Chapter 221 - Do You Have a Cold?

    Chapter 221 - Do You Have a Cold?

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    Sky City, Su Family Mansion

    In the middle of the spacious lobby, two groups of people sat separately filling in the left and right sides.

    These two groups of people were members of Sky City's Su Family and members of the Capital's Wei Family.

    Based off their serious expressions and the current cold atmosphere, the conversation between them was not going well.

    A middle-aged man sat in the uppermost part of a row on the left side. He was large, tall, and facial hair covered his face. From the exterior, he looked a bit like Li Kui. [TLN: Li Kui is a muscular and dark-skinned character with a reddish-yellow unibrow and fiery eyes from the Classical Chinese Novel Water Margin.]

    He was called Wei Feng Nian, and he was Wei Xiao Lei's father.

    "Miss Su, I personally came all the way from the capital to your home, so this should adequately express our Wei Family's sincerity. This time, I came regarding my beloved son Wei Xiao Lei's mysterious death. At the time, Miss Su just so happened to be racing at Coiled Snake Mountain, so if something happened, please give this old man any leads you have. If the leads are useful, the Wei Family will naturally compensate your Su Family."

    Wei Feng Nian came to the Su House for one reason: to find out who killed his son and Williams.

    The person sitting on the uppermost seat on the right side was a dignified and virtuous woman. She was so beautiful she could topple cities and states, and her refined face didn't have too much makeup. Just natural, simple makeup was enough to make onlookers unable to peel their eyes away from her.

    Sky City's moniker for her as the Number One Noble Beauty was extremely apt!

    Not only was she as beautiful as an angel, her bearing and composure were even more enticing. She looked to be a girl of around twenty-five, yet she had this calmness. When facing the incumbent head of the Capital's Wei Family, she didn't possess even a sliver of nervousness.

    A woman with both this kind of beauty and ability was extremely rare!

    "Uncle Wei, I'm really sorry. I did indeed go to Coiled Snake Mountain to race for my own personal reasons that day, but after the race was over, I went straight back to Sky City. I really didn't know a murder occurred that day. Though I really want to help, I have no ability to do so!"

    As Su Qiu Yue spoke, a polite smile stayed on her face. Her gaze towards Wei Feng Nian was neither servile nor overbearing, and she spoke indifferently.

    Wei Feng Nian's face fell slightly because according to the news the Wei Family got from their scout that went to Acropolis City's Coiled Snake Mountain previously, Su Qiu Yue left really late that night. She only left after the other racers left.

    This Su Qiu Yue was clearly lying.

    "Miss Su, is there something you can't say?" Wei Feng Nian's voice became a bit more icy. He looked severely at Su Qiu Yue: "If I didn't have any leads reported back to me, I wouldn't have come to bother the Su Family. Why must you hide something from me? Are you not going to give this old man some face? You should understand my pain from mourning for my son."

    Su Qiu Yue really did lie. The moment she opened her mouth, the image of a man floated in her mind: it was Qin Feng.

    That night, she saw Qin Feng kill Wei Xiao Lei and Williams with her own eyes. After that, she even gave Qin Feng the Hundred Year Blood Lotus. She lied because she cared about Qin Feng.

    Conversely, she already used Qin Feng, and she wasn't done using him, so she couldn't confess and turn him in.

    "Uncle Wei, I'm just a little girl, why would I lie to you?" As Su Qiu Yue spoke, her expression didn't change. Her pretty eyes calmly watched Wei Feng Nian. She said: "I have nothing to hide. I really didn't see anything else that night. Otherwise, why wouldn't I do you this favor that would cost me very little, Uncle Wei?"

    Su Qiu Yue's attitude was as clear as before: she knew nothing.

    However, Wei Feng Nian could tell she was hiding something. His gaze immediately turned cold. He tightly squeezed the wooden armrest of the chair, and with a sudden burst of strength, the armrest splintered into dust with a "ka-cha."

    The row of people on Su Qiu Yue's side stood immediately and looked at the people across from them in alarm.

    Then, Wei Feng Nian's people also stood in succession and glared at the Su Family members.

    In an instant, the atmosphere ignited and seemed as if it would explode with one touch.

    Wei Feng Nian didn't bring the Wei Family members to the Su House to incite any discord.

    Though the Wei Family was one of the five most influential families in the capital, since they were in Sky City, this was the Su Family's territory. Wei Feng Nian knew that a powerful dragon could not suppress a native serpent.

    However, he was this perturbed for a very important reason.

    His son Wei Xiao Lei wasn't the only person that died on Coiled Snake Mountain, there was also Williams, a member of a family with special abilities who came from America as a guest of the Wei Family.

    Williams was a well-known figure of the younger generation of the William Family. He was only twenty-four, yet he had special strength abilities.

    After discovering Williams' death, the elders of the William Family were thunderously angry. They placed all the blame on the Capital's Wei Family, demanded that the Wei Family find the murderer within three months, and also that they personally bring his corpse to the William Family.

    Otherwise, the William Family would send people to China and declare war against the Wei Family until it was completely eradicated.

    The Wei Family and the William Family were large families, so if violence really broke out, it wouldn't be good for anyone. This was why Wei Feng Nian placed such importance on the matter. Not only did he had to find who killed his son and take revenge, he also had to give the William Family an explanation.

    "Uncle Wei, I've already said all I could." Su Qiu Yue stood slowly, and her voice was as calm as ever as she said: "If you're using this matter as an excuse to provoke our Su Family, then I won't just sit and watch. Even if the Su Family isn't comparable to the Capital's Wei Family, if the Wei Family wants to oppose us in Sky City, it won't be pleasant for you either."

