Chapter 235 - A Famous Celebrity is Coming

    Chapter 235 - A Famous Celebrity is Coming

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    After hugging Xu Ruo Rou, Qin Feng didn't act recklessly-they just kissed and forgot all else.

    This was Xu Ruo Rou's third time kissing Qin Feng. Her technique was a bit lacking in experience, and Qin Feng completely controlled the kiss, making Xu Ruo Rou slowly lose herself in it.

    This feeling was also very strange. Xu Ruo Rou felt her mind go blank and buzz, and her body fall limp. She initially was a bit resistant but slowly drifted into enjoyment. She then took the initiative to hug Qin Feng's neck and respond wildly to his demands.

    The two of them sat on the office desk and kissed for a very long time. There was the feeling of a secret office romance, making them feel that it was very thrilling.

    A bang was heard.

    The office door was suddenly pushed open. Since Qin Feng was Group Two's group leader, the only person who could enter his office without knocking would be General Manager Li.

    Li Yu Chen came to tell Qin Feng about the daily responsibilities of a group leader. However, the instant she pushed the door to the office open, she froze and looked as though she had been struck by lightning.

    She saw Xu Ruo Rou sitting on the work desk with Qin Feng standing before it, the two of them in tight embrace. Xu Ruo Rou's arms were around Qin Feng's neck while Qin Feng's were around Xu Ruo Rou's small waist, and the two were kissing fervently.

    Li Yu Chen knocked her head, looked around her, and wondered if she'd walked into the wrong place. However, once she came to, she was certain that this was Royal Group's sales department.

    Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou were so immersed in their kiss that they didn't notice Li Yu Chen enter, so Li Yu Chen could only cough twice.


    The two sounds brought Xu Ruo Rou back to her senses. She saw General Manager Li standing before her and was so startled that she pushed Qin Feng away. She immediately lowered her head and straightened her mussed clothes and hair while panic-stricken. She wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

    "Oh, it's General Manager Li." When Qin Feng saw Li Yu Chen, he wasn't as nervous as Xu Ruo Rou. He even greeted Li Yu Chen with a happy smile.

    "Qin Feng, I have something to say to you." When Li Yu Chen saw how frivolous Qin Feng looked, she wanted to punch him. She glared coldly at him.

    At this time, Xu Ruo Rou had already straightened out her clothes and hurriedly jumped off the desk. She looked awkwardly at Li Yu Chen and said, "General Manager Li, I-I'll leave first."

    Li Yu Chen looked sympathetically at Xu Ruo Rou and nodded. She wondered how such a good girl could get duped by this pig.

    "General Manager Li, why were you looking for me? Is your throat better? If you're sick, hurry and get a shot and eat medicine to get better faster." When Qin Feng saw Li Yu Chen, he thought of the loving night at Qingshui Town.

    Li Yu Chen was afraid Qin Feng would bring up that matter. Her face flushed slightly, but she maintained her cool facade. She said coldly, "It's office hours right now. Don't talk about things that aren't work-related. Plus, I don't need you to worry about my personal health.

    "I'm very thankful that you went home with me to act and trick my parents, but I hope that the situation will end here and that no one will bring it up again. In the future, we're just superior and subordinate at work. After getting off work, we have no relationship whatsoever.

    "Qin Feng, do you understand?"

    Li Yu Chen felt that she had to draw the line with Qin Feng. She felt that this person was too perverted, so if she remained entangled with him, she'll become the second Xu Ruo Rou.

    "Ai... General Manager Li, you're already burning the bridge after crossing the river. If we can't be lovers, we can still be friends. It would be nice to treat you out to tea or to see a movie when we're off work." Qin Feng shook his head and sighed.

    After Li Yu Chen slept on the same bed that night with Qin Feng, the relationship between the two of them already shifted. Even if Li Yu Chen didn't want to admit it, she and Qin Feng had gotten a lot closer.

    "Would we be getting a room after seeing the movie?" said Li Yu Chen as she glared at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's expression changed slightly. He looked solemnly at Li Yu Chen and said, "General Manager Li, how can you say that? We aren't too familiar with one another, so wouldn't it be too quick to get a room after eating a meal and seeing a movie?"

    Li Yu Chen stared at Qin Feng in astonishment and was in the middle of wondering when this guy changed when she heard what he said next.

    "Actually, I have trouble-and am not used to-sleeping in strange beds. How about this? After we see the movie, I'll take General Manager Li to see the Qin Manor, and we can stay in my room at night. What do you think?"

    "I have nothing good to say about it!" Li Yu Chen glared at Qin Feng and decided to stop playing along with him. She changed the topic to a serious one.

    "Qin Feng, I came looking for you this time for something important. In a couple of days, a famous celebrity is coming as a guest to boost the mood for the grand opening of Royal Group's Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two. This celebrity is very famous all throughout China, so the Royal Group attaches particular importance to her arrival.

    "And the assignment to host this famous celebrity has fallen to our sales department. Assistant Han and Chairman Qin intend you to lead the hosting assignment. They say you are gentle and considerate in your treatment of women... Of course, she's a beauty."

    "Hahaha!" Qin Feng's eyes brightened and he laughed thrice. "General Manager Li, don't worry. No one in Royal Group would be more qualified for the job than me. I definitely won't disappoint the expectations and great kindness of Royal Group's upper management and General Manager Li."

    "That's right, which celebrity?" Qin Feng asked with an impatient expression.

    When Li Yu Chen saw Qin Feng's vulgar expression, she yelled unhappily, "Rao Shi Man."

