Chapter 229 - You Cheated

    Chapter 229 - You Cheated

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    Editor: Vampirecat


    Liu Xiao Jia was just in the middle of drinking orange juice. After she heard Buck-teeth's words, she sprayed the mouthful of juice onto his face. The yellow liquid also contained plump pieces of fruit.

    The image was too beautiful; they all couldn't bear to keep watching!

    Liu Xiao Jia couldn't take it because Buck-teeth's bullsh*tting technique was so skillful that he could forcibly lie about owning Qin Feng's car. The most crucial thing was that when he was bullsh*tting, he had a proper, serious, and earnest expression.

    Liu Xiao Jia felt that Buck-teeth thought his own words were the truth, so what other people thought didn't matter to him.

    "Haha, it's okay, it's okay. You must have been startled after hearing that I drove a Lamborghini Batmobile worth over 10 million here tonight." Big Brother Buck-teeth wasn't angry, even though his face was sprayed completely with juice, because Liu Xiao Jia drank the juice, so it carried a fragrant smell.

    After discovering Buck-teeth's shamelessness, Liu Xiao Jia pursed her lips and didn't want to speak with him. It was clearly Big Brother Feng who drove the car over, yet this person had to say it was his. He was really brazen.

    "Wow, Big Brother Buck-teeth really is amazing, driving a Lamborghini supercar. That's a car only a rich person could afford." Buck-teeth's four lackeys all stood up and praised him.

    These four followed Buck-teeth around all day, so how could they not know Buck-teeth's background?

    How would he have the money to buy a Lamborghini? The van he drove here tonight was something he'd bought through clenched teeth a couple of days ago. Because the vehicle's quality was so low, he was too embarrassed to drive it in broad daylight. He only took it out for a spin in the dead of the night, when there weren't a lot of people around.

    "You four brats just need to follow with me well in the future, and sooner or later there'll be a time when you'll be able to buy a sports car too!" Buck-teeth was very satisfied with the quick-wittedness of his four lackeys.

    They played along and acted quite convincingly. Liu Xiao Jia's four female classmates began looking at Buck-teeth with stars in their eyes.

    "Big Brother Buck-teeth, you really are young and promising. Can you take us to see this Lamborghini supercar later? I've only seen it in pictures on the internet, but I've really never seen one in person."

    "Me too, me too. In a bit, I want to sit in the Lamborghini, take pictures of myself, and send it to my friends."


    The four girls shouted and danced for joy. Buck-teeth really enjoyed the feeling of this kind of bullsh*tting. He thumped his chest and promised solemnly, "That's simple enough. When we go outside later, you can all take turns taking pictures in the car. You can take them however you want. Don't be polite with your Big Brother Buck-teeth."

    "Right now, we're here to celebrate this little beauty's birthday, so let's drink to our hearts' content. What do you all say?"

    Buck-teeth had good control of the atmosphere. He boasted randomly and was able to win over four of the schoolgirls in the room.

    When Xu Xiao Bai and his lackeys saw this unique technique for picking up girls, they worshipped him to no end.

    "Little Beauty, come, let's have a drink. This time, don't reject your big brother." Buck-teeth took advantage of the heightened atmosphere and extended another cup of beer toward Liu Xiao Jia.

    Liu Xiao Jia saw that the others drank, so she couldn't find a reason to refuse. She was in the midst of hesitating and wondering what to do when Qin Feng took the cup of beer.

    "Brother Big Black-teeth, so you like drinking, huh? Then I'll drink with you. It just so happens that these little students can't drink. I'm really glad that someone that can drink is now here!" Qin Feng held Liu Xiao Jia's cup of beer and spoke while looking happily at Buck-teeth.

    When Buck-teeth saw Qin Feng interfere again, he really wanted to smash another bottle toward Qin Feng, but once he thought about the still-present dull ache on his head, the intent was instantly dismissed.

    He had second thoughts about the situation, then a good idea suddenly occurred to him. He had just been worrying about how to deal with Qin Feng, and now Qin Feng himself suggested they should drink, so Buck-teeth was elated.

