Chapter 223 - Instruments

    Chapter 223 - Instruments

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    The instruments had a great variety of strange capabilities. There were instruments that cleansed the spirit and calmed the heart, those that regulated the qi and blood flow and strengthened health, and those with protective attacks that could autonomously defend the body in times of danger...

    After comparing the large number of instruments closely, Qin Feng chose two worth 500 Hedonist Points.

    One was an instrument to be gifted to Lin Bei Bei called the "Blood Flow Bracelet." It was a bracelet made up of ocean blue beads that Qin Feng didn't know the name of which were strung together. Wearing it would regulate qi and blood circulation and prevent blood from getting clotted in the veins.

    Because he knew Lin Bei Bei's temporary paralysis was due to an obstruction in blood circulation, this instrument would clearly be very helpful to her.

    After buying the Blood Flow Bracelet, Qin Feng bought a "Soul-Cleansing Necklace" for Zhao Ling Xian. It was a necklace made of light green beads that would refresh the wearer and suppress fright.

    Qin Feng hadn't seen Zhao Ling Xian in a while, and he thought often about the girl. Since he grew up with her and they were childhood sweethearts, one could say that Zhao Ling Xian had an irreplaceable spot in his heart.

    He was prepared to take some time to call on Uncle Zhao and gift this Soul-Cleansing Necklace to Zhao Ling Xian. That girl had such a princess syndrome that she was always cold, aloof and easily angered.

    Qin Feng thought to give her the necklace because he hoped it could stabilize her emotions.

    According to the System's description, other than their particular special capabilities, these two instruments also had a one-time defense mechanism. If the wearer was in danger, the instrument would produce a light and deflect the danger.

    However, since they were inexpensive instruments, they only had a one-time protection capability. After they were used, the instruments would automatically disappear.

    After upgrading the Flying Dragon Armour and buying two instruments, the 2000 Hedonist Points Qin Feng gained were completely spent. He put away the two instruments and practiced his Thunder Tiger Fists in the room until his body became completely accustomed to the 250 kilogram Flying Dragon Armour. After, he showered, washed away all of his sweat, then slept on his bed.

    Who knew how long later, Qin Feng's cell phone rang.

    He looked at the notification and saw that it was Liu Xiao Jia. Then, he looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was already seven o'clock. He agreed to be at her building to pick her up at seven.

    "Big Brother Feng, you huge liar, why aren't you here yet? Wahh... don't tell me you forgot something as important as your Little Sister Xiao Jia's birthday?" Liu Xiao Jia's wronged complaints passed through the phone.

    Qin Feng was swept with awkwardness and immediately wore his clothes: "Little Sister Xiao Jia, I'm on my way. Wait ten minutes and I'll be there for sure."

    After going downstairs, Qin Feng drove out his extremely cool black Batmobile. This car was left in the Qin Manor garage for over a month because ever since he got his low-key 28" bicycle, he didn't think it was worth driving.

    However, tonight was Liu Xiao Jia's birthday, so Qin Feng thought he should drive a better car to pick her up and help her keep up appearances.

    It had been a long time since he drove this black Lamborghini, but when he began driving again, not only was driving it again not unfamiliar, Qin Feng even felt as though he became one with the car.

    Ever since he got the Intermediate Racing Skills in the lottery, he never drove his own car to perform racing techniques. Now, with his extraordinary driving skills and his awesomely cool supercar, as Qin Feng drove along the busy street, every place he passed he would arouse shock from the surrounding cars.

    Ten minutes later, the black Batmobile formed a black shadow and accurately stopped below the villa Liu Xiao Jia lived at.

    He had just gotten out of the car when he saw a little girl dressed prettily puffing her cheeks and squatting a bit unhappily at the villa entrance.

    This cute girl was naturally Liu Xiao Jia. By the looks of it, she was in a bit of a bad mood because Qin Feng was late.

    She wore a pink mini dress tonight, revealing her long and fair legs. She also wore rainbow cotton socks up to her calves, giving the viewer an unnamed allure.

    Liu Xiao Jia also wore a red Hello Kitty clip on her short, glossy, raven-black hair. Her large eyes looked to the ground, and her long and thick eyelashes blinked twice every so often. She had light pink eyeshadow on her eyes that formed a vivacious and mischievous feeling and deep red lipstick on her little lips that made her look a bit like a vampire.

    A pair of chubby little hands held a twig and drew circles on the ground.

    She drew while quietly complaining: "I curse Big Brother Feng to step on dog poo right when he walks out the door!"

