Chapter 216 - There Are Bodyguards Following Me

    Chapter 216 - There Are Bodyguards Following Me

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    Editor: Levs

    "Auntie, can you let me finish first?" Qin Feng suddenly became serious. He said lightly: "Marriage isn't the most important thing right now, what's most important is that I brought five bodyguards here today, and they're hidden in different places around us. Once I'm in danger, or if I suffer the slightest threat, they will immediately appear and eliminate all threats.

    "You should control your temper, Auntie. Otherwise, my bodyguards will mistakenly believe that you're trying to hurt me. They have guns, and even I can't control them."

    Mother Li's gloomy expression suddenly became calm again. She immediately tossed the spatula in her hand into her daughter's hands: "Chen-chen, hurry and put the spatula back into the kitchen. Little Qin, you still have to think hard about this marriage situation. Auntie doesn't want to force you two, but you're both at the age to marry and have children. Is Auntie right or not?"

    "Of course Auntie is right. When we get back, Chen-chen and I will consider it in earnest." Without a weapon in Mother Li's hands, Qin Feng felt at ease: "Actually, the problem lies mostly with Chen-chen. She... seems to not really like doing that with me.

    "Auntie, do you understand what I mean?"

    Qin Feng saw how formidable Mother Li was, so he now pushed all of the responsibility onto Li Yu Chen. Li Yu Chen had just put away the spatula and returned to the living room when she heard her mother yelling angrily at her.

    "Chen-chen, come here and sit properly. I'd like to ask what is in your brain, damn girl? Why don't you accomodate Little Qin and develop your relationship more? Aren't you ruining your prospects?"

    "Ma, what did I do to ruin my prospects?" Li Yu Chen didn't hear what Qin Feng had just said. Otherwise, she'd rush over and pinch him to death.

    "You still don't know what you did wrong? What kind of attitude is this?" Mother Li absolutely could not tolerate this matter. She said to Li Yu Chen with extreme severity: "Chen-chen, since Little Qin truly likes you and wants to develop the relationship to marriage and having children, why don't you like doing that with Qin Feng?"

    "Doing what?" Li Yu Chen pouted and replied unhappily after getting randomly lectured.

    "It's... getting into bed." Mother Li was impossibly anxious. If she wasn't worried about Qin Feng's five bodyguards lying in wait, she would have rushed into the kitchen to grab the spatula and hit Li Yu Chen in the head several times to knock some sense into her silly daughter.

    Li Yu Chen's face suddenly turned cold, and she glared fiercely at Qin Feng. Qin Feng almost angered her to death.

    "Auntie, look, look. Every time I want to do it, she'd be like this; she'd have this expression. How could I dare continue?" Qin Feng said as he looked at Mother Li with nervousness and fright.

    Mother Li naturally saw her daughter's sour expression, so she angrily slapped Li Yu Chen's shoulder: "Chen-chen, you want to anger your mother to death, don't you? Hurry and guarantee to your mom that you'll cooperate with Little Qin's requests at all costs in the future."

    At this time, Li Yu Chen regretted bringing Qin Feng home. She should have guessed right from the beginning that this brat didn't have any good intentions. Now, he actually used her mother's strength to get more from her, while Li Yu Chen wasn't even able to gain anything on him.

    "Hurry and speak, you really want to anger your mother to death?" Mother Li hit Li Yu Chen again.

    Li Yu Chen felt so wronged that tears were about to fall from her face. She lowered her head and said quietly: "Ma, I guarantee that in the future I'll try my best to satisfy Qin Feng's requests."

    "What do you mean 'try'? You mean you'll cooperate at all costs," Mother Li said unhappily.

    "Okay, I'll cooperate at all costs!" Li Yu Chen said through clenched teeth.

    "Aiya... Mother Li, forget it. If we do it this way, it seems like we're forcing Chen-chen. Relationships are originally out of mutual consent, so if Chen-chen is forced to have a relationship with me this way, I'll always feel very apologetic." Qin Feng shook his head and sighed.

    "Qin Feng, what do you want? Wait and see how I'll deal with you when we get back!" Li Yu Chen couldn't take it anymore. She suddenly yelled at Qin Feng angrily. After yelling, she felt a sharp pain at her waist and saw her mother's eyes widen so much they looked like they were about to fall out. She immediately smiled and spoke with gentleness.

    "Qin Feng, you're thinking too much. Actually, I'm very willing. If you need anything in the future, just let me know and I'll give my all to cooperate!"

    "Okay, since Chen-chen is so enthusiastic, if I'm ever dissatisfied with Chen-chen's willingness, then there'll clearly be something wrong. Auntie, you heard Chen-chen's words just now. When we get back, why don't I call you if Chen-chen goes back on her word?" Qin Feng said with a smile.

    "Of course, if that girl dares to not accommodate you, I'll immediately take the bus and race over!" Mother Li guaranteed with a grand smack of her chest.

    This exchange forced out Li Yu Chen's internal wounds. Luckily the conversation stopped here, and Mother Li suggested that her daughter and Qin Feng go shopping.

    Qingshui town had a flourishing commercial street that was over half an hour away from the village. However, Qin Feng drove, and it was much more convenient to drive.

    On the way, Mother Li was extremely excited to sit in the car. She curiously surveyed the decorations and buttons in the car. She and Li Yu Chen's father were farmers in Qingshui town their whole lives, and they suffered their whole lives. Thus, she strongly wished her daughter would marry into a good family. Now that she saw a rich person's mode of transportation, she was even more set in her ideas.

    Ten minutes later, Qin Feng arrived at the entrance of the pedestrian street. There was no set parking lot here and there were very few cars out, so Qin Feng stopped his car wherever and exited the vehicle with the Li mother and daughter.

