Chapter 207 - Sword That Splits Mountains and Rivers

    Chapter 207 - Sword That Splits Mountains and Rivers

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Levs

    At this time, another man in black stood on the rooftop of the abandoned red brick house. The man's arms were covered with a red cloak, and it rang in the cold and strong winds. It looked like a burning flame.

    "Bronze Number Eight, even if you died during this assignment, you could only blame yourself for your inadequate abilities." The man spoke with a deep, raspy voice, and his eyes were glued to Qin Feng as he spoke. At this time, he watched Qin Feng's every move with vigilance.

    Earlier, Number Five watched Qin Feng's fight with Bronze Number Eight, so even he didn't dare take Qin Feng lightly. This was an absolutely thorny assignment.

    "F*ck his grandfather, this was all because that dumb old man lied about the target. This brat has Stage Seven External abilities or higher, how is he something our Bronze Group can handle? It would make more sense to get the Silver Group," Number Eight was still foul-mouthed.

    Number Five ignored him, and his deep eyes were pinned onto Qin Feng. A cold light shot from his eyes like he wanted to look through Qin Feng.

    "Where is the person you guys took? Release him now and I can spare your lives." Qin Feng's icy voice was heard.

    His voice wasn't loud, but for it to clearly pass into the two men's ears despite the cold and violent winds was only a result that could be achieved through Inner Qi.

    External Techniques cultivated inner strength that burst out once. Then when the inner strength was condensed, it bursted out again.

    Internal techniques cultivated Inner Qi, one move could burst out many times or in one go.

    The expression of Bronze Number Five, who stood on the rooftop, changed slightly as if he smelled even greater danger. But he didn't dare guess in that line of thought because Qin Feng showed External Techniques previously, so he didn't believe that Qin Feng also practiced Internal Techniques as well.

    This kind of genius that cultivated both internal and external abilities was one in a million!

    "He's already dead." Bronze Number Five stood motionlessly in the violent wind and said dully: "And you're also going to die next!"


    These words were like a bolt of lightning that struck Qin Feng's brain, and his brain immediately blasted apart.

    Usually, he had a vulgar and indecent image, but his face was currently brimming with malevolence and ruthlessness. His eyes shined with angry fire, and all of the hairs on his body stood on end. The current Qin Feng was an enraged beast.

    The smile on his face was no longer harmless, and there was no longer even a sliver of vulgarness in his expression. The hands he extended were no longer to touch other people's thighs.

    He brandished his arm this time to kill!

    "You'll pay for what you just said with blood!"

    Qin Feng's icy voice drifted in the air, and didn't disperse for a long time.

    His feet lightly tapped the ground, and his whole body was like an arrow leaving a bow. He shot towards the rooftop. No one could harm Young Master Qin's relatives unless they died.

    "Stinking brat, don't speak too soon. Watch my whip!"

    Bronze Number Five was currently watching Qin Feng. The moment he moved, the long orange whip in Number Five's hand also began to dance. It was like a little snake in the air that whistled by.


    Another ear-piercing explosion resounded in the air.

    Compared to Number Eight, Bronze Number Five's abilities were clearly stronger. Since he was considered a long range attacking expert, the long whip in his hand moved freely and was impressively strong.

    At this time, Qin Feng brought the Winter Iron Gloves to battle. It could only be used for close combat, but he wasn't able to get close to Bronze Number Five at a moment's notice. He quickly retreated and jumped into the patch of weeds and quickly shuttled through them.

    In the second month of the lunar calendar, the grass grows and germinates slowly, and the yellow warblers fly about. The willow branches brush the embankment, and the water vapor from the pond, grass, and trees form smoke-like condensation in an intoxicating manner. [TLN: These are lines from Qing poet Gao Ding's poem "Village House," which is about the happiness that came with arrival of Spring when he lived in the village.]

    However, it wasn't the second month of the lunar calendar, and there weren't yellow warblers dancing in the weeds. However, this situation and scenery with the river, the setting sun, and Qin Feng agilely flying on the grass seemed to fit this kind of concept.


    This poetic scenery was extremely dangerous. Bronze Number Five's long whip shook the ears and every whip was meticulous. Every time, it brushed Qin Feng's arm and passed by, hitting into the weeds behind him.

    Every lash of the whip left a deep scar on the ground. The dense weeds were originally as tall as a person, but were toppled by the long whip not long later. It was clear that they could no longer hide Qin Feng from his enemy's gaze.

    After a series of dodges, Qin Feng took an elementary step in understanding Bronze Number Five's abilities. Previously, he met Liang Zhen Wei, an expert that also used a long whip as a weapon. Liang Zhen Wei was also a Stage Four Inner Expert, and his whip formed a layered shadow that looked like a curtain when brandished.

    But, Bronze Number Five's long whip was much more powerful when it fell, and this man's attack radius wasn't as tightly grouped as Liang Zhen Wei's. Bronze Number Five's whip didn't form shadows, it was like small bolts of lightning that hit wherever it pointed.

    This made Qin Feng sure that Bronze Number Five and Bronze Number Eight were only External Experts, and they never cultivated Internal Techniques.


    After understanding their abilities, Qin Feng lightly tapped his feet and his body suddenly shot upwards.

    This time, he didn't evade, but rushed towards Bronze Number Five who was on the roof.

    Qin Feng instantly released the weight of the Flying Dragon Armour, used his Inner Qi to increase his speed, and the speed already reached its limit. When compared to Bronze Number Eight's previous speed, he was considerably faster.

    "I've already said that you are going to pay for what you said at first with blood!" Qin Feng's ice-cold voice suddenly resounded.

