Chapter 233 - A Lifetime with Big Sister

    Chapter 233 - A Lifetime with Big Sister

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Liu Xiao Jia returned to the villa but didn't go upstairs. Once she entered, she squatted by the doorway and wept bitterly.

    At the bottom of her heart, she was a bit angry at Qin Feng. She was angry that Big Brother Feng changed so many times, angry at how unfeeling he was.

    Up until now, Liu Xiao Jia still couldn't understand why Qin Feng rejected her.

    She admitted to herself that she developed some romantic feelings toward Qin Feng, and she knew that Qin Feng chose not to see her again because he didn't want to hurt her. However, Liu Xiao Jia thought these things didn't form any sort of conflict because she trusted Qin Feng, thought well of Qin Feng, and liked Qin Feng.

    Was she doomed to be with people like Xu Xiao Bai in order to possess beautiful memories and pure feelings?

    Love defies age, and pure and guilt-free emotions in particular cannot be defined by age.

    "Xiao Jia, are you home? Why are you crying?" A woman in the villa suddenly came downstairs.

    She wore a white muslin nightgown, completely exhibiting her curtained, slender figure. The bottom of the skirt covered the tops of her thighs, revealing a pair of slender, fair, and jadelike legs.

    The woman's hair was twisted casually at the back of her head, revealing her beautiful, refined, and charming face. She had a high nose bridge and large eyes, and her attractive eyebrows were furrowed. She quickly ran downstairs, baring her soft and fair feet. She then arrived beside Liu Xiao Jia.

    "Big Sister, wahh!"

    After seeing her big sister come downstairs, Liu Xiao Jia instantly threw herself into her sister's embrace and released all the grievances that filled her heart.

    She cried incessantly. Her sad and inconsolable expression broke her older sister's heart.

    The two sisters had depended on one another from an early age. At this time, they were locked in a tight embrace, and the scene was very moving.

    The two sisters didn't look very similar, but they were both as beautiful as fairies. If Qin Feng had been there, he would have been stunned by Liu Xiao Jia's older sister's looks.

    This wouldn't be solely because she was too beautiful, but because he knew her-she was Liu Wen Jing, whom he'd been looking for recently!

    "Xiao Jia, don't cry. Tell your big sister. What happened?" Liu Wen Jing hugged her little sister tightly and had a look of worry as she brushed away Liu Xiao Jia's tears. "Has someone bullied you? Your big sister will help you take care of those bad people."

    Liu Xiao Jia cried in Liu Wen Jing's embrace for a good while. Then, her emotions slowly stabilized and she lifted her head to look at her older sister. "Big Sister, I... am fine now!"

    "Fine? How can you be fine? Your older sister hasn't even seen you cry all these years, and you cried so intensely today, so something big must've happened. Hurry and tell me, or else I'll be worried to death." Liu Wen Jing knew her younger sister was really strong. In order not to worry her, her younger sister kept everything to herself even if she suffered injustices.

    This time, once her little sister came home, she wailed, so Liu Wen Jing was very frightened.

    "Big Sis, it's really nothing." After Liu Xiao Jia stabilized her emotions, she suddenly realized that she couldn't tell her big sister about Qin Feng. If her big sister knew she had puppy love, she'd whip her to death.

    "I... I'm 16 today, and I'm another year older. Once I thought about this, I became so sad that I began to cry." Liu Xiao Jia turned her black eyes and smiled at her big sister.


    Liu Wen Jing was tickled pink by her little sister. She covered her mouth and scolded her while laughing, "You stinking brat, you're only 16 and your big sister is 21. Look at how you're crying. If that's the case, won't your big sister have to hang herself?"

    "Big Sis, don't say that. Xiao Jia doesn't want you to die, I want you to stay by my side forever." Liu Xiao Jia suddenly hugged her older sister and spoke to her earnestly while looking at her.

    A surge of warmth arose in Liu Wen Jing's heart. She caressed Liu Xiao Jia's beautiful hair and smiled as she said, "Okay, Big Sister promises not to say things like that again. However, Big Sister can't stay with you forever. When you grow up, you're sure to have someone you like. At the time, you'll get married and form a family and Big Sister won't be able to look after you."

    Liu Xiao Jia pouted unhappily and shook Liu Wen Jing's shoulders and acted cute. "I just want to be with Big Sister forever."

