Chapter 202 - Sent to Friends

    Chapter 202 - Sent to Friends

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    Editor: Levs

    "Hey, why did you dodge when your elder threw something at you?" Qin Feng suddenly spoke.

    The man with the earring finally came to and wondered why Qin Feng's words seemed so familiar. He yelled unhappily: "You stinking idiot, if your elder threw a rock at you, wouldn't you f*cking dodge? Hurry up and f*ck off.

    "We even bumped into an idiot in the middle of the night while kidnapping, how f*cking unlucky."

    Qin Feng ignored the earring man's complaints, smiled, and continued to speak: "Brat, pick up that pebble on the ground and swallow it in front of your elder."

    "F*ck!" This time, the earring man's temper blazed. He suddenly understood.

    Weren't these the words he said earlier when he threw the cigarette butt at the idiot? And this idiot actually took a rock, threw it, and said the same thing.

    The earring man was so angered by Qin Feng that his lungs were about to explode.

    "Are you really angry? Do you feel as though I'm a big idiot?" Qin Feng acted like he didn't see the earring man's fierce expression. He said calmly: "That's right, I also think that only an idiot could say such things. You lunatic, now do you know how your prior behavior that you thought was so artful looks like to others?

    "Sigh, I was just taking a leisurely bike ride and met a car full of idiots, how unlucky," Qin Feng shook his head and sighed.

    This time, not only was the earring man angry, the two holding down the girl were angry as well. They each picked up a steel pipe and rushed at Qin Feng.

    "F*ck, you're f*cking looking to die!"

    The two people came from the left and the right, and attacked Qin Feng with the steel pipes in unison. At the same time, the earring man behind Qin Feng stabbed his dagger at Qin Feng's abdomen. The three of them coordinated flawlessly. A normal person would have either taken a club to the head or a large gash in the stomach.

    However, Qin Feng was not a normal person. He suddenly made his move and accurately grabbed the steel pipes on the two sides of him, then sent a flying kick at the earring man's wrist. With a crash, the dagger in his hand flew over ten meters and fell on the ground.

    Bang bang!

    Qin Feng toppled the earring man, then hit the two men at his sides in the stomach with his hands. The two immediately became kites with broken strings. They flew for a good number of meters before crashing heavily onto the ground. They felt as though their organs shifted, and cried out pitifully in pain.

    Qin Feng didn't look at the three fallen men. He tapped his foot lightly and arrived at the driver's seat of the minivan. He lifted the man trembling in fear with one hand, and tossed him lightly. The man was sent flying out of the car.

    Once he was assured of the little girl's safety, Qin Feng then picked up the pebble on the ground and went in front of the earring man again.

    "Brat, I wasn't joking with you at first, you have to swallow this pebble." Qin Feng threw the pebble on the ground and smiled eerily: "Of course, you can also choose to die instead of submitting... For men, we all have honor, and we die for honor. I would be proud of you."

    Qin Feng spoke while lifting his leg and angling it towards the earring man's brain. He appeared ready to stomp harshly on him at any time.

    The earring man was now afraid of Qin Feng. He was sent flying by Qin Feng's kick, so he already deeply experienced the strength of Qin Feng's leg. With a casual kick, he was already able to send someone flying countless meters.

    And this leg was going to come down on his head? The earring man didn't dare continue thinking about it.

    "Older Brother, d-don't stomp... I'll eat it. I actually love eating rocks."

    In the end, the earring man couldn't withstand the enormous pressure Qin Feng gave to him. He immediately picked up the pebble and swallowed it without hesitation. After doing so, he even opened his mouth to show Qin Feng and prove that he really ingested the rock.

    "Big Brother, save me! Hurry and save me!"

    At this time, the girl's melodious cry came from behind. Qin Feng thought more people had appeared, but he turned to look, and he was so shocked that his face darkened.

    Who knew what the little girl had done to get into this predicament. She rolled out of the minivan and lay on the ground by the car door. She struggled for her life and yelled at Qin Feng to help her.

    Qin Feng immediately arrived beside the little girl and helped her untie the ropes binding her arms and legs. Her originally soft and fair wrists and ankles were imprinted with red rope marks.

    "Little Beauty, you're okay now, don't be afraid." Qin Feng patted the girl's little head. From up close, he found that this girl's hair was so long it was full of life. She was an extremely cute little girl.

    The little cutie knew she was saved. She jumped into Qin Feng's arms and cried loudly: "Big Brother, thank you, you're such a great person that I even want to devote my life to you."

    Qin Feng looked at this little beautiful child. He knew that when she grew up she would certainly be a real beauty. He touched her black, shiny, and beautiful short hair and comforted her: "Okay, then you can devote your life to me. How about you marry this big brother?"

    The little beauty suddenly stopped crying and shoved Qin Feng away. She wiped away her tears with the back of her hands while looking at Qin Feng with alarm: "Big Brother, y-you wouldn't happen to be a bad guy as well, would you?"

    Qin Feng looked at the little beauty's foolish expression and laughed. He admitted that this little girl was really cute, and though her little arms and legs were really thin, she looked to be just a middle schooler. She was too young; Qin Feng certainly couldn't make a move on her.

    "Okay, this big brother has to go home. Want me to take you home?" Qin Feng stopped joking with the little beauty and began to push his 28" bicycle in preparation of leaving.

