Chapter 228 - Older Brother is an Islander

    Chapter 228 - Older Brother is an Islander

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    After Xu Xiao Bai introduced everyone, Big Brother Buck-teeth and his men sat on the sofa in succession. At this time, Xu Xiao Bai's lackeys, who had gone to the restroom to vomit, came back as well. The private room was instantly filled, and it was clearly much more boisterous.

    Liu Xiao Jia finished singing "Heartbeat," and she had sung so earnestly that she hadn't noticed Buck-teeth and his men. After getting off the stage and noticing five additional people in the private room, she was a bit shy. She lowered her head and walked to Qin Feng's side. She neared him and quietly sat down.

    "Bravo, bravo! Your singing is too good!" Liu Xiao Jia had just sat down when Buck-teeth clapped and gave a toothy grin. He said to Liu Xiao Jia, "Beauty, you have a heavenly voice. You've wronged your talent by not becoming a singer.

    "My name is Wang Hei. The people in the streets call me Brother Buck-teeth. It's an honor to meet a beauty like you. Come, let's have a drink!"

    Buck-teeth raised two cups of beer and extended one toward Liu Xiao Jia as if he was prepared to begin picking her up.

    This scene stunned Xu Xiao Bai. He purposely told Big Brother Buck-teeth about Liu Xiao Jia earlier; could Big Brother Buck-teeth have mistaken her for someone else?

    "My apologies, I don't drink!" Liu Xiao Jia didn't know Buck-teeth, so how would she drink with him? She waved her hands in rejection.

    Buck-teeth's expression dropped slightly, and he said with some unhappiness, "Little Beauty, what do you mean by this? Are you looking down on me, Big Brother Buck-teeth? I'll have you know that this big brother isn't just boasting in front of you, my name is famous far and wide in the streets, and my power can cover the sky. I'm a big deal!"

    Liu Xiao Jia couldn't take it when she saw Big Brother Buck-teeth's mouth full of yellow teeth and smelled the stench of his breath as he spoke. She didn't know how to refuse Buck-teeth. Just then, she felt a pair of large hands lightly tug her behind a body to shield her. Afterward, she heard Qin Feng's calm voice.

    "Brother Big Yellow-teeth, we don't see many 'Islanders' in society anymore. Could you tell me which island you live on?"

    "F*ck, what did you call your elder, stinking brat?" Buck-teeth didn't care if Qin Feng asked about some 'island' or 'street'; once he heard Qin Feng call him Big Yellow-teeth, Buck-teeth was so angry that he jumped up.

    "You're saying that your elder has big yellow teeth? Look here, are my teeth yellow?" Wang Hei opened his mouth and stared at Qin Feng with extreme seriousness.

    Since he had a mouth full of buck teeth, he was nicknamed "Big Brother Buck-teeth." Wang Hei didn't really accept the nickname, but after his brothers called him this so many times, he could only quietly accept it.

    Now, once Qin Feng stepped in, he directly shouted the ruthless nickname "Big Yellow-teeth," so how could Buck-teeth not be angry? At this time, he wanted to smash a beer bottle on Qin Feng's head.

    Chinese people are all creatures with a strong sense of curiosity. When Buck-teeth opened his mouth to exhibit his teeth, all the people in the private room looked over.

    They all didn't know what to say when they saw Buck-teeth's extremely crooked and rotten teeth that were turning a bit black.

    Qin Feng also looked earnestly at Buck-teeth's teeth, then shook his head and said seriously, "I'm really sorry. Looks like I really did see wrongly at first.

    "Uhm, Big Black-teeth, you still haven't responded to my question: which 'island' do you live on?"

    Big Black-teeth?


    After hearing Qin Feng's new nickname for Big Brother Buck-teeth, the spectators suppressed their laughter with all their might until their faces turned completely red. Even Buck-teeth's four lackeys were tickled by Qin Feng. Qin Feng's nickname described their boss's teeth too accurately.

