Chapter 237 - Using Me as Cannon Fodder?

    Chapter 237 - Using Me as Cannon Fodder?

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    Qin Feng didn't know what was wrong with Zhao Ling Xian today. He hadn't expected she would tear apart the present he personally gave to her right in front of him and harshly throw the beads at his face.

    Zhao Ling Xian didn't know the true origin of these beads-Qin Feng spent 500 Hedonist Points to buy them in the Hedonist Sovereign System. Qin Feng was currently in a Hedonist Point deficit, so for Qin Feng to shell out 500 Hedonist Points to buy this Soul-Cleansing Necklace during this time showed that Zhao Ling Xian's place in Qin Feng's heart was irreplaceable!

    Qin Feng was a bit sad because Zhao Ling Xian changed. She'd become foreign and cold. She was no longer the cute, proud, and lovable little princess who'd clung to Qin Feng. She was about to become a complete stranger as they slowly drifted further apart...

    "Ling Xian, these beads..." Qin Feng wanted to say something else, but once he opened his mouth, Zhao Ling Xian interrupted him.

    "Don't call me 'Ling Xian.' I don't care for your beads. Give them to another woman; maybe once they get your present, they'll go to bed with you... But I don't want to, and I'm not that kind of woman.

    "Qin Feng, hurry up and leave!"

    Zhao Ling Xian became increasingly agitated. Her breath quickened like she was about to suffocate.

    Zhang Ling Xian scared Qin Feng. He knew this girl was weak and sickly since she was young. He didn't dare continue to stay. He hurriedly ran out of Zhao Ling Xian's bedroom and arrived at the first floor lobby.

    Right after Qin Feng arrived downstairs, Zhao Da Hai called out to him, "Qin Feng, why are you back down here so quickly? I heard some yelling coming from upstairs; have you fought with Ling Xian again?"

    Zhao Da Hai was used to Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xiao fighting. The two of them had fought since they were young, and were considered quarrelsome lovers.

    "Uncle Zhao, Ling Xian's emotions are very unstable today. Has she been in a bad mood lately?" Qin Feng sat beside Zhao Da Hai and wanted to understand Zhao Ling Xian's recent condition.

    "Ai... this girl Ling Xian has a really bad temper nowadays. I daren't provoke her. She even yells and shouts at her old man, much less you." Zhao Da Hai sighed and his expression became heavy.

    "Uncle Zhao, why didn't you tell me such an important thing before I went upstairs?" Qin Feng had a look of helplessness.

    Zhao Da Hai was all too familiar with Zhao Ling Xian's princess temper. When this girl got mad and threw a tantrum, it was completely unrivalled. Not only did strangers have to stay away, even people she was familiar with didn't dare provoke her.

    Qin Feng hadn't realized he'd bump into the muzzle of a gun. He had just arrived when Zhao Ling Xian's emotions were unstable, so maybe this girl was on her period... But Qin Feng shook his head when he thought of that glimpse of Zhao Ling Xian's figure he got previously.

    He mumbled to himself, "No, no, Little Sister Ling Xian was really clean there. There weren't any blood stains."

    "If I told you Ling Xian's been in a really bad temper recently, would you have gone upstairs to look for her?" Zhao Da Hai smiled as he asked Qin Feng.

    "Certainly not!" Qin Feng replied resolutely.

    "Exactly." An amused smile crossed Zhao Da Hai's face. He said, "If I told you in advance, you won't have gone. And if you didn't go, how would Ling Xian find someone to vent her anger?

    "If she doesn't find vent someone to, it would be bad for her to keep bottling up all of her unhappiness. Qin Feng... Uncle Zhao is very satisfied with your performance!"

    Qin Feng's eyes darkened. "It feels like you used your godson as cannon fodder, Uncle Zhao!"

    "Haha, how can you put it that way?" Zhao Da Hai laughed with a bit of awkwardness. "You think Uncle Zhao doesn't know why you come looking for our Ling Xian, brat? You just want to take advantage of her.

    "You and Ling Xian grew up together, so who knows how many times my precious daughter was taken advantage of. So now that Ling Xian's in a bad mood, you should be the first one to volunteer himself as a punching bag," Zhao Da Hai said matter-of-factly.

    Qin Feng shriveled up because Uncle Zhao was absolutely right. He didn't even have latitude to retort.

    "Qin Feng, there's something I must tell you." Zhao Da Hai retracted his smile and suddenly became serious.

    "Tell me, Uncle Zhao." Qin Feng could see from Zhao Da Hai's expression that this was a very important matter.

    The two sat up straight and looked at one another solemnly.

    Zhao Da Hai organized his words and spoke lowly, "Do you still remember the Capital's Liang family? Two men came from their house previously: Liang Sheng and Liang Zhen Wei. They came to our Zhao family to propose marriage.

    "However, no further news came from either of them and the marriage proposal fell through... Most recently, the Liang family's eldest son, Liang Yu, came to propose marriage. The Liang family seems to place a lot of value on this marriage; it's already their third time to pay a visit. Liang Yu is coming in a bit. I think he's visiting to set an auspicious date for the marriage."

    Zhao Da Hai gave a brief summary of recent events for Qin Feng. After Qin Feng heard it, his expression suddenly turned cold.

    Qin Feng naturally knew about Liang Sheng and Liang Zhen Wei, who had previously come to propose.

    And there was no news of these two people afterward because Qin Feng killed them. When Qin Feng found out these two people came to the Zhao residence to propose marriage to Zhao Ling Xian, a fierce voice within him had rung out in opposition.

