Chapter 215 - How Far Have You Gone?

    Chapter 215 - How Far Have You Gone?

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    After hearing her mother's words, Wang Ying's eyes also brightened. You don't say. This could really be the case.

    "Ma, you're right. I think Young Master Qin is just doing this out of politeness and only came to help Li Yu Chen come home and put on an act."

    Wang Ying rolled her eyes and said with a sharp and unkind expression: "As I was saying, Acropolis City's Young Master Qin is dissolute, unruly, licentious, and hedonistic. He isn't lacking in women at his side. How would he discuss marriage and destroy his great future for a country bumpkin like Li Yu Chen?

    "That's right, this must be an act the two of them are putting on!"

    The mother and daughter went through a series of conjectures and concluded that Li Yu Chen and Qin Feng were not actually together, they were just coming home to put on a show. After coming up with this idea, how could Wang Ying's mother sit still? She wore her shoes and ran to Li Yu Chen's house.

    Li Yu Chen's house was still amidst a bustle when Mother Wang suddenly rushed in urgently and caused everyone to jump in shock.

    "Yu-yu Chen, wh-what kind of relationship do you have with this Young Master Qin?" Mother Wang was breathless from running, but she was so anxious that she didn't rest. She huffed as she pointed at Li Yu Chen and asked her question.

    Li Yu Chen looked suspiciously at Mother Wang and said: "Qin Feng is my boyfriend."

    After hearing this, Mother Wang's face darkened and she yelled: "I was saying in the office, what is your relationship with Young Master Qin?"

    After hearing Mother Wang ask the question this way, she immediately understood.

    After the daughter was done looking for trouble, her mother came to blindly cause a ruckus.

    "Why aren't you saying anything girl?" Mother Wang didn't give Li Yu Chen the chance to speak. She followed closely with a ruminating laugh: "Then I'll tell everyone that in the company, Li Yu Chen and Young Master Qin are superior and subordinate.

    "Young Master Qin is starting from a sales representative in his father's company to gain some life experience. Li Yu Chen just so happens to be the general manager of the sales department and manages Young Master Qin. Since this is their relationship, Li Yu Chen asked Young Master Qin to come to the village and pretend to be her boyfriend. She wants to trick the villagers and show off in front of everyone. What a sham."

    "Wang Ying's mother, you have to take responsibility for your words. What do you want by running over to my house in the afternoon and saying this bullsh*t?" Mother Li's temper also exploded. When she saw Mother Wang coming to cause trouble, she looked like she wanted to rush out and come to blows with her.

    Mother Wang's physique was thin and petite, so when she saw how fierce Li Yu Chen's mother looked, she was so frightened that she ran away.

    This woman ran for ten minutes just to say some words that would make other people unhappy. After she was done speaking, she had to run another ten minutes back-this was the actual pain in the ass.

    "Jealousy, this is blatant jealousy!" Mother Li held a spatula and stood at the door shouting fiercely at Mother Wang's back.

    Her vigor shocked everyone in the house. They were mostly done eating, so they hurriedly took their leave one by one. The originally boisterous house soon became quiet.

    "These people are too lacking in virtue, they run off right after they're done eating... It would be more like it if they at least washed their own dishes before leaving."

    Qin Feng had an indignant expression. Suddenly, he thought of something, and immediately asked Li Yu Chen: "Chen-chen, have these people given us betrothal gifts for eating here?"

    Li Yu Chen and her family members all had extremely cold expressions. Qin Feng's gaze swept over the three of them, and acquired his own verdict: "How shameless!"

    "Chen-chen, come into the room with Ma." Mother Li suddenly turned and went back into the room and called Li Yu Chen over.

    Li Yu Chen gritted her teeth and glared at Qin Feng. Then, she followed Mother Li into the room.

    "Ma, what is it?" Li Yu Chen asked carefully.

    "What is it? Didn't you hear what Wang Ying's mother said about you? Is it as she said?" Mother Li sat on the bed with a somber expression. Her sharp eyes hooked onto Li Yu Chen.

    It seemed as though she'd see through Li Yu Chen if Li Yu Chen lied.

    Li Yu Chen squeezed her hands together, and the hollows of her hands began to sweat. She was so nervous, she was about to die.

    "Ma, Q-qin Feng and I really are superior and subordinate at work." Li Yu Chen felt that the truth would come out. Today's hair-raising and complicated headway led to the demise of her sanity. She was prepared to give up. Continuing to fake it was too tiring.

    "What? Mother Wang spoke the truth? You and Young Master Qin actually have no relationship and you brought him home to put on an act and trick your mother?" Once Mother Li got excited, she stood from the bed and held a spatula in her hand.

    Li Yu Chen was about to nod and come completely clean when she saw her mother suddenly rush forward with the spatula: "You brat, I raised you for nothing! You've actually learned to trick your mother? I'll smack you to death with this spatula!"

    "I... I didn't!" Li Yu Chen suddenly changed her tune. She decided she didn't dare come clean even if she was beaten to death: "Ma, Qin Feng and I are superior and subordinate, but we really are lovers in private."

    Li Yu Chen yelled all this in one breath when Mother Li's spatula was almost five centimeters away from Li Yu Chen's head. The spatula immediately stopped.

    Mother Li was furious moments before, but a smile suddenly appeared on her face. She hugged Li Yu Chen's arm intimately and pulled her to sit at the edge of the bed. She asked softly: "Daughter, don't trick Ma. Are you really lovers?'

    Li Yu Chen's lips twitched. She could only nod: "Yes, why would I lie to you?"

