Chapter 212 - Real or Fake Young Master Qin

    Chapter 212 - Real or Fake Young Master Qin

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    Editor: Levs

    Qingshui town was a little township in a valley. The population was low and the development was slow.

    The scenery there was extremely charming, a far cry from Acropolis City's heavy traffic and towering skyscrapers. On the way there, one could see a large, faint green field and fruit trees. The houses were uniform single-storied compounds, the weather was drizzly, and the air contained the fragrance of soil.

    Qin Feng opened the car windows and had an expression of contentment as he could faintly smell nature.

    "Chen-chen, the scenery by your house is great, I really like it."

    The whole way there, this was the first normal thing Qin Feng said. Li Yu Chen's heart was slightly moved. She originally thought Qin Feng would hate and avoid going to this kind of impoverished valley. After seeing his current expression, a rare feeling of gratitude towards Qin Feng welled up within her.

    "Qin Feng, look there, that compound is my house. And the cornfield on the west side of the compound is the field where I had to help farm after school when I was young. We weren't like you city kids; you were the most afraid of going to school and liked getting off school the most. When I was little, I always thought about going to school, and I was the most afraid of getting off school and coming back to farm the land... But now thinking back, I really miss my lovely childhood years when I frolicked in the fields with my friends."

    Li Yu Chen hadn't come home for over half a year, and now that she was home and saw the familiar scenery, her tyrannical and strong aura completely disappeared. She was like a little girl as she danced about and introduced her hometown to Qin Feng.

    Her coldness and emotionlessness was only a sturdy front, an aura that she had to have at work. Otherwise, how else would she be able to control tens of employees? Now that she was home, she didn't need to pretend. Li Yu Chen became carefree: this was her true self.

    Qin Feng was very happy that he could see such a natural and intimate side of Li Yu Chen; she was very beautiful and cute.

    "We're here, we're here, hurry and stop the car, Qin Feng." The car quickly arrived before the entrance of a compound, and Li Yu Chen immediately shouted with joy.

    Qin Feng stopped the car and suddenly grabbed Li Yu Chen's hand and said: "Chen-chen, we're home so don't casually call my name, you have to call me 'husband' or Young Master Qin. Don't mess up later."

    Li Yu Chen was briefly stunned, and even forgot to fling Qin Feng's hand away. She wondered to herself: "Shouldn't that be my line?"

    She suddenly had the misperception that she and Qin Feng were going to see his parents.

    The two exited the car and Li Yu Chen rushed towards the inside of her home. Qin Feng coughed urgently, and gave Li Yu Chen a look as he extended his arm towards her. Li Yu Chen became shy and immediately reacted, straightened out her clothes, and took the initiative to hug Qin Feng's arm.

    Practically half of each person's body was stuck together, and Qin Feng could feel Li Yu Chen's chest pressing onto his arm, sending a softness sweeping over. As the two walked, the softness bounced up and down on its own. This was the soft chest of a D cup. It felt so good that just thinking about it made Qin Feng drunk.

    Li Yu Chen hugged Qin Feng and had just gotten to the entrance when a middle-aged woman carrying a platter of vegetables happened to walk out the door. She froze in shock for a moment, then threw down the platter and rushed over to hug Li Yu Chen with happiness.

    "Chen-chen, you're back. Didn't you say you wouldn't be here until twelve? It's only ten and Mom was just about to wash the vegetables and make the food."

    "Ma, Qin Feng drives fast so we got here early," Li Yu Chen said happily when she saw her mom.

    Mother Li's shrewd and ruthless eyes fell on Qin Feng and looked him up and down several times. She asked with a smile: "Chen-chen, th-this is Qin Feng, Acropolis City's Young Master Qin?"

    Young Master Qin's name was too resonant in Acropolis City that it even passed over to distant townships. Li Yu Chen resentfully rolled her eyes at her mother when she saw her mother's exaggerated expression that looked as if she saw gold ingots. She hugged Qin Feng's arm and introduced him: "Ma, this is Qin Feng... The Young Master Qin you were talking about.

    "Dearest, this is my mom." Li Yu Chen looked at Qin Feng and spoke sweetly. It seems that Qin Feng's teaching along the way paid off.

    "How do you do Auntie?" Qin Feng greeted her politely and even extended a present towards her: "This is for Auntie and Uncle, I hope you all can be healthy and that all things go as you wish."

    Mother Li froze and didn't know what to do as she watched Acropolis City's richest young master standing before her.

    She had suddenly received Li Yu Chen's call last night saying that she would bring Young Master Qin home today. At the time, Mother Li thought her daughter was joking. Who knew it would be true?

    "Old man, Old man, hurry and come out, your girl has brought a son-in-law to our door." After coming to her senses, Mother Li strained her throat and suddenly yelled. The sound was so loud that Qin Feng jumped in shock.

    On the other hand, Li Yu Chen stood awkwardly and didn't know what to say to her mother.

    Not long later, a middle-aged man ran out of the house. He hadn't even come out when his voice drifted out: "Boss, don't shout anymore. Are you only going to be happy if your throat shakes my ears so much they become deaf? I just heard your voice and didn't hear what you said. What did you say?"

    "Old man, hurry and look, your daughter brought a son-in-law back." When Mother Li saw her husband come out, she immediately ran and pulled him over.

    Father Li's gaze fell Qin Feng, the man whose arm his daughter was holding. He looked at him earnestly and asked: "Is this Acropolis City's Young Master Qin?"

    "Yes, yes, what do you think? This lad is handsome and grand enough, right?" Mother Li was clearly very satisfied with Qin Feng. She smiled so much she couldn't close her mouth.

