Chapter 243 - Improvements in the Illness

    Chapter 243 - Improvements in the Illness

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    In order to prevent awkwardness, Yun Xiao didn't take Qin Feng into her room. She lay on the sofa in the living room and allowed Qin Feng to massage her.

    However, to Qin Feng, the sofa was even more stimulating than the bed!

    Yun Xiao lay according to Qin Feng's instructions: her tall and slender figure straight, her face pressed down into the sofa. Qin Feng sat on Yun Xiao's small, full waist. Separated by a layer of black cotton nightgown, Qin Feng placed his hands on Yun Xiao's back and rubbed slowly.

    The last time Qin Feng gave Yun Xiao the Qi massage, he had Stage One Inner Qi, and it was his first time using his Inner Qi to give someone a massage. After half an hour, Qin Feng had been spent.

    But at this time, Qin Feng had already broken through to Stage Two Inner Qi abilities, and the Qi flow in his body was clearly much stronger than before. When he began massaging Yun Xiao, his skill and proficiency were considerably higher. Yun Xiao felt the massage more distinctly, and every so often she would moan.

    Social anxiety is a psychological ailment, and Qin Feng did a lot of medical research on the ailment to heal Yun Xiao. The cure had to employ both psychological and physiological methods concurrently for the results to be evident.

    Qin Feng kept talking to and interacting with Yun Xiao to help her psychologically, and used the Qi massage to resolve the impeded Qi and blood flows to help her physiologically. Though Qin Feng always smiled and looked like he wanted to take advantage of Yun Xiao, he never went astray. His main goal was still to cure Yun Xiao.

    In around 10 minutes, Qin Feng got Yun Xiao's Qi to flow properly through the meridians in her back. He turned his body and sat on Yun Xiao's waist while facing the opposite direction. He was about to facilitate the blood and Qi flows in Yun Xiao's legs.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I'm now going to massage your legs to facilitate the blood and Qi flows in your legs, so I'm going to remove your stockings for more effectiveness."

    As Qin Feng massaged Yun Xiao's back, he suppressed the urge to take Yun Xiao's nightgown off because if Yun Xiao was completely naked, she would feel a bit awkward. However, now that Qin Feng had to massage her legs, he felt there wouldn't be much of a problem with removing her stockings.

    Qin Feng's massage felt too comfortable. Yun Xiao felt a gentle Qi flow back and forth through her body, so she couldn't help but make some noises. At the moment, her face was extremely red.

    "Then get off me and turn away. When I'm done taking them off, I'll tell you." Yun Xiao spoke delicately. Her voice was so soft, it was like a fly.

    Qin Feng rose from the sofa and stood to the side with his back to Yun Xiao. Not long after, he heard the rustling sound of stockings being removed behind him. Qin Feng's heartbeat increased as he thought about how Yun Xiao might not be wearing undergarments beneath her dark-colored nightgown.

    "Qin Feng, I'm done!" A little over a minute later, he heard Yun Xiao's voice. It was gentler than the last time. She was clearly a bit embarrassed to have removed her stockings while Qin Feng's back was to her.

    Qin Feng turned and his eyes instantly brightened.

    Yun Xiao had finished taking off her white stockings, which were tossed to the side. She was already lying on the sofa with her long, fair legs uncovered, comfortably breathing in the fragrant air. Her calves were smooth and fully rounded without any excess flesh, and her thighs were fair and luminous. Her legs were as perfect as jade.

    Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiao's legs for a long time before regaining his senses. He immediately gathered his wits and sat back on Yun Xiao's waist. Then, he began to massage her legs.

    The skin on Yun Xiao's legs were ice-cold, smooth, and soft. Her calves and thighs were around the same thickness, and Qin Feng could completely grasp them with one hand.

    He first used his hands to hold Yun Xiao's ankles, then slid his hands up her calves. All the while, he sent Qi from his body to the palms of his hands. His warm hands spread gusts of warmth onto Yun Xiao's jadelike legs...

    He went from her ankles to her knees, then from her knees up to her thighs.

    The skin around women's thighs are the most sensitive. When Qin Feng's hands slid along Yun Xiao's thighs, her heart rippled.

    The feeling was very strange, and it made Yun Xiao feel a light and airy thrill.

    When she felt the gusts of warmth skim across her legs, it felt as though someone was using their mouth to kiss her from her ankles to her thighs. It tingled like an electric shock.

    Compared to the comfortable feeling when Qin Feng massaged her back, when Qin Feng massaged her legs, it felt more stimulating and refreshing. Yun Xiao's moans increased, and Qin Feng wanted to go crazy when he heard them.


    Who knew how long later, Qin Feng suddenly exhaled deeply. He was done with Yun Xiao's massage.

    Compared to last time when Yun Xiao suddenly lost control and resisted in the middle of the massage, Yun Xiao was extremely cooperative throughout the entire massage. It was evident that her social anxiety had improved vastly.

    However, Qin Feng now only had less than seven hours to help rid Yun Xiao of her social anxiety. He was afraid that he still wouldn't have the quest completed by 10 p.m.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, the treatment was very smooth this time. Based on your reactions, your condition has improved a lot." After Qin Feng completed the massage, he sat on the sofa and found a woolen blanket to cover Yun Xiao's body.

    Since she had just completed the Qi massage, it was easy for her to catch a cold.

    This small action made Yun Xiao's heart surge with warmth. She blushed, looked at Qin Feng, and said, "Qin Feng, I have to thank you for your help. If not for you, my condition might be so severe that I wouldn't be able to interact with anyone."

