Chapter 213 - If We Dont Leave Now, Itll Be Too Late

    Chapter 213 - If We Don't Leave Now, It'll Be Too Late

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Levs

    Mother Li left when she said she would, and Li Yu Chen couldn't prevent her from doing so. She was already long gone.

    "Ai... say, why is Auntie so petty? I've been here for over half a day and she didn't even pour me a cup of tea." Once Mother Li left, Qin Feng treated the place like his own house. He picked up an apple from the coffee table and began biting it.

    Li Yu Chen was about to die of anxiety, yet Qin Feng had an indifferent expression. She was so angry that she glared coldly at him and tugged on his arm to leave: "Qin Feng, let's leave quickly, we can't continue acting any more!"

    Qin Feng's expression suddenly changed. He angrily tossed the apple he had taken a large bite out of back into the fruit platter and complained: "So it's true that people who don't belong together don't live together. I originally thought Auntie was stingy, but you're actually even stingier than Auntie. I just ate an apple and you're unhappy. Are you satisfied now that I've put it back?"

    Li Yu Chen stared at Qin Feng for over ten minutes and wanted to run him over. Did this guy hit his head when he was little? Was that why he went crazy every so often?

    "Qin Feng, my mom is looking for Wang Ying, let's hurry up and leave. Otherwise, if Wang Ying comes and recognizes you, then wait to get smacked out by my mom with a spatula."

    Li Yu Chen knew her mom and Wang Ying's personalities too well!

    Since they were young, Wang Ying was jealous of Li Yu Chen, and always wanted to compete with her. This time, if she knew Li Yu Chen brought a lowly employee from work to pass as Young Master Qin, it would be weird if she didn't expose her right then and there.

    Plus, Li Yu Chen's mother was the loud and sharp type. If she knew her own daughter teamed up with an outsider to pretend to be Young Master Qin to fool her, she would sweep them both out the door.

    Li Yu Chen couldn't afford to throw away this person. Now, the only way was to flee!

    "Chen-chen, who is Wang Ying? If she wants to come, let her come. What does she have to do with us?" Qin Feng interacted with too many beautiful women, so he clearly and directly forgot those of Wang Ying's level.

    "Did you forget about selling Cloud City Hua Manor's Building 4 District 4 villa a couple of days ago? The man then was called Sun Ye and he brought a woman with him. That woman was Wang Ying." Li Yu Chen glared at Qin Feng as she explained: "Wang Ying has seen you before and knows you're a sales representative at Royal Group. If she comes, we're finished."

    Li Yu Chen was impossibly anxious. She tugged on Qin Feng to leave, but Qin Feng sat motionlessly on the sofa, and wouldn't budge no matter how she tugged him.

    "So it's that professional mistress. Then that's no problem, let's wait for her to come." Qin Feng leaned on the sofa calmly, and even picked up the remote, turned on the television, and watched while minding his own business.

    He finally remembered Wang Ying. He saw her once when she was buying a house at Royal Group, and when Qin Feng went shopping with Lin Bei Bei, he met Sun Ye and Wang Ying at the Chanel store. At the time, Wang Ying looked for trouble where there was none, and wanted to give Lin Bei Bei a hard time. In the end, Qin Feng's identity was exposed and the news scared wang Ying silly and Sun Ye into running away.

    Now that Wang Ying already knew Qin Feng was Young Master Qin, what could she do even if she came?

    "Qin Feng, with my role as the general manager of the sales department in Royal Group, I command you to head back immediately. If you don't listen, see how I'll clean you up when we get back to work." Li Yu Chen wasn't as calm as Qin Feng. She understood her mother's personality too well. If they didn't leave now, it would be too late later.

    This time, Qin Feng didn't need to retort. A startled yelp came from outside the door.

    "Old Li, don't trick us. Your girl brought Acropolis City's richest prince back to the countryside? Why don't I believe it?"

    "I don't really believe it either. He's a rich young master, how would be come to this kind of remote and desolate place?"

