Chapter 238 - After Loving for a Long Time, It Becomes Familial Love

    Chapter 238 - After Loving for a Long Time, It Becomes Familial Love

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    Zhao Ling Xian wore an elegant black dress with lace bordering. Her raven hair was twisted atop her head and kept in place by a crystal crown, revealing her entire fair and charming egg-shaped face. Her neck was as fair as jade, and she wore a gleaming pearl necklace. On her feet, she wore a pair of elegant black heels.

    Her slender, lily-white hands held the railing as she walked leisurely down the stairs.

    This beautiful and moving image was like a grand little princess walking out of a painting!

    Thump thump thump!

    Zhao Ling Xian's footsteps were slow. With every step, her heels produced an alluring clack on the steps.

    The skirt of her black dress was a bit short. As she stood on the steps, all one could see was a pair of long, fair, alluring, and beautiful legs. She'd meticulously put on light makeup: dark blue eyeshadow, just the right amount of blush, and purple lip gloss.

    She looked like a regal princess under the light, and was so beautiful that she made one gasp in surprise.

    Liang Yu was stunned, and fiery light shot out of his eyes.

    Even Qin Feng was entranced. In the past, he hardly ever saw Zhao Ling Xian put on this kind of makeup. She was very mature and sexy, concealing her usual cold arrogance, and there was additional charm and gentleness.

    Thump thump thump!

    During the time Qin Feng and Liang Yu were in a daze, Zhao Ling Xian arrived at the bottom of the steps. She didn't look at Qin Feng when she walked past him and went straight to Liang Yu's side instead.

    "Ling Xian, you've come down." Qin Feng immediately regained his senses and smiled at Zhao Ling Xian. "Are you feeling better?"

    Zhao Ling Xian glared coldly at Qin Feng and said nothing. She suddenly turned to Liang Yu and smiled sweetly, "Young Master Liang, my apologies for making you wait for so long."

    Liang Yu was instantly shocked; he didn't really recognize the Zhao Ling Xian before him.

    After all, today's Zhao Ling Xian was completely different. The previous three times he'd seen her, she'd been standoffish. This time, not only did she put effort into her makeup, she even took the initiative to speak with him.

    Even the smile she just gave him was the first Liang Yu had ever seen on Zhao Ling Xian's face. The smile could topple cities and countries; it was indescribably beautiful.

    "Haha! No, no, it's my honor to wait on someone as beautiful as Princess Ling Xian." After Liang Yu regained his senses, he immediately pasted a gentlemanly smile on his face.

    "Young Master Liang is joking. Acropolis is just a small area in Young Master Liang's eyes, how could it compare to the bustling capital? The capital has over 20 million people; beautiful women are as plentiful as the clouds. If I were placed in the crowd, I would definitely be forgettable." Zhao Ling Xian covered her mouth and smiled.

    Liang Yu was truly shocked. Zhao Ling Xian's usually cold expression showed a smile today, making Liang Yu's heart bloom.

    "Princess Ling Xian's beauty is one of a kind; it's not something that can be created with makeup. This is called natural-born beauty." Liang Yu had eloquent praises, making Zhao Ling Xian cover her mouth and smile continuously.

    "Haha, Young Master Liang really knows how to make a woman happy. Let's not stand here. I'll take you to sit on the sofa. You're an important guest that came from far away to our Zhao residence, so why don't I attend to you personally?"

    "Okay, okay, then thank you for your trouble, Princess Ling Xian!" Liang Yu immediately followed Ling Xian and watched her elegant back. The blaze in his stomach raged and became stronger and stronger.

    Qin Feng was tossed to the side and treated like air. He only came to when Zhao Ling Xian and Liang Yu went to the living room.

    "Feng'er... Want to go back first and come back another time?" Zhao Da Hai asked while looking at Qin Feng with a bit of awkwardness. He was afraid Qin Feng would be sad.

    "Uncle Zhao, I'll go back after eating lunch," Qin Feng said while keeping his mood in check.

    How could he leave now? He had to stay and monitor Liang Yu to see if this man was good enough for Ling Xian.

    "Okay, then Uncle Zhao will cook personally and make your favorite sweet-and-sour spareribs." Zhao Da Hai sighed and went to the kitchen.

    Qin Feng arrived in the living room on his own. He saw Zhao Ling Xian and Liang Yu sitting quite close together on the sofa talking and laughing. Qin Feng was extremely angry. He immediately went up to them and sat right between them.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Zhao Ling Xian's expression suddenly fell. She glared coldly at Qin Feng.

    A fire arose in Liang Yu's heart. A murderous look flashed in his eyes. It was rare for Zhao Ling Xian's attitude to change toward him, and the two of them were talking happily, so he thought there was an 80% chance of the marriage proposal succeeding. In the end, Qin Feng kept coming over to wreak havoc.

    At this time, Liang Yu wanted to kill Qin Feng.

    "Ling Xian, your health isn't very good, so how could you come downstairs wearing so little clothes? What if you get a cold? Are your legs cold?"

    Qin Feng looked at Zhao Ling Xian with care as if he never saw the icy expression on her face. At this time, he extended a hand and touched Zhao Ling Xian's fair and beautiful thigh. He was about to rub his hand up and down to help Zhao Ling Xian's thigh gain warmth.

    "Ling Xian, your leg is really cold. Let's go... I'll take you upstairs to change into something thicker."

    Qin Feng stood and was about to tug Zhao Ling Xian upstairs. He wanted to pull her back into her room and speak with her. However, Zhao Ling Xian didn't follow Qin Feng's wishes. She flung Qin Feng's arm away and yelled at him coldly:

    "Qin Feng, are you crazy? I don't need to you care whether or not my health is fine, whether or not I'm cold, whether or not I'm lonely, whether or not I'm having a hard time... Hurry and leave!