    Qin Feng smiled lightly. He looked at Yun Xiao's charming complexion and a blaze of desire passed through his heart. "The most important thing is that Teacher Yun Xiao is willing to trust in me. This trust expresses a significant approval of me. I also have to thank Teacher Yun Xiao for this trust."

    Yun Xiao was originally a bit shy, but that shyness now disappeared. The more she interacted with Qin Feng, the more clearly she discovered his true nature.

    It was true that he was dissolute and unruly, but what man wasn't fickle in love and perverted?

    However, if another man had been in that ambiguous situation from before, where they'd have the opportunity to strike at any time, would they be able to persist and preserve a rational attitude like Qin Feng?

    Yun Xiao had her own answer to that question. Yun Xiao reacquainted herself with Qin Feng after becoming more familiar with him.

    He was dissolute, but not obscene! [TLN: The second characters for the Chinese phrases of both "dissolute" and "obscene" are both "."]

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, you've been in Acropolis City for so long, but you haven't properly explored it, have you?" Qin Feng kept thinking about Yun Xiao's quest when his eyes suddenly brightened.

    He wanted to take Yun Xiao out for a proper walk and go to places that were more bustling. If Yun Xiao could slowly get used to being in places with a lot of people without resisting, then her social anxiety might be spontaneously cured.

    "Yeah, I've been here for almost half a year, but I haven't really explored," Yun Xiao said with a bit of a laugh at herself.

    "Your flight is at 10 p.m. so if you're free this afternoon, would you be willing to explore Acropolis City with me? I'm Young Master Qin, who was born and raised in Acropolis. I can find any large street or little alley with my eyes shut, and I'm a good and absolutely qualified tour guide!"

    Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiao with a smile and began to entice her.

    Yun Xiao was rather stunned. She stared blankly at Qin Feng with her large, moving eyes.

    Walking and loving beauty are innate tendencies of every woman. As a pretty woman, how could she not like exploring the streets? However, when she'd just come to Acropolis, she hadn't been that familiar with the lifestyle, so she rarely walked around on her own. Now that Qin Feng offered, Yun Xiao was extremely happy.

    She actually really wanted to explore Acropolis City properly before she left. After all, she'd spent the happiest and most liberating time of her 25 years of life here after escaping the restrictions of her family clan.

    "Qin Feng, thank you so much... It's my luck that I met you in Acropolis City!" Yun Xiao was moved by Qin Feng's offer.

    She couldn't help but suddenly dive into Qin Feng's embrace. She hugged his neck and buried her head in his shoulder. She wished she could continue to live without a care like this.

    Qin Feng was slightly startled by Yun Xiao's actions.

    The woolen blanket fell off her body, and the two of them were only separated by her dark-colored nightgown as she hugged him. Qin Feng had just seen that Yun Xiao wasn't wearing undergarments under the nightgown. Now that he felt the softness press against him, his guess was confirmed.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, then go change and we can head out whenever!" Qin Feng's top priority was still his quest, so all the rest of his thoughts were placed on the back burner.

    Yun Xiao didn't think too much; she just treated Qin Feng like her friend and hugged him with gratitude. After releasing Qin Feng, she happily ran into her room.

    After Yun Xiao left, Qin Feng sat on the sofa and waited for her.

    He suddenly raised his hands and looked earnestly at them. After staring at them for a good while, he lifted them to his nose and sniffed. A light fragrance wafted to his nose. The scent lingered from the sweat from Yun Xiao's legs when he'd massaged her.

    Qin Feng decided that he wasn't going to wash his hands today.

    After over 20 minutes, Yun Xiao came out of her room. It was clear that she'd put effort into dressing up.

    She wore a loose, light-yellow chiffon muslin top and a light-blue jean skirt. The bottom of the skirt covered her knees, revealing her soft, white calves, and her delicate and attractive feet were in black high heels. She was sexy and energetic.

    Yun Xiao's wavy curls fell casually on her shoulders, and she'd applied a bit of eyeshadow and mascara. Her makeup was light and natural.

    "Qin Feng, what do you think of Big Sister's outfit?" Yun Xiao stood in the sunlight, held the edge of her skirt, and twirled in front of Qin Feng. She said with a brimming smile, "I won't embarrass Acropolis City's Number One Young Master, right?"

    Yun Xiao's current youthful vitality was completely different from the serious and cold teacher at the podium. This was how one should look like at her age.

    "Taking out a beauty like Teacher Yun Xiao would only bring additional glory. How could it be embarrassing?" said Qin Feng with a laugh.

    Yun Xiao was very satisfied with Qin Feng's response. She walked up to him, casually looped her arm around his, and looked at him with a smile. She said, "Then let's go. You have to mentally prepare yourself, because I'm going to force you to walk with me the entire afternoon. When the time comes, don't complain if you're tired. After all, who told you to bring something like this up with a woman? Before doing so, you should have thought about the painful consequences."

    Qin Feng had an uncaring expression. He wore a 250 kg Flying Dragon Armour 24 hours a day, so how could he be afraid of walking for an afternoon?

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, you don't have to worry about me; my body is very strong. After walking around with you, I'd still have strength to do an intense workout. If you don't believe me, why don't I show you tonight?"

    Qin Feng looked lasciviously at Yun Xiao, and she unhappily pinched his shoulder. She said with a playful protest, "You're talking nonsense again, brat? ...See if I don't tire you to death today!"
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