Chapter 235.2 - Bei Beis Boyfriend

    Chapter 235.2 - Bei Bei's Boyfriend

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    "Mother Lin, I'm actually not that busy at work. Has Bei Bei improved a little?" Qin Feng laughed awkwardly when he thought about how he slept and played video games all day in Royal Group.

    Shaking her head a bit sadly, Mother Lin replied, "The doctor said there isn't much hope for her situation to turn around. There is a large chance she won't recover from this coma her whole life."

    After saying this, Mother Lin looked earnestly at Qin Feng. "Little Qin, you have to prepare yourself. Bei Bei might lie in bed her whole life and need to sit in a wheelchair to get outside. She might not be able to speak and laugh, and she'll need you to care for her at all times. Could you accept this kind of Bei Bei?

    "If you can't accept it, that's alright. Auntie understands your difficulties. If so, leave Bei Bei as soon as possible, and don't visit her in the future because it won't be good for anyone."

    Mother Lin had thought about these words for a long time, and today, she finally mustered the courage to say them to Qin Feng.

    Mother Lin was a normal woman who had experienced the trials and tribulations of life. She didn't have a background as fortunate as Qin Feng, and she definitely didn't have something as amazing as the Hedonist Sovereign System.

    She didn't know Qin Feng still had a way to save Lin Bei Bei. She knew the doctors said her daughter's condition was very bad, and they believed Lin Bei Bei would be in a coma forever. Even if a miracle occurred and her daughter awakened, it might be some day eight or 10 years in the future.

    Mother Lin felt that Qin Feng wouldn't be able to withstand this difficult kind of waiting. She now gave Qin Feng another escape route and let him give up.

    "Auntie Lin, I won't say anything unnecessary, but I absolutely will not give up on Bei Bei. I will be by her side as she battles the serious illness and until the day she awakens.

    "I don't like just using my mouth to stress this matter; I want to use my actions to prove it to Auntie, to Bei Bei and let her know who much I love her!" Qin Feng's expression was hardly ever this serious.

    "Qin Feng... Auntie is going outside; stay with Bei Bei a little longer." Mother Lin was almost 50, and recently she cried very easily. After hearing Qin Feng's words, her tears surged up and fell again. She covered her face and ran out of the ICU.

    Qin Feng had gotten Bei Bei the best intensive care room in the hospital. She had her own room complete with a TV, sofa, restroom, and other equipment. Everything needed was available.

    After Mother Lin left, Qin Feng sat at the edge of Lin Bei Bei's bed. Lin Bei Bei lay on the hospital bed quietly. The sun shined on her charming face, giving her a quiet and peaceful feeling.

    Looking at Lin Bei Bei from such a close distance, Qin Feng could clearly see her full and clear forehead; shapely, long, and thin eyebrows; thick and long eyelashes; high nose bridge; and red little lips that were slightly pale; the blue veins on her forehead; and all the little hairs and each pore on her skin.

    Qin Feng held Lin Bei Bei's small hand and pressed his face against hers. He felt her steady breathing and smelled the scent of her body that only she possessed. This feeling was very real, and Qin Feng could feel that he really possessed Lin Bei Bei.

    This possession wasn't that of dominating her body, but was of the meeting of minds and love of two people. This type of possession also wouldn't cause them to become estranged after passion in the bed. This type of possession would make him have the courage to admire her beauty from a close distance and look into her eyes.

    Even if Lin Bei Bei was in a coma and couldn't speak to Qin Feng, he could still feel that he held firmly onto Lin Bei Bei and truly possessed her.

    "Bei Bei, this time I brought a present for you!" Qin Feng leaned against Lin Bei Bei's body for a while, then got up to take out a bracelet with ocean-blue beads.

    This was the Blood Flow Bracelet Qin Feng bought on the instrument page in the Hedonist Sovereign System. It could regulate blood flow and prevent blood clots. He had selected it specially for Lin Bei Bei.

