Chapter 203 - Monthly Performance Meeting

    Chapter 203 - Monthly Performance Meeting

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    Liu Xiao Jia rolled her eyes and scrunched her delicate nose: "Big Brother Feng, let me tell you a secret."

    "Does it relate to your older sister's three measurements?" Qin Feng's eyes lit up. He lowered his head and placed his ear close to Liu Xiao Jia's mouth.

    "You're incomparably the most shameless older brother I've ever met!" Liu Xiao Jia chortled with laughter.

    Qin Feng lost his balance and almost knocked the bike into a tree...

    "F*ck, we came to kidnap a little girl, bumped into an idiot, and the idiot was so f*cking powerful. Why have I been so out of luck recently?" After Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia left, four people came out of the shadows. They were the four that had just kidnapped Liu Xiao Jia.

    The man with the earring and the dyed yellow hair was the big brother. His nickname was Big Brother Qiang. Qin Feng forced him to swallow the pebble earlier, and he now clutched his throat and tried to find a way to spit the rock out.

    "Big Brother Qiang, are you alright?" The remaining three younger brothers were all brutally beaten and wanted to cry.

    During their many years in the streets, who knew how many old, weak, sickly, and disabled people they abducted. They had never been so disgraced.

    "F*ck, that idiot forced me to swallow a rock, tell me whether or not your elder is okay. Don't let me see him again, or I'll bring brothers to hack him to death." Once Big Brother Qiang thought of Qin Feng, he began to yell.

    One of the three younger brothers' eyes spun like he suddenly thought of something. His eyes brightened: "Brother Qiang, I had just said that the brat looked familiar and I now remember why.

    "Do you guys still remember that poverty-stricken district in the outskirts of the Northern District? And that little building in the alleyway? We were squatting there and saw a pure beauty get into a Benz. At the time, we regretted not squatting there earlier because then we'd nab that girl first."

    When he said this, the other men remembered it as well. At the time, the girl was too pure and pretty. She looked gentle and weak, so she left quite an impression on the four of them.

    "F*ck, your elder was talking about that idiot, why are you f*cking talking about women?" Brother Qiang slapped the younger brother's head and cursed at him with dissatisfaction.

    That younger brother rubbed his head and felt wronged. He immediately said: "Big Brother Qiang, at the time, a man walked out with that woman. I'm certain that man was the idiot that beat us up just now."

    The other three immediately fell into deep thought, and thought earnestly about the scene that day. They compared the man then with Qin Feng, who they saw tonight, and found that the two seemed increasingly similar.

    "F*ck, that seems true. Damn, but then what? We don't know that woman and we still don't know where the idiot is," Brother Qiang spat.

    "Big Brother Qiang, I have a way of finding that brat and kidnapping him with the pure beauty from that day." That younger brother smiled vulgarly and whispered his plan to the others.

    Three minutes later, Brother Qiang and the rest smiled vulgarly and coldly. This plan was indeed effective.

    It just so happened that they were currently two short on their monthly kidnapping quota. After getting tonight's idiot and the little beauty, they'd finish their jobs.


    Twenty minutes later, Qin Feng rode his 28" bicycle to the Cloud City Hua Manor Building 3 Phase 1 villa. They could have arrived in ten minutes, but Qin Feng was afraid the night air would give Liu Xiao Jia a cold, so he intentionally rode at half speed.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, I'm home. Thank you for saving me and taking me home." Liu Xiao Jia hopped off the bike, smiled at Qin Feng, waved, and turned to leave.

    Qin Feng immediately said: "Little Sister Xiao Jia, did you forget something?"

    Liu Xiao Jia stopped and raised her head to look up at the building. She said with a happy smile: "Big Brother Qin Feng, my older sister isn't home yet, I don't have the guts to bring you into our villa alone, and I don't know whether or not Big Brother Feng is a bad guy. Next time when my big sister is home, I'll invite you to play at our house."

    As she said this, Liu Xiao Jia held her phone and ran up to Qin Feng: "Big Brother Feng, tell me your cell phone number."

    Qin Feng told her his number and said nonchalantly: "Little Sister Xiao Jia, you've misunderstood. I didn't say I wanted to go to your house to see your big sister, I was just asking if your arms hurt."

    Qin Feng looked at Liu Xiao Jia's arms and could see the still-clear red rope marks. Liu Xiao Jia made a face at Qin Feng and said with disdain: "Big Brother Feng, if you really cared whether or not my arms and legs hurt, you wouldn't have hugged my waist and secretly touched my navel, you could have helped rub my hands. You really are the most vulgar older brother ever."

    Qin Feng's eyes rolled. He suddenly felt that girls these days weren't as easy to pick up as before. He almost couldn't even handle a pretty little middle schooler.

    "Xiao Jia, come here." Qin Feng bought two bottles of Elementary Gold Sore Medicine from the System and called Xiao Jia over.

    In the light of the sound-controlled light at the entrance of the villa, Qin Feng rubbed a bottle of Gold Sore Medicine evenly on Liu Xiao Jia's wrists.

    Liu Xiao Jia was in her third year of middle school. Her little hands were soft and white. When Qin Feng held them, and they felt soft and really nice. As he rubbed them, he thought to himself that if these hands were used to help him...

    Cough cough!

