Chapter 240 - Acting Requires Passing Off Lies as Truth

    Chapter 240 - Acting Requires Passing Off Lies as Truth

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    After making her final decision, Zhao Ling Xian walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.

    When she'd left, the atmosphere between Qin Feng and Liang Yu had been extremely thick with tension. She was afraid that if she was absent for a long time, a fight would break out between those two.

    However, when she rushed back to the living room and saw the strange scene before her, Zhao Ling Xian felt unwell and even like she'd teleported to another universe.

    Qin Feng and Liang Yu hadn't lapsed into an intense argument or a fight. The two of them looked as thick as thieves. They had their arms across each other's shoulders and seemed to be whispering secrets of some sort into each other's ears with vulgar expressions.

    Their occasional lascivious laughter hinted that the topic of their conversation was not suitable for children.

    "Ahem... Uh, Princess Ling Xian, you're here!" When the two of them saw Ling Xian, Liang Yu immediately straightened. His previously lewd and unseemly expression completely disappeared as he reinstated his prior gentlemanly facade.

    "Little Sister Ling Xian, come sit on the sofa. Young Master Liang came all the way from the capital, so you must talk to him more." Qin Feng covertly gave Liang Yu a vulgar smile. Liang Yu immediately understood. This Qin Feng's helping me pick up Zhao Ling Xian.

    Zhao Ling Xian still hadn't regained her senses. She couldn't imagine what could have happened while she was gone that would make these two, who previously were on the verge of fighting, suddenly become... close friends!

    After hesitating a bit, Zhao Ling Xian walked up to the sofa. She was about to sit next to Liang Yu when Qin Feng tugged her arm and sat her down beside him.

    "Young Master Liang, you might not know that my dad and Uncle Zhao have a friendship of life or death, so I grew up with Little Sister Ling Xian. In my eyes, Ling Xian is like my real younger sister. Since you have taken a liking to my Little Sister Ling Xian, then you have to treat her better in the future; don't let her suffer any wrongs. Otherwise, as her brother, I'll be the first who can't spare you!"

    Qin Feng hugged Zhao Ling Xian naturally. Seeing these intimate actions again, Liang Yu didn't get angry. Instead, he was very pleased with himself because he thought Qin Feng was really helping him get together with Zhao Ling Xian.

    Liang Yu then thumped his chest and said grandly, "Don't worry, Young Master Qin, what I have for Princess Ling Xian is love at first sight. As long as Ling Xian accepts my proposal, I'll treat her like treasure. If someone dares to bully Ling Xian, I, Young Master Liang, will use all of the Capital's Liang family's strength to annihilate his entire family!"

    "Good, good. As an older brother, I'm reassured by Young Master Liang's words!"

    Qin Feng felt that he hadn't hugged Zhao Ling Xian in a long time. Now that she foolishly leaned into his embrace, the familiar fragrance that wafted over was extremely alluring. Zhao Ling Xian's skin was soft, tender, smooth, and extremely supple. Qin Feng didn't want to let go after feeling it.

    He got excited and suddenly turned to hug Zhao Ling Xian tightly from the front, sticking the entire top half of her body into his embrace.

    "Little Sister, in a blink, you've reached marriageable age. Just thinking that you're about to get married makes this older brother a little reluctant to let you go."

    Qin Feng pretended to be sad and unwilling to let go of Zhao Ling Xian as he caressed her jade back.

    His performance was perfect. He scared Zhao Ling Xian silly and fooled Liang Yu into giving him an applause.

    "Young Master Qin, you're too touching. I believe it's very fortunate that Ling Xian has an older  brother as great as you... Don't worry, in the future, I will take good care of Ling Xian in every possible way. I absolutely won't take your goodwill for granted."

    Ling Xian's body was soft, fragrant, and of the best quality. Qin Feng originally wanted to hug her longer, but he suddenly felt an oppressive chill emanate from her. Before Zhao Ling Xian got mad, he quickly released her and turned to take Liang Yu's hand to say:

    "Young Master Liang, the Capital's Liang family is powerful, and you're upstanding and kind, so of course I believe that Little Sister Ling Xian will live a happy life with you. However, as an older brother, just thinking about parting makes me feel a bit reluctant. I'm sure you can understand how I feel?"

    Qin Feng spoke with an expression that looked like he was about to cry. Even Liang Yu couldn't tell if Qin Feng was purposely acting to help set up him up with Zhao Ling Xian, or if he really felt reluctant to part with her.

    "Qin Feng, it's not like you're ill; what are you going off about?" Zhao Ling Xian felt that Qin Feng changed too much too quickly, and glared angrily at him while yelling, "Who's your real younger sister? I have nothing to do with you, so don't spout nonsense."

    Qin Feng instantly put on a sad expression. He looked at Liang Yu and said, "Oh, Young Master Liang, they always say that women that are married off are irretrievable. These words are completely true.

    "Look at my precious little sister. She hasn't even married into your Liang family and she already doesn't recognize me as her older brother. Who knows how many arguments we got into since we were young, how many times her stomach hurt really badly in the middle of the night and I had to carry her to the little clinic to see a doctor and buy medicine? When this little girl got her period for the first time and was terrified, thinking she was sick and bleeding, Uncle Zhao was busy at work and not at home; it was me who ran to the supermarket to buy her tampons. I even taught her how to use it and that it was a normal physiological process that girls undergo... Ai! Great, now that this little girl has grown up, she doesn't want this older brother of hers. I'm afraid she's even forgotten these beautiful memories.

    "My heart feels very cold!"

    Qin Feng's words violently shook Zhao Ling Xian's heart. After all, Qin Feng didn't make those events up; they really were their happy childhood memories.