    Worn on Lin Bei Bei's thin, soft, and fair arm, the ocean-blue bracelet shimmered and was extremely beautiful.

    Qin Feng held Lin Bei Bei's arm and admired it for a good while. He nodded his head with satisfaction. "I knew it would look beautiful on you. Do you like it, Bei Bei?"


    A tear rolled from Lin Bei Bei's eye.

    Though she couldn't move or speak, she heard Qin Feng's voice. This was the second time Qin Feng moved her to tears.

    This tear was Qin Feng's answer. Lin Bei Bei really like this bracelet; as long as Qin Feng gave it to her, she liked it.

    "This bracelet can regulate blood flow, so it's very fitting for you to wear. Also, this bracelet is a special instrument. When you encounter danger, it'll help defend you from one attack. I hope that you'll be able to always wear this in the future, Bei Bei."

    Qin Feng lightly wiped Lin Bei Bei's tears. He sat at the edge of the bed and admired her gentle and beautiful features.

    Suddenly, a sound of indignation came from behind him.

    "Hey, who are you? How can you enter an intensive care room so casually?"

    After hearing a noise, Qin Feng turned to look. He saw a refined doctor wearing a long white coat and gold-rimmed glasses walk in with a gloomy expression.

    This man of a bit over 30 was Lin Bei Bei's primary attending physician, Zhang Tian Hua.

    "What are you doing, brat? You're actually making moves on a paralyzed girl in a vegetative state? Hurry and scram, you beast!" Zhang Tian Hua ran up to Qin Feng and saw Qin Feng place his hand on Lin Bei Bei's charming face and caress it.

    This scene made him extremely angry. He tugged on Qin Feng's arm to take him away.

    Qin Feng twitched his arm slightly and shook off Zhang Tian Hua. He replaced his hand on Lin Bei Bei's charming face and even slowly lifted her up and took her into his embrace.

    After hugging Lin Bei Bei and positioning her properly, Qin Feng glared at Zhang Tian Hua and said, "Please speak more softly and don't disturb my beloved woman."

    Zhang Tian Hua was briefly stunned, and then he came to. So this handsome young brat before him was Lin Bei Bei's boyfriend?

    The instant he found out Lin Bei Bei had a boyfriend, an almost imperceptible hatred briefly flitted across Zhang Tian Hua's face, but he quickly reinstated his calmness.

    "How are you going to prove you're Lin Bei Bei's boyfriend?" Zhang Tian Hua clearly didn't completely believe Qin Feng, and Lin Bei Bei couldn't speak, so he couldn't take everything Qin Feng said at face value.

    Qin Feng simple ignored Zhang Tian Hua's question and firmly kissed Lin Bei Bei's lips in front of him. He caressed Lin Bei Bei's jade back with his hands and he even stuck his tongue into her mouth to explore its fragrance. Then he looked domineeringly at Zhang Tian Hua and said, "Who are you? Why have you come into Bei Bei's room?"

    Qin Feng didn't answer Zhang Tian Hua's question and interrogated him instead. This strong and tyrannical demeanor was unspeakably handsome.

    Zhang Tian Hua was stunned. The instant he saw Qin Feng wildly kissing Lin Bei Bei, his heartbeat suddenly quickened.

    As Lin Bei Bei's attending physician, Zhang Tian Hua checked Lin Bei Bei's condition daily. Once he'd seen Lin Bei Bei's beauty, a restlessness arose in his heart. And what Qin Feng had just done was a scene he had imagined countless times. He also wanted to firmly kiss her lips and stick his tongue into her mouth.

    Since Lin Bei Bei was paralyzed and in a vegetative state, he wouldn't be discovered no matter what he did to her.

    Zhang Tian Hua had fantasized about Lin Bei Bei countless times. He wanted to strip Lin Bei Bei bare, press down on her body, and ravage her to his heart's desire while no one was there.

