Chapter 227 - Heartbeat

    Chapter 227 - Heartbeat

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Big Brother Buck-teeth, you're here to have fun tonight as well!" Xu Xiao Bai walked onto the dance floor, twisted his body to the rhythm of the music, arrived beside Buck-teeth, and greeted him with a smile.

    "So it's Xiao Bai. You students have quite a night life nowadays. Did you bring schoolgirls to play with again?" When Buck-teeth saw Xu Xiao Bai, he grinned vulgarly.

    The two had met while clubbing at the Fei Tian Bar. Xu Xiao Bai's family had some money, and he met Brother Buck-teeth often and bought him and his brothers drinks. Gradually, the two of them became friends at a mercenary level.

    "I'm here to celebrate a classmate's birthday tonight." Xu Xiao Bai first made some small talk with Buck-teeth, then got to the real business: "Big Brother Buck-teeth, want to bring your brothers to sit in our room?"

    "Are there a lot of schoolgirls there?" Buck-teeth smiled wretchedly, revealing a mouth full of rotten yellow teeth.

    "Five female students came tonight. One of them is a girl I have my sights on, but the other four you are free to play with, Big Brother Buck-teeth." Xu Xiao Bai tossed some bait and continued to speak, "However, the girl I have my sights on brought a man, and he isn't easy to deal with. Can you help step in for me and ruthlessly clean up the stinking brat, Big Brother Buck-teeth? It would be best if you could beat him up and send him running."

    Once Buck-teeth heard that there were schoolgirls to hit on, that he could drink all he wanted for free in Xu Xiao Bai's reserved room, and that he only needed to take care of one person, of course he was happy. He immediately agreed.

    "Cleaning up people is your Big Brother Buck-teeth's specialty. Let's go. Your big brother will stand up for you and kill this blind, stinking brat."

    "Okay, okay, then sorry to trouble you, Big Brother Buck-teeth!" After Big Brother Buck-teeth agreed, Xu Xiao Bai's face was immediately filled with smiles.

    When he had seen Big Brother Buck-teeth fight at the Fei Tian Bar before, Big Brother Buck-teeth seemed so fierce. Big Brother Buck-teeth had been alone, holding an empty beer bottle, smashing the heads of three strong men, and making them bleed.

    Also, Big Brother Buck-teeth seemed to know Fei Tian Bar's boss. Xu Xiao Bai was sure that if Big Brother Buck-teeth stood up for him, even ten Qin Fengs would be inadequate.

    "Why are you so polite with your Big Brother Buck-teeth?" Buck-teeth sent a couple of glances around the dance floor, took Xu Xiao Bai's arm, and walked off the dance floor. "Xiao Bai, are the girls you brought tonight decent-looking?"

    Once Buck-teeth walked off, four lackeys immediately followed behind him.

    "Don't worry, Big Brother Buck-teeth, they're all middle school girls, and they're each fresher than the next!" Xu Xiao Bai said with a smile.

    "Good man. Then let's hurry and go to the private room. We don't want to keep those little girls waiting."

    Fei Tian Bar: a grand private room

    At this time, Fatty brought Qin Feng and the rest inside. Qin Feng and the five girls sat in a row, talking and laughing.

    Fatty sat alone on another sofa. He was so angry that his face was ferocious and trembled continuously.

    "Xiao Jia, do you really need to stick by your precious uncle for 24 hours? I just say a couple of things to him and you glare at me."

    "Xiao Jia, you value your lover more than your friends!" Chen Mei Han laughed and teased Liu Xiao Jia when she saw her tightly clutching Qin Feng's arm.

    Tonight Qin Feng showed a startling alcohol tolerance and mysterious number-guessing and die-rolling abilities. These four girls were fickle when it came to love and their hearts rippled. Plus, Qin Feng was handsome to begin with and his aura was unordinary, so the four girls chatted him up unconsciously or otherwise.

    Originally, no one knew Qin Feng, and tonight he suddenly became the focal point.

    This situation worried Liu Xiao Jia a little. She was worried Qin Feng's resistance to their enticement would be too low and he'd be tricked away by those sisters of hers.

