Chapter 204 - Would You Dare Compare?

    Chapter 204 - Would You Dare Compare?

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    "Ladies and gentlemen, you are all Royal Group's elite sales representatives, our Royal Group's development, the source of the company's progress, and the moving force of our monetary expansion. We could even say that all of you sitting here support the Royal Group in its continuous development. You're the pillars that held us up until today."

    Han Ying Ying's voice revealed a sliver of severity, but no other emotions: "Thus, I'll represent Chairman Qin and the entire Royal Group in expressing our heartfelt gratitude towards all of you hardworking sales representatives."

    The opening appreciation speech ended, and Han Ying Ying slid into the next topic of discussion.

    "But, as one of Acropolis City's ten most prominent companies, Royal Group also has lots of opportunities to expand. It is because Royal Group provided everyone equal opportunities to compete for promotions that everyone works hard to strive upwards. Hereby, I, as a member of Royal Group, represent both myself and all of Royal Group's employees to sincerely thank Chairman Qin and Royal Group!"

    Clap clap clap!

    Han Ying Ying's words stirred the group, and the applause was like thunder. The atmosphere was even more enthusiastic than when Qin Huang spoke earlier. Qin Huang silently nodded as he watched Han Ying Ying's performance from the side.

    This girl really had the air and aura of a Chairman.

    Han Ying Ying made a pressing motion with her hands, and the applause immediately quieted. She opened her mouth again: "Today we are gathered here to evaluate everyone's work results for this month.

    "I've always believed that effort will lead to results. Everyone invested energy from the beginning of the month until today, the end of the month. This is the time for you to reap the fruit you have sown, so I presume that all of you are a bit excited.

    "Of course, some people probably feel a bit unsettled!"

    Han Ying Ying changed the topic again, and her expression became a bit cold. As she said those words, all of the eyes of the sales representatives fell onto Qin Feng.

    Everyone had seen Qin Feng sleep all day at work and tease Xu Ruo Rou. A lot of them were internally dissatisfied with Qin Feng. This person was taking liberties with the pure goddess of every male sales representative's heart.

    "Why would some employees feel unsettled?" Han Ying Ying continued to speak: "Because they didn't truly work hard, or maybe they didn't work hard at all. So at the end of the month, not only do they lack results, it would also be revealed that they were just fooling around all day. They wanted to have the terrible misconduct of expecting gains without working.

    "Us at Royal Group clearly differentiate rewards and punishments. The hardworking employees will never be neglected, and those who fool around all day will absolutely not be indulged.

    "Beginning from this monthly performance evaluation, I've formulated a standard requirement. In the future, the sales representative that is last place for three consecutive months should please submit their resignation to General Manager Li. Conversely, the sales representative ranked number one for three consecutive months will be promoted to the group leader position.

    "When I get back, I'll perfect this sales department promotion criteria. Does anyone have any objections in regards to these reward and penalty regulations?"

    "No." Wang Chao stood. He waited a long time for this ass-kissing opportunity, so how could he let anyone else steal it from him? He raised his hand up high and said: "Assistant Han, this system is extremely reasonable. As Group 2's group leader, I will be the first to voice my approval."

    "As the sales department's general manager, I also approve of Assistant Han's suggestion." Li Yu Chen also stood.

    Since the general manager and a group leader had already stood out, the rest of the sales department employees immediately stood as well.

    "Since no one is against it, then it's decided." Han Ying Ying waved her arms, and everyone sat back down in succession.

    "Next, the general manager of the sales department and each group leader will present this month's performance summary," Han Ying Ying spoke after sitting again.

    Li Yu Chen began to speak. She talked about some superficial summaries and sat down. Then, each group leader spoke. After a while, it was Wang Chao's turn. He suppressed his brimming excitement and stood unhurriedly.

    After standing, Wang Chao didn't immediately speak. He glared at Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou, arrogant and self-satisfied. He waited a long time for this moment, and it finally arrived.

    He had thought it through from the beginning that he must use the monthly performance evaluation to harshly criticize Qin Feng and get him fired once and for all.

    "First of all, I think the point Assistant Han mentioned earlier was extremely good, and I personally strongly agree. This way, the employees in the sales department can be more proactive in forging ahead. This way, there would be forward-moving results for both ourselves as individuals and the company."

    Once Wang Chao went up, he kissed Han Ying Ying's ass. The audience members' internal sighs were heard, and they wondered if Wang Chao had already forgotten the situation where Han Ying Ying threw the seaweed egg drop soup and the bowl on him?

    Shameless people are invincible under the heavens.

    Wang Chao was about to become invincible under the heavens. After praising Han Ying Ying, he changed the topic and suddenly looked coldly at Qin Feng. He continued to speak: "Speaking of Assistant Han's suggestion, I thought of one the employees under me.

    "As a new employee, I haven't seen him seek additional knowledge, improve in the slightest, or possess any qualities of respect towards leadership. I've only seen him play games or sleep at work every day. However, I didn't give up. I ceaselessly told him to come to the office and I put great care in teaching him. There were many times when I spoke with him and taught him how to be a qualified sales representative.

    "Ai... but I didn't see any changes in him. I'm sure Assitant Han and General Manager Li have felt this feeling of hopelessness before. After all, we are good superiors that are diligent and earnest."