    However, Zhang Tian Hua only had fantasies, while Qin Feng had actually done this jealousy-inducing action.

    "I'm Lin Bei Bei's attending physician, so I have the right to demand you instantly release my patient." Qin Feng's strength and dominance made Zhang Tian Hua extremely unhappy. His expression turned cold.

    "So you're Bei Bei's attending physician. I'm Bei Bei's boyfriend, Qin Feng. Now that I'm here taking care of Bei Bei, there's no need for you to be troubled." After discovering Zhang Tian Hua's identity, Qin Feng spoke a bit less domineeringly.

    He was very concerned about Lin Bei Bei's condition. Since the other person was Lin Bei Bei's attending physician, Qin Feng naturally gave him some face.

    "If I tell you to put Bei Bei down, do it immediately. Are you the doctor here, or am I?" Zhang Tian Hua's manner became increasingly excitable. When he saw another man do things to Lin Bei Bei that he could only dream about, his heart felt like a pincushion. This was clearly a disgraceful feeling.

    "Dr. Zhang, why are you so agitated? If there's nothing, you can leave." Qin Feng also had a temper. Glaring coldly at Zhang Tian Hua, he said, "If you dare make a fuss in Bei Bei's room again, I won't spare you!"

    Qin Feng cherished his women in every possible way, and he absolutely could not allow them to suffer any sort of harm. This Zhang Tian Hua yelled like a lunatic, so Qin Feng was already very dissatisfied with him.

    Zhang Tian Hua wanted Qin Feng to release Lin Bei Bei, and Qin Feng wanted Zhang Tian Hua to go outside.

    The two of them stood staunchly by their words. The atmosphere in the room instantly turned frigid, and the two of them looked as though they'd get into a fight in the next second.

    Mother Lin just so happened to enter at this time. When she saw Zhang Tian Hua, she greeted him. "Dr. Zhang, you're here!"

    Zhang Tian Hua's cold and fierce expression instantly disappeared and he quickly switched it to a smile. He turned to look at Mother Lin and said, "Auntie, I came to check up on Bei Bei. ...That's right, who is this lad? How can he hug Bei Bei so casually?"

    "Oh, this is Qin Feng, my Bei Bei's little boyfriend." Mother Lin introduced Qin Feng with a smile. Then, she turned her smile at Qin Feng. "Little Feng, this is Dr. Zhang. He's our Bei Bei's attending physician."

    Zhang Tian Hua confirmed Qin Feng's identity through Mother Lin. A coldness flashed across his face again. When he quickly calmed down again, he laughed and said, "So he really is Bei Bei's boyfriend. Then it's nothing."

    "Okay, it looks to me that Bei Bei's condition is the same as usual. Then I won't disturb you." Zhang Tian Hua waved at Mother Lin and left with a cold expression.

    Qin Feng watched his retreating back thoughtfully. But, in the end, he shook his head and rid himself of his messy thoughts.

    "Mother Lin, I have to leave as well. I'll see you two again tomorrow." Qin Feng stood and prepared to visit Zhao Ling Xian's house.

    "Okay, okay, then you do what you need to. Don't worry; Bei Bei has Auntie taking care of her, so nothing will happen." Mother Lin already treated Qin Feng like her son-in-law. She hugged his arm and walked him out of the room.

    "That's right, Auntie, I put a bracelet on Bei Bei. The bracelet is something I requested from a senior monk, and it's very effective. Let Bei Bei wear it and I believe she'll get better very quickly." Before Qin Feng left, he told Mother Lin about the bracelet.

    However, Qin Feng couldn't tell the truth and reveal the Blood Flow Bracelet's origin or capabilities. He made the excuse that they were beads he requested from a senior monk.

    When Mother Lin saw how dedicated Qin Feng was, she was extremely moved. She nodded and replied, "Okay, okay, I'll let Bei Bei wear it constantly, and I won't take it off even when I help Bei Bei shower."
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