    In order to complete the System's quest regarding Li Yu Chen being forced into marriage, Qin Feng dressed up in an elegant suit with a white dress shirt and black bowtie. Also, he had been training wildly recently, so his body was tall and straight, and his muscles were well-built. Just by standing there, he looked like a handsome and fashionable model.

    From the outside, he could annihilate all women in a second.

    "Uncle, Auntie, you can call me Little Qin, don't be formal towards me," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    "Okay, okay, since you and Chen-chen are together, we'll treat you like a son, and we won't be formal with you. Hurry and come into the house, it's sprinkling outside." Mother Li immediately smiled and greeted Qin Feng. She couldn't even attend to her daughter whom she hadn't seen for over half a year. Li Yu Chen secretly pinched Qin Feng a couple of times in the waist with anger to express her discontent.

    "Old man, hurry and tell our fellow villagers that our Chen-chen is back and brought Acropolis City's Young Master Qin. They drove over in a big Benz. Hurry and tell them, and don't miss any houses."

    They had just gotten back into the house when Mother Li pushed Father Li back out and forced him to spread the word to his fellow villagers. A while after seeing Father Li shake his head with a sigh and leave, Li Mu returned beside Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen. She smiled at Qin Feng and said:

    "Little Qin, I almost forgot, you're a rich young master from a large family. It won't affect you if I announce your identity, would it?"

    "Maybe a little," Qin Feng laughed. Since he came this time with the name "Young Master QIn," he wanted to be a little more discreet.

    "Aiya, what do we do? The old man has left for a bit of time. Should I call him back right now?" Mother Li said she would call on them, but her tone of voice and actions clearly showed that she was not preparing to call upon the old man.

    "Actually, it's not a big deal." Qin Feng smiled awkwardly. He found yet another superb acting queen among the people.

    "Alright, since Little Qin doesn't care, then I won't call the old man back," Mother Li immediately responded.

    Li Yu Chen sat to the side at a loss. Her expression showed that she knew her mother would act this way. She wondered how she should face Qin Feng at work in the future.

    "Huh? That's not right?" Mother Li suddenly shouted in shock and immediately stood from the stool. She looked closely at Qin Feng and said: "Are you really Young Master Qin?"

    Mother Li's frightened movements scared Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen. They both wondered if they gave something away and were discovered.

    However, they couldn't immediately think of what went wrong.

    "Auntie, I am Young Master Qin, the real Young Master Qin," Qin Feng said earnestly.

    "No no, I've looked up pictures of Young Master Qin on the internet before, and it clearly wasn't you. That person was a bit uglier." Mother Li's formidable gaze locked tightly onto Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen. She asked severely: "Chen-chen, you wouldn't have randomly brought a man home to trick your mother, would you?"

    Qin Feng hit the table, stood, and said with extreme seriousness: "Auntie, your words are making me unhappy... How could you say the person in the pictures online is a bit uglier than me? Compared to me, he's atrocious!"

    Qin Feng's sudden burst of anger stunned the two women. However, after hearing his main point, Li Yu Chen almost rushed into the kitchen to pull out a vegetable knife and chop him up.

    "Then are you admitting yourself that you're not Young Master Qin?" Mother Li stared severely at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng suddenly laughed, shook his head, and said: "Auntie, you're definitely mistaken. The pictures of the person online aren't Young Master Qin. My father wanted to protect me, so he purposely put up pictures of one of our bodyguards.

    "You couldn't have known that once the pictures were posted on the internet, my family's bodyguard was kidnapped practically every day. It's considered a miracle that he's still alive," Qin Feng explained.

    Mother Li was stunned. She looked at her daughter: "Chen-chen, is this true?"

    "Yes, it is, Mom."  Li Yu Chen immediately tugged her mother back down to sit. She followed along with Qin Feng and said: "What kind of person is Young Master Qin? He's the son of Acropolis City's richest man. If just anyone could find his picture on the internet, then wouldn't all robbers and murderers rush over and squat outside the doors of the Qin Manor? Thus, the picture is fake, it's to fool people."

    This explanation was extremely reasonable. Mother Li's mood calmed slightly, but it was evident from her expression that she wasn't as trusting about Qin Feng's identity as she was in the beginning.

    "I know, I have a way of proving whether or not this is Young Master Qin." Mother Li thought hard for a while and suddenly and excitedly stood: "I'm going to go to your Auntie Wang's house and bring that girl Wang Ying over. That girl found a rich man in Acropolis and she's seen all of upper society. She's sure to know the real Young Master Qin."

    "Mom, Wang Ying is back?" Once Li Yu Chen heard Wang Ying's name, her face paled.

    Wang Ying was the ostentatious woman Sun Ye brought to Royal Group to buy a house. That house was the Cloud City Hua Manor villa Qin Feng sold to them.

    If they really called Wang Ying over, then Qin Feng's identity would be instantly exposed. Wang Ying knew about Qin Feng's status as a sales representative in Royal Group.

    "She came back a couple of days ago, and has been home for half a month." Mother Li tilted her head and looked at her daughter. When she saw Li Yu Chen's anxious expression, she suspected Qin Feng's identity even more.

    "Ma, don't go bother them. This... really is Young Master Qin." Li Yu Chen had the urge to get run over. How could it be so coincidental that Wang Ying came home as well?

    She knew that if her mother really brought Wang Ying over, that woman would expose their act in a minute. Then, not only would she lose face, even Dad and Mom would lose all of their face.

    Li Yu Chen thought that at this time, her father probably passed the phrase "Young Master Qin is here" through the village several times.
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