Chapter 244 - Even Beasts are Let In

    Chapter 244 - Even Beasts are Let In

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    After exiting Yun Xiao's little district, the two people walked through the large, bustling street arm-in-arm.

    Because the main goal was to take a walk in the streets, Qin Feng didn't ride his 28" bicycle. He was prepared to take Yun Xiao on foot and walk wherever they ended up.

    Under Qin Feng's lead, the two arrived at Acropolis City's largest international shopping mall. This was in the commerce center of the Northwest District, an area of high-end shopping centers.

    In the shopping mall, glittering gems filled one's vision, and everything needed was available.

    In particular, women's products were so bountiful it was dazzling. There were also various international branded women's clothing stores. Anything from bags, accessories, and high-end shoes could be purchased in the high-rise.

    Yun Xiao hardly ever shopped in Acropolis, so she didn't know there were so many great shopping malls in Acropolis. Now that she was in the crowded mall, she was brimming with excitement. She only concerned herself with the attractive clothes and bags, and didn't exhibit any of the fear and alarm one suffering from social anxiety would have from the masses coming and going.

    Qin Feng was monitoring Yun Xiao the whole time. This slight, subtle display naturally didn't escape him. This showed that Yun Xiao's social anxiety was already very minor she merely needed some more time to be cured completely.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, today you gave me face and came to walk with me, so just worry about choosing things you like. I'll pay for everything."

    In order to cure Yun Xiao more quickly, Qin Feng naturally placed his arm around Yun Xiao's shoulders as if they were lovers, and he hugged her slightly.

    Yun Xiao stared blankly for a brief moment, then quickly sent Qin Feng a sweet smile. She said in a teasing manner, "Young Master Qin, that's what you said. I know your family is rich, brat, but I'm not going to be polite... I'll take it as compensation for hugging me."

    Yun Xiao found that she didn't feel any resistance whatsoever toward Qin Feng. In fact, as Qin Feng hugged her, she only felt her heartbeat increase. She felt no disdain for Qin Feng.

    The two fell into harmony. Qin Feng began to hug Yun Xiao tightly as they walked, and Yun Xiao cheerfully passed through various brand-name stores and chose nice clothes that she liked.

    This scene was warm and romantic, and the two formed an absolutely ideal couple. Wherever they went, 100% of the people turned back to look at them.

    After walking through the entire International Shopping Center, Qin Feng's arms were laden with shopping bags. He had no hands free to hold Yun Xiao with. Yun Xiao then took the initiative to wrap her arms around Qin Feng's waist. She stuck to Qin Feng's embrace like a little bird relying on a human. This action made Qin Feng extremely happy since it showed that Yun Xiao's social anxiety was alleviated a little more.

    After walking out of the International Shopping Center, Qin Feng looked at his watch to find that it was already three in the afternoon. However, the System still hadn't provided notification that Yun Xiao's quest was completed. This meant that Yun Xiao's social anxiety was not yet completely eradicated.

    Qin Feng brought Yun Xiao to the largest commercial area in the Southeast District: Wan Cheng Square.

    This square had the busiest commercial streets in the Southeast District of Acropolis, and it was a landmark shopping and fashion quarter in Acropolis.

    While hugging one another, the two slowly meandered through this fashionable and busy commercial area like a pair of passionate lovers. Qin Feng had brought Lin Bei Bei to this square previously, and he also brought her to the Chanel store to buy a qipao. She was extremely beautiful when she wore it at that time, and her appearance induced the district manager of the Chanel store to offer millions to get Lin Bei Bei to be their cover model.

    As Qin Feng walked down the familiar streets, he couldn't help but think of that gentle and weak, yet resilient, girl.

    In Wan Cheng Square, Yun Xiao didn't buy too many things. Since Qin Feng was paying, she wouldn't actually exploit him without restraint. The two glanced fleetingly around them as they walked through the entire area. When they exited it, another half hour had passed.

    Qin Feng felt a bit anxious when he looked at his watch to see that it was five in the afternoon, yet the System didn't provide any sort of notification.

    There were only five hours until Yun Xiao's plane took off. Taking into account the hour to get to the airport and board the plane, Qin Feng only had four more hours to help Yun Xiao get rid of her social anxiety. This quest was truly a bit thorny.

    "Qin Feng, why don't we find a place to rest? I'm dead tired from walking the entire afternoon!"

    Before leaving, Yun Xiao had been worried Qin Feng would complain about being tired during their excursion. However, Qin Feng's arms were laden with shopping bags and his expression remained unchanged, yet Yun Xiao was so tired she was panting.