    After hearing Liu Xiao Jia's complaints, Qin Feng almost stumbled and fell. He laughed as he shook his head and walked up to her. He lightly touched her beautiful fragrant hair and said: "Little Sister Xiao Jia, you look pure and cute on the outside, but who knew you were so evil internally? You're actually cursing your Big Brother Feng behind his back? That's not the behavior of a good child!"

    When Liu Xiao Jia heard Qin Feng's voice, she first excitedly jumped up to hold his arm. Then, she seemed to suddenly remember something and angrily pushed Qin Feng away as she complained: "Big Brother Feng, you were actually late on such an enormously important day? You've really disappointed Little Sister Xiao Jia. My classmates are all waiting there for me, I would feel so embarrassed to be late."

    After Liu Xiao Jia stood, Qin Feng was able to clearly see her face. Qin Feng jumped in shock when he saw how mature and sexy she made herself look.

    "Xiao Jia, why did you make yourself look this way?'

    "Big Brother Feng, does it look good?" Liu Xiao Jia suddenly took Qin Feng's arm and looked expectantly at him.

    Qin Feng looked closely and considered Liu Xiao Jia. This originally pure and cute little girl put on makeup to make herself look mature and sexy, but she was still a little girl that had not yet experienced society, so even if she put on even more makeup to hide her age, her clear, lovely eyes would still reveal her purity in an instant.

    The current Liu Xiao Jia was a little sprite that was full of pureness with a hint of sexy charmingness.

    "You look very good. Little Sister Xiao Jia will definitely be the most beautiful princess tonight." Qin Feng smiled as he tapped Liu Xiao Jia's nose.

    He wasn't opposed to Liu Xiao Jia dressing up. He knew that little girls Liu Xiao Jia's age would secretly wear adults' high heels and dresses and secretly use their makeup.

    This was the result of the very normal curiosity of a little girl that looked forward to growing up.

    It was because she had this curiosity and forward-looking desire in life that she would be so youthful and energetic. It made one feel jealous.

    "Big Brother Feng, you have great taste!" After getting complimented by Qin Feng, Liu Xiao Jia's anger completely disappeared, and she took the initiative to hug Qin Feng's arm.

    Qin Feng took Liu Xiao Jia into his Batmobile and said with a smile: "Little Sister Xiao Jia, do you like this car?"

    After sitting in Qin Feng's cool racecar, Liu Xiao Jia's mouth dropped open in shock. She looked at Qin Feng in a daze and said: "Wow! Big Brother Feng, where did you rent such a cool racecar? It has to be thousands of yuan to rent this car for a day."

    Qin Feng's lips quirked, and he looked at Liu Xiao Jia with dissatisfaction as he said: "This car isn't rented!"

    Liu Xiao Jia's pleasantly surprised expression turned into one of horror. She looked anxiously at Qin Feng and said: "Big Brother Feng, you didn't steal this car, did you? It's my birthday today, don't get me in trouble!"

    Qin Feng wanted to kick Liu Xiao Jia off the car. It was rare that he drove his supercar out to show off, so why was it that no one appreciated it? If he knew earlier, he would have just rode the 28" bicycle over.

    It seems that that vehicle was to Liu Xiao Jia's taste.

    "Xiao Jia, where are we going to celebrate tonight?" Qin Feng was too lazy to explain the car situation, so he switched the topic to the task at hand.

    "Big Brother Feng, tonight my friends and I agreed to go to the Fei Tian Bar. I'm really excited, it's my first time going to a bar... Big Brother Qin, have you been to bars before?'

    Once Qin Feng heard "Fei Tian Bar," his lips twitched. How could he not have gone before? That bar was his.


    Qin Feng hadn't gotten the chance to finish his sentence when he heard Liu Xiao Jia speak excitedly while waving her arms and legs: "Big Brother Feng, I've heard that those that like going to bars aren't good people, but I'm also really curious about the environment inside so I looked for Big Brother Feng to accompany me there on my birthday. I also hope that Big Brother Feng can be my escort tonight... Big Brother Feng, the first time I saw you, I thought you were a dependable person. I'm sure you've never been to a bar before either, so this princess will take you to experience it. Big Brother Feng, you'd be basking in some of my spotlight."

    "Haha, yeah, I've never been to a bar, I'm a good person!" Qin Feng said with a laugh as he forcibly swallowed what he was about to say.

    "Big Brother Feng, let's hurry and leave. You have to drive such a cool supercar faster, I want to feel the thrill." Liu Xiao Jia lifted her arms and looked impossibly happy.