    After saying this, Wang Chao paused. He cleared his throat and suddenly began to mention names: "Qin Feng, tell Assistant Han and Chairman Qin, what did you do in the sales department all month?

    "You've been here for the majority of a month and you haven't even gotten a single listing. This can't  go on, our Royal Group cannot tolerate an idler like you."

    Wang Chao's words pointed a spear towards Qin Feng. All gazes fell on Qin Feng and they looked at him with pity. They thought to themselves that this brat who usually loves butting heads with Wang Chao was certainly going to be sent away by Wang Chao today.

    A expression of disapproval hung on Qin Feng's face. He said lightly from his seat: "Group Leader Wang, don't treat a good person unjustly, I had one listing this month."

    "Haha, did everyone hear that?" Wang Chao laughed with self-satisfaction: "You only got one listing and you're acting like a bigshot. Every sales representative here has at least five listings a month, so they must have all become kings.

    "Assistant Han, General Manager Li, I can't handle an employee like Qin Feng. I think you should either assign him to another group or just fire him. If we keep him, he'll just be a moocher." Wang Chao voiced how he felt inside.

    Xu Ruo Rou knew Wang Chao wanted to make things difficult for Qin Feng during the monthly meeting. She nervously held Qin Feng's hand. She already thought it through: if Qin Feng was fired, she also wouldn't work at Royal Group anymore.

    Qin Feng smiled lightly and stood. He looked calmly at Wang Chao and said: "Group Leader Wang, of course you can't manage me, your sales revenue can't even compare to that of your subordinate, how are you qualified to manage me?"

    Wang Chao's face darkened. He said coldly: "Qin Feng, you mean to say that your sales revenue is higher than mine for the month?"

    "That's exactly what I mean." Qin Feng smiled.

    "Haha!" Wang Chao was so angry he became happy. Qin Feng's sales revenue was higher than his own? What a joke. Wang Chao wouldn't believe this even if he was beaten to death: "Your bravery is great, but you've also shown your ignorance."

    "Since you have so much confidence, then let's compare this month's sales. If yours really is higher than mine, then I'll give you my position as group leader and listen to your commands in the future.

    "Of course, if yours is lower than mine, I hope you can submit your resignation to me."

    After Wang Chao's words came out, Li Yu Chan and Qin Huang's expressions fell. They wanted to squeeze Wang Chao's large mouth to death.

    Li Yu Chen already knew Qin Feng's identity: he was a Qin Family member and played well with Young Master Qin. Li Yu Chen even suspected that Chairman Qin and Assistant Han came to the sales department's monthly performance evaluation because of Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou.

    It was clear that Wang Chao made this sort of bet in front of an audience to make Qin Feng look bad. However, Li Yu Chen's eyes suddenly brightened. She almost forgot about the villa Qin Feng sold to Sun Ye. That was a large listing valuing over fifteen million yuan. With this listing alone, Qin Feng's performance for the month was twice as high as even Li Yu Chen's sales revenue.

    Not to mention Wang Chao!

    On the other hand, Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying didn't know that Qin Feng sold this property. When they saw Wang Chao's suggestion, their hearts sank.

    They already submitted to the fact that Qin Feng had no accomplishments in the sales department this month. Even if it was as Qin Feng said, and he did get a customer, Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying could only believe that the customer he had probably didn't even amount to 100,000 yuan in sales revenue.

    "Qin Feng, would you have the guts to make a bet with me?" Wang Chao smiled at Qin Feng in rumination.

    "Group Leader Wang, this is the sales department's monthly evaluation meeting. The matter you brought up..." Han Ying Ying stood out to help Qin Feng speak and bypass the situation. She had just spoken half of what she wanted to when Qin Feng cut her off.

    "Okay, then it's happily decided!"

    This one line froze the air in the sales department lobby. Those present were sales department employees, and they all saw Qin Feng courting girls all day.

    One would burn incense and worship Buddha if he wasn't last place in the department for sales performance. No one knew where Qin Feng got his courage to accept Wang Chao's bet in front of Chairman Qin and Assistant Han.

    "Qin Feng, do you know what you're saying?" Han Ying Ying glared angrily at Qin Feng.

    She saw Qin Huang's face darken horrendously and stepped out to help Qin Feng again: "Group Leader Wang, you should also reflect upon yourself. This is the sales department's monthly evaluation meeting. As a group leader in the sales department, I allowed you to speak about the monthly sales situation and some of your own thoughts. How could you make this kind of bet with your subordinate?"

    "Assistant Han, that's my negligence. I hope you'll forgive me!" Wang Chao immediately lowered his head apologetically.

    Han Ying Ying shifted her gaze back onto Qin Feng and waited for Qin Feng to casually express his opinion. This matter had already passed, who knew Qin Feng wouldn't back down? He stood as straight as a pen but still relaxed. His spoke as loudly and clearly as a bell: "Assistant Han, I don't think there's anything wrong with Group Leader Wang's suggestions.

    "From the outside, he appears to be betting with me, but in reality, he wants to use it to excite my fighting spirit. Group Leader Wang put so much thought into this, so if I disappoint Group Leader Wang's good intentions, I would feel very apologetic.

    "Wang Chao, does that bet you made with me still stand? Why don't we really have a comparison?"
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