Chapter 220 - You Two Have to Spend It Well

    Chapter 220 - You Two Have to Spend It Well

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    Editor: Levs

    Li Yu Chen was about to cry. She harshly pinched Qin Feng's waist. Tonight she thought she might as well throw caution to the wind: "Stinking brat, I'll let you off for tonight. After this situation passes, don't mention it to anyone. If you go around talking about it at work, I'll kill you for sure!"

    Li Yu Chen first threatened Qin Feng before completely letting go. She then shouted continuously, and she learned quickly. She was filled with feeling and the sounds were great in voice and expression. While listening, Qin Feng couldn't take it!

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for completing the quest to help Li Yu Chen rid herself of marriage entreaty headaches. The System awards you 2000 Hedonist Points."

    The System's announcement suddenly resounded in Qin Feng's head. He was extremely excited. This quest gained him 2000 Hedonist Points, so he could choose more treasures.

    Since the quest was completed, this meant that Mother Li completely believed in the relationship between Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen. Qin Feng also guessed that Mother Li must have already left. He looked out the window, and the shadow had indeed disappeared.

    However, Li Yu Chen's shouts hadn't stopped. And the more she acted, the more intense it became.

    Qin Feng thought to himself, and in the end he didn't interrupt Li Yu Chen. He lay quietly on the bed and basked in the hot-blooded, passionate, and alluring nighttime song.

    A long while later...

    "Qin Feng, why aren't you shaking the bed anymore?" Li Yu Chen suddenly spoke: "Are you tired? Hang in there for a bit longer, I've been yelling until my throat is hoarse, but I still haven't stopped."

    "Auntie already left!" Qin Feng said helplessly.

    Li Yu Chen's shouting immediately ceased. She looked out the window and found that her mother really had left.

    "Qin Feng, when did my mom leave?" Li Yu Chen asked a bit awkwardly.

    "She left a while ago, it's been at least ten minutes," Qin Feng's lips curled.

    "Stinking brat, you knew my mom left and you didn't tell me? Did you do it on purpose?" Li Yu Chen was so angry that her face darkened. She pinched Qin Feng's waist several times.

    "I told you, but you were shouting too loudly, and you looked to be really enjoying it. I thought you found a new hobby, so I didn't interrupt you," Qin Feng said seriously.

    Li Yu Chen felt extremely awkward and thought Qin Feng really did call her. At this time, she immediately pulled up a blanket and covered herself. She didn't remove her clothes and prepared to sleep.

    "If my mom left, that means she completely believes in our relationship. Now we can sleep honestly. Don't talk to me anymore." Li Yu Chen had just laid down when she immediately sat up.

    She picked up a small wooden plank from the desk and placed it in the middle of the bed. Then, she glared coldly at Qin Feng and said: "Qin Feng, this is the dividing line tonight. If you pass this line, then you're a beast."

    As she said this, Li Yu Chen lay back down and stuck her body to the edge of the bed, intentionally keeping a distance from Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng stared blankly at the small wooden plank for a good while and suddenly thought of a story from when he first became dissolute.

    "If you pass this dividing line tonight, you're a beast." These words had a hidden meaning: "If you don't pass this dividing line tonight, you're not even comparable to a beast!"

    Qin Feng considered this carefully for a while. He felt that since he wasn't a beast, and wasn't uncomparable to a beast even more, if he had to choose between these two, he'd chose to be a beast.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng passed the line, pounced at Li Yu Chen, and hugged her tightly. He found that her body was soft and pliant. When he hugged her, she was warm and fragrant, so it was very comfortable.

    "Qin Feng, you beast. Let go of me you brute." Li Yu Chen was so shocked that she struggled with her arms and legs.

    "General Manager Li, if I don't touch you, then I won't even be comparable to a beast, so you're making things difficult for me." Qin Feng spoke innocently as he kissed Li Yu Chen's neck.

