Chapter 209 - Phantom Whip Technique

    Chapter 209 - Phantom Whip Technique

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    Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade?

    After seeing the System's description, Qin Feng's gaped. It seemed that this weapon was a famous historical weapon like the Truesteel Sword that he obtained from the System previously.

    One was the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade Guan Yu used in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

    One was from the even older Spring and Autumn Period: it was the Truesteel Sword, one of the Yue Emperor's eight legendary swords.

    However, the Truesteel Sword was appraised by the System as an orange grade equipment, so it was a bit better than the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade that was a piece of white grade equipment. (Equipment Grades: Hedonist Gold Equipment, Purple Equipment, Blue Equipment, Orange Equipment, White Equipment.)

    But, the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade and the Winter Iron Gloves were very similar: they both used winter iron as its main material and were both white top grade equipment.

    Qin Feng used the Winter Iron Gloves a good number of times to fight, so he knew how strong and fierce these gloves were. Though the Green Dragon Crescent Blade was clearly a very impressive weapon, Qin Feng wouldn't use this crescent moon blade. Though it was very powerful, its downside was that it was excessively heavy. Without a crescent moon blade technique, it would be difficult to manage this kind of heavy weapon.

    After understanding the crescent moon blade, Qin Feng returned it to the System and then held up the long whip to examine it.

    The long whip was a total of five meters. From a glance, he didn't know what kind of material it was made of. It was smooth like jade, and faintly glowed orange.

    Qin Feng had seen whips before. The Stage Four Inner Qi expert Liang Zhen Wei used a whip made of wild ox tendon. However, his whip wasn't as high in grade as the one before his eyes. At the time, it was split in half by Qin Feng's Truesteel Sword.

    Qin Feng could see that there was more than meets the eye with the long whip in his hands, and used the System to begin identifying it.

    Spirit Snake Whip

    Equipment Grade: Orange Mid-Grade Equipment

    Weapon description: Comprised of Spirit Snake skin and tendon, extremely tough, and startlingly strong.


    This Spirit Snake Whip was a Mid-Grade Orange equipment, which was slightly superior to the Truesteel Sword, which was a Low Grade Orange equipment. This piqued a bit of Qin Feng's interest.

    Currently, his most important weapons were the Winter Iron Gloves and the Truesteel Sword.

    These two weapons veered towards close combat, so he currently lacked a long distance combat weapon. Originally, Qin Feng wanted to scrape together funds and spend 3000 Hedonist Points buying the Wind Blade technique to make up for his lack of long range attacks. But, he didn't have enough Hedonist Points, so Qin Feng was at a bit of a loss.

    "Master, don't be at a loss. I would advise you to practice with your Spirit Snake Whip first." Amidst Qin Feng's hesitation and uncertainty, Little Pig's voice resounded.

    "Should I not buy the Wind Blade Skills anymore?" Qin Feng asked.

    He planned to complete the quest regarding Li Yu Chen's marriage entreaty headaches, so he would have just enough to collect and buy the Wind Blade Skills with 3000 Hedonist Points.

    "Master, I forgot to tell you when I introduced the Wind Blade Skills initially that the Wind Blade Skills can only be used after reaching Stage Four Inner Qi. You're only at Stage Two Internally right now, so there would be no use in buying it." Little Pig looked at Qin Feng with disdain.

    Qin Feng immediately felt as though someone violently punched him in the chest with an iron fist. He had the urge to immediately stew Little Pig into pork sparerib soup.

    After calming down, Qin Feng could only give up on the Wind Blade Skills for now. Though it sounded impressive, even if he bought it now, he would not be able to use it, and that would torture Qin Feng to death.

    He opened the Hedonist Sovereign System and looked for skills relating to whips in the skill book.

    Thunder Tiger Fists paired with the Winter Iron Gloves: provides boundless might and fists that can suppress mountains and rivers!

    Truesteel Sword paired with Elementary Sword Techniques: can split mountains and open valleys, and pare iron like mud!

    Now that he had the Spirit Snake Whip, how could he not pair it with some whip technique?

