Chapter 211 - Dearest

    Chapter 211 - Dearest

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    It wasn't always the weekend. Xu Ruo Rou, Han Ying Ying, and Qin Huang were still sleeping in while Qin Feng dressed impeccably, drove his father's commercial Benz, and arrived at the northern door of the West Lake Courtyard district.

    He stopped the car at the entrance and saw Li Yu Chen already waiting there.

    Qin Feng's eyes brightened. Today, Li Yu Chen didn't wear the completely black uniform she wore to work. Instead, she wore her own pretty clothes.

    A head of blonde, curly hair billowed on her shoulders. She wore a light purple flower collared shirt that exuded elegance, and striped suspenders with shorts that showed youth. Her long white legs were unrestricted, and were extremely eye-catching in the sunlight. She wore Prada's newest red heels and wasn't lacking in fashionableness.

    Li Yu Chen's outfit today could be described with three words: elegant, casual, and fashionable.

    "General Manager Li, here, here." Qin Feng had a hard time coming back to his senses, and he immediately rolled the windows down and waved at Li Yu Chen.

    Li Yu Chen looked at the commercial Benz Qin Feng drove and was slightly stunned. She didn't think this brat would even get Chairman Qin's car. It seemed that he and Young Master Qin were pretty tight...

    "Qin Feng, do you have any concept of time? You're half an hour late." Li Yu Chen sat next to the driver's seat, looked at her watch, and glared coldly at Qin Feng.

    Last night, she specifically told Young Master Qin the time. She didn't think Qin Feng would still be late. Li Yu Chen knew this person wasn't very dependable.

    Qin Feng clearly disregarded Li Yu Chen's complaints. Once Li Yu Chen got into the car, he stuck his nose towards Li Yu Chen and sniffed harshly.

    "Mm, not bad, Chanel's newest fragrance. It appears that General Manager Li reaped quite a bit of profit in Royal Group. It seems that I have to report this to Young Master Qin or Chairman Qin..."

    When she saw Qin Feng's jolly expression, Li Yu Chen wanted to back out temporarily. Could she really trick her mother with such an undependable person pretending to be Young Master Qin?

    "Were you born in the year of the dog? Hurry and drive, we're half an hour late. I really want to give you a good beating, you brat." Li Yu Chen rolled her eyes at Qin Feng and didn't explain the perfume situation.

    Though she was the General Manager of the Sales Department, she was just, selfless, and uncorrupted from the beginning. She bought this twenty thousand yuan perfume through clenched teeth after saving three months of pay.

    How could a rich young master that was blessed from birth with good fortune like Qin Feng understand that feeling?

    "It isn't even eight o'clock right now, it's still early. We just need to get there at noon. It's not a big deal, I can just drive faster and we can easily get there in half an hour," Qin Feng said casually.

    With the Intermediate Racing skills, Qin Feng was pretty confident in his driving skills.

    "Oh? Then take this information and look through it well. Don't get caught before you walk through the door later." Li Yu Chen didn't pursue the matter regarding Qin Feng's tardiness and tossed him a file.

    Qin Feng opened and looked through the file, it had information about Li Yu Chen's background.

    The information was extremely detailed: it went from Li Yu Chen's elementary school days to her current job and described her path towards growth. Even information regarding her height and weight, favorite clothing brands, whether or not she had a boyfriend before, and whether or not she ever got a room, were described in detail.

    Qin Feng's gaze first fell on the information regarding Li Yu Chen's figure. After looking at it, he immediately looked towards Li Yu Chen's collar.

    "Hey, what are you looking at?" Li Yu Chen glared fiercely at Qin Feng and found that the first thing he looked up were her three measurements. He was too shameless.

    "I'm not looking at anything." Qin Feng's gaze didn't move, and he said with seriousness: "Chen-chen, before we go to Auntie's house, I have to talk to you about our current situation."

    "Beginning from now, I'm Young Master Qin, and you're Young Master Qin's woman. If you want to trick Auntie and stop her from forcing you into marriage in the future, effort from me alone would be inadequate. You also need to work hard to cooperate with me.

    "Since we're a couple, I naturally have to deeply understand your three measurements. I also have to address you intimately, and our movements have to express intimacy as well to trick Auntie, no?"

    "If you treat me coldly, harshly, or as your subordinate like you do at work, then I think this plan to pretend to be Young Master Qin can stop right now. I believe that Auntie is an astute person, so she'll be able to tell from a glance that our relationship is fake. That way, why don't I just go back home and sleep during the weekend? Why would I come all the way here to so something that will have no results?"

    Qin Feng threw out the general truth, and Li Yu Chen's expression changed slightly.

    She was just in the midst of deliberating what Qin Feng had just said, and found that it was very reasonable. Since she decided to trick her mother and rid herself of marriage entreaty headaches, then she'd have to act properly.

    If she was unwilling or not proactive from the beginning, why not give up now?

    "Then we'll let you benefit, brat. If you want to look, then look as much as you like."

    Li Yu Chen inhaled deeply. She suddenly moved her hands away, and even intentionally straightened her back and simply let Qin Feng look to his heart's content.

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth flashed with the evil smile of someone who got his way. He suddenly extended his hand to touch, but before he could, Li Yu Chen's slender jade hand hit it away with one slap.

