Chapter 222 - Flying Dragon Armour Fusion

    Chapter 222 - Flying Dragon Armour Fusion

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    When the car stopped outside the West Lake Courtyard District, every part of Qin Feng's body was pinched ruthlessly by Li Yu Chen.

    "You stupid pervert, I don't want to ever see you again!" Li Yu Chen finally made it home. She gave Qin Feng an angry glare and got out of the car.

    She swore she would never sit in a car Qin Feng drove ever again because once you sit in his car, you'd feel like jumping out every second. However, Qin Feng drove too quickly, so you wouldn't have the guts to jump out.

    "General Manager Li, see you tomorrow!"

    "Hope your cold gets better soon. Otherwise, your hoarse voice will make me think of other things!"

    Qin Feng waved with a jolly laugh, and with a beautiful drift, the car flew out again.

    Li Yu Chen stomped her high heels harshly, and was so angry that she wanted to cry!

    After taking Li Yu Chen home, Qin Feng drove directly back to the Qin Manor.

    The car had just stopped at the Qin Mansion when Qin Feng's phone rang. He took it out to look and found an unfamiliar number.

    "Who is it?" Qin Feng asked as he got out of the car.

    "Is this Big Brother Feng?" An uncertain voice passed through the phone. It was sticky and sweet, and very pleasing to the ear.

    Qin Feng immediately guessed who it was because only Li Xiao Jia called him Big Brother Feng.

    "It's Xiao Jia, isn't it? I'm Qin Feng," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    The cute image of Liu Xiao Jia wearing her school uniform comprised of a white dress shirt and Scotland-striped skirt floated into his mind. Her long, straight legs clad in black stockings created a look of purity with a slither of sexiness.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, how could you forget again? You have to call me Little Sister Xiao Jia, and you have to address me affectionately." After confirming the phone was Qin Feng's, Liu Xiao Jia's intonation suddenly became happy. She wasn't formal with him and treated Qin Feng like he was a big brother from a neighboring household.

    "Little Sister Xiao Jia!" Qin Feng was dumbfounded and exclaimed before asking: "Is something the matter?"

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, today is my birthday. Can you come out tonight to be my escort?" Liu Xiao Jia said with a happy smile.

    Ever since Qin Feng saved her from getting kidnapped that night, Liu Xiao Jia trusted Qin Feng a lot. A table was reserved at the Fei Tian Bar on the pedestrian walkway for her birthday tonight. It was Liu Xiao Jia's first time going to a bar, and she heard bars were kind of messy, but she was very curious to see it.

    Thus, she thought of Qin Feng. As long as Qin Feng was there, she wouldn't be afraid.

    "Okay, where and what time tonight?" Qin Feng hesitated for a moment, then agreed. Since birthdays only happened once a year, he didn't want to disappoint Liu Xiao Jia.

    "Big Brother Feng, you're awesome. Then come to my house tonight at seven and call me when you're here. We'll go together," Liu Xiao Jia said happily.

    "Okay, I'll look for you then!"

    After hanging up with Liu Xiao Jia, Qin Feng arrived at the third floor of the villa and went into his room.

    Qin Feng acquired 2000 Hedonist Points by going to Qingshui town and completing the quest regarding Li Yu Chen getting forced to marry, so he prepared to go into the Hedonist Sovereign System to see if there were any good things he could use.

    Qin Feng climbed onto his bed, opened the Hedonist Sovereign System, and looked into it earnestly.

    With his current External Stage Three and Internal Stage Two abilities, he was considered to be at a cultivation bottleneck. The pills for advancing stages were extremely expensive, and they were all 2000 Hedonist Points. Even if he used all his points to buy pills, it wouldn't be prominently useful.

    Qin Feng had quite a few pieces of equipment and the highest grade was an Orange Grade equipment. It was even more unrealistic to buy equipment with higher grades because Orange Grade equipment in the System were easily over ten thousand Hedonist Points. And there was no point in looking at the Blue Grade equipment, which was a grade higher than the orange, since the worst ones were twenty or thirty thousand Hedonist Points at minimum.