    "F*ck, Rao Shi Man is coming to our company? That's amazing!"

    When Qin Feng heard "Rao Shi Man," his eyes glazed over. This girl was an A-list celebrity and the most popular in the movie and television circles. Not only was she beautiful, she could also sing and dance, and was proficient in all kinds of things.

    The main point was that since this girl debuted, she'd never gotten into a scandal, there were no overly heated scenes in her movies or television shows, and even in kissing scenes, strategic positioning or a stunt double was used.

    This woman was dubbed the entertainment industry's "Pure Jade Girl." She was a white lily that grew from mud but remain untainted.

    "Qin Feng, I think you've misunderstood the company's intentions." When she saw Qin Feng about to drool, Li Yu Chen couldn't help but strictly instruct, "The company wants you to pick up Rao Shi Man at the airport. And the day of the grand opening of Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two, take Rao Shi Man on the proper course and ensure her safety."

    "If you harbor any salacious thoughts toward her, I believe someone else will need to take over the assignment," said Li Yu Chen in a low voice.

    "Haha, don't be mad, General Manager Li. To tell the truth, I'm a dedicated fan of Rao Shi Man. After suddenly hearing that she is coming, I'm very excited." Qin Feng immediately said, "Then we'll set it at that. The company absolutely cannot find someone as talented as me who can bear this huge and heavy responsibility."

    Li Yu Chen looked at Qin Feng with disdain and said coldly, "More like the company cannot find someone as vulgar and shameless as you."

    "General Manager Li, why are you always attacking me? If you're like this again, I won't be happy. I still have Auntie Li's phone number. I'll call her right now and say you aren't cooperating with me in bedroom matters." Qin Feng pulled out his phone and looked like he was going to make a call.

    Li Yu Chen hurriedly took Qin Feng's cell phone. The one she was the most afraid of was her intrepid mother.

    When Li Yu Chen calmed down and thought back on Qin Feng's question, she was also stunned.

    Li Yu Chen found that she truly was criticizing and mocking Qin Feng. As the general manager of the sales department, she actually never said these kinds of insulting words to her subordinates.

    She always continuously encouraged her subordinates, got rid of their weaknesses, and developed their strengths. However, when facing Qin Feng, Li Yu Chen found that she became another person, one who especially enjoyed attacking Qin Feng and intentionally talking about Qin Feng's negative traits.

    This feeling was like an inexperienced and ignorant little girl who saw the boy she liked but didn't know how to express her feelings. Thus, she intentionally argued or caused trouble with him so he could stay in her sight for a second longer, and another second.

    Once Li Yu Chen discovered she had this inclination toward Qin Feng, she got a fright.

    "General Manager Li, give me my cell phone back. I won't call, okay?" Qin Feng was terribly alarmed when he saw his cell phone in Li Yu Chen's grasp.

    This cell phone had the record of his conversations with Li Yu Chen, so if she saw it, his identity as Young Master Qin would be exposed.

    Qin Feng didn't dare think of how Xu Ruo Rou and Li Yu Chen would react when they found out he was Young Master Qin.

    "My cell phone has tens of action movies; don't steal it away to watch."

    The so-called "action movies" euphemism wasn't lost on Li Yu Chen at her age. The cell phone instantly became a scalding-hot taro, and she immediately and frantically threw it on the desk. "How disgusting, I certainly wouldn't watch it."

    "Really?" Qin Feng took his cell phone back. He smiled at Li Yu Chen's charming and blushing face and said, "Since General Manager Li's reaction is so strong, you must've seen it... The next time you want to see it, look for me. I have a lot of movies. I can watch it with you."

    "Go die!"

    Li Yu Chen couldn't stay any longer. She felt as though her entire body was about to combust. Qin Feng had reached the pinnacle of shamelessness that he could even have the guts to play a joke on his immediate superior.

    She glared coldly at Qin Feng and ran furiously out of the office.

    For the entire morning, Qin Feng sat in his new office behind a locked the door and played video games.

    No one bothered him, and he didn't hear the sounds of sales representatives making calls like their lives depended on it. Qin Feng thought this feeling was too great.

    At lunchtime, Xu Ruo Rou took the initiative to knock on Qin Feng's door, but Qin Feng couldn't eat with her. He had to go to the hospital to see Lin Bei Bei and give her the Blood Flow Bracelet. In the afternoon, Qin Feng planned to visit Zhao Ling Xian's house and gift her the Soul-Cleansing Necklace.

    He greeted Xu Ruo Rou, then left Royal Group.

    He rode his 28" bicycle and arrived at the First Hospital.

    In the ICU, Mother Lin watched over Lin Bei Bei and personally cared for her daughter. She saw Qin Feng enter and greeted him.

    "Little Feng, you've taken some time in the afternoon to come here again? You're busy at work usually, so don't be too worried, I'll take care of Bei Bei here. Don't hold up work." Mother Lin tugged on Qin Feng's hand and had him sit on the edge of the bed.

    After this period of examination, Mother Lin liked Qin Feng more and more.

    She found that Qin Feng wasn't the dissolute and uninhibited hedonistic young master the rumors made him out ot be.

    At least in Mother Lin's eyes, since her daughter's coma, Qin Feng typically took some time in the afternoon to see her daughter once a day. If there was a day he couldn't make it, he came the next day and would stay a little longer to make up for the prior day.

    Also, Qin Feng personally covered Lin Bei Bei and Mother Lin's hospital fees and paperwork. For someone born with a gold spoon in his mouth-a rich young master who was pampered all his life-to get down and be so considerate and caring was very moving for Mother Lin.
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