Chapter 230 - Does This Count as Winning?

    Chapter 230 - Does This Count as Winning?

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Hmph, it's just a bottle of beer. I, Big Brother Buck-teeth, would need you to help me drink it? What a joke!" Buck-teeth glared harshly at Qin Feng. He picked up a bottle of beer beside him and drank it down.

    As expected, his alcohol tolerance was much better than that of students like Xu Xiao Bai. He drank quickly and fiercely, and after drinking one bottle of beer, he felt nothing at all.


    After drinking one bottle, Buck-teeth grimly slammed the beer bottle on the table.

    He glared fiercely at Qin Feng and said coldly, "Stinking brat, you cheated during the contest at first and your elder is dissatisfied. Would you dare go another round with your elder?"

    "Go again? Why don't we forget about it? I really don't know how to arm-wrestle," Qin Feng said while looking hesitantly at Buck-teeth.

    "You're a man; why are you so bashful? It's just arm wrestling. Look at how you're frightened like a woman!" After seeing Qin Feng shrink back a bit, Buck-teeth began to provoke Qin Feng.

    "Then... let's go another round?" Qin Feng suddenly smiled.

    "Let's go. We must go another round!"

    "We can go another round, but we have to change the punishment." Qin Feng looked nonchalantly at Buck-teeth and said, "Drinking a bottle of beer if you lose is too weak. Why don't we add more?"

    Buck-teeth was certain that he lost the last round only because Qin Feng distracted him.

    Buck-teeth was extremely self-confident about this next round. When he was on the streets those years ago, he had been pretty strong. At the very least, he could take care of a soft-skinned pretty boy like Qin Feng.

    Thus, once Qin Feng suggested strengthening the punishment, Buck-teeth almost couldn't help but laugh aloud. He said immediately, "Okay, okay, if you lose this time, we'll make it three bottles."

    "Three bottles? Isn't that too little?" Qin Feng said, shaking his head.

    "Haha, it really is too little. How about this? Let's just make it ten bottles. I'm only worried you wouldn't dare to do it." At this time, Buck-teeth began questioning Qin Feng's intelligence.

    This brat was simply talking himself into trouble!

    Qin Feng glanced at the five packs of beer on the table. He pointed at them and said, "How about this, whoever loses the arm-wrestling match this time must drink all five packs of beer."

    When Qin Feng said this, the spectators in the private room all gasped.

    They really couldn't guess what Qin Feng's intentions were. They wondered where this person got his confidence and what he really wanted to do.

    Xu Xiao Bai and his group, in particular, were people who had fallen at Qin Feng's hands, and they were definitely more vigilant against him. When they saw how calm and composed Qin Feng was, they were a bit worried for Buck-teeth.

    "Big Brother Buck-teeth... we're all gathered here for some fun. I think we should forget about this punishment of five packs of beer," Xu Xiao Bai suddenly stepped in and urged Buck-teeth.

    Although he also thought, based on appearances, that Big Brother Buck-teeth had a better chance of winning the arm-wrestling match, there was a kind of nameless worry within him. Qin Feng was too strange.

    "How could we forget about it?" Buck-teeth glared at Xu Xiao Bai unhappily. He wondered if this brat's head got smashed in a door and messed up.

    You clearly brought over your elder to clean up Qin Feng, but you've been helping Qin Feng the whole night. Isn't this crazy?

    "A promise from a man of character cannot be retracted; we absolutely can't just forget about it. Whoever loses this match will drink five packs of beer. Whoever doesn't dare to do it is a coward and whoever doesn't drink the beer is a bastard!" Buck-teeth had just lost to Qin Feng, so how could he let him off so easily? He was already prepared to fiercely slap Qin Feng in the face.

    With a wave of his large hand and boundless loftiness, he looked as though 14 horses couldn't deter him.

    "Okay, then that's the plan!" Qin Feng replied very happily.

    The two held hands again and sat properly face-to-face.

    Cockscomb sat beside Qin Feng and continued to serve as a judge.

    "Stinking brat, if you have something to say, say it all now. When I yell 'start' later, the competition will begin officially. If you yell stop again, it won't count."

    Cockscomb was smarter this time after last time's lesson. He directly cut off Qin Feng's escape route for cheating.

    These words made Buck-teeth beam with joy. He liked these four lackeys of his more and more. They were each cleverer than the last.

    Qin Feng didn't say anything, and Liu Xiao Jia looked over worriedly. "Big Brother Feng, why don't we forget about it. Let's not compete anymore."

    After hearing the loser would have to drink five packs of beer, she was so shocked that her expression changed. If Qin Feng really lost, then wouldn't he drink himself to death?

    "Xiao Jia, don't worry. Just stand to the side and watch." Qin Feng finished speaking, and then he added, "It would be best if you could stand farther away!"

    This was Qin Feng's second time reminding Liu Xiao Jia to stand farther away. No one understood his meaning, not even Liu Xiao Jia.

    Wasn't it just arm wrestling? Why should she stand far away?

    "We can start now right?" Cockscomb asked coldly after waiting for the people in the room to quiet down.

    "Wait!" Qin Feng suddenly waved his hand, looked at Buck-teeth and said earnestly, "Brother Big Black-teeth, before this competition, do we want to set life-or-death conditions?"

    "..." The strength Buck-teeth had just mustered dissipated instantly. He said forcibly through clenched teeth, "No!"

    He wanted to stab this brat Qin Feng blade by blade. Weren't they just arm-wrestling? Was there a need to be so dramatic and set life-or-death conditions?

    "Really?" Qin Feng looked very serious. "Then should we first buy some insurance for your hand?"