    "Qin Feng, letting you look is the limit, don't push it, or else we'll cancel the plan right now." Li Yu Chen glared at Qin Feng with a huff.

    If things really progressed this way, Li Yu Chen was certain that after five minutes, Qin Feng would have removed all of her clothes.

    Qin Feng smiled awkwardly. Li Yu Chen's body was too perfect, and he was almost mesmerized earlier. After regaining his senses, Qin Feng quickly calmed himself.

    He looked closely at other places. How could Qin Feng let go of the opportunity to admire Li Yu Chen from such a close distance? Especially when his gaze fell on Li Yu Chen's unrestricted legs, he thought of the prior scene in the office and almost pounced onto them.

    The Li Yu Chen in the office always liked wearing black rimmed glasses as an accessory to give off a domineering aura and exhibit the air of a managing older sister. However, now that she was coming home to see her mother, Li Yu Chen had a different style: she didn't wear glasses, and her body exuded a tender and charming aura.

    "Are you done looking? Are we going or not?" Li Yu Chen was a bit uncomfortable getting stared at by a man. She feigned anger and said: "Want me to take all my clothes off for you to look to your heart's content?"

    Li Yu Chen was clearly speaking out of anger, yet Qin Feng suddenly said with a smile: "If possible, that would be best."

    "Best your ass, hurry and drive." Li Yu Chen punched Qin Feng's shoulder and was so angry she wanted to bite someone.

    Qin Feng knew his joke couldn't be too overboard. He started the car and asked: "Chen-chen, where is your house?"

    "Qingshui town," Li Yu Chen said coldly. After speaking, she was a bit apprehensive.

    Qingshui town was a small township below Acropolis City, it was backward and remote. Li Yu Chen was afraid a rich son like Qin Feng would look down on a small place like this, and even decide not to go because it was too far away and too remote.

    And Qin Feng was Acropolis City's Number One Hedonistic Young Master, would he go somewhere small like that?

    Li Yu Chen was worried for nothing. Qin Feng didn't even ask anything about Qingshui town and changed the topic.

    "Chen-chen, you're my woman now, you can't speak so harshly. How about this, let me hear you call me 'Dearest'."

    After hearing "you're my woman now,' she felt obedient, but she had no way of retorting. She bit her red lips and hesitated for a good while before saying softly: "Dearest!"

    The sound was too low, and even Li Yu Chen almost couldn't hear it.

    However, she really said it, and it was also Li Yu Chen's first time saying this to a man. Once she said it, she was like a frightened little deer. Her heart thumped wildly.

    "Chen-chen, hurry and say it," Qin Feng urged while driving.

    "I said it." Li Yu Chen glared at Qin Feng with a bit of anger. This guy was really annoying.

    "You did? Why didn't I hear it?" Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and spoke: "No no, you have to be a little louder, even I couldn't hear you. Uncle and Auntie are older, their ears aren't as good, so they definitely won't be able to hear."

    There were many kinds of lowly people, but the highest tier belonged to Qin Feng's type.

    Everything he said made you want to pinch him to death, but everything he said was also filled with reason, making you unable to retort. In the end, you even have to obediently follow his plans.

    "Dearest!" Li Yu Chen breathed deeply, clenched her teeth, and yelled.

    This time, not only was the sound really loud, it almost burst Qin Feng's eardrums.

    Because Li Yu Chen strained her throat to yell right next to Qin Feng's ear.

    This was clearly a blatant form of revenge.

    "Chen-chen, are you trying to kill your husband?" Qin Feng barely avoided getting frightened, and almost hit the car into the railing on the side of the road. He looked at Li Yu Chen with a bit of dissatisfaction and said: "No, if you speak to your man like this, you'll become a tigress. You voice is loud enough, but it lacks emotion."

    "Here, let me teach you." Qin Feng suddenly said softly: "Dearest!"

    Li Yu Chen almost threw up after hearing it. If the car wasn't going so fast, she would have opened the car door and jumped out for certain.

    "Say it." Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and looked at Li Yu Chen.

    Li Yu Chen knew she had to use this nickname, and if she didn't say it now, she wouldn't be able to avoid it later at home. It was better to get it over with than prolong the agony, so she cast her dark eyebrows, stuck her face to her shoulder, and said sweetly:

    "Dearest, dearest!"

    She called twice, and each time was greasier than the next. The gentle voice fell into Qin Feng's ears and made him impossibly excited.

    He even thought that if employees in the sales department saw this, they would all be frightened to death. Was this the usually cold, stern, strong, and tyrannical General Manager Li?

    "Not bad, not bad." Qin Feng was very satisfied with Li Yu Chen's current voice. He said with a smile: "But I've suddenly decided that 'dearest' isn't enough to express our intimate relationship. Why don't you just call me 'husband'?

    "Chen-chen, just let me hear you call me 'husband.'" Qin Feng hooked Li Yu Chen's chin.

    "Qin Feng, you want to die?" Li Yu Chen smacked Qin Feng's index finger away, and was so angry that she almost bit it.

    The distance between Acropolis City and Qingshui town was a total of 200 kilometers. It was originally a boring ride, but due to Qin Feng's appearance, his teasing towards Li Yu Chen made it very fun.

    Li Yu Chen felt as though she had just gotten into the car, but the scenery before her eyes changed drastically and was incomparably familiar.

    They were actually already at the house!
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