    Qin Feng quickly found an "Phantom Whip Technique" in the skill book. It was 1000 Hedonist Points.

    Qin Feng looked at how many Hedonist Points he had. He had exactly 1000 points. Thus, he clenched his teeth and bought the skill book.

    "Purchased Phantom Whip Technique skill book." With this notification, his Hedonist Point balance became zero.

    At the same time, an enormous wave of foreign information surged into his brain, quickly melded with Qin Feng's original memories, and became his memories.

    Phantom Whip Technique

    Skill Rank: Yellow Rank Top Grade (Rank Divisions: Sovereign, Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow)

    When using this skill, the host can release thousands of overlapping whip shadows to form a screen and confuse the opponent. Paired with Inner Qi, one can continuously release powerful shadow whip attacks that will leave the opponent with nowhere to hide.


    "Oh boy, with the heavenly whip in hand, I could rid the world of dogs acting like pretentious pricks."

    While holding the Spirit Snake Whip in his hand and possessing the Phantom Whip Technique in his mind, Qin Feng leapt out of the third floor window and arrived on an empty portion in the backyard. He began to wave the whip about.

    Qin Feng handled the over five meter long whip with ease. He looked nothing like a person who had touched a whip for the first time. From a glance, his nimble and vigorous shadow and the whip shadows that filled the sky, showed that he was clearly a veteran whip-user.

    If he didn't have ten years of training, he at least had eight.

    After prancing about wildly in the backyard for a while, Qin Feng immediately ran back to his own room. He found that he had ruined a flower bed that his father personally tended to with his whip, and filled the ground with shredded flowers and leaves.

    If his old man saw it, he would be whipped to death with a leather whip.

    Qin Feng didn't dare practice his whip skills in broad daylight because he was afraid of hitting the flowers and grass and getting scolded by his father in consequence, and because the whip technique was too powerful that it would be a nuisance if someone saw it. He lay in his bed until night fell before returning to the backyard again and waving his long whip.

    The Phantom Whip Technique melded in his mind for a full afternoon, so when he used it now, it was smooth and easy. The long whip seemed to become one with Qin Feng's body, and flowed naturally with the directions his body and arms went.

    The long whip flashed orange in the night. Combined with the Inner Qi Qin Feng used, layers of light yellow whip shadows formed in the air. The whip shadows were not as tightly layered and far-reaching as Liang Zhen Wei's, but the power hidden in the whip shadows absolutely could not be ignored.

    At least with Qin Feng's current Internal Stage Two abilities, if he met ten External Stage Two martial artists, he could whip them all to death with one whip.


    The whip shadows rose and fell with cold whistling sounds in the harsh winds.

    Qin Feng's mouth tilted into a wretched smile. He suddenly thought about when he went to the South Bay Pier to catch criminals with Liu Bing Bing a couple of days ago. If he used this Spirit Snake Whip to whip her raised behind, it would have definitely been even more exciting.


    Once Qin Feng thought about Liu Bing Bing's hot body and scorching personality, the crisp sounds her behind made when he hit it with his leather belt, and the pained but happy moans Liu Bing Bing made at the end, Qin Feng was filled with enthusiasm.

    He moved the Spirit Snake Whip more and more quickly and easily. He didn't care about direction and wildly brandished his whip all over the backyard according to whim.


    The whip shadows fell. This time, there was an even crisper sound like breaking glass.

    Qin Feng hadn't realized what happened and saw a window open from the third floor of the villa. Then, a beautiful face stuck out of it, but the face was filled with an icy expression.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? Are you bored and trying to rebel by using rocks to break my window?"

    The voice was icy but pleasant, it belonged to Han Ying Ying. Qin Feng immediately put his Spirit Snake Whip in the System.

    Han Ying Ying was angered to death. Qin Feng was becoming more and more dishonest recently.

    First, he brought the condom to her office to hint at her, then he unscrupulously touched under her skirt at the dinner table, and now he ran to the backyard to break her window with a rock in the middle of the night.

    It was clear that he wanted to break the window, climb up to her window with a ladder, and secretly watch her shower.

