Chapter 218 - Rest Earlier

    Chapter 218 - Rest Earlier

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    "F*ck. Stinking brat, if you dare yell, these older brothers will kill you." Purple-hair and the rest raised their arms, glared harshly at Yang Kang, and looked as if they were ready to fight at a moment's notice.

    Yang Kang's arrogant and despotic expression immediately fell limp.

    He didn't dare yell at the five men again, and his gaze hurriedly swept over the Porsche. He found that there weren't any scratches on it, and it was still undamaged, so he was relieved.

    "Brothers, it's nothing, it's nothing, it's all a misunderstanding. I won't bother you older brothers, and I'll leave first." The car was fine, so why would Yang Kang need to quarrel with Purple-hair and his crew? At this time, he smiled, waved at the five of them, and prepared to leave.

    "Stinking brat, who f*cking let you leave?" Purple-hair rushed up and pulled Yang Kang back.

    This brat still owed him a million yuan, how would Purple-hair and his group let him leave so easily?

    "Little Qin, Chen-chen, who are these people? What happened?" Mother Li asked while looking anxiously at Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen when she saw the dispute occurring by Yang Kang.

    Li Yu Chen and Qin Feng didn't really like Yang Kang. Qin Feng smiled at said: "Auntie, let's hurry and leave, it seems that that brat Yang Kang owes those older brothers a high-interest loan of a full million yuan, and now they've come knocking. I'm afraid it'll be troublesome for the brat.

    Mother Li jumped in shock and asked while not really understanding: "How can that be? Little Yang even told me the how big the company he started in Acropolis City was. He said his base yearly income was tens of thousands. Plus, the sports car he's driving seems to be at least a couple million, right?"

    "Ma, you're so silly, Yang Kang didn't start a company, he's just an employee in a car repair shop. There's an eighty percent chance that this car belongs to someone who brought their car to the repair shop, and he secretly drove it out." Li Yu Chen knew that Yang Kang worked in a car repair shop in Acropolis, and she now backed Qin Feng.

    "Aiyo, this Little Yang's conscience is terrible. He even tricked an old woman like me? He deserves to be beaten. Let's hurry and leave, I was prepared to call the police, but now that seems unnecessary."

    Mother Li changed faster than the speed at which one turned the page of a book. At this time, she already got into the car and she didn't care whether Yang Kang lived or died.

    Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen also got into the car. Qin Feng started the car and kicked up dust as he left!

    "Brother Hair, Brother Hair, the idiot ran away." One of Purple-hair's lackeys shouted while watching Qin Feng drive away in his Benz.

    Purple-hair was so angry when he saw that he would no longer be able to chase after Qin Feng that he slapped the foolish and noisy lackey's face. He lectured: "Why are you f*cking yelling? Do you think I'm an idiot? We've all been cheated by that stinking brat, and I became a huge idiot."

    Flames of anger arose in Purple-hair's heart. He looked at Yang Kang with an icy expression and was prepared to take his anger out on this brat.

    "Brothers, we don't even know each other, why do you have to block me?" When Yang Kang saw Qin Feng take the Li mother and daughter away and that he was left to face the five hooligans alone, he was so scared that his legs felt limp.

    "Stinking brat, is this car yours?" Purple-hair ignored Yang Kang and countered the question with his own.

    Yang Kang felt a bit suspicious, but he still nodded: "This is my car, is something wrong?"

    "Haha, if this is your car, brat, then that works." A sinister smile suddenly appeared on Purple-hair's face. He exuded coldness as he looked at Yang Kang's back: "Hurry and cough up a million yuan to compensate for this elder's mental damage, brat."

    "F*ck, a million? You're crazy!" When Yang Kang heard the number "one million," he was so shocked that he yelled. He even forgot that the five standing before him were hooligans.

    "Damn, you're even f*cking yelling?" Purple-hair smacked Yang Kang's head and spoke ruthlessly: "Stinking brat, you don't want to pay up? Then we'll break off your arms and legs and throw them into the river to feed the fish."

    Yang Kang was so frightened that he trembled from head to toe. He asked carefully: "Big Brothers, how did I offend you? I can change. Is it not enough to apologize to all of you elders?"

    "Actually, you didn't offend us brat, but you're just out of luck. That stinking Benz-driving brat from earlier pretended to be the owner of your Porsche and suggested himself that he would compensate your elder a million yuan for the mental damage of squashing our grass. Now that the brat drove away, and this car is actually yours, then you give the money," Purple-hair said with a laugh as he looked at Yang Kang.

    At this time, Yang Kang wanted to kill himself. He gritted his teeth and mentally cursed Qin Feng and eighteen generations of his ancestors.



    Qin Feng already returned to Li Yu Chen's house. Once he entered, he sneezed a good number of times.

    "Little Qin, are you sick? Do you want some cold medicine?" Mother Li asked caringly.

    Qin Feng waved his hand and said: "There's no need. I think someone was cursing me behind my back, don't worry."

    "Okay, then go rest and watch TV with Chen-chen in the living room. I'll go prepare dinner. Just stay here tonight and leave tomorrow, Little Qin."

