Chapter 225 - I Dont Know How to Play

    Chapter 225 - I Don't Know How to Play

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    The expressions of Xu Xiao Bai and his four lackeys darkened. They all exchanged glances and all reached the same conclusion.

    Since this brat Qin Feng was so cocky, they would first get Qin Feng drunk. Once he was trashed, they would clean him up however they liked.

    "Seems that you can really drink? Then these brothers will drink with you until you're satisfied. Come, let's drink from the bottles!"

    Fatty was the most dissatisfied with Qin Feng. He took the lead, picked up a bottle of beer, and guzzled it. He drank first, then Qin Feng did.

    However, Qin Feng finished drinking his bottle a while before Fatty finished drinking his.

    From the grandeur and speed at which the two drank, Fatty already lost to Qin Feng.

    "Wow, Xiao Jia, your uncle can really drink!"

    Qin Feng drank in a confident and easy manner, and he drank beer like plain water. After drinking one bottle, he took the initiative to bring over four more.

    "Don't toast me one by one, you four. It's a hassle, so I'll drink four bottles at once and you can each drink one."

    After speaking, Qin Feng drank bottle after bottle. He was a bit thirsty after going from the Qin Manor to Cloud City Hua Manor to pick up Liu Xiao Jia and then to the Fei Tian Bar.

    At this time, he drank five bottles in a row and felt a lot better!


    The scene caused all those present to gasp.

    They watched Qin Feng drink five bottles of beer in a row with their own eyes, and they were ingested one right after the other without any breathing room in between.

    Also, after finishing five bottles of beer so fiercely, Qin Feng's face remained unchanged. He stood there casually and was even joking with Liu Xiao Jia.

    "Big Brother Feng, will you be okay drinking so quickly?" Though Qin Feng looked fine, Liu Xiao Jia was still a bit worried.

    Qin Feng had just sat down when Liu Xiao Jia pulled out a couple of napkins and wiped beer from the corner of Qin Feng's mouth.

    This action was too loving, and Liu Xiao Jia leaned over, so the milky smell from her body filled Qin Feng's nose. He covertly lowered his head and could look past the collar of Liu Xiao Jia's dress and see the yellow camisole within.

    Though this girl was still young, her chest was still very underripe!

    "Brat, we aren't done drinking, do you have the guts to continue?" After seeing this scene, Xu Xiao Bai was so angry he wanted to die. He directly stood and gave Qin Feng an icy glare.

    Qin Feng lightly grabbed Liu Xiao Jia's little hand that was wiping his mouth, moved it to the side, sat on the chair, and looked indifferently at Xu Xiao Bai. He said: "Of course I have the guts. I'll drink however many bottles you want to drink."

    Qin Feng's voice was calm, but everyone had just seen his alcohol tolerance, so after hearing him say those words, they all thought Qin Feng was bragging.

    Even Xu Xiao Bai and his four lackeys didn't have the guts to directly drink with Qin Feng. They were afraid that even the five of them together wouldn't be able to beat Qin Feng on his own.

    "It's kind of boring to just pick up the bottles and drink, so why don't we drink while playing games?" A playfulness flashed through Xu Xiao Bai's eyes as he spoke while smiling.

    The five of them saw that Qin Feng could really drink, so they were prepared to use the advantage of the game to make Qin Feng lose continuously and make him drink continuously. They didn't believe they couldn't get the brat drunk that way.

    After hearing Xu Xiao Bai's words, Qin Feng internally thought the situation was a bit comical.

    Of course he knew what this stinking brat was thinking. However, Qin Feng was lauded as Acropolis City's Number One Nightclub Little Prince in middle school, and no one could beat Qin Feng in any game relating to betting with alcohol.

    "Games? I don't really know how to play!" Qin Feng had an expression of seriousness as he looked at Xu Xiao Bai and his four lackeys: "Why don't we forget about it? If I don't play well later, I'll spoil your fun."