    Bronze Number Five was completely stunned. He even didn't clearly see Qin Feng's concrete position before he found that Qin Feng was already above his head. And what defied Bronze Number Five's understanding was that Qin Feng held a long sword with an orange light, but he had no idea where it came from.

    "F*ck, what level expert are you? That's not right, you're a genius that practices both internal and external techniques?" Bronze Number Five yelped in surprise. Even when he said these words, he had some trouble believing them.

    The long sword was waved with some strength, and brought the air into making sounds of explosions. It was impossible to resist.

    The shock in Bronze Number Five's eyes became impossibly stronger.

    The air of death came closer and closer, and he could clearly feel the gust of icy air. He also knew that in the next second he would die, but he had no way of fighting back. He didn't even have the ability to dodge the attack.

    He still had a lot of questions. He couldn't understand how the young Qin Feng could have cultivated up to such a stage, or how he was also a genius that cultivated both internally and externally.

    What he couldn't understand even more was that there was nowhere to hide any weapons on Qin Feng's body, yet a long sword suddenly appeared in Qin Feng's hands.

    There was an enormous difference between this young man and what the employer said about him. He was too mysterious and too strong. Even "Blood Fiend," the assassin ranked fifth in the Bronze group of the Golden Assassin Crew wasn't his match.


    The blade fell quickly and simply. It was not sloppy in the least, and was like cutting open a thick and heavy city wall.

    The Truesteel Sword was sharp beyond comparison, and cut through him like mud.

    Bronze Number Five's body split open quickly from the middle of his brows downwards. One could see the quick tear with the naked eye. An instant later, he was split in two halves, and fresh blood dyed the rooftop red.

    From beginning to end, Bronze Number Five didn't even have the time to cry out pitifully.


    Qin Feng landed agilely on the ground, and just so happened to land right beside Bronze Number Eight.

    Bronze Number Eight looked like a shell of a body who had his soul taken away. His gaze was stuck to the spot where Bronze Number Five was previously. Now, besides a patch of blood, it was completely empty.

    It's over? It was over just like that?

    With the swing of a blade, Bronze Number Five was cut in two?

    This was the assassin ranked fifth in the Bronze group of the Golden Assassin Crew. With just the nickname "Blood Fiend," many assassins in the same field and special agents from outside the country would be struck with terror.

    He was a Stage Six External powerhouse. If one asked around in the little Acropolis City, would there even be a couple of experts like this?

    In the end, these two came to Acropolis to casually complete an assignment but met someone as abnormal as Qin Feng. Bronze Number Eight no longer clung onto the hope that his life would be preserved. He only wanted to rush back to his employer and kill the lying old b*stard first.

    Qin Feng didn't kill Bronze Number Eight, he held the Truesteel Sword to Number Eight's neck and asked coldly: "Where's the man you've abducted? Where did you hide him?"

    "I-in that row of houses," Bronze Number Eight instinctively replied.

    He and Bronze Number Five were assassins of the Golden Assassin Crew, and they went through strict special training. They typically killed people easily and were calm and collected. They had fallen into the grasps of the police countless times, and didn't reveal anything about their group or their assignment even under the duress of police interrogations.

    But now, Bronze Number Eight was like a body deprived of its thoughts and soul; his brain was a field of white. He hadn't even completely regained his senses from Qin Feng's tyrannical blade, so he said things he shouldn't have.

    "What kind of people are you? Who sent you here? How many people are there in total? " Qin Feng noticed that Bronze Number Eight's condition was off, so he immediately continued to question him.

    "We're part of the Bronze Group of the Golden Assassin Crew. An old man named Hao Long Tian sent the assignment and hired us to kill Qin Huang and Qin Feng. For this assignment, they only sent Bronze Number Five and I."

    "Where's Hao Long Tian now?" After finding out that the Hao Family Elder was behind this scheme to harm him and his father, Qin Feng's eyes were ablaze.

    "He's in an abandoned repair shop by Welcoming Winds Road in the Southern District of Acropolis waiting to pay us." After saying all this, Bronze Number Eight suddenly trembled and came back to his senses.

    He looked at Qin Feng who stood next to him and his expression instantly changed drastically. He immediately brandished his crescent moon blade and slashed at Qin Feng.

    "Brat, even if you kill the two of us today, don't think you can escape our Golden Assassin Crew. Even if you hide in the ends of the earth, there'll be nowhere to hide."

    Qin Feng turned his body and easily dodged Number Eight's blade. Then, he extended his left fist and smashed it onto Number Eight's chin.

    This was a ferocious uppercut, and it sent Number Eight's long and thin body floating into the air.

    After the fist fell, Qin Feng used some strength in his legs and pounced into the air like a nimble wild panther. He sent another punch into Number Eight's back, and Number Eight's body was sent higher into the air. When he fell downwards due to gravity, QIn Feng punched again.

    Punch after punch, the Winter Iron Gloves paired with Qin Feng's Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists were incomparably formidable, and used an irresistible force. He hit Bronze Number Eight until cracking sounds came from his body as if his body was exploding again and again.

    After the twelfth hit, the fresh blood held up in Bronze Number Eight's throat all rushed out like a mini fountain in the air. Then, Number Eight's head went askew, and he was completely dead.


    Qin Feng pounded Number Eight in the stomach with one fist, and punched him into the ground, submerging half his body into the soil.

    This fierce battle was completely over. Qin Feng picked up the large blade and the long whip and rushed quickly into the row of abandoned red brick houses.

    After entering the room, the room was dark, so Qin Feng wasn't too used to it. He squinted as he circled the house a good number of times. In the end, he found his father tied to a chair in the innermost brick house.
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