Chapter 224 - Why is an Outsider Here?

    Chapter 224 - Why is an Outsider Here?

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    Editor: Levs

    Students nowadays dressed as ladies, and ladies dressed as college students.

    "Xiao Jia, you're today's birthday girl and you had the guts to be late? Whatever, whatever, you have to drink three cups of beer as punishment." Once Liu Xiao Jia came over, the students all stood to greet her.

    Qin Feng's gaze swept over them. There were a total of four girls and five guys that came to celebrate Liu Xiao Jia's birthday. The four girls dressed up decently, but were clearly a couple of grades below Liu Xiao Jia in quality.

    Among the five boys, one of them was impeccably attired and had an unordinary aura. His gaze fell on Qin Feng. When he saw that Liu Xiao Jia was holding Qin Feng's hand, an iciness passed through his eyes.

    "Aiya, you bad girl, you know I can't drink and once I come, you punish me to drink three cups of alcohol. Do you want me to play with all of you later?" Liu Xiao Jia let go of Qin Feng, joined the four girls, and hugged each of them in turn. Then, she pulled Qin Feng into the group.

    "Let me introduce someone. Last time when I was almost kidnapped in the middle of the night, Big Brother Feng saved me." Liu Xiao Jia began to introduce everyone.

    "Big Brother Feng, these are my classmates, we usually play well together well."

    All of the gazes fell on Qin Feng, and he was continuously scrutinized from head to toe.

    Among the four girls, a little beauty named Chen Mei Han covered her mouth and began to laugh: "Xiao Jia, I recognize your Big Brother Feng. Last time you put up a Wechat status with this person right?"

    When she mentioned the picture he took with Liu Xiao Jia that was sent to her friend circle through Wechat, Qin Feng's mouth twitched.

    "Not bad, not bad, he's even handsomer in person. It's just that he's much older than us... Xiao Jia, who would've known you were into the uncle-type, I didn't notice it before."

    After being teased by Chen Mei Han, Liu Xiao Jia blushed. However, she didn't try to explain her relationship with Qin Feng and revealed a shy and moving expression, causing the males who saw it to almost lose their senses.

    "Ahem, Little Mei, Big Brother Xiao Bai is still here. Some jokes can't be made so casually." The largest male in the group coughed twice and suddenly stood out to say: "Xiao Jia, it's your birthday today, and everyone who came is one of us, why did you bring an outsider? That's no fun."

    After hearing the fatty's words, Liu Xiao Jia pouted and said unhappily: "Fatty, Big Brother Qin saved me before, so he's one of us now."

    "Xiao Jia, I'm saying this for your own good." Fatty glared at Qin Feng then looked at Liu Xiao Jia again as he said: "We're all classmates of three years, and you've only known him for a week. Who knows if he's a bad person or not and whether or not he has any ill intentions towards you."

    "Fatty, if you keep talking about Big Brother Feng like that, I'm going to get mad!" Liu Xiao Jia's expression became serious. She looked as though she would cut ties with anyone that dared to say bad things about Qin Feng.

    Her friends seldom saw Liu Xiao Jia so serious, and they didn't dare to speak. Four of the five boys looked towards the one with the unordinary aura in unison as though they were waiting for him to speak.

    This person was named Xu Xiao Bai, and he was the boss of the four. He pursued Liu Xiao Jia since the first year of middle school.

    Liu Xiao Jia placed her emphasis on school, so she never accepted Xu Xiao Bai.

    After countless failed confessions, Xu Xiao Bai's patience was long worn out. He just so happened to hear it was recently Liu Xiao Jia's birthday, so he specifically reserved a small gathering place in the bar to help Liu Xiao Jia celebrate.

    In reality, Xu Xiao Bai and his four underlings made a plan: they were going to get Liu Xiao Jia drunk on her birthday tonight. Then, Xu Xiao Bai would get a room with her and turn raw rice into cooked rice. [TLN: The phrase regarding turning raw rice into cooked rice means to make something irreversible. After all, once rice is cooked, it can't be uncooked.]

    However, their plan had just begun when it was thrown into a frenzy by Qin Feng. these underlings didn't dare act out blindly, so they could only wait for their boss to speak.

    "Haha, since he's Xiao Jia's friend, then he's our friend as well!" Xu Xiao Bai suddenly opened his mouth and shattered the awkward atmosphere with a laugh.

    He wore a white dress shirt with slacks, and was tall with handsome and refined features. Just by standing there, he was as handsome as the Prince Charming on a white horse in fairytales.

    "Hello, I'm Xu Xiao Bai, and I'm extremely grateful that you saved my girlfriend Liu Xiao Jia. Nice to meet you!" Xu Xiao Bai suddenly walked towards Qin Feng and spoke with extreme politeness as he extended his hand.

    Qin Feng suddenly retracted the hand he was about to extend. He laughed as he looked at Xu Xiao Bai and asked: "You're Liu Xiao Jia's boyfriend?"

    "Of course, all of the middle school students know this," Xu Xiao Bai raised his head arrogantly as he looked at Qin Feng and replied.

    Qin Feng didn't say anything else. He glanced at Liu Xiao Jia and saw her urgently shaking her head. She even looked disgusted. He then knew this Xu Xiao Bai was delusional.

    "I'll tell you a very hurtful truth: as Xiao Jia's older brother, I don't approve of you being her boyfriend," Qin Feng said indifferently.

    He was dissolute and hedonistic previously, so he saw people extremely accurately. Men like Xu Xiao Bai didn't really like Liu Xiao Jia, they merely coveted her body.

    How could Qin Feng hand Liu Xiao Jia to someone like this?