    Once the five of them heard that Qin Feng didn't know how to play games, they immediately became excited. How could they let Qin Feng go?

    "Brother, it's okay if you don't know how to play, we can teach you. It's very simple, so you'll be sure to learn it right away," Fatty smiled joyfully as he looked at Qin Feng.

    "Is it really simple? I'm kind of dumb," Qin Feng said.

    "If you're dumb, that's perfect!" Fatty was so excited he almost made a slip of the tongue. He immediately checked himself and said: "With these games, the more truthful you are, the more advantageous it'll be for you, it's called 'coping with many changes by being unchanging.'"

    "Right, right, every time these games are played, it's those who don't know how to play that win the most spectacularly, and those that play often like us can't even win."

    After seeing that Qin Feng was about to get caught hook, line, and sinker, the other boys also joined in.

    "Alright, let's hurry and begin. Games are just for fun, winning or losing isn't important."

    "Then let's start playing. Either way, I don't know how to play, so I'll just play blindly," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    "Brother, you really are refreshing. Come come come, let's play the number-guessing game." Fatty cleared off a small part of the table, rolled up his sleeves, and couldn't wait to start playing with Qin Feng.

    "This number-guessing game is really simple. We'll randomly shout numbers from one to ten, and whenever you yell a number, you have to say an auspicious saying relating to the number and stick out the same number of fingers... Alright, let's begin."

    Fatty knew Qin Feng didn't know how to play, so when he explained the rules of the game, he intentionally said them quickly and a bit confusingly. After stating the rules, he didn't ask if Qin Feng understood them and was in a hurry to start competing with Qin Feng instead.

    He clearly wanted to bully Qin Feng, and even Liu Xiao Jia noticed.

    "Big Brother Feng, did you understand?" Liu Xiao Jia hugged Qin Feng's arm and looked at Qin Feng with wide eyes.

    Qin Feng shook his head: "I don't really get it. But it's a game, so I'll get it after a couple of rounds, right Fatty?"

    Everyone's nickname is a source of pain to them.

    Though "Fatty" was a nickname Xu Xiao Bai and his other brothers called him, he actually rejected it initially. Thus, when Qin Feng suddenly called him "Fatty," he was so angry that his face darkened.

    "Okay okay, let's start. I'll go first!"

    Fatty glared coldly at Qin Feng and didn't continue to speak nonsense with him. He wanted Qin Feng to lose completely and drink until he died. Then, he'd throw him into the dumpster outside.

    "May the two of us both be well!"

    "Cool!" [TLN: The number six in Chinese has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word "," which is slang for "cool" in a northern dialect.]

    Fatty and Qin Feng each shouted a phrase one after the other.

    After seeing that a game was going on, other people surrounded them to join in on the excitement.

    Xu Xiao Bai and his lackeys originally thought Qin Feng didn't know how to play, so they were sure that he'd lose after two sayings. However, the two of them shouted over ten sayings, yet Qin Feng still hadn't made a mistake.

    "Seven Fairies!"

    "Eight horses!"

    "One dragon!"

    "May the three stars shine over you!" [TLN: The three stars represent gods of prosperity, status, and longevity.]

    Qin Feng suddenly stopped. He looked at Fatty, who looked like he saw a ghost, and asked with suspicion: "Fatty, you seem to have shouted incorrectly at first? I don't really know how to play this game, so if I'm wrong, you have to remind me. If you're wrong, you can't just trick me and get away with it."

    Fatty was stunned, and so were the four males behind him.

    Fatty was the best at playing the guessing game between the five of them. Very few people among classmates his age were worthy opponents of his. Thus, Xu Xiao Bai had Fatty come out first. He wanted to quickly annihilate Qin Feng immediately and gain face.

    However, Fatty actually lost?

    Even the girls had trouble believing the scene before them. They all thought it was Qin Feng's first time playing the number-guessing game.