    "When did I value a lover more than my friends? D-Don't keep talking to Big Brother Feng. Isn't Fatty sitting there? You all usually love sticking with Fatty." Liu Xiao Jia pouted and purposely leaned into Qin Feng's embrace as she spoke without showing weakness.

    The four girls instinctively looked toward Fatty. Fatty immediately sat up straight and shot a sweet smile at the four girls.

    "Aiya, Fatty is our good sister, and we can only talk to him and pass him off as a man when there aren't men around. Tonight, there's a handsome uncle, so who'd want to continue listening to him boast blindly?" Chen Mei Han also pouted and acted cute.

    The other three girls immediately nodded and approved of Chen Mei Han's words. One after the other, they also made their cutest expressions at Qin Feng.

    Fatty had just sat up, but he instantly fell limp. The forced smile on his face suddenly froze. He felt as though he was suddenly shot in the chest with an arrow.

    Qin Feng was surrounded by all kinds of flowers, and every flower was budding and underripe. He lifted his hand, then put it back down as he struggled to decide whether or not he wanted to touch the bodies of these middle schoolers and concern himself with their health and their physical development.

    "Ah! Xiao Jia, where is your relationship with that uncle of yours at?" Chen Mei Han sat beside Qin Feng. Her gaze inadvertently fell on Qin Feng's hand and she shouted in surprise.

    Due to the sound, the other three girls and Fatty looked over, and their expressions instantly changed drastically.

    They discovered that Qin Feng's hand was on Liu Xiao Jia's long and fair leg beneath her skirt.

    "It's a habit, it's a habit!" Qin Feng reacted, immediately pulling his hand away and smiling awkwardly at the spectators.

    He was used to touching Xu Ruo Rou's thigh at work, so he couldn't help but touch Liu Xiao Jia's leg. In retrospect, the little girl's skin was soft and tender, and felt like water.


    When Chen Mei Han and the rest heard Qin Feng's explanation, their mouths suddenly twitched.

    They had weird looks on their faces and reconsidered Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia. They clearly misunderstood them; at this time, they made guesses. The two of them couldn't have slept together already, could they?

    "Uh, I'm going to sing!"

    Liu Xiao Jia didn't understand how the word "habit" could have come out of Qin Feng's mouth. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

    However, Liu Xiao Jia didn't explain. She shyly stood and ran to the song-selection machine to choose a song.

    Liu Xiao Jia was publicly acknowledged as the school's Goddess of Song. Her voice was clear and sweet, and there usually were very few opportunities to hear her sing. Now that Liu Xiao Jia took the initiative and offered to sing a song, the four other girls in the room fell quiet and waited to listen carefully to Liu Xiao Jia's moving singing voice.

    "The upcoming song 'Heartbeat'... is for the unordinary you on this unordinary night!" [TLN: The song Liu Xiao Jia is singing is Leehom Wang's "Heartbeat" or "Xin Tiao."]

    Liu Xiao Jia quickly chose a song and glanced a bit shyly toward Qin Feng, then glued her eyes to the lyric prompter in preparation for singing earnestly.

    Her words were originally meant to thank Qin Feng for suddenly appearing and saving her the night she was kidnapped, but the four girls and Fatty clearly misinterpreted her words.

    You want to argue with me, but I'm not that bored.

    You don't know how to apologize, and I'm not that smart.

    I really want to return to our starting point.


    But in spite of myself, it has appeared in my chest

    How many question marks can we fit into two hearts?

    How many tears does love make us cry?

    Your eyes are filled with beauty, it takes away my heartbeat

    Your gentleness is so close, it takes away my heartbeat

    Reverse time to the beginning, can I get one second?


    The graceful melody and clear and sweet sound made the audience in the private room fall quiet. The noisy music outside and the wild, out-of-control crowd seemed disconnected from them.

    Time stopped and only heartbeats remained.

    The dusk-yellow lights fell on Liu Xiao Jia's delicate and charming face, and she brimmed with youth. Qin Feng could clearly see Liu Xiao Jia's features: her eyebrows, eyelashes, and even every little hair on her face.