    Li Yu Chen suddenly thought of the joke and was angered by Qin Feng: "Are you crazy, hurry and let go of me. I'll just get rid of the dividing line."

    Qin Feng only let go after this. He swore he wasn't actually trying to violate Li Yu Chen, he just really cared about his reputation.


    Qin Feng didn't bother Li Yu Chen again for the rest of the night. Initially, Li Yu Chen was a bit worried, but she slowly fell soundly asleep.

    The early morning sun shined through the window and right onto Li Yu Chen's face. She opened her sleepy eyes. It was a new and beautiful day.

    The awakened Li Yu Chen found that something was pressing down on her. She turned her head to look and jumped in fright.

    Last night, the two of them each slept with their own blanket, but Qin Feng kicked his blanket to the ground. And maybe because it was too cold at night, he made his way under Li Yu Chen's blanket.

    One of his legs was propped atop Li Yu Chen's thigh, and one hand tightly hugged Li Yu Chen's neck. Their faces were almost touching, and Li Yu Chen was so angry that she was about to explode.

    But before she could kick Qin Feng away, she heard a feeble voice pass out of Qin Feng's lips: "Mommy, where did you go? Why aren't you coming to look for me?"

    Li Yu Chen froze immediately, and an unnamed forlornness surged through her heart.

    It was her first time considering Qin Feng so closely. The sun shone on his face, and he was handsome and fair. He was still in a deep sleep and looked like a cute and mischievous child.

    The Qin Feng Li Yu Chen saw was always vulgar, improper, and careless, but the Qin Feng she saw now was weak, pure, and even made one want to pamper him.

    In the end, she retracted the lily-white hand she was going to use to slap Qin Feng in the face and lightly placed it on his shoulder. She even found a more comfortable position and let QIn Feng continue to sleep peacefully.

    After who knew how long, Li Yu Chen felt something something damp tickling her lips. She opened her eyes again to see a handsome and refined face with an evil smile very close to her face.

    Qin Feng was already awake, and he was secretly kissing the lips of the dreaming Li Yu Chen.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, you're shameless!" Li Yu Chen pushed Qin Feng away.

    She woke up once earlier, found that Qin Feng was still sleeping, and kindheartedly let him continue sleeping while leaning against her. Li Yu Chen slowly fell asleep as well, and didn't think that when she woke up again Qin Feng would secretly steal her first kiss.

    She finally understood a general truth: pitiful people must have hateful traits!

    "General Manager Li, why are you so excited?" Though Qin Feng was caught secretly kissing her, he maintained a straight face and was unfazed. This clearly wasn't his first time doing something like this.

    "You're even secretly kissing me while I'm sleeping. Qin Feng, only a vile person like you would take advantage of someone when they are vulnerable." Li Yu Chen really regretted not kicking Qin Feng off the bed the first time she woke up.

    "I didn't kiss you secretly, you said you wanted me to kiss you," Qin Feng said confidently.

    "You're lying, how could I possibly let you kiss me? Stop dreaming!" Li Yu Chen clenched her teeth with anger. She never met anyone more shameless than Qin Feng.

    "If you don't believe me, then forget it. You were talking in your sleep. You wanted me to kiss you, and kiss you strongly... General Manager Li, you weren't having wet dreams in the morning, were you?" Qin Feng grinned evilly.

    How could Li Yu Chen believe Qin Feng's nonsense? She didn't even want to waste any words on someone as impossibly brazen as Qin Feng. She got out of bed to wash up first.

    After both people finished washing, Mother Li suddenly opened the room door and came in.

    When she saw Qin Feng and her blushing daughter, she said with a laugh: "You're both awake? Why don't you sleep more? You spent so much energy last night, you have to regain it."

    Li Yu Chen's face was red because Qin Feng made her angry earlier. However, once she heard her mother's words, her face became flushed with embarrassment.