    They couldn't really accept the fact that someone who hadn't even completely understood the rules could directly win over the number-guessing game expert Fatty.

    "Haha, I really did lose. I'll drink!" Fatty regained his senses with great difficulty. He picked up a cup of beer from the table and drank it down.

    Once Fatty put down the cup of beer, he lifted both fists and said to Qin Feng: "Come on, let's continue!"

    Qin Feng had just won, but Fatty clearly couldn't accept this. He was certain Qin Feng won due to good luck or a fluke. He immediately restarted the match and was set on ruthlessly slapping Qin Feng in the face.


    "Eight horses!"

    "Aiya! Fatty, you're letting me win on purpose, aren't you? How could you make a mistake right after we started?" Fatty made a mistake right from the beginning in the second phrase.

    Fatty's entire face already turned cold. He wordlessly picked up a cup of beer, drank it, and wanted to continue with the game.

    "One dragon!"

    "May the three stars shine over you!"

    "Drink Fatty, you have to drink again!"

    Ever since the first time Fatty lost, everything spiralled out of control and he kept losing.

    The more he lost, the more unstable his mood became. In the end, once he made a move, he made a mistake, and once he made a mistake, he had to drink.

    This was repeated twenty-something times and Fatty couldn't drink any more. He made an excuse to get up and go to the restroom. In reality, he secretly ran to the restroom to cry because he made a complete fool of himself.

    Once Fatty left, the remaining four people didn't know what to say.

    They suggested the number-guessing game, and now that Fatty left, the remaining four were sure to be next to go against Qin Feng. However, Qin Feng even won against the guessing game expert Fatty, so how could the other four have the guts to play with Qin Feng?

    Even if they were stupider than they currently were, they'd understand that there was no way Qin Feng didn't know how to play the game. This brat was just faking it and was now blatantly showing off.

    "That Fatty left for so long, why isn't he back yet? Why don't one of you continue playing? I suddenly feel that this guessing game is pretty fun." The four across from him said nothing, and Qin Feng took the initiative to speak with a laugh.

    These four immediately scooted away and expressed that they had no interest in playing the number-guessing with Qin Feng.

    "What are you afraid of? This is my first time playing, I really don't even know how to play," Qin Feng said while his gaze swept over the four people.

    Though the four said nothing, they internally cursed Qin Feng several times. They suddenly realized that in front of Qin Feng, any shamelessness they learned previously was superficial.

    "We've already played the guessing game at first, and it's kind of pointless, why don't we play a more interesting game called the 'Dice Rolling' game?" Xu Xiao Bai suddenly spoke and prepared to switch to another game.

    Xu Xiao Bai was very skilled at throwing dice, and he learned it from the professionals at the casino. Currently, he could roll nine big numbers every ten rolls. What that meant was that in ten rolls, he could roll a number over four nine times.

    "Dice Rolling? I also don't know this game. How do you play?" Qin Feng said with a smile.

    Now, every time Qin Feng said he 'didn't know how to play,' Xu Xiao Bai and his men didn't directly believe him. Their gazes preserved a slightly guarded look towards Qin Feng.

    However, Xu Xiao Bai was very confident in his dice-throwing skills. Even if Qin Feng played this before, Xu Xiao Bai wouldn't be afraid. At this time, he already took out the die and tossed it.

    "I'll go first. You can just watch to see how I play and follow."

    While speaking, the die in Xu Xiao Bai's hands was already thrown out. It fell onto the glass table and spun quickly. Slowly, the die stopped. After turning a good number of times, it stopped at five.

    "Five. Big Brother Xiao Bai really is amazing, he could just casually roll and it's a large number."

    "Awesome awesome, Big Brother Xiao Bai is the best!"

    "Haha, this time, I don't believe this brat can still win-unless he stepped on dog ** right when he walked out the door."

    Xu Xiao Bai's three lackeys shouted excitedly. They had expressions that said Qin Feng didn't need to throw the dice and already lost.
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