    At the time, Qin Feng was still young and wasn't yet infatuated with womanly charms. For a period of time, he'd practically lived in the Zhao villa. He ate with Zhao Ling Xian, went to school with her, and even slept with her.

    Those times were Zhao Ling Xian's happiest days. Now, suddenly hearing Qin Feng bring them up made her heart thump wildly.

    "Haha, Young Master Qin, don't be upset. I think Princess Ling Xian remembers those great memories. However, she's not a little girl anymore, so she's a bit shy about them. I'm sure that in Ling Xian's heart, you're still a good older brother who's always there for her!"

    The plan was originally for Qin Feng to help set up Zhao Ling Xian and Liang Yu, but as they continued to act, it seemed more like Liang Yu was helping Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian get together. However, Liang Yu was stupidly in the dark, and didn't notice at all.

    "You're insane. Forget you!" Zhao Ling Xian quickly put away her flustered heart and glared coldly at Qin Feng.

    Beginning from when she agreed to marry into the Liang family, she knew she could never be with Qin Feng. No matter what methods Qin Feng used to trick her, Zhao Ling Xian wouldn't be fooled.

    "We're going to eat lunch soon; hurry and leave. Don't spoil my appetite." Zhao Ling Xian suddenly stood and spoke to Qin Feng with nonchalance. Then, she ran to the kitchen to help her father bring out the food.

    She didn't know what kind of agreement Qin Feng and Liang Yu had come to that caused the sudden change in Qin Feng's attitude.

    However, she wasn't in the mood to care about all this. When a woman's heart is completely dead, her curiosity and childishness also disappears. It's as if everything in the world is no longer important.

    "Young Master Qin, your performance at first was spot-on; I was almost fooled by you. No wonder you're Acropolis City's number one dissolute hedonist. I'm now convinced."

    Once Zhao Ling Xian left, Liang Yu said excitedly, "With your honest explanation, acting that passes off lies for truth, and extravagant rhetoric, how many pure and innocent girls have fallen into your evil clutches?"

    "Haha... If not over a thousand, probably over 800!" Qin Feng smiled vulgarly.

    After Zhao Ling Xian left, Qin Feng and Liang Yu began to talk about adult topics in a lascivious manner. They'd talked for tens of minutes when Zhao Da Hai suddenly called the two over to eat.

    The four people sat around the round table in the dining room. Qin Feng sat beside Zhao Ling Xian while Liang Yu sat across from her and beside Zhao Da Hai.

    "Liang Yu, you came all the way from the capital, yet Uncle hasn't been a good host and I just made some homemade food for lunch. I hope you don't mind." Zhao Da Hai held a bottle of Five Grain liquor and smiled while pouring it for Qin Feng and Liang Yu.

    "Uncle Zhao is too courteous. It's my good fortune that you personally cooked for me." Liang Yu politely lifted his cup and said to Zhao Da Hai, "Uncle Zhao, I drink to you. I hope the Liang and Zhao family businesses can work together successfully, and I also hope Uncle Zhao's Hai Medical Group becomes more and more prosperous."

    Liang Yu had just finished speaking when he first drank the whole cup of white spirits. Zhao Da Hai held up his cup and was in no hurry to drink. A conflicted look appeared on his face.

    Though Liang Yu spoke very casually, his words concealed ulterior motives.

    On the outside, he said he came to the Zhao residence to propose because he liked Zhao Ling Xian. However, everyone knew this marriage was a union of two families. The motive was honestly for the two family businesses to work together.

    Liang Yu mentioned the cooperation of their two family businesses and even wished for the continued prosperity of Zhao Da Hai's Hai Medical Group. These words were an indirect reference to Zhao Ling Xian's marriage.

    If Zhao Da Hai drank this cup of liquor, that would mean he agreed to cooperating in business and to the marriage. Thus, Zhao Da Hai hesitated and didn't decide.

    "Dad, Young Master Liang drank his liquor, so you should drink too." Zhao Ling Xian suddenly spoke and shattered the awkwardness. The meaning of her words was quite clear.

    Liang Yu's eyes brightened, and he was extremely excited. He already felt that the marriage proposal was going to succeed.

    "Haha, then thank you, Liang Yu, for your auspicious words." Zhao Da Hai tipped his head back and drank the entire cup of white spirits.

    Since his daughter agreed to the marriage, Zhao Da Hai could only take this route.

    Liang Yu saw Zhao Da Hai finish drinking the spirits, so the negotiation was complete. He quickly seized the opportunity and said, "Uncle Zhao, I came from so far away to pay my respects to you and Ling Xian. But there's another important matter. During the third proposal, I expressed my intentions for coming. This time, my goal is the same. I sincerely want to propose to and marry Princess Ling Xian. What do you think, Uncle Zhao?"

    After Liang Yu finished speaking, the atmosphere became heavy.

    The four people surrounding the table all had different expressions.

    The instant Qin Feng agreed to cooperate with Liang Yu, he knew this was just an act and Zhao Ling Xian would soon become his woman; no one would be able to take her away.

    As a hedonistic young master, he was an expert at acting.

    Though he knew it was for show, that instant, when Liang Yu said those words, he suddenly clenched his fist under the table, making the veins on his arms pop out.

    His chest felt like it was getting pressed down by an enormous rock weighing 5 metric tons. An intense anger was about to surge forth, and he wanted to punch Liang Yu so hard that his brain burst. How dare this man propose to Zhao Ling Xian in front of me?

    However, Qin Feng held it in. He still had information that could be used against Liang Yu. He couldn't be too hasty.

    Impatience spoils great plans, and the true victor withstands the tests of time. Qin Feng would withstand this kind of test.
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