    Qin Feng wasn't clear on how he felt about Zhao Ling Xian. There was a bit of the ambiguity between lovers, but Qin Feng felt it was more like the love between siblings.

    After all, the two were playmates since childhood and their fathers were good friends. This made Qin Feng conflicted. He felt that he shouldn't like Zhao Ling Xian because he was Uncle Zhao's godson. If he got on with Zhao Ling Xian, he felt that the relationship would get messy.

    But no matter what this feeling was, Qin Feng was certain that he couldn't lose Zhao Ling Xian.

    He hoped that Zhao Ling Xian would always be in his life and that he'd be able to find her whenever he wanted to see her. Qin Feng wasn't willing to see someone else marry Ling Xian. Once he thought about Zhao Ling Xian marrying someone and becoming another man's woman, Qin Feng's heart felt hurt so much it felt like it was getting hacked to pieces.

    Qin Feng was in a daze for a while before he regained his senses. He looked at Zhao Da Hai nervously and asked, "Uncle Zhao, did Ling Xian agree to this marriage?"

    "I asked Ling Xian once before. I don't want to force her when it comes to these marriage matters, and it's all based on her decision." Zhao Da Hai sighed and said, "But at the time, she didn't say anything; she didn't agree or refuse."

    Previously, when Liang Sheng and Liang Zhen Wei came to propose, Zhao Ling Xiang hated and rejected it. Now that Qin Feng heard Uncle Zhao talk about this marriage proposal and that Zhao Ling Xian didn't have much of a reaction, Qin Feng's conflicted heart almost jumped to his throat.

    "Uncle Zhao, what kind of person is Liang Yu? Is he handsome? Is he tall? How is his character? Is he the kind of rich young master that has a decadent and dissolute life? ...Uncle Zhao, Ling Xian's marriage is a big thing. You can't take this too lightly; you have to choose well. Only a man better than me in every aspect would be worthy of Ling Xian.

    "But thinking about it closely, a man that is better than me in every aspect probably hasn't even been born yet!"

    Qin Feng's expression unknowingly became anxious. Zhao Da Hai had just opened his mouth to say something to Qin Feng when a well-dressed man suddenly walked in.

    "Uncle Zhao, Little Yu is here to pay a visit again. Please forgive me if I have disturbed you in any way!"

    The man was large and tall, his body was well-built, his face was fair and handsome, and his clothes and aura were unordinary-this was the eldest of the Capital's Liang family's sons, Liang Yu.

    "Ahem!" Qin Feng and Zhao Da Hai were just talking about Liang Yu and he suddenly arrived. Zhao Da Hai quickly cleared his throat and said, "Liang Yu's here. Come in and sit!"

    Liang Yu didn't come alone; four bodyguards in black followed him. Based on their build and footsteps, they were all first-class experts.

    These four bodyguards' arms were filled with various gifts. After entering the room, they neatly and orderly stacked the presents on a side table without needing Liang Yu to give any commands, and then fell back, forming two lines after putting down the presents. They stood guard at the villa entrance.

    "Uncle Zhao, this friend is?" After Liang Yu entered the room, his gaze fell on Qin Feng and hostility sparked in his eyes.

    "This is my friend's son who just so happened to come see me." Zhao Da Hai simply said, "Haha, I usually treat Qin Feng like my own son, so treat him like a member of my Zhao family and don't worry about him."

    Once Liang Yu heard Qin Feng's name, an almost imperceptible coldness flashed in his eyes. He reconsidered Qin Feng and suddenly extended his hand, smiled, and said, "How do you do, Qin Feng? I'm the eldest son of the Capital's Liang family, Liang Yu.

    "You might not know me yet, but I have two brothers who came to the Zhao residence before: one is called Liang Sheng, and the other is Liang Zhen Wei. You should be quite familiar with them, isn't that right, Young Master Qin?"

    Liang Yu was clearly insinuating something. His gaze toward Qin Feng now included a ruminating smile. Qin Feng's heart sank a bit. He thought to himself, "Did this Liang Yu discover that I killed his two younger brothers?"

    Qin Feng didn't extend his hand. He was silent for an instant before looking indifferently at Liang Yu and saying, "Young Master Liang, since the presents have been gifted, you can leave if there's nothing else. Uncle Zhao prefers the quiet, so don't affect Uncle Zhao's rest."

    Liang Yu's hand lingered midair. It didn't seem right to take his hand back, nor did it seem right not to take it back. A cold expression appeared on his face, but this anger was quickly suppressed. He suddenly put down his hand and laughed. "Haha, I also came here today to attend to some very important matters. I'll leave once the matter is complete. If I've disturbed Uncle Zhao's rest, I'm really sorry.

    "Uncle Zhao, why haven't I seen Miss Ling Xian?" Liang Yu cut to the chase and dove into the important matters regarding his presence today.

    "Ling Xian went out today; she's coming back tomorrow." Qin Feng didn't wait for Zhao Da Hai to open his mouth and spoke first "So if there's nothing else, Young Master Liang, go home first."

    In the face of Qin Feng's obstruction, Liang Yu's expression fell even more.

    The four bodyguards in black, who were originally standing at the villa entrance, suddenly came over to stand silently behind Liang Yu while glaring at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng refused to give in. He stared back at them with an unchanged expression.

    The atmosphere instantly turned cold and seemed as thought it would explode with a mere touch.

    Even Zhao Da Hai, who stood to the side, didn't know how to conclude the matter.

    "Who said I went out? I've been waiting at home for Prince Liang the whole time." During this extremely tense moment, a cold voice suddenly drifted from upstairs.

    This was Zhao Ling Xian's voice. The spectators all looked up the stairs.
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