    Qin Feng was in a bit of a difficult situation: he had money in his hands, but nothing he could buy; what he wanted to buy he couldn't afford; and what he could buy wasn't useful to him.

    Qin Feng sighed. He wanted to save his Hedonist Points and wait until he had 3000 Hedonist Points so he could buy the Wind Blade Technique and wait until he reached Internal Stage Four and could use the Wind Blade Technique. At that time, his abilities would have a qualitative breakthrough.

    "Master, I would advise you to spend your 2000 Hedonist Points. It'll be a while until you cultivate up to Internal Stage Four, and it would be really wasteful to buy the Wind Blade Techniques and be unable to use them," Little Pig's voice was heard.

    "Master, you're now a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal, and you've spent a total of 6500 Hedonist Points. If you spend these 2000 Hedonist Points, your total spendings would amount to 8500 Hedonist Points.

    "Once you've spent 10000 Hedonist Points, you can become a Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal and the System will award you three free lottery chances... Every time Master uses the chances, you get good items, so I'd advise Master to hurry and spend points to achieve 10000 in spendings and enter the drawing."

    Once Little Pig brought this up, Qin Feng remembered that the System had Hedonist rankings. With a higher rank, more System features could be unlocked and he'd be able to buy even more godly equipment.

    If Qin Feng remembered correctly, after reaching Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal, he'd be able to activate the wuxia interface and buy various equipment and medicine used by wuxia characters. Just thinking about it got Qin Feng excited.

    "Okay, I'll spend these 2000 Hedonist Points first, then my total spendings would reach 8500 Hedonist Points. I just need to complete a couple of quests, gain 1500 Hedonist Points, spend them, and I'd be able to raise my Hedonist Rank and gain three free lottery chances."

    Qin Feng made his decision, but Little Pig continued to speak.

    "Master, then I'd advise you to look at the fusion interface. When you became a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal, the fusion function was opened. In the past, Master fused quite a few pets, but you haven't fused equipment, pills, or anything else."

    Qin Feng opened the fusion function and entered the fusion interface.

    Currently, the highest equipment grade Qin Feng possessed was Orange. He thought it would be awesome if he could fuse a Blue Grade equipment. However, once he saw the fusion price of fusing an Orange equipment into a Blue one, he immediately changed his mind.

    One fuse was 2000 Hedonist Points, and the fusion success rate was only 33%. He had to add various gems of different properties to increase the rate, and each of these gems were pricey.

    He couldn't fuse a Blue equipment, so Qin Feng's gaze fell on the Orange equipment fusions once more.

    Fusing White equipment into Orange equipment once costed 1000 Hedonist Points, and the success rate was 43%. It also needed some gems to increase the fusion success rate, but other equipment of the same grade could also raise the success rate.

    Qin Feng hesitated for a while, then placed the Flying Dragon Armour and the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade into the fusion function. The Flying Dragon Armour was the equipment needed to be fused, and the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade was the supplementary item used to increase the fusion success rate.

    System Announcement-

    The current fusion requires 1000 Hedonist Points. Fusion success rate: 98%. With the fusion, the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade will disappear, additional functions will be added to the Flying Dragon Armour, and the Flying Dragon Armour will upgrade from a White Grade equipment to an Orange Grade equipment.

    Would you like to fuse?

    After adding the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, the fusion success rate rose from 43% to 98%, so Qin Feng was very satisfied.

    He wanted to use the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade to improve the quality of the Flying Dragon Armour because the large Crescent Moon Blade wasn't to Qin Feng's taste. Even if he left it in the System, he wouldn't use it, so keeping it was a waste.

