Chapter 232 - Dont Look for Me in the Future

    Chapter 232 - Don't Look for Me in the Future

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Wow! This racecar is too awesome!"

    "'Awesome' doesn't even begin to describe it; it's a universally unmatched and amazing supercar!"

    "No, no, I want to lean on the car, take a couple of pictures, and send it to my friends."

    "I also want to take pictures; I want to sit in the car and take pictures!"

    After Liu Xiao Jia's four classmates saw Qin Feng's Batmobile, they went completely insane. These little beauties were in ninth grade and were at the age where they were into trends. Even when they spoke, they did so with various exaggerations.

    Without waiting for Qin Feng to agree, they all rushed up to the Lamborghini, made various charming, sexy, pure, and cute poses, and began to take selfies like crazy.

    Qin Feng's lips quirked when he saw the scene. He thought to himself, "Were these girls really afraid of me earlier?"

    The five girls took pictures for a good while before finally remembering Qin Feng, the car owner. "Big Brother Feng, come over and take a couple of pictures with us!" Liu Xiao Jia beckoned to Qin Feng and smilingly called him over.

    Qin Feng shook his head helplessly and walked up to the car.

    With the addition of Qin Feng, the five girls became even crazier. They stood in a row behind Qin Feng and made various strange poses. These girls were quite brave; they'd only known Qin Feng for a night, yet they had the guts to pose intimately with him.

    They hugged his neck, took his arm, and even leaned into his embrace while looking timid and cute.

    Qin Feng only had one feeling toward these girls' frivolous and irresponsible actions: he really liked them!

    "Little Mei, you guys stand to the side, I want to take a picture with just me and Big Brother Feng!" Liu Xiao Jia suddenly took Qin Feng's arm and pushed the other four girls away. The four girls were extremely disgruntled and considered whether or not they wanted to cut ties with Liu Xiao Jia tonight.

    "Big Brother Feng, let's make a heart!" Only Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia remained in front of the Lamborghini.

    Liu Xiao Jia lifted a soft arm and made half a heart shape by placing her hand on the top of her head. Qin Feng looked at Liu Xiao Jia with unwillingness. After Liu Xiao Jia acted cute three times, he raised his arm and formed the other half of the heart.

    The two of them had a bit of a height difference, so Qin Feng did a half-squat and Liu Xiao Jia stood on tiptoe. They stuck their faces close together, Liu Xiao Jia held Qin Feng's arm, and Qin Feng casually hugged Liu Xiao Jia's waist.

    With the scene of debauchery as their backdrop, it really was a beautiful image.

    "Big Brother Feng, smile! Xiao Jia is going to begin taking the picture!" Liu Xiao Jia's soft little hand raised her camera high and she smiled very sweetly.

    Qin Feng smiled handsomely with a stalwart expression; he was even more photogenic on camera. When Liu Xiao Jia saw it, she was a bit infatuated.

    "Xiao Jia, we're going first. Now you won't have to share your Big Brother Feng, you must be happy."

    Liu Xiao Jia was about to take the picture when Chen Mei Han and the other three girls waved at her and got into Long-hair's Buick minivan. Liu Xiao Jia spontaneously turned her head and planted a kiss on Qin Feng's face. Then, she pressed the icon to take the picture.


    With a flash, the warm, lovey-dovey scene was captured and saved forever on Liu Xiao Jia's cell phone.

    It wasn't Liu Xiao Jia's first time kissing Qin Feng. She already gave in and kissed Qin Feng on the way over, but now that this kiss scene was captured in a picture and saved, the feeling was completely different.

    Liu Xiao Jia only regained her senses a while after the picture was taken. She immediately extracted herself from Qin Feng's embrace, and her face was completely red. She lowered her head and dove into the front passenger seat of the car.

    Qin Feng touched his wet cheek, smiled slightly, and got into the car as well. He looked at Liu Xiao Jia and said, "Xiao Jia, that picture didn't come out well at first, you turned your head a bit in the end. Shouldn't I also turn my head? Why don't we take the picture over again?"

