Chapter 226 - All Sixes

    Chapter 226 - All Sixes

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    The die's largest number was a six. Five was considered a large number, and when Xu Xiao Bai rolled, it was a five. No wonder they were all so excited.

    However, after Qin Feng saw the five, he smiled and shook his head. There was no nervousness or fear on his face. He picked up the die, looked at Xu Xiao Bai, and said, "Pretty Boy, if I roll a six, then I beat you?" [TLN: Qin Feng just added the word "" (pronounced "lian") to "Xiao Bai" to form a nickname for Xu Xiao Bai that means "pretty boy."]

    Qin Feng gave Fatty a nickname, so to be fair, he also gave Xu Xiao Bai a nickname. However, these two clearly didn't like Qin Feng making up names for them. Xu Xiao Bai's originally fair and clear face darkened.

    "You think it's that easy to roll a six? How laughable!" Xu Xiao Bai glared at Qin Feng disdainfully.

    The way Qin Feng spoke earlier made it seem as though it was easy to roll a six, and this made Xu Xiao Bai and his lackeys unhappy.

    "I think it's really easy!" Qin Feng said with a smile.

    "Hmph, I've seen some arrogant people, but I haven't seen someone as ignorant and arrogant as you. Since you're so cocky, do you have the guts to play with me and see who can roll the highest number?" Xu Xiao Bai asked Qin Feng while looking at him with disdain.

    "What's there to be afraid of?" Qin Feng countered with a smile.

    "Okay, then let's play big. If you roll a six this time, I'll drink six cups of beer. If you don't get a six, then you drink six cups."

    Xu Xiao Bai was thoroughly angered by Qin Feng. He thought he was the saint of acting grand, but today he found someone who surpassed him in acting skills. To protect his name, Xu Xiao Bai was prepared to stake everything against Qin Feng.

    "Do we really have to do this? I feel like it's a bit unfair," Qin Feng said a bit apprehensively.

    "If you think it's unfair to you, then don't lie. And if you don't have the guts, don't be cocky. You'll only be a joke in the end." Xu Xiao Bai glared disdainfully at Qin Feng.

    It wasn't only Xu Xiao Bai who felt this way; everyone sitting there thought this game was unfair to Qin Feng.

    It was Qin Feng's first time playing this game, so how could he roll a six right away? That would be completely based on luck. The odds of Qin Feng rolling a six was one in six, and the odds of rolling anything else was five in six.

    Calculated this way, Qin Feng only had one-sixth of a chance at winning, while Xu Xiao Bai had five-sixths of a chance-this was five times Qin Feng's probability of winning.

    This game was clearly unfair to Qin Feng!

    However, Qin Feng didn't think this way. He already opened his mouth indifferently, "Pretty Boy, I think you're mistaken. I think this game is a bit unfair to you!"


    Once Qin Feng said this, everyone gaped.

    They really didn't know where Qin Feng got his confidence. Even Liu Xiao Jia looked at him with doubt and amazement.

    Regarding the number-guessing game earlier, as long as your brain was agile and your reaction speed was fast, you could take hold of a win. However, this die-rolling game seemed to be based on luck. No matter how good Qin Feng's luck was, could he roll a six so easily?

    "Big Brother Feng, do you want to consider this a bit more?" Liu Xiao Jia couldn't really continue watching. She tugged on Qin Feng's arm and warned him quietly.

    This subtle movement was captured by Xu Xiao Bai, and he was so angry that he slammed his hand on the table and yelled, "Your elder doesn't think this game is unfair to me. Let's cut the talk. Hurry up and begin rolling the die."

    "Alright, then I won't go easy on you!" Qin Feng looked at Xu Xiao Bai with a happy smile and extended the die in his hand towards Liu Xiao Jia. He said to her, "Xiao Jia, you're my goddess of luck tonight. Blow some fairy breath here and this die will roll out a six."

    "Big Brother Feng, I'm afraid blowing on it won't help." Liu Xiao Jia looked shyly at Qin Feng.

    "Just blow and we'll find out whether or not it's useful!" Qin Feng continued to speak.

    Liu Xiao Jia hesitated, then pursed her lips and blew into Qin Feng's hand. Qin Feng immediately grasped the die in his hand and said earnestly, "Next is the time to witness a miracle!"

    As he spoke, he tossed the die in his hand.

    The die fell onto the table and began to spin rapidly. However, it continuously spun on the table on one point, and didn't move in any other direction. This was because Qin Feng also specifically learned this die game, so his control was extremely meticulous.

