Chapter 239 - Agree to the Marriage

    Chapter 239 - Agree to the Marriage

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    "Acropolis City's Number One Hedonistic Young Master, Young Master Qin, I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. But now that I've seen you, I'm extremely disappointed. This Acropolis is indeed a small pond compared to the capital. Someone like you can be the Number One Young Master? That makes me laugh my teeth out." Liang Yu openly taunted Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's expression didn't change. He smiled nonchalantly and said, "No matter how small Acropolis City is and even if I, Young Master Qin, am useless in the eyes of you young masters of the capital, you still came to Acropolis. And aren't you trying to compete with me for Zhao Ling Xian? ...I can tell you with much certainty that Ling Xian will be my woman in the end. You can't compare to me!"

    Qin Feng's words were calm and nonchalant, as if he was stating a fact. Liang Yu was so angry that his expression became stormy and he harrumphed coldly.

    "Hmph, it isn't up to you. We have to see what Ling Xian wants... Did you not see that Princess Ling Xian isn't fond of you and is hosting me very well?"

    "That's because Little Sister Ling Xian and I got into a small argument and she's intentionally trying to get me mad. To be honest, you're just a tool Little Sister Ling Xian is using to get me mad." Qin Feng didn't exhibit any weakness.

    "You..." Liang Yu felt a mouthful of blood gushing up to his mouth. He was so angry that he almost spat blood.

    He was the Capital's Liang family's eldest son, yet he was called a tool by Qin Feng.

    "Don't be so pleased with yourself too early; I came to the Zhao residence to propose. This time, I believe both Uncle Zhao and Ling Xian will agree."

    "Haha, if you have the guts to do that, I wouldn't mind leaving you in Acropolis forever," said Qin Feng coldly.

    In the face of Qin Feng's strength, Liang Yu wasn't angry. He suddenly burst into laughter.

    "Haha... Qin Feng, oh, Qin Feng, you think I don't know how my second brother, Liang Zhen Wei, and my third brother, Liang Sheng, died? They were both killed after coming to the Zhao residence to propose. I sent people to secretly investigate right from the beginning, and found that they were killed by you."

    Liang Yu laughed coldly as he looked at Qin Feng. "Right now, the Capital's Liang family elders are all discussing how to deal with you. You should worry about your own life first.

    "You want to kill me? Hmph, I purposely brought four external experts with me, so don't be delusional."

    After hearing Liang Yu's words, Qin Feng's expression changed drastically.

    He knew that the Liang family would thoroughly investigate the situation after Liang Sheng and Liang Zhen Wei died. However, Qin Feng hadn't left any trace after killing the two people, so he was surprised that the Liang family members suspected him. Liang Yu was clearly prepared, so it wasn't really possible to eliminate him without anyone knowing.

    "Haha, weren't you very confident at first? Why aren't you saying anything?" Liang Yu smiled with more self-satisfaction when he saw Qin Feng's expression fall.

    He switched the topic and suddenly said to him, "Qin Feng, I can give you a chance and make the Capital's Liang family let you off."

    Qin Feng currently had too many hidden enemies, and he very seldomly used the Qin family's power. Most of the time, he resolved problems on his own. At his current Stage Three External and Stage Two Internal abilities, the Capital's enormous Liang family was still a force to reckon with.

    Thus, unless it was the last resort, Qin Feng didn't want to ruin their relationship right now.

    "Young Master Liang, you'd be that thoughtful?" Qin Feng asked cautiously after an instant of deep consideration.

    "Haha...of course I wouldn't randomly help you; you'd have to agree to one of my terms." Before coming to Acropolis, Liang Yu had researched how his two younger brothers died. He'd researched information about Qin Feng and his relationship with Zhao Ling Xian in particular.

    Liang Yu discovered through the research that Zhao Ling Xian liked Qin Feng, while Qin Feng wasn't willing to marry her. He also found that his two younger brothers were assassinated by Qin Feng because they came to the Zhao residence to propose.

    "I know you're the Number One Dissolute Young Master in Acropolis. A hedonistic young master like you isn't lacking in women, so why would you offend me over one Zhao Ling Xian?"