    Wei Feng Nian expressed his opinion, and Su Qiu Yue expressed her opinion as well.

    Plus, Su Qiu Yue's attitude was even stronger.  She directly put everything out in the open and claimed Wei Feng Nian was intentionally coming to pick a fight.

    Wei Feng Nian was so angry that he clenched his fists so hard they made popping noises. He only had to give the command, and the two sides would be swept into a bloodbath. However, Wei Feng Nian had to clearly consider what kind of results would ensue.

    A while later, Wei Feng Nian sighed, and his fists suddenly relaxed.

    He thought of the outcome, and at the moment, he couldn't accept it.

    "Miss Su, you've misunderstood me. This old man only came here today out of love for his son. Because the son I love is suddenly gone, maybe I was too agitated. I hope you won't take offense Miss Su... Since you really don't know anything about this matter, then I won't linger too long."

    Wei Feng Nian made a compromise. He waved his large hand and took the initiative to walk out the door: "Back to the Capital!"

    "Uncle Li, help me send off my guest!!" Su Qiu Yue said.

    A grey-haired, elderly man walked out and brought the Wei Family members out of the Su Family Mansion.

    Not long after they left, a maid ran out of the inner room. She looked anxiously at Su Qiu Yue and said: "Elder Miss Su, bad news, Master is coughing up blood again."

    "How could this be, didn't we get medicine from the doctor?" Su Qiu Yue's expression changed completely as she immediately followed the maid into the inner room: "Hurry and take me to see!"


    "Older Brother, I can't help feeling that that damn Su girl is hiding something from us. Are we really going to leave just like that?" Wei Feng Nian and his men had just left the Su Family Mansion when a man with a long braid yelled coldly.

    This was Wei Feng Nian's second younger brother, Wei Hao Teng.

    The Wei Elder's main intent in sending the two brothers was to uncover the truth.

    "Then what do you want to do, run back and start a bloody battle with the Su Family? We only brought a couple of people. If we really fought, could you really get back alive?" Wei Feng Nian glared at his second brother and spoke with dissatisfaction.

    "Older Brother, I'm clear on what you said, but we ran all the way here to Sky City, yet we haven't even been here for two hours and we have to hurriedly rush back. I'm not satisfied with the results yet." Wei Hao Teng furrowed his brows and said: "Plus, the William Family gave us a time limit, so we have to hurry and find the culprit, or we'll have to start a war sooner or later."

    Wei Feng Nian suddenly stopped. He was naturally well aware of all the things Second Younger Brother was saying.

    After leaving the Su Family, he kept thinking about his future plans. He looked at Wei Hao Teng and said: "Second Younger Brother, take a couple of people, stay in Sky City, and secretly  monitor the Su Family's recent movements. Since the Su Family Elder didn't show up and let a silly little girl speak with us directly though we came all the way here, I suspect that some problems have arisen within the Su Family.

    "This problem probably relates to the culprit. Help me look into it, and once there's any news, tell me."

    All that Wei Feng Nian said was just his conjectures, but one could tell from this that Wei Feng Nian was pretty shrewd.

    He left his second younger brother in Sky City to continue monitoring the Su Family's situation while he prepared to return to the Capital to use the family's power to inquire about the situation through other channels. By approaching the problem from two angles, he believed that the truth would quickly be revealed.

    "Okay, don't worry Eldest Brother, I will unwaveringly glue my eyes to the Su Family!" Wei Hao Teng said calmly.

    "You four stay and protect Hao Teng, you three follow me back to the Capital!" Wei Feng Nian waved his hand and grandly led the three people away.


    Qin Feng drove Li Yu Chen, and they were already back at Acropolis City. Li Yu Chen exhaled deeply in relief once she saw the blue skies and the roads of Acropolis.

    Yesterday night's ambiguous atmosphere and awkward actions occasionally floated through her mind and her fair face was constantly tinged with red.

    "Qin Feng, just take me to the West Lake Courtyard. I didn't sleep so well last night, and I'll go back first to have a good sleep," Li Yu Chen said to Qin Feng.

    Her voice was a bit hoarse, so Qin Feng asked a bit suspiciously: "General Manager Li, what's wrong with your throat? Did you not cover yourself well with the blanket last night and get sick in consequence?"

    Once he brought up the blanket, Li Yu Chen glared at Qin Feng. Last night, Qin Feng kicked his blanket onto the ground and wormed under her blanket. Two people shared one small blanket, so of course she wasn't covered well.

    However, because Qin Feng's leg was clamped on Li Yu Chen's stomach, there was a heat-preserving effect. Li Yu Chen didn't catch a cold, her throat was hoarse because she yelled too intensely and for too long last night.

    "Aren't you ashamed for saying that? You kicked off your blanket and stole mine, how could I not get sick?" Since Li Yu Chen saw that Qin Feng didn't realize the true reason her throat was hoarse, how would she tell him? That would be deathly embarrassing.

    "So that's what happened." Qin Feng said with seriousness: "Then you're pretty normal General Manager Li. Funny story: I have a beautiful girlfriend and she once woke up with a hoarse throat as well, but it wasn't because she got sick. She shouted for half the night in bed, and forcefully yelled until her throat turned hoarse.

    "Haha... isn't she funny?" As Qin Feng said this, he couldn't help but burst into laughter.

    Li Yu Chen blanched. She knew Qin Feng was talking about her, and she just discovered that she was played by Qin Feng once again.
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