    Qin Feng realized his thoughts strayed from the task at hand and he awkwardly coughed twice. He immediately released Liu Xiao Jia's hands. He then squatted on the ground and began to help Liu Xiao Jia remove her shoes.

    Liu Xiao Jia wore black leather shoes and little white socks. The socks were a bit long, so they covered some of the swelling on her ankles. Qin Feng simply removed her little socks as well, revealing her soft, snow-white little feet.

    Her toes were plump and smooth, they looked as nice as five pearls. A light fragrance also wafted from her feet, and the skin on her feet were as smooth and soft as a young lotus root. When he held it in his hands, they seemed about to slip away at any moment.

    Qin Feng rarely saw such beautiful feet, and could help but look at it several more times. After looking, he carefully opened the second bottle of Gold Sore Medicine and rubbed it evenly on Liu Xiao Jia's swollen ankles.

    One minute later.

    "Okay Xiao Jia, sleep and it won't hurt the next morning." Qin Feng stood after helping Liu Xiao Jia apply the medicine. He rubbed her head and said: "As a young lady, don't run around at night. After getting out of school, go home earlier."

    The cheerful and energetic Liu Xiao Jia suddenly fell silent and didn't answer Qin Feng.

    She lowered her little head, and her short hair covered her delicate pretty face. Her expression could not be seen. Qin Feng bent over and then understood that this little girl was silently crying.

    "Big Brother Feng, you're so good to Xiao Jia!" Liu Xiao Jia suddenly dived into Qin Feng's arms and couldn't help but cry.

    This little girl looked strong and cheerful on the outside, but her little heart suffered quite some trauma tonight after experiencing the kidnapping. However, she held it all in and didn't let her fear and worry out. Because she hadn't seen her real family, she wouldn't express her soft and weak side in front of outsiders.

    Liu Xiao Jia watched Qin Feng earnestly and carefully apply medicine for her, and thought of what scary things would have occurred and how her life would have changed if Qin Feng didn't save her tonight.

    Her bit of ill-will and the guard she put up against Qin Feng completely dissolved, and she truly treated Qin Feng like her older brother. She jumped into his embrace and revealed her truest self.

    In reality, she was really scared. She trembled in Qin Feng's embrace.

    "Little Sister Xiao Jia, don't be afraid, don't you have Big Brother Feng? If someone dares to bully you in the future, just call Big Brother Feng. Whether they be an emperor or an elder, Big Brother Feng will brutally teach them a lesson."

    "Be a good girl and go home, take a shower, and have a nice sleep. Don't think too much about anything. When the sun rises tomorrow, everything will be back to normal and you'll find that nothing actually happened, it was all just a nightmare." Qin Feng patiently comforted Liu Xiao Jia.

    "Okay, Xiao Jia will listen to Big Brother Feng. I'll go back and sleep right now." Liu Xiao Jia's emotions stabilized. She finally revealed her signature sweet smile and waved at Qin Feng: "Big Brother Feng, be careful going home. When I have time, I'll look for you to play."

    Qin Feng waited for a while at the foot of the building and watched Liu Xiao Jia carry her backpack and run into the villa. Qin Feng was only fully reassured when he saw a light on the third floor of the villa turn on, and Liu Xiao Jia's cute little head poke out of the window.

    He rode his low-profile 28" bicycle and quickly disappeared into the night.


    Royal Group Sales Department Lobby

    The whole sales department, from the managers to the normal sales representatives, sat upright surrounding a circular meeting desk. A man and a woman sat on opposite sides of the meeting desk.

    The man was the Royal Group's Chairman Qin Huang, and the woman was the new beautiful assistant Han Ying Ying.

    With these two important people present, the sales department's monthly performance meeting was uncharacteristically cold and serious. Even the general manager of the sales department, Li Yu Chen, didn't even dare to say anything extra.

    Once everyone was serious and composed, an elegant man in the crowd with an impressive appearance had a natural expression and placed his right hand below the table. He dishonestly touched the thigh of the beauty sitting beside him.

    This restless man was the hedonistic young master Qin Feng, and the woman that he touched was Xu Ruo Rou. Xu Ruo Rou wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

    What were the circumstances right now? What time was it? Who knew Qin Feng was still so gutsy. Xu Ruo Rou kept her emotions in check, and sweat was about to drip from her face.

    "Since everyone is here, the monthly sales meeting will now officially commence!" Qin Huang's deep voice resounded, and an applause immediately followed from the subordinates.

    It was the first time these sales representatives sat at the same table as someone as important as Chairman Qin. They were extremely moved and wanted to make themselves look good. What if Chairman Qin took a liking to them?

    Even Li Yu Chen hadn't received the notice. She didn't know Chairman Qin would appear at this month's evaluation meeting. When did such a normal sales department meeting gain the attention of such a leader?

    "General Manager Li, I think Assistant Han should host this month's performance review meeting. You have nothing to say about that right?" Qin Huang waited until the applause ended to continue speaking.

    "As you wish, Chairman Qin." Li Yu Cheng immediately stood and maintained a smile as she spoke.

    Li Yu Chen sat and Han Ying Ying stood in due course. Her gaze swept over the audience with seriousness. She used her strong aura to take command of the scene. When everyone else fell serious, she then opened her mouth to speak.
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