    Qin Feng smiled lightly, helped Liu Xiao Jia put on her seatbelt, and stepped all the way down on the gas pedal. The black Lamborghini Batmobile shot out. In the dusk-yellow lights, it was like a black apparition that came and went without a trace!

    "Wow! It's fast, really fast!"

    Liu Xiao Jia was young and really excited by this kind of thrilling racing. She was also extremely trusting of Qin Feng so she wasn't like the other women that rode in Qin Feng's car who were extremely frightened. Liu Xiao Jia had an expression of excitement and enjoyment.

    "Big Brother Feng, can you drive a little faster? I can feel the car about to fly, and I'm going to become a flying superhuman."

    "That's easy enough, but you have to sit properly, don't hit your head." Qin Feng smiled and went even faster. The deep rumbling of the car was like a flood beast that shook so much it trembled the ground a bit.

    "Haha, it's really going to fly. Big Brother Feng, I'm really happy!" Liu Xiao Jia was elated the whole way.

    At this time, she suddenly and excitedly hugged Qin Feng's neck, then kissed his cheek.

    The little girl's lips were moist and soft, and the touch felt very wonderful. After getting kissed, the still-wet saliva lingered on Qin Feng's face.

    "Xiao Jia, what are you doing? I almost flipped the car." Qin Feng was caught off guard and really almost crashed the car into a tree. At this time, he glared at Liu Xiao Jia.

    Liu Xiao Jia stuck out her tongue mischievously. When Qin Feng saw the cute pink tongue and Liu Xiao Jia's silly and cute expression, Qin Feng really wanted to stop the car, firmly press down on this little girl's body and wildly kiss her little tongue.

    However, he suppressed his urges because Liu Xiao Jia was too young.

    "Haha... Big Brother Qin Feng, your current expression is too fun!" Liu Xiao Jia clearly wasn't frightened by Qin Feng's fake anger, she even giggled and pointed at Qin Feng's cheek that was just kissed.

    Qin Feng looked into his rearview mirror and noticed a mark from Liu Xiao Jia's little lips. He was about to scold Liu Xiao Jia when he felt a pair of exquisitely soft little hands touch his face.

    "Big Brother Feng, don't be angry, Little Sister Xiao Jia will help you wipe off the lipstick right now and it'll be okay!"

    Liu Xiao Jia's hands were as soft as a baby's skin, and it felt very nice on Qin Feng's face. Evil thoughts arose in Qin Feng's head once again as he thought if the hands were used to...

    They wildly sped the whole way. Qin Feng only drove for fifteen minutes and the car then stopped outside the entrance to the Fei Tian Bar.

    It was already seven thirty, which was when the bar's business was slowly burgeoning. One could see quite a few young men and women heading into the bar in groups of three or four.

    After parking the car, Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia got out of it.

    "Big Brother Feng, I'll call my classmates and see if they've arrived." Once Liu Xiao Jia got out of the car, she pulled out her phone and made a call.

    She spoke into the phone for a while, then hung up and smiled at Qin Feng: "Big Brother Feng, they're already in the bar, let's go in."

    Qin Feng couldn't be more familiar with the Fei Tian Bar. Once he entered, he acted as casually as if he returned home. On the other hand, it was Liu Xiao Jia's first time in a place like this. Once she entered, she was startled by the loud bass-filled music. She covered her ears and looked curiously around her.

    The bar was too boisterous. Young men and women filled the dance floor and looked like out-of-control wild horses as they crazily twisted their bodies.

    The kids Liu Xiao Jia's age were a bit rebellious and were very curious about new things. She hadn't been in the bar for very long but had already adapted to the atmosphere. To a girl that was outgoing and enjoyed liveliness like Liu Xiao Jia, this wild and lively atmosphere was clearly to her taste.

    "Xiao Jia, here here!"

    The two hadn't stood at the doorway for very long when someone inside called Liu Xiao Jia's name. Liu Xiao Jia looked over and noticed her classmates sitting there. She immediately and excitedly tugged Qin Feng's hand and ran over.

    They passed through the dance floor and arrived at a VIP table. Qin Feng saw a group of boys and girls sitting around a crystal table. They were all Liu Xiao Jia's classmates.

    These students in their last year of middle school were not older than fifteen or sixteen, but they dressed like they were in their twenties. The girls all wore bright and beautiful dresses and looked pretty and sexy, while the men wore white dress shirts and slacks and looked handsome and gentlemanly. [TLN: In China, middle school is split into junior and senior middle school that spans from grades seven to nine and grades ten to twelve respectively. To make things simpler, I refer to them as middle school and high school respectively.]

    The scene was as previously described.
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