    Under Mother Li's insistence, Li Yu Chen and Qin Feng could only stay for the night and return to Acropolis the next morning. Li Yu Chen thought that Mother Li only did this because her mother had not seen her for so long and didn't want her to leave so quickly.

    However, Qin Feng could see Mother Li's true intentions. She wanted him to stay for the night and see whether or not he and Li Yu Chen had gotten to the stage where they slept on the same bed.

    Not long later, it was dinner time. This meal was a banquet with Li Yu Chen's family and Qin Feng, so it was much quieter than the village feast at lunch.

    "Little Qin, we invited too many people for lunch, so you probably didn't eat well. Auntie put a lot of effort into making dinner, so you have to eat more."

    Four people sat surrounding a small dinner table. Mother Li was very enthusiastic and kept getting food for Qin Feng. Father Li was much more introverted, so he was silent the entire time and just said a couple of words occasionally when clinking his cup with Qin Feng's and drinking wine with him.

    "Chen-chen, you brat, how could you eat just caring about yourself? Get some food for Little Qin. If you marry into the rich family like this, they'll say you have no manners." Mother Li hit Li Yu Chen with her chopsticks. Li Yu Chen pursed her lips and threw a large pepper into Qin Feng's bowl.

    Qin Feng didn't express weakness. He got a large wood ear and gave it to Li Yu Chen: "Chen-chen, try this wood ear and see if it's texture is good."

    Li Yu Chen lived in the city for a while, so she heard of the innuendos. Now, she almost choked on her bite of rice and coughed while drinking water.

    "Look at this brat, she's like a starved ghost that got reincarnated. Can't you eat more slowly? Is Little Qin going to compete with you for food?

    Li Yu Chen was extremely angry. She reached under the table and harshly pinched Qin Feng's thigh. She pinched with all of her strength.

    "Ow!" Qin Feng was unprepared, and he suddenly yelped in pain.

    However, the shout was a bit strange: it seemed to have both pain and happiness. Father and Mother Li had expressions of awkwardness after hearing it.

    "Dearest, why are you shouting while eating?" After pinching Qin Feng, Li Yu Chen looked at him with a smile.

    Qin Feng suddenly smiled evilly: "Nothing much, let's continue eating."

    After speaking, Li Yu Chen felt a large hand suddenly reach under her purple dress and creep upwards.

    If Li Yu Chen didn't react in time and quickly clamp her legs together, Qin Feng would have touched her underwear.


    This time, Qin Feng also did this without warning, and Li Yu Chen couldn't help but shout.

    Mother Li thought something was strange when Qin Feng made that weird sound earlier, and now that she heard her daughter cry out as well, she suddenly lifted the tablecloth and bent down to look over. After looking, Mother Li was shocked. Then, she laughed meaningfully.

    "Little Qin, you rushed over all the way from Acropolis and you've been busy all day. You must be very tired. I'll take you and Chen-chen to your room. Wash up and rest early." When she saw Qin Feng's hand up her daughter's skirt, how could she not know what he was thinking?

    Father Li's reaction was slower. He clearly didn't realize what was going on under the table. He glared at Mother Li with a bit of anger and said: "It hasn't been long since Little Qin sat down to eat, why are you telling him to sleep? Oh, you old woman, has your head gone bad?"

    Mother Li slapped Father Li on the shoulder and said fiercely: "You're too slow old man, I don't even want to explain. I said Little Qin is tired, so he is. You just eat your food. You're unable to achieve anything good, but you're good at ruining things."

    Mother Li expressed a whirlwind of ferociousness. Father Li could only bow his head and drink his wine of sorrows. He didn't speak any more.

    "Little Qin, Chen-chen, I'll bring you to your room. You'll stay in Chen-chen's old room tonight. I've switched it to a double bed a long time ago and cleaned the room as well. You two can just wash up and sleep."

    "Ma, I-I'll sleep with you tonight, let Dad sleep with Qin Feng. I haven't seen you for so long and I miss you." After hearing that she had to sleep in the same room and bed as Qin Feng, she immediately became nervous.

    "How old are you? You still want to sleep with your mom? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at if this gets out?" How could Mother Li consent to Li Yu Chen's request? She said severely: "Sleep with Qin Feng tonight. It's not like you haven't slept together before, what do you have to be shy about, you silly child?"

    Li Yu Chen finally understood why her mom insisted she and Qin Feng stay for the night. However, by the time she understood, it was too late.

    The two of them followed Mother Li into the room and arrived at a room that was around twenty square meters. There weren't really any decorations in the room, and the walls were peeling a bit. However, everything was very neat. One could tell from a glance that the large red bedding and bedsheets were freshly changed.

    "Little Qin, our house definitely cannot compare to the mansion you usually live in, so we'll have to inconvenience you for tonight," Mother Li said to Qin Feng with a happy smile.

    "You're too severe Auntie, this house has a good ambience," Qin Feng said with a smile. He suddenly looked at Li Yu Chen: "As long as I'm with Chen-chen, I can sleep anywhere."

    "Right, right, you're such a good person Little Qin, you're not arrogant. Auntie is liking you more and more." Mother Li couldn't stop smiling: "Hurry and wash up first, I'm going to leave."

    Mother Li brought the two of them into the room, left a knowing smile, immediately closed the door and exited.

    Only Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen were left in the room.
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