Chapter 219 - Cant Give Up Halfway

    Chapter 219 - Can't Give Up Halfway

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng sat on the large bed, and Li Yu Chen stood nervously to the side. The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

    "Qin Feng, it's pretty cold up here on the mountain at night. W-when you sleep on the ground later, use this blanket behind the bed. Don't catch a cold." Li Yu Chen suddenly smiled sweetly at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng had a look of suspicion: "Chen-chen, why would I sleep on the ground? I'm sleeping on the bed tonight."

    Li Yu Chen's smile froze. She and Qin Feng were just pretending to be a couple, how could she possibly sleep on the same bed as Qin Feng?

    Thus, one person had to sleep on the ground tonight. Li Yu Chen thought that as a woman, her body had to be more fragile, so she'd have Qin Feng sleep on the ground. In the end, this guy acted cluelessly and shamelessly.

    Li Yu Chen sat angrily beside Qin Feng and glared at him: "Qin Feng, if you don't sleep on the ground, don't tell me you want me to sleep on the ground? Are you not a man?"

    Qing Feng and Li Yu Chen were sitting so close together that Qin Feng could clearly smell her fragrant body. Also, since Li Yu Chen was nervous, a fair amount of fragrant sweat also poured out of her. Some of her hair stuck to her head, and she was extremely charming.

    Qin Feng's gaze unconsciously fell onto Li Yu Chen's body. Under the yellow light, her refined, beautiful face was soft and emitted an entrancing radiance. Her light purple, form-fitting dress emphasized the full curves of her chest, and her long, beautiful legs were extremely alluring. They seemed to emit a light fragrance that drifted over, making one want to go up and kiss them a couple of times.

    Previously, Qin Feng never thought that he would have the opportunity to sleep under the same roof as Li Yu Chen. Now that they sat so closely together on one large bed, he felt a flame ignite in his abdomen, and the gaze that he used to look at Li Yu Chen changed slightly.

    "I'm asking you something, are you a man or not?" When she saw that Qin Feng was taking a long time to respond, Li Yu Chen asked her question again with a huff.

    Under such an ambiguous atmosphere, these words incited a different meaning for Qin Feng. He suddenly pressed Li Yu Chen onto the bed and looked at her with an evil smile: "You'll find out in a bit whether or not this young master is a man or not."

    He pressed Li Yu Chen down, raised the bottom of her dress to the middle of her waist, hugged her waist, and kissed her snow white neck.

    Li Yu Chen was shocked by Qin Feng's sudden actions. She stared stupidly at Qin Feng with wide-eyed shock, and even forgot to resist.

    In the moment of distraction, Qin Feng felt up her body.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, what are you doing? Let go of me!" After Li Yu Chen regained her senses, she suddenly shouted.

    With a bang, the room door was suddenly shoved open. Mother Li ran into the room holding a bag: "Chen-chen, what's wrong?"

    After speaking, Mother Li felt that her words were superfluous. She saw Qin Feng pressing down her daughter and felt a wave of regret. She was disrupting Little Qin and her daughter's proper business.

    "Ma, hurry up and save me!" Mother Li's sudden entrance make Qin Feng jump in fright. Li Yu Chen grabbed the opportunity to slip out and run to her mother's side.

    She hugged her mother's arm and had a frightened and doubtful expression.

    "Aiyo, you're so dramatic, you little brat. Ma was wrong, okay? Ma shouldn't have burst in and disturbed you two." Mother Li thought her daughter was pretending because she was shy. She raised the bag in her arms and smiled: "Right, Ma came here to bring this to you guys. Doesn't Little Qin like this? You'll be sure to look good wearing this later.

    "Alright, Ma's leaving. Don't worry, this time no one else will be interrupting you two!"

    Mother Li placed the bag in her hand on the table and smiled meaningfully at her daughter before hurriedly running out of the room.

    Li Yu Chen stood there in a daze, and she wondered if this mother really gave birth to her. Qin Feng was already prepared to force himself on her, yet her mom brought in the newly bought lingerie and encouraged Qin Feng to continue...

    "Qin Feng, don't come over. If you mess around tonight, I swear I'll kill you!"

    QIn Feng already came back to his senses. He suppressed the fire within him and stalked towards Li Yu Chen. Li Yu Chen immediately picked up a pair of scissors from the desk and stared at Qin Feng with alarm.

    Qin Feng laughed as he shook his head. He ignored Li Yu Chen's movements, arrived at the desk, and took out the pink undergarments from the bag.

    At the time, because there were a lot of people in the store, Qin Feng didn't look closely at the outfit. Now that he considered it from up close, he found that the outfit was too fiery. If Li Yu Chen really wore it, Qin Feng would definitely get a nosebleed.

    "You pervert, put that away. Don't get any ideas, I won't wear that for you even if I died." Li Yu Chen was so angry that she gnashed her teeth as she watched Qin Feng's actions.

    She knew Qin Feng was a huge pervert. How could she be so muddle-headed and bring this pervert home?

    "General Manager Li, put the scissors down, I was just playing around with you at first," Qin Feng became stern.

    Li Yu Chen didn't immediately forgo her alarm. She said coldly: "Then sleep on the floor tonight."

    "Then hold the scissors and stand by the door the whole night." Qin Feng's lips curled, and he already began removing his clothes.

    "Hey, why are you taking off your clothes? Don't think I'm just trying to scare you, I really will kill you!" Li Yu Chen blanched at the sight of Qin Feng sitting on the bed leisurely beginning to remove his clothes.

    "Big Sister, you're sleeping without removing your clothes?" Qin Feng rolled his eyes at Li Yu Chen.