    Liu Xiao Jia had turned her head to kiss Qin Feng's face. If Qin Feng turned his head as well, then they'd kiss each other on the lips.

    "Big Brother Feng, in your dreams!" Liu Xiao Jia's clear and beautiful eyes were filled with mirth as she looked at Qin Feng and shook her fist.

    Acropolis City's night view wasn't bad: the roads were lit by amber streetlights on both sides, there were very few cars on the road, and the willows on the roadsides danced in the wind.

    Qin Feng lowered the roof of the Lamborghini and drove at top speed. They left car after car in the dust, and all one could hear was the sound of the wind. With a satisfied expression, Liu Xiao Jia basked in the speed and excitement. She couldn't help but think of what Buck-teeth said earlier, and her face turned completely red.

    "Do you know why rich people love driving convertible sports cars? Because you can scream and shake the car at the same time-now that's great!"

    "Little Sister Xiao Jia, you're already home safely!" Who knew how long later, the car stopped at the entrance of a villa.

    Liu Xiao Jia opened her eyes to find that she was already home.

    Along the way, she'd closed her eyes and enjoyed the speed and excitement as she recounted every detail of her 16 years of life. Ever since she was young, she and her older sister depended on one another, and she had even forgotten what her parents looked like.

    Though her older sister always gave her the best life, Liu Xiao Jia still felt really lonely inside. She didn't have very many memories of her youth, and she had even fewer good memories. Especially because she had too few good childhood memories, every time she thought about the past, she worked harder to remember the few instances of happiness.

    Tonight, another happy memory was added to her lovely youth. This was an unforgettable birthday, an unforgettable night.

    Liu Xiao Jia knew that she would remember tonight and remember Qin Feng for a lifetime!

    "Big Brother Feng, thank you for spending my birthday with me tonight! Little Sister Xiao Jia is really happy. I'm going to go home first, and when there's time, Little Sister Xiao Jia will look for you again!" Liu Xiao Jia flashed Qin Feng a sweet smile.

    She had just opened the car door and prepared to get out when she suddenly thought of something and sat back down. She hugged Qin Feng's neck and kissed his cheek.

    "Bye, Big Brother Qin Feng!" After kissing Qin Feng, Liu Xiao Jia lowered her charming blushing face and was about to get out of the car like a frightened rabbit.

    Qin Feng's expression changed slightly. He grabbed Liu Xiao Jia's wrist.

    "Big Brother Feng, was there something else?" Liu Xiao Jia's frantic heart beat even more quickly after Qin Feng suddenly grabbed her arm.

    A good number of thoughts passed through her head at once, especially those that included Qin Feng suddenly pouncing on her and pressing her down.

    When these thoughts arose, Liu Xiao Jia didn't hate them. She was merely nervous, afraid, and a bit expectant.

    However, when Liu Xiao Jia lifted her head to peek at Qin Feng's cold and serious expression, she knew the possibility of that scenario was zero.

    "Xiao Jia, I'm usually really busy, so don't look for me in the future!" Qin Feng suddenly spoke after holding Liu Xiao Jia's hand quietly for a good while.

    Liu Xiao Jia's wildly thrashing heart suddenly skipped a beat, then stopped, and a bad premonition stirred within her.

    "Big Brother Feng, Little Sister Xiao Jia knows you're usually busy at work. I won't carelessly bother you; I'll wait until the weekends when we're both off to look for you!" Liu Xiao Jia did her best to control her emotions as she continued to smile sweetly at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng sighed and said very seriously, "Xiao Jia, you're a smart girl and you know what I mean. In the future, study well and don't let down your older sister and waste the hard work she put into raising you. I also have my own life, so let's pretend we never met and will never meet again."

    What must come would inevitably come. As an adult, Qin Feng thought he ought to step up to say these hurtful words.

    It was true that he was a hedonistic young master, but Qin Feng had his limits.