    He was a regular at the large bars in Acropolis every night, so he had acquired quite the alcohol tolerance long ago. He was also an experienced player of number-guessing, rolling dice, poker, and other games. With his abilities, how could Buck-teeth be afraid of Qin Feng?

    This truly made him want to laugh until his crooked and rotten teeth fell out!

    "Brat, you really want to have a drink-off with me?" Buck-teeth looked at Qin Feng with an expression of rumination.

    Qin Feng laughed lightly, "We can try it out."

    "Okay, then I'll drink with you until the end!" Buck-teeth smiled mysteriously. "But let's not just drink from the bottle; that's too boring. How about this: let's play games while drinking? Whoever loses will have to drink as punishment.

    "Number-guessing, rolling dice, playing poker, arm wrestling, you name it!"

    Buck-teeth had just finished speaking when the mouths of Liu Xiao Jia and her classmates twitched and they suddenly had the urge to smash themselves into a wall.

    They had just seen Qin Feng's prowess in number-guessing and rolling dice. Now that Buck-teeth took it upon himself to challenge Qin Feng, the scene was too comical.

    "Brother Big Black-teeth, you really want to play these games? I don't really know how to play!" Qin Feng looked at Buck-teeth with a smile.

    "You don't know how to play? Then we really have to play. I'll teach you. It's really simple, and I guarantee that you'll get it right away," Buck-teeth said excitedly. He wanted to play even more because Qin Feng didn't know how to play.

    However this scene was all too familiar. In particular, when Xu Xiao Bai and his four lackeys saw it, they felt as though they were suddenly and brutally stabbed in the heart.

    They watched the scene and seemed to see themselves in the extremely dumb Buck-teeth. At this time, they knew how deeply Qin Feng had tricked them.

    "Uh... Big Brother Buck-teeth, why don't we not play games and just drink?" Xu Xiao Bai couldn't continue watching and stepped in to suggest this to Buck-teeth.

    "Not play?" Buck-teeth clearly misunderstood Xu Xiao Bai's meaning. He awkwardly shook his head and said, "Then let's not play since even Brother Xiao Bai deems the games too unfair. And I also would feel bad bullying this guy."


    After hearing Buck-teeth's words, Xu Xiao Bai and his lackeys couldn't help but spit out whatever was in their mouths. They once again saw in Buck-teeth how stupid and idiotic they were earlier.

    "Let's forget about number-guessing, rolling dice, and playing poker. They seem a bit complicated and I'm afraid I won't understand them... Why don't we arm-wrestle? This is simple and I know how to play," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    He had just played the number-guessing and dice-rolling games with Xiao Bai and his lackeys, so he didn't want to use those two games to teach Buck-teeth a lesson.

    Even when it came to boasting and face-slapping, Qin Feng still had to be choosy!

    Buck-teeth's gaze swept over Qin Feng. He saw that Qin Feng was tall and thin, and his skin was fair and soft. He clearly wasn't the kind of brat that was very strong, so Buck-teeth immediately agreed. "Okay, then let's arm-wrestle!"

    They decided to arm-wrestle. Everyone emptied a table and had Qin Feng and Buck-teeth sit face-to-face.

    Liu Xiao Jia was a bit worried about Qin Feng. She followed Qin Feng and stayed by his side. In the end, she hugged his free arm and sat down.

    Qin Feng and Buck-teeth clasped hands and each sat on separate sides of the table. They were ready to start at any time. Qin Feng glanced at Liu Xiao Jia and suddenly said, "Xiao Jia, sit a little farther away. Hey, Rooster-head? Sit beside me and be the judge. Otherwise, if I win later, you'll say I cheated."

    Qin Feng selected a guy with a cockscomb hairstyle-the tuft of hair atop his head was dyed red. At this time, after suddenly getting called upon by Qin Feng, the guy walked over with a dark expression.

    If he could, he would have used his tuft of red hair to skewer Qin Feng to death.