    "Don't you need to work in the afternoon? Your little Lolita is still waiting for you at the office. Go back and touch her legs and care about her body!"

    Qin Feng was slightly stunned. He was trying to guess who the Lolita Zhao Ling Xian mentioned was. He quickly deduced that it was Xu Ruo Rou. However, how did Zhao Ling Xian ever see Xu Ruo Rou?"

    Though Qin Feng couldn't figure out that point, he realized why Zhao Ling Xian wasn't her usual self. Was she jealous because she'd seen him and Xu Ruo Rou acting intimately? So everything she did right now was to take revenge on him.

    Qin Feng wasn't quite certain about his guesses. He grabbed Zhao Ling Xian's shoulder again and said earnestly, "Ling Xian, come upstairs with me first."

    "Why would I go upstairs with you? Who are you to me? Hurry and let go, or else I'll sue you for harassment." Zhao Ling Xian threw off Qin Feng's arm once again and was so angry that her chest heaved.

    "Young Master Qin, I urge you to watch yourself. Ling Xian is my fiancée." Liang Yu couldn't keep watching.

    Qin Feng touched Zhao Ling Xian's thigh in front of him and tugged on her. If they weren't in the Zhao residence, Liang Yu would have killed Qin Feng.

    After hearing "fiancée," Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian were suddenly shaken.

    Zhao Ling Xian hadn't yet agreed to be Liang Yu's fiancée. Her taking the initiative to host, speak with, and laugh with Liang Yu was just an act she was putting on to take revenge on Qin Feng.

    Thus, once she heard Liang Yu call her his fiancée, she was first shocked, then disgusted. She didn't even like Liang Yu. Who would feel good about being addressed this way by someone they disliked?

    In contrast to Zhao Ling Xian's disgust, a fierce angry fire suddenly arose in Qin Feng's heart. That instant, an intense murderous air shot out of him. He almost killed Liang Yu in the Zhao residence.

    One month ago, Zhao Ling Xian was still Qin Feng's fiancée. However, Qin Feng didn't take it seriously and never called Zhao Ling Xian his fiancée. At the time, he didn't care and announced the annulment of the engagement in public. He personally gave up this right. A month later, once he heard another man call Zhao Ling Xian his fiancée, once he realized Zhao Ling Xian was already of anage where she'd need to talk about marriage and quite possibly become someone else's woman, he then realized the importance of the word "fiancée."

    He understood a lot. Human maturation is like this; it always suddenly awakens you to reality when you least expect it.

    Qin Feng finally understood how to place himself in another's shoes. He was no longer that unruly and hedonistic young master that dallied all day and treated himself as the center of the universe. He could deeply understand Zhao Ling Xian's despair and anger the day he announced the engagement annulment on the Acropolis University campus.

    Ling Xian was still a little lady; she was reclusive and proud. When she encountered disgrace and anger, she couldn't find anyone to share her feelings with. How did she vent her emotions then?

    At that instant, Qin Feng seemed to reacquaint himself with Ling Xian. He found that in the past, he'd always used the fact that they were childhood sweethearts as an excuse and thought he knew Ling Xian extremely well and loved her the most. However, he now knew he had been wrong-he hadn't understood Zhao Ling Xian at all, and hadn't truly loved her.


    Qin Feng drew in a long breath.

    With the previous Young Master Qin's temper, he would have punched Liang Yu thrice and kicked him twice without hesitation. He'd have beaten up Liang Yu until his teeth fell all over the ground and Liang Yu begged for forgiveness. He wouldn't have cared how powerful the Capital's Liang family was, and he'd have tossed the terrible mess to his old man and Uncle Fu to deal with.

    He would have hugged Zhao Ling Xian confidently and yelled fiercely at Liang Yu and the entire Acropolis, "Look clearly, this is Young Master Qin's woman."

    After shouting these words, Qin Feng might not even have looked for Zhao Ling Xian once in the next year because he wouldn't have done this because he loved Zhao Ling Xian. He'd only have done it due to his irrational overbearingness. He'd have wanted to show off his might and act cool; that was all.

    That was the Young Master Qin of the past, the one before he acquired the Hedonist Sovereign System.

    Now, Qin Feng had changed. He'd grown too much. Faced with this situation, he quickly calmed down.

    When Liang Yu said "fiancée" to Zhao Ling Xian, Qin Feng realized his feelings for Zhao Ling Xian.

    After loving someone for a long time, this sincere and deep romantic love would progress into familial love.

    In the past, Qin Feng always thought the relationship between him and Zhao Ling Xian was that of older brother and younger sister. However, he was now clear on the fact that this familial love evolved from his deep love for Zhao Ling Xian.

    "Ling Xian, I'm sorry!"

    Qin Feng suddenly looked toward Zhao Ling Xian and he spoke with incomparable sincerity.

    Zhao Ling Xian's delicate body trembled because she could see that the expression in Qin Feng's eyes was vastly different from before. It was an unflinching expression.

    "I-I'll go into the kitchen to see if there's anything I can help Dad with." Zhao Ling Xian was dazed for a while before she regained her senses.

    It wasn't easy for her to suppress her emotions, and now they suddenly came flooding out. Her little heart thumped uncontrollably, and she hurriedly found an excuse to hide from Qin Feng.

    Once Zhao Ling Xian left, Qin Feng and Liang Yu sat on the sofa again. The two of them looked calm and unaffected but were angry inside, causing gusts of coldness to burst out from all sides.
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