    "What did you call me? Big Sister? I'm not that old, I'm only twenty-five this year, okay?" Li Yu Chen was unbearably angered by Qin Feng calling her "Big Sister," and she forgot about Qin Feng's immoral behavior.

    "So what if you're twenty-five? Nowadays, if girls don't know how to take care of themselves, a twenty year-old can look like a forty year-old, and if a forty year-old takes care of herself, she can look as fresh as a twenty year-old." Qin Feng said with curled lips: "Either way, you look like an old, thirty-five year-old woman."

    Forcing oneself on a woman would bring her physical and mental pain; saying a woman was old would inflict heavy damage on her mind and spirit.

    After hearing Qin Feng say she looked like an old, thirty-five year-old woman, she immediately exploded, and even forgot the potential threat Qin Feng posed to her.

    "Qin Feng, you actually said I look like a thirty-five year-old woman? I'll kill you!" Li Yu Chen rushed forward with the scissors in hand, and looked like she wanted to kill Qin Feng right then herself.

    The corner of Qin Feng's lips lifted into a smile that expressed that he had gotten his way. Li Yu Chen had just gotten onto the bed when he swept her tightly into his embrace and deftly wrested the scissors out of her hand.

    "General Manager Li, your body smells so good!" Qin Feng sniffed from Li Yu Chen's lower abdomen to her nose. Li Yu Chen only felt a gust of hot air coming from Qin Feng's mouth. Her whole body itched, and she immediately fell limp.

    "Qin Feng, you horrible person, let go of me!" Li Yu Chen had no strength to struggle, and she could only use words to threaten Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's expression suddenly changed. He released Li Yu Chen's body and said with seriousness: "General Manager Li, I won't force you, but I also don't have the habit of sleeping on the ground, so I hope you don't force me as well."

    After seeing that Qin Feng released her and had a look of propriety, Li Yu Chen also quickly calmed down: "But we can't possibly sleep on the same bed."

    "We certainly have to sleep on the same bed, and we have to cause a ruckus as well," Qin Feng suddenly said.

    Up until now, he still hadn't received the System's notification, so the quest regarding Li Yu Chen's marriage entreaty headaches had not been completed.

    This quest depended on Mother Li's attitude. It was clear that Mother Li still didn't completely believe in the relationship between him and Li Yu Chen.

    "What do you mean?" Li Yu Chen hugged her chest and shrank into the corner as she looked at Qin Feng with alarm.

    "If my guess is correct, Auntie hasn't left. She's currently squatting outside the door and listening to the sounds coming from this room," Qin Feng said with a lowered voice.

    Li Yu Chen's expression changed slightly. At this time, her thoughts returned to the task at hand. She looked at QIn Feng coldly and said: "Then what should we do?"

    Qin Feng said nothing. He suddenly turned the room's light off and swept Li Yu Chen tightly into his embrace.

    Li Yu Chen jumped in shock, and immediately yelped. However, she hadn't yelled twice when she stopped and felt a gust of warmth pass towards her ear.

    "Manager Li, look at the window, Auntie's shadow is really clear, isn't it?"

    Li Yu Chen immediately looked towards the window. When the lights were on, it wasn't evident, but now that the lights were off, she could clearly see Mother Li's shadow from the moonlight on the window.

    "Is this really my birth mother? I really give up." After realizing why Qin Feng turned off the lights, she calmed down. However, once she thought of her mother hiding by the window and listening to the sounds inside the room, she didn't know what to say.

    "Qin Feng, hurry and let go of me." Once she realized that Qin Feng was still hugging her, Li Yu Chen immediately began to struggle.

    Qin Feng was in no hurry to let go. He blew another breath of hot air into her ear: "I can't let go yet, Auntie is still monitoring us. She isn't completely convinced of our relationship, so you have to pretend to shout."

    Li Yu Chen turned completely red from the hot air Qin Feng was blowing into her ear. She said lowly: "Shout what?"

    "Love-making sounds!" Qin Feng said helplessly.

    Li Yu Chen's face darkened. She would rather die than make love-making sounds in front of Qin Feng.

    "That's impossible!" Li Yu Chen immediately refused and said coldly: "Plus, I don't know how to shout."

    "No way, you've never had a boyfriend? You've never done it?" Qin Feng asked.

    Li Yu Chen's neck was already red. She said unhappily: "No!"

    "And other than my dad, you're the first man who has hugged me, you stinking brat... hurry up and let go of me!"

    "But if you don't shout, Auntie won't believe us. We'd have wasted half a day's effort for nothing." Qin Feng wouldn't just give up. Since he came to Qingshui town this time, he had to complete Li Yu Chen's quest before going home.

    In actuality, Li Yu Chen didn't want to give up halfway. Mother Li forcing her to get married was currently her largest headache.

    "Then what should we do?" Li Yu Chen asked helplessly.

    "Though one has never eaten pork, they must have seen a pork run. Pretend to shout twice." Qin Feng spoke while beginning to use his legs to shake the bed.

    This bed was an old-styled metal spring bed. Just by moving slightly, squeaks would form. At this time, Qin Feng used his strength to step on the bed, and the metal bed made unceasing squeaking noises.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Li Yu Chen jumped in shock.

    "Coordinating with you. If the bed doesn't make noises, how could we express how intense our fighting is?" Qin Feng smiled evilly.

    Li Yu Chen's charming face was about to drip sweat. She was about to go crazy.

    After hearing the metal bed's noises get louder and louder, she was at her wit's end. She could only clear her throat and yell suddenly.


    "That's too soft, you're insulting my abilities!" Qin Feng said with dissatisfaction.

    "Ah!" Li Yu Chen glared at Qin Feng. This time, the sound was so loud she even scared herself.

    Qin Feng's expression darkened and he said coldly: "Are you giving birth? Your shouts have no feeling whatsoever!"
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