    "Ma, Qin Feng and I have to go back after breakfast, we still have things to do. We'll take some time to come see you next time." Li Yu Chen had enough for this trip, and she was in a hurry to get back and draw a clear boundary line with Qin Feng from here on out.

    Mother Li looked a bit unwilling to part with them. She nodded and said: "Chen-chen, go to the kitchen and help your father serve the food. I'll say a couple things to Little Qin."

    "Okay, I'll go first." Li Yu Chen responded to her mother's words, and when she left, she glared fiercely at Qin Feng. What she meant was for Qin Feng not to say anything crazy or she'd get him.

    "Little Qin, sit on the bed, don't be polite with Auntie." After Li Yu Chen left, Mother Li and Qin Feng sat on the edge of the bed.

    Mother Li looked around the room and asked: "Little Qin, Chen-chen should have been very accommodating last night, right?"

    "Accommodating, very accommodating!"

    "That's good, that's good. You two didn't use contraceptives right?" Mother Li continued to ask.

    Qin Feng thought for a bit and said: "No."

    They didn't use contraceptives last night because they didn't even do it.

    After Mother Li heard this, she felt reassured. She suddenly grabbed Qin Feng's hand and revealed a rare serious expression. She said earnestly: "Little Qin, do you think Auntie is loud with a violent temper? Or a snob?"

    Mother Li laughed without waiting for Qin Feng's response: "You don't have to say it because I know that's the kind of person I am. Auntie and your uncle have been in Qingshui town our whole lives and farming is our source of livelihood. We gave birth to that girl Chen-chen. She's sensible and obedient. Not a lot of people's children got into college, but that year Chen-chen was the sole girl in the group that got into college.

    "I can see how hardworking and diligent she is, and I know she's different from me. Her personality is more like her father's, she's kind and doesn't pursue money or power. She's a good, simple and hardworking child.

    "But whose parents don't hope their daughter could have a better life? Your uncle and I had difficult lives, so we don't want to see Chen-chen follow in our footsteps. We can't give her a opulent life, but we hope she can marry into a good family and have this kind of life.

    "You can dislike a snob like your auntie, I certainly wouldn't mind, but Chen-chen is a good girl. If you truly love her, take good care of her. Though Auntie wants her to marry into a rich family, I hope she can truly be happy."

    As she spoke, Mother Li choked with sobs. Qin Feng saw that she no longer had the strong and domineering expression she did previously, she was just a caring mother that worried about her daughter.

    Everyone has an outer and inner side.

    The exterior is for everyone, while the interior is only revealed before the select few that one truly trusts.

    How pitiful is a parent's heart!

    "Little Qin, can you understand Auntie? ...I love that girl Chen-chen too much!"

    Mother Li cried. She let go and cried until her sobs fell silent.

    Qin Feng hadn't seen his own mother since he was really young, and he suddenly saw deep motherly love in Mother Li.

    "Auntie, don't worry, Chen-chen will definitely be very happy. A beautiful and capable girl like her is a treasure these days!" Qin Feng's eyes were slightly red. He reached out and helped wipe the tears off Mother Li's face.

    Mother Li cried for a good while before her emotions stabilized. She stood suddenly and said with a smile: "Aiya... I've made a fool of myself. I'm so old and I'm still crying. Alright, your words earlier made Auntie feel reassured. I hope you can live happily and blessedly with Chen-chen!"

    "Let's go, breakfast is ready, let's eat."

    The atmosphere at breakfast was a bit heavy because everyone knew it was time to part.

    After the meal was over, Li Yu Chen hugged her parents with red eyes. After saying parting words, she walked out the door with Qin Feng.

    "Chen-Chen, Little Qin, you have to live happily, and come home often when you have time." After seeing Qin Feng had already started the car, Mother Li's eyes moistened as she yelled.

    Father Li was not good at expressing himself, but long after Qin Feng's car disappeared from sight, Father Li continued to sit on the large rock at the entrance. He smoked silently and unconsciously made the subtle motion of someone brushing their tears.
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