    The little beauty looked at the biting cold and darkness that surrounded them. She was clearly a bit scared to go home herself, but she could not yet be certain that Qin Feng was a good person. Her dark eyes spun, and she suddenly pulled out her cell phone and fiddled with it for a while. Then, she chased after Qin Feng and suddenly gripped his arm. She stood on tiptoe and stuck her head next to Qin Feng's.

    She revealed a brilliant smile and made a "cheese" symbol.


    Qin Feng was blinded by the flash of the cell phone and couldn't open his eyes. He heard the little beauty say while waving the cell phone in her hand with delight: "Big Brother, I've sent our picture to my friends, so everyone knows I'm with you tonight. Take me home now. If something happens to me, the policemen uncles will catch you very quickly!"

    Qin Feng's lips twitched as he looked at the little beauty's self-satisfied smile.

    How could students nowadays be like this and lack even the basic trust between humans?

    "Big Brother, what is your name?" After taking their picture, she was no longer afraid of Qin Feng at all. She even took the initiative to climb onto his bicycle. She sat on the 28" bicycle and had Qin Feng push her on it.

    Her uniform was composed of a white dress shirt with a little necktie and a short skirt with Scottish stripes. Her long, thin, tender, and pale legs swayed leisurely, and she gave Qin Feng a silly smile of self-satisfaction.

    "Qin Feng," Qin Feng said with seriousness.

    "Then I'll call you Big Brother Feng in the future." The little beauty said: "I'm Liu Xiao Jia. Big Brother Feng, you can call me Xiao Jia.

    "That's right Big Brother Feng, we must call the police and arrest these bad men." Liu Xiao Jia spoke to herself for a while and her expression suddenly fell cold. She pulled out her phone to call the police.

    However, before she called them, she turned her head to look towards the area that the minivan was previously parked. It was already completely empty. Who knew when these kidnappers made their escape.

    "Those stinking brats got lucky. If this young miss sees them again, I'll have to brutally beat them up."

    Liu Xiao Jia shook her small pink fist, clenched her teeth, and made an angry expression. However, anyone who saw her expression wouldn't be frightened, they would melt from this little brat's cuteness.

    Qin Feng patted her little head lightly and said coldly: "The next time you see them, you should just run for your life."

    Qin Feng got onto his bike and held Liu Xiao Jia's little waist to prevent this energetic little brat from falling midway. He rode the bike and asked: "Hurry and tell me where you live."

    Liu Xiao Jia was in no hurry to reveal her address. She pouted and complained angrily: "Big Brother Feng, I have a name. When you speak to me, you have to call me 'Xiao Jia' or else I won't know who you're talking to."

    Qin Feng raised his brows and asked again: "Xiao Jia, where do you live?"

    "No, no. Big Brother Feng, look at how intimately I'm addressing you. You have to call me 'Little Sister Xiao Jia,' and you have to address me in a pleasing and gentle way." Liu Xiao Jia kicked her two little legs and swayed the 28" bicycle.

    Qin Feng put his toes down and stopped the bike. He said with annoyance: "Are you telling me or not? If not, go home yourself."

    Liu Xiao Jia jumped off the bike and looked wronged: "Big Brother Feng, do you not like Little Sister Xiao Jia? How could you be so mean to me? Then this pitiful Xiao Jia will just have to go home herself.

    "It's wild and mountainous here; the sky is dark and the winds are strong. Xiao Jia will just be unlucky if she gets lost and encounters any bad guys. Wah..."

    Liu Xiao Jia walked forward while wiping her tears. After every two steps, she would peek at Qin Feng. Qin Feng was tickled by this cute little girl, and went after her on his bike. When he arrived beside her, he scooped her onto his bicycle.

    "Little Sister Xiao Jia, may I ask where you live?" Qin Feng was forced to his wits end. He copied Xiao Jia and spoke with her cutesy voice.

    Right when the words came out of his mouth, Qin Feng almost threw up.

    Liu Xiao Jia waved her arms and legs with excitement, and her eyes became two crescent moons: "Big Brother Feng, I live in a villa in the third building of Cloud City's Hua Manor Phase 1."

    "Oh? And you're a young lady from a rich family." When Qin Feng found out where Liu Xiao Jia lived, he rushed in that direction and said: "Then when we get back, we have to talk to mom and dad. I saved you from the grasp of kidnappers, so I should at least get a 1.8 million yuan fee for standing out and doing what's right."

    Qin Feng had just finished speaking when Liu Xiao Jia pouted: "Big Brother Feng, you're so shallow. There's no point in talking about money.

    "Also, I don't have a father or mother, my sister spent money to rent that house. It's not easy for my sister to make money. Big Brother Feng, can you not ask me to give a fee for acting bravely and standing up for a just cause?"

    Liu Xiao Jia held the arm Qin Feng placed on the handlebar and began to act cute: "Big Brother Feng, how about I introduce my big sister to you as repayment for saving my life?"

    Qin Feng's eyes brightened. He saw how pretty Liu Xiao Jia was and didn't think she'd have an older sister. Then, her sister must also be really pretty. He immediately became serious and said: "Little Sister Xiao Jia, since you're so obedient and sensible, I won't charge you the fee for acting brave for justice. We'll do as you suggested and meet your older sister."

    Liu Xiao Jia's little lips protruded more and revealed an expression of contempt: "As expected, all men are really perverted."

    "Hey you little fart, how could you say that? You yourself said you were going to introduce your big sister to me to repay me for saving you. I didn't say anything," Qin Feng immediately retorted.
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