    One could tell just from the way the die balanced, moved, and spun after it fell on the table that Qin Feng's technique was superior.


    The die spun for close to half a minute before it came to a stable stop. Six blinding red dots fell into their gazes. It was not any more or less; it was exactly six.

    Everyone gasped as they were once again startled by Qin Feng's mysterious abilities.

    On the other hand, Xu Xiao Bai was pitifully pale. He was so angry that he couldn't speak.

    "Wow! It really is a six. Big Brother Feng, it really is a six!" Liu Xiao Jia was the most excited because this was the die on which she blew her fairy breath.

    And her fairy breath seemed effective because Qin Feng really did roll a six.

    "Of course, a die that Little Sister Xiao Jia blew her fairy breath on has to roll a six." Qin Feng patted Liu Xiao Jia's lovely raven hair and smiled as he spoke.

    "Pretty Boy, six cups of beer. If you can't drink it all, I'll help you!" No one had yet come back to their senses from their shock when Qin Feng already began telling Xu Xiao Bai to drink.

    "No need!"

    Xu Xiao Bai glared coldly at Qin Feng. Even if his stomach bled, he wouldn't let Qin Feng help him.

    This was a matter of face.

    Under the surveillance of the audience, Xu Xiao Bai downed six cups of beer in a row and drank them gulp by gulp. Xu Xiao Bai's alcohol tolerance was much worse than Qin Feng's. After he ingested six cups of beer, his face became slightly flushed and his words slurred a bit.

    "Brat, do you have the guts to try again? Still rolling die, still a six, and still the same rules!"

    Xu Xiao Bai was infuriated by Qin Feng. He didn't believe that Qin Feng could really control the die, and believed that Liu Xiao Jia's breath caused the six even less.

    He felt that the six was merely due to Qin Feng's luck.

    "Ai... As an upstanding and kind person, I won't play this unfair game too much. However, seeing how much fun you're having and that you're crying, making a fuss, and begging for me to play with you, then I'll reluctantly accept," Qin Feng said with seriousness.

    Xu Xiao Bai's lips twitched, and he said unhappily, "When did I cry, make a fuss, or beg you?"

    Qin Feng's expression was one of suspicion. "You didn't? Then forget it, I won't play anymore!"

    Xu Xiao Bai immediately felt a stab of pain, and he almost spit out a mouthful of blood. He clenched his teeth, was quiet for a bit, then spoke, "I did. Hurry and roll the die."

    Qin Feng thought Xu Xiao Bai's stormy expression was funny. He picked up the die on the table again and said to Liu Xiao Jia, "My Goddess of Luck, give me another puff of fairy breath."

    Liu Xiao Jia was a little shy to be called a Goddess of Luck by Qin Feng in front of so many people. She blushed and nodded, then blew a fairy breath into Qin Feng's hand.

    However, even Liu Xiao Jia didn't believe the six was related to her breath; she only felt that Qin Feng had good luck. After blowing, she smiled and said, "Big Brother Feng, this time it won't be certain that you'll roll a six, so don't expect too much!"

    "How could that be? Little Sister Xiao Jia is the Goddess of Luck, so whenever you blow, it's useful."

    Qin Feng laughed, waved his hand, and the die fell onto the table and spun.

    When everyone's gazes were focused on the spinning die and waiting for it to stop, Qin Feng had a lascivious smile and peeked covertly at the provocatively-dressed beauties on the dance floor.

    He didn't even care about the die because five years ago, he could already roll a six with every roll.

    This game was child's play to Qin Feng.

    "Six, it's six again!" someone suddenly shouted in shock.

    The die already stopped and fell with six dots on top without suspense.

    Everyone's expressions changed. They were much more startled than the first time Qin Feng rolled a six.

    If one were to say that Qin Feng's prior result was due to luck, then how would they explain this result?

    Their gazes fell on Liu Xiao Jia's face in unison and began to wonder if Liu Xiao Jia really was the Goddess of Luck.

    The Goddess of Luck Liu Xiao Jia couldn't help but shout, "How mysterious. It's too mysterious!"

    She excitedly hugged Qin Feng's arm, and her body shook uncontrollably. Qin Feng felt a softness brush his arm several times, and it felt really great.

    "Impossible. How is that possible? This is too f*cking strange!"

    After seeing the six blinding red dots, Xu Xiao Bai roared internally. He couldn't accept this reality. After all, he had prepared to slap Qin Feng's face with his four lackeys tonight.