    "Then you're not getting married in the future?" Liu Wen Jing said to her little sister, smiling.

    Liu Xiao Jia pursed her lips and thought for a while. Then, she suddenly smiled. "I'll marry the same man as Big Sister."

    "Bullsh*t!" This response shocked Liu Wen Jing and she immediately and fiercely lectured her little sister.

    "Xiao Jia, you're still young and Big Sister won't blame you for not understanding things about romance, but don't ever say something like that again. If someone else heard it, they'd think you've gone crazy."

    Liu Xiao Jia nodded but felt wronged. She didn't see what was wrong with marrying the same man as her sister. That way, she could always be with her big sister, so wasn't that great?

    "Xiao Jia, since today's your birthday, Big Sister won't comment on your coming how so late, but you can't do this in the future, you hear?"

    "I know. Don't worry about me, Big Sister. Xiao Jia is very obedient." Liu Xiao Jia took Liu Wen Jing's arm and the two of them walked upstairs together.

    Liu Wen Jing naturally knew her obedient younger sister well. She patted her sister's head with satisfaction. Her expression suddenly changed drastically because she faintly smelled the scent of a man on her younger sister.

    And this man's scent seemed a bit familiar.

    "Xiao Jia, who did you go out with tonight? Were there boys? Did they do anything to you?" Liu Wen Jing took Liu Xiao Jia to Liu Wen Jing's room and shot a good number of questions right after entering the room.

    Liu Xiao Jia's expression was clearly frantic and she didn't dare meet Liu Wen Jing's eyes.

    "J-Just some classmates... Chen Mei Han and the other three girls, and Xu Xiao Bai and a couple of other boys; Big Sister, you know all of them. I wouldn't do anything crazy."

    Liu Wen Jing still wasn't very reassured. She neared Liu Xiao Jia's body and sniffed closely. The light, manly smell became stronger, and Liu Wen Jing was certain she smelled it before. But where? She couldn't remember that instant.

    "Xiao Jia, this clearly isn't the smell of a middle school boy; it should be the smell of an adult man." Liu Wen Jing stared severely at Liu Xiao Jia and asked, "Who were you with tonight? You smell like alcohol as well. You've been following bad examples more and more."

    Liu Xiao Jia stared at her older sister in astonishment. She thought her older sister was too amazing, being able to determine if the scent was of someone underage or an adult just by sniffing casually-Big Sister clearly had the nose of a dog.

    "Big Sis, I-I went to the Fei Tian Bar to celebrate my birthday with classmates. Maybe because the bar was chaotic, someone else's scent rubbed off on me... But I can assure you, Big Sis, that I really didn't act recklessly. I'm a very self-respecting woman." Liu Xiao Jia realized she couldn't hide the truth, so she told half the truth.

    Liu Wen Jing stared at her sister for a long while. Based on her earnest expression, it didn't look like she was lying. In the end, Liu Wen Jing sighed and touched Liu Xiao Jia's head. She spoke lovingly, "Okay, take off your clothes and Big Sis will wash them for you. Go take a bath first. In the future, you're not allowed to go to bars."

    "This is your birthday present from me. Usually, Big Sis isn't home and you have to be more aware. Only take it out and play with it after you've completed your assignments." Liu Wen Jing took out a exquisite box and extended it to Liu Xiao Jia. Liu Xiao Jia immediately opened it to find an iPad. She was so happy that she gesticulated with joy.

    "Big Sis, then I'm going to shower. After I shower, I'm going to play some games before going to sleep." Liu Xiao Jia removed her clothes in front of Liu Wen Jing.

    Her fair, rosy skin made Liu Wen Jing jealous.

    "That's right, Xiao Jia. Why can't I see your WeChat status?" Liu Wen Jing suddenly asked.

    Other than attending college, she spent the rest of her time working and making money to pay for her younger sister's aristocratic school tuition and their residence. Thus, she had very little time to spend with her younger sister. Liu Wen Jing wanted to use her younger sister's status updates on WeChat to understand her. However, she found that after adding her sister as a friend for a couple of months, this girl hadn't even posted one status.

    In the end, Liu Wen Jing realized that this girl must've blocked her.

    "Ah... I-I don't know!" Liu Xiao Jia had indeed blocked Liu Wen Jing mainly because she didn't want her older sister to see her how she was usually feeling.