    When Liu Xiao Jia took breaths in between lines, every time her chest rose and fell, her breaths produced fragrant air. The soft pink tongue revealed when she opened her mouth...

    There were still a lot of underripe and enchanting parts and feelings that were brought over by the song "Heartbeat." They passed into Qin Feng's body like the sounds of nature and slowly melted him.

    Qin Feng's gaze was glued to Liu Xiao Jia. He had the urge to rush onto the stage and hug her tightly, then kiss her passionately under the soft light and beautiful melody.

    This feeling was extremely intriguing; it made Qin Feng relive the taste of youth and his first love!


    The door to the private room was suddenly kicked open, and the lovely atmosphere was similarly shattered.

    Xu Xiao Bai walked in first, and five young hooligans around 24 or 25 years old followed behind him.

    Your eyes are filled with beauty, it takes away my heartbeat

    Your gentleness is so close, it takes away my heartbeat

    Reverse time to the beginning, can I get one second?


    Liu Xiao Jia's singing was too enchanting. She ignored the sudden intrusion and remained standing on the stage with her eyes closed as she sang softly.

    Buck-teeth and his four lackeys that had just entered stopped abruptly. Their gazes turned to the stage in unison and onto the body of Liu Xiao Jia, who stood under the light.

    The eyes of the five men instantly gleamed.

    She wore a white dress shirt, short flowery skirt, thin and slender legs with rainbow socks. Her body was slender, straight, and full. A yellow camisole could be seen faintly beneath the white shirt, forming a youthful and attractive form.

    Liu Xiao Jia's raven-black, supple, and evenly cut short hair fit her cute and lively personality very well; her high nose bridge made her look multiracial; and her long and thick black eyelashes fluttered in the light. And her every blink tugged on Buck-teeth's and his men's heartbeats.

    At their first glance of Liu Xiao Jia, the five men only had one urge-to get on her, ruthlessly get on her!

    "Brother Xiao Bai, you're back!" Fatty immediately stood in greeting when he saw Xu Xiao Bai return bringing other people.

    At this time, not only were Buck-teeth and his men entranced by Liu Xiao Jia's singing, Xu Xiao Bai was also in a daze.

    Xu Xiao Bai only came to when he heard Fatty's shout. He laughed awkwardly. "Haha, I bumped into a familiar face on the dance floor. Let me introduce him to everyone.

    "This is Big Brother Buck-teeth. He's a big brother with power in Acropolis. These are my classmates. We're here to celebrate Liu Xiao Jia's birthday, and she's the one singing on stage."

    Xu Xiao Bai first introduced Liu Xiao Jia, the girl he had his sights on, to Buck-teeth. What he meant was, "Other than this girl, you can play with the rest however you like." A coldness flashed across his face. He pointed at Qin Feng and said, "Big Brother Buck-teeth, this is the friend Liu Xiao Jia brought. In a bit, play with him well."

    Xu Xiao Bai had a playful smile as he spoke. Buck-teeth's gaze had already fallen on Qin Feng. He noticed that Qin Feng was tall, skinny, fair, and soft, and looked like a pushover that couldn't fight, so he didn't care about Qin Feng. His gaze returned to the singing Liu Xiao Jia on stage.

    "Xiao Bai, this is the girl you've set your sights on tonight? She's awesome!" Buck-teeth rubbed his chin, and a slight and unconcealed vulgar gaze arose in his eyes.

    When he saw Liu Xiao Jia singing and dancing on stage, he wanted to rush up, press her onto the stage, and play with her harshly.

    "Big Brother Buck-teeth, this girl is our school's number one beauty, and I've waiting three years to take her. I have to get her tonight, no matter what." Xu Xiao Bai didn't notice yet that Big Brother Buck-teeth had taken a liking to Liu Xiao Jia. At this time, he covertly pointed at the four girls sitting on the sofa and smiled. "Big Brother Buck-teeth, those four schoolgirls are also pretty good. You can choose!"
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