    "Then hurry and tell your mother, how far have you two gone?" Mother Li asked anxiously.

    "What do you mean 'how far we've gone'? ...Ma, I don't know what you're talking about?" Li Yu Chen lowered her head shyly.

    Mother Li said with reproach: "Chen-chen, don't play dumb with Ma, Ma's asking how far you've gone with Young Master Qin.

    "Aiya, tell me honestly. Have you and Young Master Qin, held hands, kissed, or have you already gone to bed?"

    "Ma? Can you be more restrained?" Li Yu Chen's neck turned red and she stared accusingly at her mother.

    "What's considered restrained? Teach Ma."

    Li Yu Chen looked at her mother several times. In the end, she sighed: "Forget it, don't be restrained Ma. Don't scare Dad."

    Mother Li smiled and lightly swatted her daughter's head. She asked with seriousness: "Hurry and tell me, have you and Young Master Qin gone to bed?"

    Li Yu Chen was completely subdued by her mother's straightforward and uninhibited personality. She hesitated briefly, then suddenly nodded. She responded softly: "Mhmm."

    Once the sound came out of her mouth, Li Yu Chen regretted it a bit. She was forced by her mother to the extent of saying these kinds of lies.

    "Aiya, that's wonderful, it's too wonderful!" Mother Li suddenly began clapping with excitement like a child: "How many times? Have you used contraceptives? Don't use contraceptives, just let Little Qin go directly in. You have to conceive the Qin Family's heir as soon as possible... Ma recently loves watching dramas with wars between rich families. It all comes down to one line:

    "Whoever acquires kin acquires everything under the heavens!"


    Li Yu Chen's mouth was about to become askew. She was truly at her wits end with this intrepid mother of hers. In order to evade this topic, she could only nod and say yes.

    Mother Li brainwashed her daughter for over ten minutes before she smilingly pulled her daughter outside. At this time, Qin Feng was helping Father Li clear the table. When Mother Li saw this, she immediately ran over.

    "Little Qin, you came home as a guest this time, how could you do work? Hurry and sit on the sofa. Chen-chen, accompany Little Qin. You have to accommodate Little Qin well."

    Under Mother Li's entreaties, Qin Feng and LI Yu Chen went to the living room, sat down, and watched television. Father and Mother Li were busy for a while, then sat as well.

    "Little Qin, I spoke with Chen-chen in the room earlier. Since you've already slept together, then shouldn't you plan the wedding as soon as possible?" Once Mother Li sat, she threw out this formidable topic.

    Qin Feng was in the middle of drinking water, and a mouthful of tea sprayed out of his mouth.

    "I-is that so?" Qin Feng wasn't able to wipe his mouth and asked his question while looking at Li Yu Chen in a daze.

    Li Yu Chen didn't think her mother would say these things in front of the whole family. Her charming face was so red that sweat almost poured out of it. She was too embarrassed to meet Qin Feng's eyes.

    "Ma, what are you saying?" Li Yu Chen glared moodily at her mother and said coquettishly: "How could these things be said here?"

    "Chen-chen, some things must be said in front of everyone." Mother Li had an unambiguous expression and continued: "Little Qin, since my daughter gave you her body, you can't betray Chen-chen. She's a good girl and kept herself pure for you for so many years. You wouldn't do those things only beasts would do like leave after you're done playing, would you?"

    When Qin Feng saw Mother Lin's powerful and serious expression, he felt that he really didn't have a choice.

    "Of course!" Qin Feng laughed merrily.

    "Then when are you going to propose marriage to our family?" Mother Li continued to press.

    Once Qin Feng heard "propose," he was thrown into confusion.

    Qin Feng was always the most afraid of the words "Marriage," "proposal," and "setting a date."

    "Uh, why don't we... the near future!" Qin Feng said with a smile.

    He originally wanted to say to think about it after a while, but before he spoke, he saw Mother Li suddenly pick up the spatula on the coffee table and viciously glare at him. Thus, he immediately changed what he was going to say.

    Mother Li's cold expression once again burst into a smile. She said after putting down the spatula: "The sooner the better. There are quite a few ecliptic auspicious days coming up. Let's just choose a time in the middle third of this month."

    Qin Feng's face darkened. The middle third of the month? Wasn't that just around a dozen days from now? Qin Feng finally understood where Li Yu Chen's marriage headaches came from. Now that he personally interacted with Mother Li, he experienced it deeply.

    "Ma, the reason I brought Qin Feng back this time was to show him to you first. We aren't at the marriage stage yet, don't scare Qin Feng." Li Yu Chen could tell Qin Feng almost couldn't bear it, so she immediately stood out to help him out.

    "He's already seen your body, touched it, and even did that with you, why aren't you at the marriage stage yet? What do you have to do to be at the marriage stage?" Mother Li suddenly picked up the spatula and glared at Qin Feng: "Little Qin, you tell me, when do you plan on marrying our Chen-chen?"

    Qin Feng was currently sullen. If he really did take an interest in Li Yu Chen, touched her, and slept with her, forcing him to marry Li Yu Chen was justifiable. However, Qin Feng really didn't do anything. The most he did was lick her thigh a couple of times, so this probably shouldn't be that serious?

    "Auntie, I still have to go home and consult this with my father..." Qin Feng cleared his throat and was prepared to push all of his troubles onto his family.

    As a result, once he opened his mouth, Mother Li slammed her spatula on the coffee table and said coldly: "What family? Those are all excuses. This is about you marrying Chen-chen, what does it have to do with your family? In the end, you still want to act shamelessly and be a beast, is that it?"
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