    After all, the window Qin Feng broke with his whip was the window to Han Ying Ying's bathroom.

    "Do you have the guts to do things more honorably? You want to secretly watch me shower in the middle of the night? Do you have any civility?" Han Ying Ying put her hands to her waist. Qin Feng was going to drive her mad.

    Qin Feng's lips twitched. He didn't think Han Ying Ying could misunderstand him for even this. And she even misunderstood that he was trying to secretly watch her shower?

    "What a joke, is this young master that kind of person?" Qin Feng also showed his temper. He lifted his head and stared at Han Ying Ying as he spoke with anger.

    "You're, you're too much." Han Ying Ying didn't give Qin Feng any face. She said calmly: "Qin Feng, if you still don't leave, I'm going to get Uncle Qin to come and teach you a lesson.

    After hearing that Han Ying Ying wanted to look for his old man, Qin Feng disappeared the next second. He didn't want his father to know that he whipped the flowers and grass in the backyard to death.

    After returning to his room, Qin Feng quickly showered and changed into clean clothes. He saw that it would be dinner time soon.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng's phone rang with a QQ notification.

    "Young Master Qin, could you tell Qin Feng to wait for me at seven o'clock sharp at the North Door of West Lake Courtyard District? Tell him not to forget!"

    The message was from Li Yu Chen regarding what she had discussed with Qin Feng. He was going to pretend to be Young Master Qin and go to her house for dinner over the weekend to fool her mother.

    Qin Feng immediately replied: "Don't worry, the brat won't dare neglect something I tell him."

    After confirming the time with Li Yu Chen, Qin Feng went downstairs in high spirits. Qin Huang and the two women were already seated before the dinner table. When they saw Qin Feng arriving, they all had different expressions.

    Qin Huang was still recovering from the afternoon's shock. Now, once he thought about how his son could face Stage Seven External and Stage Four Internal experts, he was unspeakably happy.

    Xu Ruo Rou saw Qin Feng rush out hurriedly in the afternoon and only saw him now, so she had a worried expression,

    Han Ying Ying had just gotten her bathroom window smashed by Qin Feng, so she looked like she wanted to bite him to death.

    After the meal, Han Ying Ying returned to her villa first. Qin Huang wanted to chat with Qin Feng, but when he saw the brat staring fixedly at Xu Ruo Rou's chest, he shook his head and went upstairs.

    "Qin Feng, you left in such a hurry at lunch, and I haven't seen you the whole afternoon. Did something happen?" Once Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying left, Xu Ruo Rou immediately grabbed Qin Feng's arm.

    "It was a very severe matter, and it's a long story. Come on, let's go to your room. I'll sit on your bed and talk with you for the whole night."

    When Xu Ruo Rou saw Qin Feng's serious expression, she was worried. She obediently followed Qin Feng to her room.

    After entering Xu Ruo Rou's chambers, Qin Feng shut the door, pulled Xu Ruo Rou to sit on the bed, and said seriously: "Ruo Rou, we can't delay the intensified training any more, let's start tonight."

    Xu Ruo Rou wasn't able to react. She was briefly stunned, and said: "Qin Feng, didn't you bring me up here to talk about why you suddenly left at lunch? What happened?"

    Qin Feng looked at Xu Ruo Rou with mistrust and said: "Nothing, I just suddenly felt extremely tired so I ran back to the Qin Manor to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. What could be the matter?"

    "B-but at the dinner table you said the matter was very severe." Xu Ruo Rou glared at Qin Feng with a huff.

    She could mostly guess that Qin Feng came to her room to take some liberties and found some excuse. He made her so worried about him at first. Xu Ruo Rou really wanted to bite Qin Feng violently.

    "I did? When did I say it was really severe? I just slept, how is that severe?" Qin Feng shook his head: "I'm sure you heard wrong. Ruo Rou, has there been something wrong with your ears recently?

    "There's something wrong with your ears! I don't want to deal with you!" Xu Ruo Rou punched Qin Feng's chest, turned her head, and didn't speak to him.
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