    Right after getting out of the car and walking a couple of steps, a voice yelled from behind them.

    "Chen-chen, Auntie Li, you're also here to shop?"

    The three of them turned to look. Not too far away, a man stood. This was Yang Kang, who ran over to Li Yu Chen's house to dig at Qin Feng in the afternoon.

    At this time, he had just stepped out of a Porsche 911 and walked towards the three of them with a self-satisfied smile.

    "Chen-chen, Auntie Li, what a coincidence that we can meet even like this." Yang Kang intentionally waved the Porsche key in his hand and said smugly: "I also drove here to shop. Why don't we go together?"

    Mother Li's eyes were sharp. She immediately saw the car keys in Yang Kang's hand, and her gaze also swept over the white sports car behind him. Based on its style, it was even cooler than the Benz Qin Feng drove. She couldn't help but ask: "Little Yang, you also drove here?"

    Yang Kang was waiting for Mother Li to ask this. He immediately held his head high, puffed his chest, and said with much grandeur: "Yes. I have a couple of cars, and I drove an old one out. There's nothing strange about it."

    "How could that be? Didn't Wang Ying say you work at a repair shop in Acropolis? How could you be so rich?" Mother Li asked with suspicion.

    "Aunt Li, how could you believe Wang Ying's words? If someone is better off than her in the village, she's eager to make them out to be beggars." Awkwardness swept over Yang Kang's face, and he continued to act pretentious. He said: "Actually, I started my own company in Acropolis City where we do foreign trade. These couple of years, we got a new policy, so we earned a bunch."

    "Aiya... I was saying that I actually really like Chen-chen, but Mother Li keeps eyeing Young Master Qin. According to what I know, Young Master Qin is very dissolute in Acropolis. Who knows how many women he's played with. If I were you Auntie Li, I would find a young promising man in the village, that's the most dependable. Though I don't have as much money as Young Master Qin, I made my own money-unlike some people who only know how to spend their old man's money. If this continues, no matter how rich the Qin Family is, all the money will eventually get squandered by this wastrel. At that time, it would be too late for Auntie Li to regret it."

    Yang Kang's words were clearly for Mother Li and Qin Feng to hear. He made things difficult for Qin Feng and lured Mother Li at the same time.

    It went without saying that after the words were spoken, Mother Li's expression changed slightly. She was quiet for a good while before she suddenly expressed warmth towards Yang Kang: "Yang Kang, you're also shopping?"

    "Yes, Auntie Li!"

    "Why don't we go together? It's more lively with more people," Mother Li said with a smile.

    "Okay, of course I would be glad to shop with Chen-chen," Yang Kang said calmly and suppressed his excitement.

    Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen exchanged glances and shook their heads helplessly.

    It was originally three people going for a walk, but now it became four people going to shop.

    Li Yu Chen and Qin Feng held hands and walked in front while Yang Kang and Mother Li followed.

    Yang Kang gritted his teeth as he angrily watched how intimate Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen were. However, he maintained a gentlemanly facade. The whole way, he boasted to Mother Li about how talented he was and how much money he made these past couple of years.

    "Ai... Chen-chen, Little Qin, let's take a look in that undergarment store!"

    After walking a bit, Mother Li suddenly pulled them into a undergarment store. And it was a women's undergarment store.

    In actuality, Mother Li suggested going out to shop to confirm whether or not her daughter and Qin Feng actually slept together. She was going to have Qin Feng help Li Yu Chen pick out a set of undergarments. Then, she would be able to easily determine the depth of their relationship based on the undergarment size Qin Feng selected.

    "Ma, I have enough undergarments, I don't need to buy any more." Li Yu Chen tugged at her mother with embarrassment. There were two men behind her, so she was too embarrassed to buy underwear.

    "I didn't say we were buying it for you, Ma wants to buy some." With this sentence, Mother Li tricked Li Yu Chen into the undergarment store.

    After entering the store, Mother Li pulled Qin Feng to the side and said to him with a jolly smile: "Little Qin, help Chen-chen choose a set of undergarments, Auntie trusts your taste."

    Li Yu Chen was in the middle of refusing when Yang Kang also came to join in on the fun. He said with a smile: "Auntie Li, my taste is really good too, why don't I chose a set for Chen-chen as well?"

    "Aiya, you both want to help Chen-chen choose? Then I really can't decide. Why don't we let Chen-chen decide for herself?" Mother Li smiled at Li Yu Chen.

    Li Yu Chen rolled her eyes. When comparing, she naturally was more able to accept Qin Feng helping her choose, so she still chose Qin Feng.

    When Qin Feng received such a sacred task, he could only call the female sales representative over. Luckily he saw Li Yu Chen's information before and knew Li Yu Chen's three measurements like the back of his hand. Once the female sales representative came over, Qin Feng asked: "Is there a size 70D bra here?"

    70D is the international standard for D cups.

    The female sales representative shook her head with a bit of bashfulness: "I'm sorry sir, the largest size in our store is a C cup."

    D cups were more common in Western countries, but weren't as common in China. Qingshui town was also a more remote area, so not a lot of women reached this standard there. Thus, the store also didn't purchase this bra size because not really anyone bought it.

    When Yang Kang heard Qin Feng mention a D cup, he secretly swallowed a couple mouthfuls of saliva, and his gaze subconsciously fell on Li Yu Chen's perky chest.

    "But, we also have intimate undergarment styles. These styles don't have high requirements in cup size. Do you want to take a look Sir?" The female sales representative spoke lowly. It was her first time seeing two men accompanying one woman to buy undergarments.

    "That's not so good, we're here to choose conventional undergarments... Why don't you take us to look first?" Qin Feng spoke with seriousness.
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