the sofa.

    "Young Master Qin, last time you used the plan of luring the tiger away from the mountain and tricked the Wild Wolf Gang into the plaza. Baldie, Wolf-Tattoo, and I brought our brothers and smoothly took over the land around the plaza road and the international road. This war was happy and easy for us, while the Wild Wolf Gang suffered heavy losses."

    "I heard that those hundred brothers are still locked up in the police station." Long-hair talked about the Feng Group's situation with great delight.

    The current Feng Group had already controlled the powers in the Northern District of Acropolis. This news about a new group that had been formed not a month ago, yet seized half of the WIld Wolf Gang's territory, already passed through Acropolis City.

    But, Qin Feng was low-key the whole time, and was the Feng Group's boss behind the scenes. Outside, rumors bragged about Long-hair and his two brothers, and no one knew that the Feng Group was entirely created by Young Master Qin.

    "Very good." Qin Feng nodded and said: "Now that the Feng Group has made a name for itself, I'm sure many stragglers in the streets would want to join our group. During this time, continue to expand our group and completely stabilize our hold over the land in the Northern District. When you feel that we have enough power, eliminate the Wild Wolf Gang and take the Western District as well."

    Qin Feng didn't pay any special attention towards the Feng Group. What was important to him was his quest to "Help Liu Wen Jing develop the number one power in Acropolis City." Otherwise, Qin Feng would be too lazy to spend time battling Acropolis City's underground powers.

    "After defeating the Wild Wolf Gang, fight the Flying Dragon Gang and unite Acropolis City's underground powers as quickly as possible. Then, I don't mind what the Feng Group does next, you can do as you see fit. Only look for me if there's something really big that you cannot resolve yourselves."

    Qin Feng then thought of something important. He suddenly became serious: "Have you located that woman I wanted to find?"

    Long-hair shook his head with a bit of nervousness and said quickly: "Young Master Qin, the three of us dispatched all of the Feng Group members to look for her, and we even asked the brothers in the streets, but no one knows that girl... Young Master Qin, d-does that girl get along on the streets?"

    The woman Qin Feng wanted to find was Liu Wen Jing.

    Ever since Liu Wen Jing misunderstood him and ran away, Qin Feng was in a hurry to find her. Since all she talked about was forming a powerful group and taking over Acropolis, Qin Feng thought she was also a woman that got along in the streets, so he had Long-hair and the rest look around for her.

    However, the outlook was gloomy. The three brothers practically asked everyone in the streets, but still couldn't find Liu Wen Jing. Qin Feng began to suspect that this young lady never hung around the streets.

    If this girl was never in the streets, why would she suddenly come build a power and talk big about uniting Acropolis? Qin Feng began to increasingly feel that this woman wasn't very normal.

    "Young Master Qin, why don't we expand our scope and ask around in the neighboring cities?" When Long-hair saw that Qin Feng said nothing the whole time, he was so scared that cold sweat dripped out of him.

    "There's no need to look anymore. I'll resolve this on my own." Qin Feng waved his hands and said: "You guys just focus completely on the Feng Group's development and take over Acropolis quickly, you hear?"

    "Young Master Qin, don't worry, us three brothers will give our all to develop the Feng Group," the three brothers immediately stood and shouted in unison.

    Qin Feng came to the Fei Tian Bar this time because he was worried about the Liu Wen Jing matter. Since the three brothers couldn't find her, Qin Feng stood up to leave.

    He rode his 28" bicycle slowly and admired the night air and scenery. Quite a few pedestrians secretly laughed at him when they saw his old bicycle. Some men even said to the women in their arms: "Do you see that? Your husband has enough money, at least I paid down the down payment of a home and bought a minivan. If you found that kind of man, prepare yourself to sit on that bike and cry until you turn blind."

    During the whole ride, there was quite a bit of mockery; maybe over twenty cases. He shook his head and ignored them.

    If these men and women that mocked him knew of his identity as Young Master Qin, they would most probably cry until they became blind.

    "Help, help!"

    Qin Feng had just gotten to the deserted riverside when he heard a little lady crying for help. Her voice was filled with youthfulness, and it was extremely pleasant to hear.


    Another crisp sound echoed, and a man's cold voice was heard: "Don't f*cking yell. If you yell, watch out because I might stab you to death!"

    Qin Feng rode his bike and had just passed a minivan. They forcefully stuffed a girl into the car. The girl's hands were tied behind her back, and her legs were tied up as well. She was fighting for her life on the seat of the car.

    Her large, clear eyes were wide open, and her expression was filled with fear. She wore a small pink backpack and a clean and neat uniform. She was clearly a student that hadn't yet gone into society.

    It was probably her first time discovering that there were such savage people or such violent scenes in society. She hadn't even had the time to accept the fact that she would get kidnapped, and her face was filled with fear and despair.

    Qin Feng looked at her and felt a bit moved.

    "F*ck, hurry and ride your broken bike to the side, what the f*ck are you looking at?" There was a man in the minivan that had dyed-yellow hair and an earring. He spat out of the car and threw the cigarette butt in his hand at Qin Feng's head.

    Qin Feng shifted his body slightly and dodged it.

    "Sh*t, your elder threw something and you had the guts to dodge it? Do you know where your elder is from? Getting hit by your elder would be luck cultivated by eight generations."

    When he saw Qin Feng evade his cigarette butt, the man with the earring was so angry that his eyes bugged out. He pointed at Qin Feng and yelled loudly: "You brat. Pick up my cigarette butt and swallow it, or else your elder will kill you with one stab."

    Qin Feng watched the man with the earring hold his dagger and slice downwards twice. He tossed his 28" bicycle onto the road and walked up to the minivan.

    There were four people in the minivan in total. Other than the man with the earring, there were two fierce-looking men holding down the girl. The last person sat in the driver's seat and was in charge of driving.

    It was clear that they were kidnapping recidivists. Their roles were distinct, they were gutsy, they acted fiercely, and one could tell from a glance that they were old birds of the profession.

    "Big Brother, h-help me!" The little girl in the minivan saw Qin Feng and immediately begged for help. She was only able to call out twice before the two men holding her pushed her back into the car.

    Qin Feng walked until he was a meter away from the minivan and suddenly stopped. He squatted on the ground, picked up a pebble, and lightly tossed it at the man with the earring.


    The man with the earring instinctively shifted, and dexterously dodged Qin Feng's pebble attack. The pebble crashed into the car with a crisp sound.

    The man with the earring wasn't that great. Qin Feng tossed the rock with the strength of a small child playing house, so any grown man could dodge it.

    The three people in the car were all stunned by Qin Feng's actions. They looked at him with different expressions, and even the gleam of hope in the cute little girl's eyes slowly receded and disappeared... It wasn't easy for there to have been a passerby, why was he a fool?
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