Chapter 206 - Qin Huang was Abducted

    Chapter 206 - Qin Huang was Abducted

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    "Alright, then I'll thank you on behalf of the coworkers in the sales department." After Li Yu Chen was done talking about work matters, she changed the topic and even placed her hand on top of Qin Feng's hand that was touching her thigh: "Qin Feng, tomorrow will be the weekend. You won't forget right?"

    "How would I? Set a time General Manager Li, and send your address to Young Master Qin. I'll drive and pick you up tomorrow morning, how's that?" Qin Feng said with a smile.

    Li Yu Chen was fairly satisfied when she saw this kind of attitude from Qin Feng. She released Qin Feng's hand and allowed him to touch her exquisite thighs as he wished.

    "Okay, then I'll message Young Master Qin tonight," Li Yu Chen said.

    After she told Qin Feng about meeting her mother over the weekend, Li Yu Chen was preoccupied with eating silently and didn't bother with Qin Feng. Qin Feng was in a difficult situation at this time: one of his hands were on Xu Ruo Rou's thigh and the other was on Li Yu Chen's, so he had no hands for eating.

    Boop boop boop!

    At this time, Qin Feng's phone suddenly rang.

    He took out his phone and saw an unfamiliar number. He answered the call.

    "Hello Young Master Qin, I have a present for you, and you have half an hour to rush to the South Bay Pier. Do not call the police or alert anyone.

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that your present that was originally alive is going to be a dead person."

    Once the phone was answered, an icy electronic voice passed through. The person on the other line was clearly trying to hide their identity so they used a voice-altering device.

    They only said these incomprehensible words and hung up. Then, a message arrived on Qin Feng's phone.

    The background showed a portion of the bay and the pier. There was only one person in the picture, and he was completely tied up with cleaning rag stuffed into his mouth. He was a middle-aged man with an unordinary aura.

    After seeing it, a thick murderous aura shot out of Qin Feng's body. The man that was abducted was his father Qin Huang.

    After discovering that his father was abducted, Qin Feng immediately called Han Ying Ying. After confirming from Han Ying Ying that his father wasn't in the office and that she couldn't reach him, Qin Feng then confirmed that his father really was abducted.

    He tried calling back the unfamiliar number, but the tone that came through the phone indicated it was an invalid number. Qin Feng was increasingly worried about his father's safety. The people that abducted his father were clearly professionals that had planned this a long time ago.

    "Qin Feng, what's wrong?" Xu Ruo Rou and Li Yu Chen saw the change in Qin Feng's expression, and asked him a bit nervously.

    It was the first time these two women saw such a murderous expression on Qin Feng's face.

    "It's nothing, I have to go out for a bit, you two continue to eat." Qin Feng did all he could to calm himself.

    He put on an expression that said "there's not really anything going on," and left the employee cafeteria. It was now a time of danger, and he couldn't let anyone know his father was abducted. Otherwise, all of the Royal Group employees would be struck with panic, and Acropolis City's economy would follow and get shaken up.

    Qin Feng left Royal Group alone and immediately rushed towards the South Bay Pier on his 28" bicycle. Ten minutes later, he arrived.

    Qin Feng was pretty familiar with this portion of the South Bay Pier because this was where he came to catch the trafficking gang with Liu Bing Bing a couple of days ago. However, the South Bay Pier at night was different from how it was during the day.

    At night, there were only a few ships passing by on the Song River and the winds were chilly, so the pier was bleak. However, during the day, it was extremely bustling. Various fisherman boats, cargo ships, and passenger ships came and went. There were even a lot of tourists passing through.

    Qin Feng examined the situation around him but didn't find anything out of the ordinary in this bustling scene. At this time, his cell phone rang again.

    "You were actually punctual and kept your word, brat. Your present is temporarily still alive. I'll give you ten more minutes. Follow the South Bay Pier and head north. In ten minutes, you'll see your big present." The voice on the other side of the line was still computerized, and one couldn't even tell if it was a man or a woman.

    After hanging up, Qin Feng rode his bike unrelentingly northwards along the shore of the Song River. He rode for close to five minutes and saw a row of abandoned red brick houses not far away. This row of houses was hidden in the weeds surrounding them, and the weeds were as tall as a person, so one couldn't clearly see what the situation was within them.

    However, the closer Qin Feng got to the brick houses, the air of danger became much more intense.

    This area was over ten kilometers from the South Bay Pier, and was considered a desolate and uninhabited area. Qin Feng didn't see even one person in there, so it was clear that this was where the callers were truly hiding.

    The South Bay Pier was only a test to see whether or not Qin Feng had called the police; it was only a pretense.

    "Brat, you're pretty quick, quicker than I expected." Suddenly, a rustling passed from the underbrush, and a low and eerie voice passed out.

    "But the faster you arrive, the faster you die. Since you want to die so much brat, your elder will send you on your way."

    After speaking, a black shadow leapt out of the weeds. Without waiting for Qin Feng's response, a man wearing black nocturnal clothing appeared over his head with an enormous reclining moon blade in his hand. He slashed at Qin Feng's head.

    This person fought when he said he would, and Qin Feng was unprepared. When he reacted, he immediately leapt to the side and dangerously evaded the slash.

