Chapter 214 - Dont Let Fertile Water Flow into Anothers Field

    Chapter 214 - Don't Let Fertile Water Flow into Another's Field

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    Editor: Levs

    Earlier, everyone was extremely jealous of the Benz parked at the entrance. Now, after hearing Yang Kang say the car was rented and Mother Li's boast, they all clearly looked a bit suspicious.

    Mother Li's voice drifted over half a minute before she ran energetically into the house. A charming and graceful beauty followed her. She was Qingshui town's second flower, Wang Ying.

    Wang Ying wore a short red qipao and revealed a large portion of her long, beautiful, and white legs. Her chest was also considerably developed, and she had fairly heavy makeup on her face. In actuality, she could also be considered a beauty.

    This woman's heart was too evil, and her mouth was too poisonous. Whether it be in Qingshui town or outside, she didn't really have true friends.

    "Aiyo, Aunt Li, don't be in a hurry to blindly boast and say Li Yu Chen brought some Young Master Qin back. I really want to ask you, who has actually seen Young Master Qin? ...you all think the famous Young Master Qin of Acropolis is a joke? He's the only son of the richest man in the city, he doesn't even have enough time to love all of his treasures. You think he would come all the way here to this lousy valley?

    "Every time Young Master Qin goes out, he brings five bodyguards, do you think he lives like us normal people? How laughable. Who knows where Li Yu Chen got this fake to put on a show? And with just that, she's able to trick you ignorant people. Wait until I use my piercing eye to expose this stinking brat and return him to his original form."

    Wang Ying was willing to come because she had a clear motive: to ruin Li Yu Chen.

    She had just bumped into the real Young Master Qin half a month ago, and because she offended Young Master Qin, Sun Ye dumped her and didn't keep her as a mistress. Wang Ying returned home in a bad mood and was prepared to rejuvenate herself for a while and repair her mood.

    Who knew that she'd come upon Li Yu Chen bringing a fake Young Master Qin home? This made her gloomy mood instantly better.

    "Wang Ying's right, I said earlier that this Young Master Qin is fake, but no one believed me. Good thing you're here now Wang Ying, I know you've seen the real Young Master Qin for certain. Tell everyone, is this person fake?"

    Yang Kang was the happiest to see Wang Ying enter.

    After all, he knew Wang Ying was certainly here to tear off this man's mask.

    "Don't be anxious, don't be anxious. Look at you country bumpkins that haven't seen the face of the earth, you don't even know Acropolis City's famous Young Master Qin and you need to purposely invite me here to verify it for you? ...then hurry up and make way. If you're all bunched up here, how am I supposed to get in?"

    These villagers were extremely dissatisfied with Wang Ying's arrogance, but Wang Ying wasn't wrong, she was the only one there that knew Young Master Qin. The villagers made a small path and looked at Wang Ying's pretentiousness unhappily, but they were helpless against it.

    Wang Ying really liked this feeling. She purposely slowed her steps on the short walk from the entrance to the living room sofa, and took over twenty steps to get there when it usually took only several.

    After arriving at the living room, Wang Ying first saw Li Yu Chen who was standing to the side. When she saw Li Yu Chen's anxious expression, she was even more certain Li Yu Chen randomly brought someone home to pretend to be Young Master Qin.

    She tilted her head and glanced tauntingly at Li Yu Chen. Then, her gaze fell on Qin Feng, who was sitting on the sofa.

    She was about to open her mouth to mock and criticize this fake, but once she opened her mouth to say some vicious things, she immediately swallowed them back. Her mouth opened and closed for a long time, but she was unable to say anything.

    Wang Ying's eyes widened and were about to fall out of their sockets. She looked like she saw a ghost, and the villagers couldn't understand why.

    Wang Ying was shocked into foolishness. The entire time, she thought Li Yu Chen brought just anyone home to put on an act, but when she saw Qin Feng leisurely and contently leaning on the sofa, eating grapes, and watching television, she wanted to claw her eyes out.

    This person really was Qin Feng: Acropolis City's Number One Hedonist, Young Master Qin!

    "Vixen, haven't seen you in a while. Which wealthy person have you slept with recently?" Wang Ying looked at Qin Feng and couldn't speak. On the other hand, Qin Feng looked at her with a jolly expression and took the initiative to speak with her first.

    Once they heard "Vixen," the villagers couldn't help but cover their mouths and laugh.

    If this scene happened before, Wang Ying would have burst out in thunderous yelling. However, in this moment, even though Qin Feng called her a vixen, she didn't look angry at all. She even smiled at Qin Feng in a favor-currying manner. In the end, she used a sweet voice, waved her hand, and said:

    "Young Master Qin, how do you do? ...I didn't think you'd actually come to Qingshui town. This really is an honor to our Qingshui town."


    Wang Ying appeared to be greeting Qin Feng, but this greeting stunned all of the people in the house.

    They all suspected Qin Feng's identity, and most of them didn't believe that the brat sitting on the sofa really was Young Master Qin.

    However, now that even the arrogant and rude Wang Ying forced a smile, greeted Qin Feng, and confirmed his identity as Young Master Qin, there was completely no longer any reason to suspect this person's identity.

    This really f*cking was Young Master Qin!

    "Wang Ying, what are you saying? Is there something wrong with your brain? How is this Young Master Qin? Have you ever even seen the real Young Master Qin?" After Yang Kang came to his senses, he immediately tugged Wang Ying and yelled angrily at her.

    The anger within Wang Ying had nowhere to go, so she shoved Yang Kang's hand off her and yelled coldly: "You f*cking haven't seen Young Master Qin. If you've really seen Young Master Qin, would you be unable to recognize him? Don't f*cking pretend, you're just a repair man in a car repair shop in Acropolis City, what kind of dog fart Young Master Qin could you have seen?