    "Stinking brat, I'm warning you, you better not speak so carelessly. When this elder gets mad, even I get afraid!" Buck-teeth glared coldly at Qin Feng. Then, he suddenly thought of Xu Xiao Bai's assignment. Other than coming to pick up girls, it just so happened that he also had to harshly teach this brat Qin Feng a lesson.

    At this time, Buck-teeth already put on a fierce expression. He looked disdainfully at Qin Feng and asked, "Stinking brat, which street do you hang out on?"

    "I don't live on the island, but I know two friends that hang out on the island," Qin Feng said with a light smile.

    Buck-teeth was trying to figure out Qin Feng's background, so when he heard that Qin Feng knew people on the "streets," his expression changed slightly. He feigned nonchalance and said, "So you also have friends on the streets, brat. Why don't you tell me who? Maybe I've hung around with your friends before."

    "I don't think so." Qin Feng shook his head and said, "My two friends are long-term inhabitants of the island and live reclusive lives. Even if I told you, you might not know them. One is called Guo Jing, and the other is called Huang Rong." [TLN: Guo Jing and Huang Rong are characters from the famous wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes.]

    "That's right. I'm not sure if you've heard of the island they live on, Brother Big Black-teeth. It's called Peach Blossom Island?" Qin Feng said while looking at Buck-teeth with seriousness.

    All the people in the room suddenly forgot to breathe. They stared stupidly at Qin Feng and thought about what he said.

    Very soon, someone understood. Qin Feng was intentionally teasing Buck-teeth: he switched hanging out "on the streets" into hanging out "on the island." [TLN: "Street" and "island" have the same pronunciation in Chinese, but use different tones.]

    A couple of seconds later, laughter arose in the private room. They couldn't hold it in any longer.

    "What are you laughing at? What the f*ck is so funny?" Buck-teeth was the last one to regain his senses, and once he did, he burst out yelling.

    When the private room fell quiet again, Buck-teeth glared fiercely at Qin Feng and shouted, "Stinking brat, you have the f*cking guts to mess with your elder? Let me show you the consequences of messing with your elder!"

    Buck-teeth was extremely angry about actually being played by a twenty-year-old brat. He picked up an empty beer bottle and aimed at Qin Feng's head.

    "Ah... Big Brother Feng, be careful!" Liu Xiao Jia was sitting beside Qin Feng and was so frightened that she covered her mouth and shrieked.


    The empty bottle fell, producing a large crunch.

    However, it didn't fall on Qin Feng's head; it smashed directly into Buck-teeth's forehead.

    The beer bottle shards covered the ground. Some small pieces of glass stuck to the top of Buck-teeth's head, and streaks of blood already began flowing down his forehead.

    "Stinking brat, now do you know how amazing your elder is? If you dare provoke your elder again, I'll kill you!"

    Buck-teeth didn't realize what happened because he was certain he'd smashed the bottle toward Qin Feng. He didn't know the bottle ended up falling on his own head, so he was there hooting at Qin Feng.

    This scene shocked all of the people in the private room.

    In particular, Liu Xiao Jia's classmates who saw Buck-teeth for the first time got to expand their horizons today. So the bosses on the streets used self-damaging methods to scare other people.

    "Aiyo! Why does my head hurt a bit? F*ck, who's f*cking blood is this?" Over ten seconds after the bottle's impact, Buck-teeth finally felt that something wasn't right.

    The gash on his forehead was quite severe, and he noticed the blood streaming down by his eyes.

    "F*ck, Tiger Cub, Little Three, did you see who the f*ck hit your elder at first? He smashed and damaged this elder's head, so I'm going to kill him!"

    After confirming his head had been hit by someone, Buck-teeth immediately pulled out a tissue and wiped his wound while shouting. His four lackeys looked at Buck-teeth with strange expressions. They hesitated and wondered if they should tell their boss the truth.

    "F*ck your mom, it was you, wasn't it? You did it, you brat!" Buck-teeth quickly directed his anger back toward Qin Feng.

    The bottle was supposed to whack Qin Feng's head earlier, but Qin Feng was fine. On the other hand, his own head was split open. He finally understood what happened.

    "I didn't do anything. I was standing here the whole time," Qin Feng said and shrugged while looking at the malevolent Buck-teeth.