    The knife blade hit the ground and a small crack formed.


    When the reclining moon blade hit the ground, there was an enormous, thunderous sound.

    "Aiyo, this brat is different from the reports, how is this Stage Four External abilities? I'm afraid this brat has Stage Five External abilities."

    The blade fell, and the man in black with a large gold tooth laughed coldly: "This f*cking rotten old man, he's so old and he's still lying to people. There's a world of difference between Stage Four and Stage Five, the price has to be raised by at least ten million."

    Qin Feng had just burst out with all of his power in a moment of desperation, and revealed his abilities in an instant.

    However, the man in black was wrong, Qin Feng only had Stage Three External and Stage Two Internal abilities. Together, they could release seven or eight times a normal person's strength, so he was equivalent to a Stage Six External Expert.

    However, the man in black was able to make an approximate guess and didn't even think to run away, so this showed that he was also an expert whose abilities could not be gauged.

    "Who are you? Where's my father?" After evading the slash, Qin Feng quickly stood on high alert.

    "Haha, you care about a lot of things brat, I think you should just worry about your own life right now." The Gold-toothed man laughed coldly and suddenly shot towards Qin Feng.

    "Stinking brat, watch my move!"

    This gold-toothed man wasn't tall, he was thin and small. He was so skinny that he was like a monkey, and his movements were as nimble as a monkey but mysteriously quick.

    After the sound of an explosion, he already appeared above Qin Feng's head again.

    The reclining moon blade in his hand had a blade a meter long and the handle was 1.5 meters. There were five holes in the blade, and five metal rings hung from them. It flashed blindingly under the sun.

    The reclining moon blade was so enormous that if it stood on the ground, it would be taller than a person. Hearing the wind-splitting sounds it made as it danced, it was a very heavy weapon. The gold-toothed man wielded the large blade easily, so it was clear to see this man was not someone one would provoke.


    The gold-toothed man's blade fell toward the top of Qin Feng's head, and even the violent surrounding wind whistled.


    When the blade fell, there was an enormous sound. Qin Feng stood his ground without moving, and forcibly used his fists to catch the attack.

    Two Winter Iron Gloves flashing with wintry light appeared on his fists and hit the reclining moon blade. The impact even created sparks.

    "F*ck, you actually used your fists to catch this elder's blade? How is that possible?" Shock flashed through the man in black's expression.

    He was extremely confident in his abilities, and he was extremely confident in his 41 kilogram Green Dragon Reclining Moon Blade.

    After using 6x strength, with the weight of the reclining moon blade, none of his opponents ever fared well; they were either split in half or internally injured by the blade.

    However, the current Qin Feng simply used his fists to block the ferocious slash, yet he was completely unharmed and even looked as though he spared no effort at all to complete the move.

    The gold-toothed man knew he underestimated Qin Feng. This brat wasn't f*cking at Stage Five, he must have Stage Six abilities.

    "Damn, we've f*cking fallen at the hands of that damn old man." The man in black shouted angrily, and he already began to retreat quickly because Qin Feng had already moved and a fist was heading towards him.

    The wintry light flashed from the silver gloves in the sunlight, and the previously unbridled and arrogant man in black was suddenly filled with terror. He already felt enshrouded in a veil of death.

    This time, after seeing Qin Feng's power, he was extremely alarmed. He didn't dare take Qin Feng lightly again, but once he saw the speed Qin Feng currently employed, he was so shocked that he was wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

    He had 1.7x speed. If he hadn't reached External Stage Seven, how could he exhibit such brilliance and ease?

    He went from guessing that Qin Feng was a Stage Five External Expert to a Stage Six, and now Stage Seven, and this was all within a short couple of minutes.

    In just a couple of minutes, his opponent's strength seemed to shoot up like a rocket and rose three levels. To the gold-toothed man, this kind of fighting was absolutely deadly and even a kind of bafflement.

    The gold-toothed man was startled time and time again. As a qualified assassin, he thought he had a strong heart and extraordinary adaptability. But while facing Qin Feng, who continuously exploded with surprises, the gold-toothed man found that his brain lacked the capacity to understand all this. He didn't have time to accept or digest this frightening reality.

    The gold-toothed man's pupils continuously dilated, and in his eyes, Qin Feng became larger and larger. In a breath's time, Qin Feng already arrived in front of him, and the imposing gloves with wintry air was already about to fall on the man in black's cheek.

    The cold wild wind by his ear told the gold-toothed man that if this fist made impact, his brain would probably explode.

    "Number Five, hurry up and f*cking save me!" The gold-toothed man suddenly bellowed in a moment of desperation.


    At the same time, there was the sound of lightning in the sky.

    However, it wasn't actually lightning, it was a long whip with orange light that was in the shape of lightning.

    The whip split the sky and made gusts of noises that sounded like the air was exploding. From the sound of the powerful wind, one could tell how much power the whip contained. Qin Feng, who was about to punch the gold-toothed man, immediately retracted his fist, kicked the gold-toothed man in the stomach, and used the rebound to quickly flip backwards. Only then was he able to dangerously evade the long whip.

    "Bronze Number Five, if you didn't make a move, your elder would be dead." The gold-toothed man wearing black was kicked to the ground, and he complained towards the rooftop after crawling to his feet.
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