    "Not necessarily. I watched that lass Chen-chen grow up. She was born bright and vivacious, and was the first flower in our township. Maybe she really did catch a wealthy husband."

    Father Li already brought a large group of fellow villagers back, and before Li Yu Chen could regain her senses, over ten more people came into the house.

    "Chen-chen, when I was at the door earlier, I heard you say something about leaving. Where do you have to go? Did something urgent come up at work?" Once Father Li came through the doors, he looked at his daughter with a jolly laugh as he asked his question.

    Li Yu Chen wanted to find a hole and hide in it. She glared harshly at Qin Feng. This brat was going to be the death of her. The most opportune moment to leave was lost. Today, they were destined to see her mother explode.

    "Aiya, Chen-chen already found a wealthy husband like Young Master Qin, what work? After marrying into a rich family, she'll be a rich wife and wouldn't have to do anything."

    "No, that's not right. I always knew this child Chen-chen would have a great life. You see, I was right, right? ...That's right, who is Young Master Qin? It wouldn't be this little lad, would it?"

    All of the gazes fell on Qin Feng. Qin Feng was in the midst of leisurely eating various fruits on the fruit platter and watching television. Once he saw that so many villagers suddenly walked in, he immediately returned the fruit to the platter.

    He thought to himself that he had merely eaten half an apple, half a banana, and half of a bunch of grapes, so these people wouldn't be here to beat him up, would they?

    "That's right, that's right. This is Qin Feng, the boyfriend my girl brought home." Father Li introduced Qin Feng with a bit of awkwardness.

    He and Mother Li had starkly different personalities: Mother Li was flamboyant and couldn't hide things, while Father Li was more subdued and steady. Now that he had to do something so ostentatious, he was a bit unwilling.

    "This lad really is a fine-looking man!"

    "Look at how clear, fair, and lustrous his skin is, it's even softer than that of the eighteen year-old maidens in our village. Rich young masters really are different, they probably bathe in milk every day."


    Qin Feng watched as the villagers surrounded and pointed at him like they were looking at an animal. He wondered to himself whether he should ask these people to buy tickets.

    Amidst this group of aunts and uncles that were the main force of the village, there was a young man of around twenty-six or seven mixed in. He was dressed in Western-styled clothes and was clearly superior.

    He was called Yang Kang, and also grew up in Qingshui town. Since he was young, he liked Li Yu Chen, but every time he confessed, Li Yu Chen rejected him.

    Now that he heard Li Yu Chen brought Acropolis City's Young Master Qin back, Yang Kang was so angry that he clenched his teeth and rushed over with the aunts and uncles in the village to take a look at the situation. Once he entered the house, he silently sized Qin Feng up. Once he opened his mouth, his voice was filled with ridicule.

    "Aiyo... This is Acropolis City's Young Master Qin? You scared me, why is it that you look completely different from the Young Master Qin I know?"

    After Yang Kang said this, the boisterous scene immediately turned cold.

    When all of the people looked at Qin Feng again, there was an additional smear of suspicion added to their gazes. Not another praise for Qin Feng could be heard.

    "Little Kang, don't speak nonsense, Chen-chen brought him here herself, how could he be fake?" Father Li immediately stood out to mediate the situation.

    All of the villagers knew Yang Kang liked Li Yu Chen since he was young. After hearing Father Li's words, they thought to themselves: "Could it be that Yang Kang was dissatisfied and purposely came here to cause a ruckus?"

    "Uncle Li, I have to tell you the truth, you've all been fooled." Yang Kang pointed at Qin Feng and spoke with satisfaction: "I also work in Acropolis, and I've had the fortune of seeing Young Master Qin once. I even had a meal with him, and it wasn't this person.

    "I think there's an eighty percent chance Chen-chen brought this person home to trick everyone."

    An uproar arose from all around. Li Yu Chen looked at Yang Kang as if her eyes were about to shoot out flames. This stinking brat was clearly bored and came here to cause a ruckus.