    And now that her status had a picture of her with Big Brother Feng, she definitely couldn't let her older sister see it.

    "Did you block me? Have you met some sort of stranger on WeChat, you little brat?" Liu Wen Jing asked worriedly.

    "Don't worry about me, Big Sis. I'm 16 already and I've grown up. I know how to take care of myself," Liu Xiao Jia complained.

    Liu Wen Jing shook her head. Her sister had indeed grown up, and she should have her own privacy. Liu Wen Jing didn't pursue the issue. She took the clothes her little sister removed and went to wash them by hand.

    She washed the clothes while furrowing her attractive eyebrows. The face of a man she hated suddenly floated into her mind.

    When she thought of Qin Feng, Liu Wen Jing angrily gritted her teeth. This man was too brazen; he'd used her and now the Wen Group was completely demolished and Liu Wen Jing's plans were similarly thrown into a mess.

    These past couple of days, she'd been looking crazily for part-time employment because the villa's rent was due soon and she also had to get her younger sister's tuition for the next semester in order. These two were large expenses, and Liu Wen Jing's brain was about to explode.

    "Big Sis, I'm done showering. Let's play a game together." Finished showering, Liu Xiao Jia climbed into bed, wearing a white bathrobe.

    Liu Wen Jing shook her head and shoved away all the worries that plagued her. When she saw her little sister's happy smile, the feeling in her heart was as sweet as could be. Even if she had to suffer more, she would agree to it.

    "Come here, Xiao Jia. Dry your hair before playing." Liu Wen Jing held the hair dryer and helped Liu Xiao Jia dry her hair.

    Liu Xiao Jia lay on her older sister's thighs. She played with her older sister's hair while looking at her and saying, "Big Sis, you're so beautiful. Whoever marries you in the future must have luck cultivated by eight generations."

    Liu Wen Jing was very happy when she heard her younger sister's compliment. She smiled and said, "How is Big Sis beautiful? When you grow up, you're sure to be more beautiful than me."

    Liu Xiao Jia smiled. Her gaze fell on Liu Wen Jing's full chest. Then, she peeked at her own underdeveloped chest and sighed with disappointment. "Ai... Big Sister's chest is really big; whoever sees it is sure to die from feeling inferior."

    Liu Wen Jing poked her little sister's head and lectured while laughing, "You darn brat, how old are you? And you're thinking of these things? Study well right now. Big Sis makes you papaya juice to drink every morning, so when you go to high school and begin maturing, yours are sure to be bigger than Big Sister's."

    Once Liu Xiao Jia heard that hers could be bigger than her sister's, she suddenly extended her small, soft hand and touched her sister's chest. She discovered that her small hand couldn't even grasp half of her sister's chest.

    "Mm!" Liu Wen Jing was caught off guard; she suddenly cried out when her chest was squeezed.

    Liu Xiao Jia was slightly shocked and she smiled evilly, "Big Sis, what's up with you? Don't tell me you're in heat?"

    Liu Wen Jing's charming face turned completely red from embarrassment. She unhappily smacked her little sister's perky behind. "You're in heat. Why are you touching just anything? If you want to touch, touch your own."

    "Mine are too small, I want to touch Big Sister's." As Liu Xiao Jia spoke, she touched Liu Wen Jing's chest again.

    A strange feeling arose in Liu Wen Jing when her little sister squeezed her. She threw down the hair dryer with a huff, pushed Liu Xiao Jia onto the bed, and began to attack her small chest.

    The two girls rolled around on the bed and after being crazy for a good while, they finally stopped. They lay on their backs, panting on the bed.

    "Big Sis, do you have a boyfriend?" Liu Xiao Jia suddenly asked.

    "No," Liu Wen Jing resolutely replied.

    "Want Xiao Jia to introduce someone that's rich, handsome, and a very good person to you?" Liu Xiao Jia suddenly became excited and wanted to introduce Qin Feng to her older sister.

    If Qin Feng was with her sister, then she could see Qin Feng in the future.

    "Big Sis doesn't need a boyfriend right now. Wait until you're in college," Liu Wen Jing answered firmly.

    It wasn't that she didn't want to date; she had no time to date, and no energy to date.

    She had to take good care of her younger sister first and get her through college before thinking about things like that for herself.
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