    Now he could use it to upgrade the Flying Dragon Armour, so this was the only way to bring out its usefulness. Since the Flying Dragon Armour was a godly training equipment, and had protective abilities, if it could be upgraded, it could help speed up Qin Feng's cultivation and protect him.

    It was quite necessary to strengthen and upgrade this piece of equipment.


    Under Qin Feng's command, a large furnace appeared in the fusion function, and the Flying Dragon Armour and the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade fell into the furnace. After a minute, a new Flying Dragon Armour with orange light slowly rose out.

    Flying Dragon Armour

    Equipment Grade: Orange Top Grade Equipment

    When equipped, adds 250 kilograms onto the Host's body, helping the host train at all times and quickly break through his body's limits. Once removed, the Host will burst out with unfathomable speed.

    Announcement: The Flying Dragon Armour is created with the cartilage of a spirit beast. Its innate capabilities are to protect the body and increase the speed of breaks through bodily limits. When fused, it absorbed the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, which is made of mainly Winter Iron. With the addition of Winter Iron, it will feel cool and comfortable and make the wearer clear and invigorated, allowing them to always be in a first-rate battle condition.

    Qin Feng was very satisfied with the description of the fused Flying Dragon Armour.

    His gaze fell on the new Flying Dragon Armour on the bed. It no longer had a faint white light, and currently exuded flashes of a dim orange light. He placed his hand on the Flying Dragon Armour and could feel gusts of wintry air, making Qin Feng instantly alert.

    The altered Flying Dragon Armour didn't only have Winter Iron properties, the most important was that his defense abilities could be increased a lot. Also, the weight also went from 150 kilograms to 250 kilograms.

    Ever since Qin Feng broke through to External Stage 3 and Internal Stage 2, he thought the Flying Dragon Armour was light and didn't make much of an effect on his training. Now that it was 250 kilograms, it matched Qin Feng's current strength.

    Qin Feng picked up the Flying Dragon Armour from his bed and immediately put it on. The sudden additional 250 kilograms was no joke. In the beginning, Qin Feng wasn't quite used to it. However, after performing a set of Thunder Tiger Fists, he was mostly used to the new weight of the Flying Dragon Armour.

    At the same time, he could feel that under the new weight on his body, he was quickly changing and cultivating himself. It was clear that the speed at which Qin Feng was cultivating his body increased once again.

    Qin Feng was very satisfied with the Flying Dragon Armour's fusion. After calming down again, he looked into the System's fusion interface once again. He still had 1000 Hedonist Points, and he needed to find items to spend it all.

    The fusion function was split into many pages including creature fusion, equipment fusion and forging, medicinal fusion, technique fusion, talisman creation and instrument fusion, etc.

    Qin Feng had not used a good number of the pages, and his attention was currently on the talisman creation and instrument fusion pages. Qin Feng was quite interested in creating talismans.

    Usually, he often saw cheats on the street writing various talismanic words on yellow paper saying it could heal hundreds of illnesses, drive away ghosts and subdue demons.

    In the past, Qin Feng thought these things were just to fool people, but now that the System had these things, he believed in them very much.

    He opened the talisman creation and instrument fusion pages. There were various premade talismans: Cleansing Talisman, Fireball Talisman, Invisible Talisman, See-Through Talisman, etc.

    After seeing the See-Through Talisman, Qin Feng suddenly thought of when he was facing Feng Tian Hua in the Royal Hotel. Qin Feng could have used the See-Through Talisman to see which room he was in. However, he still spent 50 Hedonist Points to buy the See-Through Talisman.

    When Qin Feng saw how cheap these items were, he quickly looked up other talismans and found the others were more expensive. Most of them were 100 Hedonist Points or more.

    "Master, the prices are lower for these talismans because they are one-time use items, and after they are used, they disappear. You can also look at the instruments." Little Pig said: "Instruments are different from weapons, they typically use passive attacks. Each instrument has their own specialty, and most are used to protect the body or increase its resistance. The prices are reasonable and the quality is evident." Little Pig said.
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