    "Hurry and f*ck off!"

    In the village, Yang Kang said he was in upper management in a state enterprise in Acropolis. Now that Wang Ying revealed his identity, a sea of sighs arose.

    How did he have face to continue staying there? He would have never thought that this person really was Young Master Qin. He was so shocked that his legs turned to jelly. He dejectedly ran out.

    "Uh... Aunt Li, there's still a lot of farm work to be done at home, I have to hurry home and help my mom work the land. You all chat, I'll be leaving first!"

    Not long after Yang Kang left, Wang Ying also found an excuse to escape.

    She originally came to slap Li Yu Chen in the face, but in the end, the slap came onto her face!

    However, her excuse was too terrible. When did the villagers ever see Wang Ying help her family work the land? What they saw was that she didn't learn well and stuck to the hooligans from other villages from day to night, letting them touch and kiss her.

    At that time, the villagers were extremely angry. They expressed extreme discontent at this kind of behavior.

    How could she let the hooligans in the other villages casually touch and kiss her? Don't let fertile water flow into another's field. If she wanted to be touched, she should at least let everyone from her home village touch her first...

    Wang Ying left, and the atmosphere in the house became even more boisterous.

    After confirming Qin Feng's identity, Mother Li had the urge to hug him and fiercely kiss him several times. She already began taking care of the villagers and boasting again.

    "Older brother Wang, don't stand there like a fool, hurry and sit. Hurry and sit."

    "Aunt Niu, where are you running off to? I'm going to cook personally this afternoon. I'm cooking fine dishes, and not one thing will be missing. Everyone, eat lunch at my house. Our Chen-chen brought Young Master Qin home today, so whoever dares to leave would not be giving me face."

    "Come, don't be courteous, make yourselves at home. There's fruit on the coffee table, if you want to eat, then take whatever you'd like."

    Mother Li began to pass out the fruits in the platter to the villagers. The villagers were no longer polite, and ate fruit while bullsh*tting and praising Qin Feng.

    "Aiyo... Aunt Li, why was half of your apple eaten by someone? I only noticed after almost eating the whole thing."

    "Oh? This banana is also weird. I was about to peel it, and noticed that it was already open. Someone ate half of it and put it back. This person is too mischievous."


    After hearing the villager's complaints, Mother Li froze for a brief moment. She suddenly looked at Li Yu Chen and yelled: "Chen-chen, why haven't you changed your bad habits yet, girl? You just eat half of everything and throw it away. If you have to throw it away, toss it in the garbage can, why would you put half-eaten fruit back in the fruit platter?"

    After Mother Li finished yelling fiercely at Li Yu Chen, she smiled at Qin Feng the next second and said gently: "Little Qin, I do apologize that you had to see such a joke. If you have time, please watch over Chen-chen and help her fix her bad habit."

    "Auntie, don't worry, I'll be sure to watch Chen-chen and make her change this bad habit," Qin Feng said with seriousness.

    Li Yu Chen had just been lectured by her mother, but she didn't care in the slightest.

    Her brain was still dizzy. She hadn't regained her senses after seeing and hearing Wang Ying's words and actions just now.

    She couldn't understand at all. How could a petty woman like Wang Ying help her lie? She clearly knew Qin Feng was just a sales representative, so why would she say he was Young Master Qin in front of everyone?

    "Chen-chen, you're still standing there foolishly to be a door god? Ma has to cook, hurry and pour your uncles and aunties some tea. You have to attend to them well. Hurry up!"

    Li Yu Chen still didn't understand, but Mother Li dragged her into pouring tea. In the end, she shook her head and simply didn't think about these messy relationships.

    The lunch was quite boisterous.

    After everyone discovered Qin Feng's identity, they all rushed to make toasts to him and say good things. The meal was originally a family meal where the son in-law was presented, but it became Qingshui town's job fair for the parents who were worried about their daughters.

    The Li House was abnormally boisterous, and Wang Ying's house was stuck in a cold atmosphere.

    "Ying'er, you didn't see wrong, did you? Li Yu Chen really brought back Acropolis City's Young Master Qin?" After Wang Ying's mother found out that Li Yu Chen brought Young Master Qin home, she was so angry that she didn't even make lunch.

    She and Li Yu Chen's mother always loved comparing themselves with one another. In the past, Wang Ying was the most famous in the village, and lived a free and easy life having intimate relations with wealthy men.

    Now, Li Yu Chen suddenly brought Young Master Qin back, so how could Mother Wang not be angry and jealous?

    In the future, when she sees Li Yu Chen's mother, she'll have to run and hide.

    "That person really is Young Master Qin, I've seen him in Acropolis twice. He's even working at his father's company right now, and is working up from a sales representative. Plus, he's Li Yu Chen's subordinate."

    Though Wang Ying couldn't accept this matter, she couldn't help but admit that it was the truth.

    "Ying'er, you said Young Master Qin is Li Yu Chen's subordinate at work?" Mother Wang yelled in shock.

    "Ma, how is that such a big deal? Most rich young masters like Qin Feng are assigned to work in the company from the lowest position. This is called 'experiencing life,' it's what people in the city love doing. Look at those television dramas, isn't that how the stories usually go?" Wang Ying said with curled lips.

    Mother Wang's eyes suddenly brightened. She took Wang Ying's hand with excitement and said: "Ying'er, tell me, could this be the case?

    "In reality, Young Master Qin never took an interest to Li Yu Chen, but since they're superior and subordinate in the company, they interact a lot and have a fairly good relationship. Thus, Li Yu Chen asked Young Master Qin to help her put on a show to show off in front of the villagers... Yes, that must be the case. This girl is pretty treacherous."
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