    "That couldn't be, our Chen-chen has always been very obedient, she wouldn't trick her parents like that." Father Li trusted Li Yu Chen fairly well, and didn't choose to immediately believe Yang Kang. He continued speaking: "Plus, if Chen-chen really did bring some random child to fool us, she wouldn't have to make it seem so real. Little Qin drove that Benz by the entrance, and that car is at least millions of yuan. If he didn't have some money at home, how could he drive such a car?"

    "Haha, Uncle Li, you've been in Qingshui town for your whole life, so you don't know how it is outside." Yang Kang burst into laughter: "There are car rental companies everywhere. The Benz outside is a maximum of five hundred yuan for one day. Who doesn't have that kind of money nowadays?"

    Father Li and the older villagers weren't too clear on car rentals, but seeing how serious Yang Kang was, more and more people began to believe him.

    "Uncle Li, in reality, proving whether or not this is Young Master Qin is very simple. I bet that he rented this car, and that the vehicle owner information certainly isn't his. If you don't believe it, then have him bring out his vehicle registration. Once we see the name on it, we'll know."

    Yang Kang stared at Qin Feng menacingly, the villagers looked curiously at Qin Feng, and Li Yu Chen squeezed her hands with extreme nervousness and looked at Qin Feng as well.

    "You're certain you've had a meal with Young Master Qin?" Though so many people stared at him, Qin Feng's gaze remained on the television. He ate grapes while speaking calmly.

    The entire time, he didn't even spare Yang Kang a glance.

    "Hmph, of course I've eaten with Young Master Qin. You fake, you even have the guts to pretend to be Young Master Qin? Be careful, I'll call him right now and tell him. He'll kill you for sure, brat," Yang Kang said with satisfaction.

    "Where did you eat?" Qin Feng asked.

    Yang Kang originally thought he already scared Qin Feng. This brat should immediately be so scared he'd almost pee himself.

    Who knew that not only would he be unafraid, he even asked questions in such a detailed manner. When did he ever eat with Qin Feng? At this time, he immediately thought of the most high-end restaurant he went to. He said with insufficient confidence:

    "Chao Yang Hotel!"


    Qin Feng immediately spat the grape he was eating. He thought Yang Kang would brag about a big hotel. That Chao Yang Hotel was considered a four star hotel at most, and Qin Feng hadn't even been there once.

    "My apologies, I've never been to that hotel, and I don't remember ever eating with you. Stop tarnishing my name and go off to wherever there's fun," Qin Feng said with a wave of his hand.

    "Haha, who doesn't know how to bullsh*t? If you have the ability, bring out the vehicle registration and everything will be clear." Yang Kang laughed coldly and looked as though he wouldn't leave if Qin Feng didn't bring out the vehicle registration today.

    Qin Feng had nothing to say to this person. Why the f*ck does it matter to you whether or not I'm Young Master Qin? His car was Qin Huang's and it was under Qin Huang's name. Qin Feng didn't want to reveal his father's information so he was too lazy to get it.

    "Look everyone, this person is a fake, he rented the Benz. Uncle Li, you've almost been fooled by your own daughter. Why do you have to allow Aunt Li to make Chen-chen look for some rich young master? All of them are dissolute. I think it would be much better for Chen-chen to find a dependable man in Qingshui town to marry, a five-virtue youth like me. That's a real person that you could spend your days with." [TLN: The five virtues are benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and fidelity.]

    Seeing that Qin Feng no longer spoke, Yang Kang became increasingly smug. At this time, he began to promote himself as a son in-law.

    After Yang Kang's disruption, the villagers also began to suspect Qin Feng's identity. Right when the atmosphere got awkward and cold, Mother Li's loud voice passed from outside the door.

    "Fellow villagers, you're all here. You've seen the black Benz outside right? That was driven by our Chen-chen's boyfriend. It's worth over millions of yuan."
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