    "What did you say? If you have the guts, say it again." Fatty suddenly rushed up and looked like he wanted to come to blows with Qin Feng. he yelled: "Don't think that because you're a couple of years older than us I wouldn't have the guts to fight you."

    "Then give it a try!" In the face of a threat from a rookie like Fatty, Qin Feng's expression didn't change at all.

    One wanted to hit someone, and the other wasn't afraid at all.

    The atmosphere immediately became icy and seemed as though it would explode with one touch!

    "Fatty, back down!"

    Xu Xiao Bai waved his hand and blocked Fatty. He smiled at Qin Feng: "You aren't even Xiao Jia's actual older brother, so what use do your words have?

    "I put together this gathering for Xiao Jia, so if you truly want came to celebrate Xiao Jia's birthday, I welcome you. However, if you're here to make a fuss, I have the right to send you away at any time!"

    A strong aura suddenly shot out of Xu Xiao Bai and he glared coldly at Qin Feng. Tonight was his venue, and he had four lackeys with him, so how could he be afraid of Qin Feng who was by himself?

    "Aiya... I almost forgot, this is my present for you, Xiao Jia. Hurry and open it to see if you like it."

    When Chen Mei Han saw the situation going awry, she immediately stood out to alleviate the situation. She took out a pink box and stuffed it into Liu Xiao Jia's hands.

    The remaining three girls also reacted and one by one, they came to give Liu Xiao Jia presents.

    "Xiao Bai, why are you just standing there? Did you not prepare a present for Xiao Jia? Hurry and take it out!" After the four girls gave their presents, Chen Mei Han also told the boys to begin presenting their gifts.

    The five boys could only suppress their anger towards Qin Feng, take out their gifts, and present them to Liu Xiao Jia.

    Liu Xiao Jia's arms were soon filled with presents, and she placed them into a large bag to the side. She smiled at everyone and said: "Thank you all for the presents!"

    The atmosphere became a bit warmer.

    "That's right, everyone sit down. We're all Xiao Jia's friends here to celebrate her birthday, so we have to have fun tonight."

    Chen Mei Han tugged everyone to go sit down, then she placed three cups of beer on the table in front of Liu Xiao Jia. She smiled and said: "Xiao Jia, you were late and I still remember. You can't escape these three cups of beer."

    "Little Mei, you really want to get me drunk? I really can't drink." Liu Xiao Jia hurriedly waved her hands and pushed the cups of beer back to their original spots.

    "Xiao Jia, you're no fun. You're the birthday girl tonight, so if you don't take the lead and drink first, how could we drink happily? You have to drink these three cups for being late, otherwise we won't drink any alcohol tonight. Right guys?"

    At this time, Fatty began to make a fuss. He got Xu Xiao Bai's command right from the beginning regarding tonight's quest to think of ways to get Liu Xiao Jia drunk.

    "That's right, if Xiao Jia doesn't drink, we won't either!"

    "Xiao Jia, we came here especially to celebrate your birthday, you can't be such a party pooper!"

    The remaining boys also began to agree, and they all urged Liu Xiao Jia to drink the alcohol.

    "I..." Liu Xiao Jia couldn't refuse. She opened and closed her mouth and didn't know what to say.

    "Xiao Jia is my little sister, and as her older brother, I'll drink for her." At Liu Xiao Jia's time of adversity, Qin Feng suddenly stood out.

    He lifted the three cups of beer from the table in succession and drank them all in three gulps without the slightest pause in the middle. This powerful drinking aroused startled gasps in the three girls.

    "Wow, Xiao Jia, how did you get this gem of an uncle? How come I haven't found one? Drinking like that is too manly, I'm so jealous that you have such a thoughtful uncle to drink for you!"

    Qin Feng had just put the cup down when Little Mei hugged Liu Xiao Jia's arm and shouted excitedly and continuously. The five boys sitting across from them had extremely ugly expressions.

    "Xiao Jia, if you're like this then I'll be unhappy. How could you let someone else drink for you? We're here tonight for you Xiao Jia, so if you don't even drink with us, why are we even here?" Fatty grumbled again.

    Liu Xiao Jia was a bit embarrassed. She picked up a cup of beer and smiled at everyone: "Thank you everyone for coming here to celebrate my birthday with me, cheers."

    Liu Xiao Jia lifted her head, scrunched her eyebrows and swallowed the repulsive beer. In the middle of drinking, she choked and stopped a fair amount of times. When the whole cup was ingested, tears sprang from her eyes.

    "Okay, nice, Xiao Jia." After Liu Xiao Jia finished drinking one cup of beer, the four lackeys began to applaud. Fatty took this opportunity to stand and bring another cup of beer in front of Liu Xiao Jia: "Xiao Jia, come, big brother will drink a cup with you. If you respect your big Brother Fatty, then let's have a drink."

    After Fatty finished speaking, he didn't give Liu Xiao Jia the opportunity to refuse and already lifted his head and completely downed the cup of beer in his hand. Then, he looked at Liu Xiao Jia with a smile and said: "Xiao Jia, hurry and drink. Don't tell me you look down on your Big Brother Fatty."

    Liu Xiao Jia was in a difficult situation. She thought the beer was absolutely repulsive, but she worried that Fatty would be sad if she rejected him, so she looked helplessly at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng sat beside Liu Xiao Jia, and at this time he shot a slight smile towards her. He suddenly stood, lifted the cup of beer, lifted his head, and swallowed it.

    After the empty cup landed on the table, he looked calmly at the others, smiled, and said: "For all those that want to toast Little Sister Xiao Jia today, I'll drink for her. After you all inebriate me, then you're free to get Xiao Jia as drunk as you wish."
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