    Liang Yu smiled and looked at Qin Feng. He said, "So, before coming to the Zhao residence to propose, I thought of a solution where we could both benefit. Just don't interfere with my marriage with Zhao Ling Xian and I can agree to not let the Capital's Liang family deal with you."

    "Why would I trust you?" Qin Feng said, "The Capital's Liang family is so large that your words probably aren't of consequence."

    "My words aren't enough to speak for the Capital's Liang family in its entirety, but I'm the eldest grandson of the Liang family in the direct line of descent, so the elders listen to my suggestions.

    "To tell the truth, by killing my two younger brothers, who had inheritance rights, you've made me the sole heir of the Capital's Liang family and I'm actually thankful for you... The Capital's Liang family will become mine sooner or later, so I don't want to fight with your Qin family because it would harm my personal strength and wealth." Liang Yu presented his thoughts to Qin Feng in detail.

    "I don't think it's worth it to become enemies with your Qin family over my two younger brothers who I deem insignificant. I've made myself quite clear, so you should believe me now."

    This Liang Yu was vicious and merciless. In order to be the heir, he cared nothing about brotherhood. He also came prepared. An opponent like this wasn't easy to deal with.

    Qin Feng nodded and said, "You've definitely cleared up the matter, Young Master Liang."

    "Then are you willing to work with me, Young Master Qin?" Liang Yu said, "Just don't participate in matters regarding my marriage with Zhao Ling Xian and I'll assure you that the Capital's Liang family won't trouble you."

    Qin Feng was quiet, and his brain was in the midst of quickly thinking of countermeasures.

    He still had a System quest regarding the Capital's Liang family where he had to eliminate all of the Capital's Liang family's forces in three months. The reward was 20,000 Hedonist Points.

    This quest had too generous a reward, which emphasized the difficulty of the quest. Now that the situation had progressed to this stage, Qin Feng could first pretend and agree to work with Liang Yu. Then, when the Liang family relaxed their guard toward him, he'd think of a way to annihilate the Capital's Liang family.

    As long as the Liang family was completely eradicated, the marriage between the Liang family and Zhao Ling Xian would naturally get cancelled. From the beginning, Ling Xian belonged to Qin Feng. How could Qin Feng let another man dominate her?

    From this point on, Qin Feng already knew the nature of his feelings for Zhao Ling Xian-it was pure and indistinct love.

    And from this point on, Qin Feng vowed that no one could steal away this woman, Zhao Ling Xian, from him.

    "How could I not agree to such attractive terms? Destroy myself, Young Master Qin, and the future of the Qin family over a woman? You think I'm stupid?" Qin Feng suddenly put on the frivolous airs of a hedonistic young master. He smiled and said to Liang Yu, "Young Master Liang, I'm a hedonistic young master. I'm sure you've been quite dissolute in the capital, so you should understand how I think! Hahaha!"

    "Haha... Of course I understand how Young Master Qin thinks. There are so many women under the heavens, it'd be extremely dumb for our two families to fight over a stinking woman. Young Master Qin is dissolute and carefree, and there are as many women as clouds beside you. Before coming to Acropolis, I already knew Young Master Qin would choose to cooperate with me without hesitation." Seeing that Qin Feng agreed to work with him, Liang Yu immediately broke into a smile.

    To tell the truth, Liang Yu was slightly afraid that Qin Feng wouldn't agree to work with him and that the Capital's Liang family and the Qin family would break out into a war. Though the Liang family wasn't afraid of Acropolis City's minuscule Qin family at all, the strong dragon cannot suppress the local snake.

    If the Liang family really started a fight from so far away, they would suffer heavy losses. Liang Yu was soon to inherit the role of clan elder. He didn't want to waste the great resources of the Liang family on a war with the Qin family.

    "Young Master Liang, if you talked to me about joining hands earlier, we wouldn't have had to argue and get into the unhappy matters at first!" Qin Feng now naturally hooked his arm around Liang Yu's shoulders. The two of them looked like a pair of rogues that had known each other for a long time.