    He never harmed underage girls. Every time he was dissolute and unruly, it was consensual. Beginning from tonight and his interactions with Liu Xiao Jia, he could tell from the expressions she revealed that she had feelings for him.

    These feelings were very complicated; they were a bit like the dependency on a big brother mixed with the inexperienced ambiguity between lovers.

    Qin Feng knew that girls Liu Xiao Jia's age were very susceptible to falling in love because they didn't yet understand it. They were inexperienced and kind; they were budding. They might like a person because of a smile or praise from that person.

    Love at this age was the most sincere, guilt-free, and simple.

    Qin Feng felt that he didn't deserve to have this kind of love. He didn't want to sully this purity, and most importantly, he didn't want to pollute Liu Xiao Jia's most precious memories of inexperience.

    Thus, once Qin Feng discovered Liu Xiao Jia had developed some feelings for him, he moved decisively. He had to end this fruitless emotion and kill it in the cradle.


    A sparkling tear dripped down Liu Xiao Jia's charming face and fell on Qin Feng's shoulder.

    Liu Xiao Jia's soft and small pink hand grasped Qin Feng's shoulder and refused to let go.

    "Xiao Jia, hurry and go upstairs, I have to go home as well." Liu Xiao Jia's wretched expression made Qin Feng's heart ache. However, he clenched his teeth and flung Liu Xiao Jia's little hand away.

    "Big Brother Feng... can we not even be friends? What did Little Sister Xiao Jia do wrong? Tell me and I'll fix it for sure!"

    The corners of Liu Xiao Jia's eyes brimmed with tears as she raised her head and looked sadly at Qin Feng.

    She still hadn't regained her senses. Wasn't everything fine just now? Why did Big Brother Feng suddenly become so heartless?

    "Nowadays in this society, three years is a generation gap, and I'm six years older than you. There are two of these chasms between us. Our lives are too different, so we shouldn't be friends." Qin Feng turned and didn't dare look into Liu Xiao Jia's clear eyes. He said heartlessly, "Hurry and get out of the car. I have to go now!"

    The atmosphere instantly turned cold.

    The inside of the car seemed to turn into ice. One could only hear Liu Xiao Jia's heavy breathing and quiet sobs.

    "Big Brother Feng... I still have a pretty older sister. Why don't I introduce her to you?" Liu Xiao Jia was quiet for a while, then suddenly lifted her head and looked up at the villa. She saw that the light was on and knew her older sister was home.

    "My older sister is home. I can take you upstairs and we can still be good friends in the future, right?" Liu Xiao Jia extended her hand to grasp Qin Feng's arm again. She pouted and looked pitifully at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's expression changed. This was too enticing for Qin Feng because when he looked at Liu Xiao Jia, he knew her sister had to be really beautiful.

    Qin Feng shoved Liu Xiao Jia's little hand away once again, and spoke solemnly, "Xiao Jia, I have a girlfriend, and not just one. Go home!"

    This time, Liu Xiao Jia's heart fell completely into the depths of the valley; an empty wave of despair and disappointment arose within her.

    A while later, Liu Xiao Jia suddenly spoke, "Big Brother Qin Feng, I'm leaving!"

    She didn't look at Qin Feng again. She opened the car door and exited the vehicle.

    Qin Feng was in no hurry to go home. He sat in the car and watched Liu Xiao Jia's back.

    Her slender figure, white dress shirt, florid and checkered short skirt, and slender legs clad in rainbow cotton socks were filled with youthfulness and piqued Qin Feng's interest.

    The voice-controlled lights at the bottom of the villa elongated Liu Xiao Jia's shadow and made it really long. Her lowered head and her shaking shoulders showed that she was clearly still crying. The tens of steps seemed to last a century. In the end, she disappeared into the building.

    It was over, this chance encounter arrived thrillingly, and left satisfactorily and happily.

    It would become a beautiful and unforgettable memory in Qin Feng's life that he would inadvertently think of occasionally in the future, and his lips would curve brilliantly. That was already really good.

    Bye, Little Sister Xiao Jia!

    Bye, Big Brother Qin Feng!
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