    As a result, he was getting slapped resoundingly by Qin Feng right now.

    "Aiya, how could a six come up on top again? I'm a little embarrassed to win again. I was originally thinking how good it would be if I lost a round. Ai... One's strength doesn't match one's ambitions!"

    Qin Feng saw the six dots on the table and smiled casually. "That's right. Pretty Boy, it seems that you lost again so you have to drink six more cups of beer. Forget it, forget it. Don't drink this time. It seems that you're reaching your alcohol limit, so if you drink any more, you'll get drunk."

    What men hate the most is being told they can't drink-this is particularly true of students still in school like Xu Xiao Bai.

    "Who said I can't drink? Your elder is going to drink right now!"

    Xu Xiao Bai endured the uncomfortable churning in his stomach, lifted six cups of beer from the table, and began to drink wildly. After the six cups were ingested, he felt his whole body become light and airy. However, he still maintained consciousness and glared at Qin Feng.

    "Brat, would you dare go another round? Still dice, still a six." Xu Xiao Bai completely gave his all against Qin Feng. He still didn't believe in this demon.

    Qin Feng was shocked by Xu Xiao Bai's behavior. He thought to himself, "So there are still these kinds of idiots in the world!"

    "However, if I lose this time, my friends will drink six cups of beer for me," Xu Xiao Bai suddenly added.

    The expressions of his three lackeys darkened. They thought to themselves, "Bro, if you're going to be crazy, can you not drag us into it?"

    Though they endlessly complained internally, they didn't dare disobey their boss's words, so they could only stand up one by one.

    "I don't mind," Qin Feng said casually.

    "We...don't mind, either!" Xu Xiao Bai's three lackeys gritted their teeth and responded.

    Thus, Qin Feng picked up the die again, had Liu Xiao Jia blow a fairy breath onto it, tossed it, and said, "Don't be in a hurry. I'm going to roll three times at once. If it's a six all three times, each of you three will drink six cups. You'll each have companions, and it'll be more flavorful to drink."

    Once they heard Qin Feng's words, these three lackeys protested inwardly. They looked as though they were doomed to drink six cups of beer, and their expressions were as ugly as if they had eaten sh*t.


    "Still six!"

    "F*ck, how is it six again?"

    Liu Xiao Jia blew on the die for all three rolls, and each time, a six ended up on top.

    When the four girls saw this, they were so shocked, they were speechless. Liu Xiao Jia was so excited that her face flushed. If no one else was there, she would have pounced on Qin Feng, pushed him over, and harshly kissed his face once to express her joy.

    At this time, Xu Xiao Bai was so angry that he wanted to kill someone. He even picked up the die and examined it in detail. The die couldn't have a six on all sides, right?

    However, after earnestly looking it over once, Xu Xiao Bai realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the die. This Qin Feng was clearly a freak!

    "Ai... I'm really sorry, I originally really didn't want to toss a six, but even when I rolled casually, it was a six. I'm a little apologetic."

    When Qin Feng saw that Xi Xiao Bai and all his men looked like they had eaten sh*t, Qin Feng laughed and said, "Forget it, forget it. Don't drink the beer. We came here to have fun and celebrate Xiao Jia's birthday. We're all friends, so there's no need to care about face like usual. Plus, even if it's embarrassing, no outsider would see it."

    Qin Feng said Xiao Bai's three lackeys shouldn't drink. But once these words were spoken, the three lackeys felt that they had to finish the six cups of draft beer, even if they drank themselves to death.

    The three clinked their glasses and drank down cup after cup.

    After each drank six cups of beer, the three of them felt the need to vomit, so they covered their mouths and ran away.

    "Hey, where are you three going? Why are you running away once I come back?" At this time, Fatty had just returned from the restroom. He didn't know about the die-rolling and shouted when he saw the three people rush away.

    "Fatty, bring everyone to sit in the room we reserved. I have to go to the restroom as well, and I'll look for you in the room later." At this time, Xu Xiao Bai was in no mood to stay, so he found an excuse to leave.

    He left the VIP table and walked toward the large dance floor because he saw a familiar face there. This person was Older Brother Buck-teeth, a big hooligan who played in the streets.

    When Xu Xiao Bai saw Big Brother Buck-teeth, the dark expression he had all night finally relaxed. He was prepared to get Big Brother Buck-teeth to help him take care of Qin Feng.
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