    "No need!" Buck-teeth glared coldly at Qin Feng and then smiled thoughtfully. "Brat, if you still want to use this move to deceive your elder, I'd urge you to save it. This time, I absolutely will not fall into your trap."

    Qin Feng originally wanted to make these proposals to Buck-teeth out of the goodness of his heart. When he saw how ungrateful Buck-teeth was, he could only shake his head.

    He had External Stage Three abilities at the moment, and even if he didn't use his Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, his strength was 250 kilograms-five times a normal person's.

    He only had to use some strength, and he could instantly pinch Buck-teeth's arm into powder. This brat still didn't want to buy insurance, so he was clearly treating his life like child's play.

    "Okay, then we can start!" Qin Feng suddenly said.

    Buck-teeth and Cockscomb let out a long breath. This Qin Feng was finally ready to begin.

    Cockscomb exchanged glances with Buck-teeth. When he saw Buck-teeth nod at him, he suddenly yelled, "Start!"

    Once he spoke, Buck-teeth used all the strength in his body to try and instantly defeat Qin Feng.

    However, when he used all the strength he had from drinking milk, he found that Qin Feng's arm was a towering mountain that would not budge, no matter how much strength he used.

    At this time, Buck-teeth's face turned completely scarlet, his veins popped out of his forehead, and beads of sweat as large as beans dripped down. Then, he saw Qin Feng looking completely at ease. Qin Feng raised his crossed legs and smiled evilly at Buck-teeth.

    The two of them had polar opposite reactions: one was fighting for his life in deep distress while the other looked like he was relaxing in a hot spring while being massaged by beautiful women.

    This difference stunned the audience, and they even began to wonder whether or not this was a battle of acting skills as opposed to an arm-wrestling match.

    Based on Buck-teeth's acting, he was a shoe-in for Best Actor at the Oscars.

    Just as the audience was astonished and trying to make sense of the situation, Qin Feng suddenly spoke, "Brother Big Black-teeth, has the competition begun?"

    Once he did, the audience was thunderstruck, and the corners of their mouths quirked upward!

    They felt that Buck-teeth's acting was a bit too exaggerated because Qin Feng didn't look like a really strong person. As a result, they found out that Qin Feng hadn't even started. So if he really used his strength, wouldn't he break Buck-teeth's arm?

    "If the competition has begun, you have to tell me. I don't really know how to arm-wrestle, and I don't know the rules... Don't defraud me!" Qin Feng said with utter seriousness when he noticed that Buck-teeth said nothing.

    "It's already...started!" Buck-teeth used all his strength and squeezed the words out through clenched teeth.

    "It's already started? Then why aren't you using any strength, Brother Big Black-teeth? You can't let me win again; I'd feel very apologetic," Qin Feng said with a laugh.

    Big Black-teeth didn't even have the strength to get angry. He finally saw how strong Qin Feng was. Though this guy looked soft-skinned, he possessed extraordinary strength. No matter how much strength Buck-teeth used, it was useless against Qin Feng.

    "Since the competition has begun, then I'll begin to use strength." Qin Feng's expression suddenly dropped, and he laughed coldly while looking at Buck-teeth. "Brother Big Black-teeth, get ready!"

    Qin Feng's smile was sinister and icy. It suddenly gave Buck-teeth an ominous feeling.

    Qin Feng had just finished speaking when he suddenly exerted his strength and burst out with 250 kilograms of power.


    Since 250 kilograms of strength was enormous, how could Buck-teeth's little elbow withstand it? The anger pent up in his chest suddenly sank, and a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed Cockscomb's face, making Cockscomb extremely disgusted.

    "As expected, Brother Big Black-teeth really was hiding a secret weapon. Good thing I dodged quickly; otherwise, I would've been hit!" Qin Feng laughed as he dodged this mouthful of black blood. He applied strength again.

    With a crisp ka-cha, the spectators were met with an extremely strange sight.

    They only saw Qin Feng snap Buck-teeth's wrist. His arm was still upright on the table, while his wrist and fist were pressed onto the table by Qin Feng.

    "Huh? Brother Big Black-teeth, I don't really know how to play this arm-wrestling game and I don't know the rules. In this case, did I win?" Qin Feng gave Buck-teeth's deformed wrist an indifferent look and asked doubtfully.

    Big Black-teeth looked at his broken arm and his eyes were filled with shock and terror. He even forgot about the pain.

    "Brother Big Black-teeth, why aren't you saying anything?" Qin Feng suddenly and ruthlessly slapped Buck-teeth's broken arm.

    Buck-teeth immediately came back to his senses and pitifully wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf.

    "Ow... It hurts, it f*cking hurts like hell. You actually dared to break this elder's wrist, brat? Brothers, hurry and cripple this brat. This elder wants to personally see his arms get broken."

    Since Qin Feng broke Buck-teeth's wrist, Buck-teeth shed all pretense and shouted at his four lackeys.

    These four people came back to their senses from the shock, hurriedly picked up empty beer bottles from the table, and pounced on Qin Feng.

    "Stinking brat, you had the guts to hurt our Big Brother Buck-teeth? You must not want to be able to hang around in Acropolis anymore."

    Cockscomb was the closest to Qin Feng, and he was the first to raise an empty beer bottle and smash it toward Qin Feng. He had just been sprayed in the face with black blood, so he looked pretty frightening.

    Qin Feng curled his lips. Not waiting for Cockscomb to get closer, he delivered a flying kick that landed accurately on Cockscomb's stomach. An enormous force instantly passed through the lackey's abdomen, and in the next second, Cockscomb's whole body was sent flying.

    He crashed into the wall of the private room. The tremor knocked the clock off the wall.
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