    "Ah, because without discord, there's no concord. You, Young Master Qin, are the first friend I've made in Acropolis. In the future, if you come to the capital, remember to look for me, Liang Yu." Liang Yu's previous coldness disappeared, and he smiled vulgarly.

    "Of course. If Young Master Liang comes to Acropolis in the future, you must look for me as well. I, Young Master Qin, am quite famous in Acropolis. I assure you that if I walked with you in Acropolis, you could beat up whoever you don't like, and you could get on whichever girl you like!"

    Qin Feng felt that he hadn't be this boastful in a long time, but he was able to act quite convincingly right after picking up his hedonist manner again.

    The research Liang Yu did of Qin Feng was very clear that Qin Feng idled about and had nothing to do. His life's greatest pleasure was picking up girls and acting dissolute.

    Also, Liang Yu also found out about Qin Feng's public annulment of his engagement to Zhao Ling Xian. This showed that Qin Feng didn't really like Zhao Ling Xian. How could a hedonistic young master like Qin Feng push his family into hardship for a woman?

    Thus, Liang Yu wasn't suspicious and merely trusted Qin Feng when he said he would straightforwardly dump Zhao Ling Xian and agree to work with him.

    Qin Feng and Liang Yu hit it off, and they now placed their arms around one another's shoulders and called each other "brother." They both had vulgar expressions and each talked about which model or celebrity they'd played with. They also exchanged stories about how wanton and passionate these celebrities were in bed.

    And in the villa's kitchen, Zhao Ling Xian and Zhao Da Hai were in the midst of a serious conversation.

    "Dad, is something wrong with your Hai Medical Group?" Zhao Ling Xian asked while chopping vegetables and feigning indifference.

    The frying pan in Zhao Da Hai's hand briefly stopped moving. Then, the calm smile was quickly reinstated on Zhao Da Hai's face. He said, "Ling Xian, this is a matter that concerns the adults; don't worry about it. You just need to be happy every day and study well at school, and Daddy will feel at ease."

    Zhao Ling Xian stopped chopping, and her clear, beautiful eyes slowly moistened.

    She knew her father's Hai Medical Group recently encountered some problems-and they were some large and thorny problems. She'd noticed in the past month that her father would come home really late, eat dinner, then retreat to his room to continue working deep into the night before going to bed.

    She'd watched her father's hair quickly turning white and him looking increasingly aged.

    Zhao Ling Xian knew that she wasn't a child anymore, and that she was past the days of being careless, carefree, and headstrong. She couldn't care only about herself. Her father was getting old, so she had to begin learning how to help her father with family matters.

    Sharing the burden wasn't as easy as saying a couple of words-it came at a price. Zhao Ling Xian was smart; she knew the cost of helping her father pull through the hardship was marrying into the Capital's Liang family.

    With the Liang family backing them, her dad's Hai Medical Group would get back on track.

    "Dad, this is the Liang family's fourth time proposing. What do you think?" Zhao Ling Xian held in her tears and she spoke unhappily.

    "Ling Xian, you decide for yourself. Dad won't ever force you." Zhao Da Hai sighed and said, "If you like Liang Yu, then try it out. If you don't, your old dad won't insist.

    "Ai... Actually, the person your dad likes is Qin Feng. I watched this brat grow up, and he's not like the rumors. He's very kind and dependable. However, he canceled the engagement between you two, so your dad can't do anything about it..."

    "Dad, stop..."

    Once Qin Feng was mentioned, Zhao Ling Xian couldn't control her emotions.

    The tears she held in dripped out tear by tear. She bit her lip tightly and was about to draw blood. Her expression suddenly became impossibly bitter as if she'd made a very difficult decision. She spoke word by word:

    "Dad, I've thought about it. Today I'll accept Liang Yu and the Liang family's proposal."

    Since the person I love doesn't love me, it'll be the same no matter whom I marry.

    Zhao Ling Xian already made up her mind to agree to the Liang family's proposal. At least she could help relieve her father of some difficulties at work; that was enough!
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