    "Stinking brat, are you ready? Can we start?" Cockscomb sat beside Qin Feng and glared coldly as he spoke.

    "Yup!" Qin Feng's expression chilled, and he suddenly became serious.

    "Alright, then let's begin!" With Cockscomb's command, Buck-teeth turned earnest and was about to use all his strength to defeat Qin Feng instantly when he heard Qin Feng's sudden shout.


    "What now?" Cockscomb asked unhappily.

    "Brother Big Black-teeth, don't we need to trash-talk each other before we begin?" Qin Feng said while looking seriously at Buck-teeth.

    Buck-teeth's expression darkened. He wanted to rush up and use his crooked teeth to bite Qin Feng to death. He glanced coldly at Qin Feng and said, "No!"

    "Okay, I don't really know the rules, so I thought it would be better to clarify," Qin Feng nodded.

    When Cockscomb saw Qin Feng and Buck-teeth ready again, he continued, "Okay, okay, the competition begins!"

    He had just finished speaking when Qin Feng suddenly raised his hand and shouted, "Wait!"

    "F*ck, are you going to do this or not, brat? What is it now?" Cockscomb was helpless.

    "Brother Big Black-teeth, don't we need to use the restroom before the competition?" Qin Feng asked while looking seriously at Buck-teeth.

    Buck-teeth's cheeks twitched and he spoke with a steady expression, "No."

    "Okay, okay, it's my first time arm wrestling, and I don't really know the rules, don't take offense!"

    The competition began anew, and Cockscomb's voice already became listless.

    "Are you both ready? Start!"

    After he finished speaking, Buck-tooth wasn't in a hurry to use his strength.

    Though he looked down on people that were slight such as Qin Feng, Buck-teeth had been very serious when the competition was about to start the previous two times. Once Cockscomb shouted to begin, Buck-teeth had begun to use this strength to try and directly defeat Qin Feng right away.

    However, after Qin Feng's two disruptions, Buck-teeth was no longer enthusiastic about defeating Qin Feng. He even suspected Qin Feng was sure to find another excuse to stop the competition.


    A bang was suddenly heard!

    Buck-teeth was still waiting unhappily for Qin Feng to yell "stop," when he suddenly felt an enormous force pass from Qin Feng's arm. In the next second, his wrist was pressed unyieldingly onto the table.

    The instant-kill scenario that he desired really occurred. However, the one who was instantly killed wasn't Qin Feng but him!

    "Aiya, Brother Big Black-teeth, you were very clearly yielding to me, weren't you? I didn't even use any strength. How was it that you fell over?" Qin Feng didn't forget to sprinkle salt into Buck-teeth's wound after defeating him.

    Buck-teeth was so angry that he was about to spit blood. He glared coldly at Qin Feng and yelled, "Stinking brat, why didn't you yell 'stop' this time? You were cheating!"

    All of the people present knew clearly whether or not Qin Feng cheated.

    Qin Feng's strategy was clearly disruption. Twice before, he used disruption to divert his opponent's attention, and the third time, he suddenly used his strength, caught Buck-teeth unprepared, and won the arm wrestle effortlessly.

    This tactic was absolutely dirty, and impossible to defend against!

    However, one couldn't point out Qin Feng's faults. Even if he had disturbed Buck-teeth, all one could say was that Buck-teeth's willpower wasn't firm enough. At least Qin Feng still used his arm strength to defeat Buck-teeth in the end.

    "I cheated? I didn't!" Qin Feng looked innocently at Buck-teeth and said, "Oh! I know! Brother Big Black-teeth, you just don't want to drink after you lost, so you're finding an excuse to say I cheated?"

    Qin Feng spoke with a look of sudden realization, "Alright, alright, then even if I did cheat, isn't it just one bottle of beer? How about I drink it for Brother Big Black-teeth? Would that be fine?"

    After seeing Qin Feng's convincing act, Buck-teeth wanted to kill someone. As someone who hung around the streets, face was the most important to him, so how could he let Qin Feng drink for him?

    That was undisguised face-slapping!
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