    Buck-teeth was also dubious because he hadn't seen Qin Feng move, yet his head was already broken. This was a huge embarrassment. Buck-teeth couldn't care too much; he picked up another empty beer bottle and aimed at Qin Feng's head again.

    "F*ck your grandfather, your elder said you moved, so you f*cking moved. If you dare make a move on your elder, I'll let you know why flowers..."


    Buck-teeth hadn't finished shouting his insults when the sound of an empty beer bottle shattering was heard.

    Then, Buck-teeth's howl of pain echoed in the room. The empty bottle in his hand smashed into his head once again.

    The audience gasped.

    This time, everyone paid attention to Big Brother Buck-teeth's movements. They were certain that Qin Feng really didn't do anything; all they saw was that Buck-teeth initially aimed at Qin Feng's head, but when he was not even five centimeters from Qin Feng's head, he suddenly switched directions and fiercely whacked his own head.

    This frightening skill was truly an artistic achievement.

    The people present couldn't help but think that if they were the person standing across from Buck-teeth, the instant they saw the empty beer bottle flying at them, they'd be sure to fall to their knees and beg for mercy.

    "Brother Big Black-teeth, have you practiced acrobatics on the island? Your bottle-smashing skill is a real eye-opener!" Qin Feng watched the stunned Buck-teeth and couldn't help but mock him.

    Of course he'd moved earlier, but he'd acted as quick as lightning, so normal people couldn't see it clearly.

    "Haha! I did indeed learn some acrobatics in the past, and since I knew it was this little beauty's birthday tonight, I just showed a bit to everyone for some fun and to enliven the atmosphere... but this skill is something I practiced hard for five, six years to obtain this result, so don't try and copy me. You all haven't gone through professional training, so if you hit your head directly, it'll break." Big Brother Buck-teeth suddenly burst into laughter.

    He wasn't a fool. After getting attacked twice, he already noticed something was fishy.

    He knew Qin Feng must have done something in the middle; otherwise, there was no way he could have attacked Qin Feng yet have the beer bottle end up hitting his own head. After these two instances, Buck-teeth had a preliminary taste of Qin Feng's skills. This was clearly a very formidable opponent.

    Buck-teeth had already decided to switch tactics. He couldn't face Qin Feng head-on, so he was prepared to use other methods to attack him and ruthlessly clean him up.

    "Haha, Big Brother Buck-teeth really is humorous. Don't be afraid everyone, Big Brother Buck-teeth was just joking with us. Come, let's give Big Brother Buck-teeth a toast.

    "He used his life to joke, so he's worth our respect!"

    Xu Xiao Bai couldn't understand what Buck-teeth was doing, but at this time, he took the initiative to form a compromise.

    The others slowly recovered from their astonishment. They all raised their glasses and drank a cup of beer together.

    After ingesting the alcohol, Buck-teeth wiped his head clean of blood with a napkin. It was just a flesh wound, and it wasn't that serious.

    "Little Beauty, did you like Big Brother's performance at first?" After fixing up himself, Buck-teeth returned his attentions to Liu Xiao Jia.

    Having put on makeup tonight, Liu Xiao Jia looked young and inexperienced with a hint of charm and allure. Any male who saw her would want to harshly love her. A vulgar and lascivious man like Buck-teeth couldn't resist this kind of allure.

    "I-It was okay!" Liu Xiao Jia replied faintly out of politeness.

    Buck-teeth immediately smiled and leaned a bit closer to Liu Xiao Jia after seeing that he was able to start a conversation with her. He raised a beer glass to her and said, "Little Beauty, you're really beautiful. Why don't you go for walk with Big Brother and I'll take you out for a spin later? What do you think?

    "Did you see that black Lamborghini Batmobile parked at the door? That's the ride Big Brother drove here tonight. Do you know why the rich like driving this kind of convertible sports car?"

    Big Brother Buck-teeth smiled vulgarly at Liu Xiao Jia and said, "Because you can lie in the car for a joyride and shake the car as well. Doesn't it seem exciting just thinking about it?"
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