    Qin Feng smiled as he watched Yun Xiao's tired, slightly flushed, and charming face. He said, "Teacher Yun Xiao, I know Lotus Lake is nearby. It's currently the season for lotuses, so why don't we rest while rowing a boat and admiring the flowers and the scenery?"

    Yun Xiao's mesmerizing eyes shone. She took Qin Feng's arm and nodded vigorously. She said, "Yes, let's go right now!"

    Under Qin Feng's lead, the two quickly arrived at the lotus pond nearby. This was a scenic district. Since the lotuses were in bloom, there was an extremely large number of people rowing boats.

    Qin Feng and Yun Xiao rented a two-person pedal boat. After sitting on it, Yun Xiao lay on the boat to rest while Qin Feng pedaled the boat toward the middle of the pond.

    The middle of the Lotus Lake was a lotus pond that was sectioned off by bamboo. The scenery was extremely beautiful. Most of the visitors rowed their boats to the center of the lotus pond to take pictures for their memories.

    "Qin Feng, your stamina is pretty good. I thought you were bluffing earlier!" Yun Xiao admired the scenery around her while casually chatting with Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiao while smiling. "Teacher Yun Xiao, it's not too late to know that now. Do you want to try some intense exercise with me when we get back later?"

    Of course Yun Xiao knew what kind of intense exercise Qin Feng was hinting at. Her charming face suddenly reddened. She glared unhappily at Qin Feng. "In your dreams! I don't want to do that!"

    Qin Feng was just joking. He felt that saying these lovey-dovey things would help rid Yun Xiao of her social anxiety. He continued to pedal the boat forward with a brimming smile.


    They had just gotten to the middle of the lake when a dull sound came from the tail of the boat. Then the boat jolted and swayed. Yun Xiao was so frightened that she immediately grabbed Qin Feng's arm.

    Qin Feng turned his head to see a motorboat heading toward them from behind.

    "Haha, Beauty, want to play on these big brothers' speedboat? This oil-burning motorboat is stimulating and fun. Your old, man-powered pedal boat is as slow as a turtle; how boring."

    The motorboat stopped beside Qin Feng. There were a total of four men on it, and they all had their eyes glued to Yun Xiao's body-especially her beautiful legs beneath her sky-blue jean skirt. The four men drooled at the sight. They wanted a strong gust of wind to pass over the lake and send this beauty's skirt flying upward.

    "I'm sorry, I'm not interested in sitting in your motorboat. I like this unhurried feeling of admiring the lake." Yun Xiao glared at the four men and spoke with a huff.

    Her boat was suddenly hit by the motorboat. Angry fire filled her stomach, so how could she get on their motorboat? Also, Yun Xiao saw the four men's sinister smiles. She only thought they were extremely disgusting.

    "So the beauty likes the unhurried feeling. These brothers' motorboat can also slow down." A goateed man on the motorboat didn't give up. The smile on his face became even more lascivious.

    It was his first time seeing a woman as beautiful as Yun Xiao with a large chest, small waist, and long legs. He was willing to lose 10 years of his life to play with this kind of woman once.

    At this time, the goateed man was about to lose his senses. He saw that there was only one man, Qin Feng, on Yun Xiao's boat, so he wanted to scare him away and pull this beauty onto his boat to play with her properly.

    "We older brothers are really amazing. We can be fast if you want fast, and slow if you want slow. Whatever you like, Beauty, these brothers can cooperate."

    "Haha! Yes, yes, yes, each of these brothers are really amazing. We can be fast or slow, and big or small."

    The goateed man's words made the men on the boat burst into laughter.

    These words were double entendres, but Yun Xiao could understand them. Her beautiful face instantly fell. She glared at the four men on the boat and said, "How shameless and obscene."

    "Aiyo... your words make these big brothers sad, Beauty. We are inviting you onto our boat out of the goodness of our hearts. How could you say these brothers are shameless and obscene? You haven't even gotten onto our boat, how do you know how we flow?" [TLN: In Chinese, the phrase for "obscene" is "," which translates literally to "flowing downwards."]

    "Haha, Big Bro, you're too talented!"

    When Goatee spoke, he peeked at Qin Feng. When he saw that Qin Feng didn't dare make a peep, his teasing of Yun Xiao became even more unbridled.

    "Piss off, I have my own boat and I'm not getting in yours. All of you piss off!" Yun Xiao was extremely angry. She was in a good mood all afternoon, but that good mood was shattered by a couple of sentences from these people.

    "You all think your boat is really fast?" At this time, Qin Feng's voice was faintly heard.

    When he spoke, he didn't look at Goatee. He took Yun Xiao's jade hand and looked tenderly at her, urging her not to get mad.

    Yun Xiao was instantly affected by Qin Feng's gaze. She suddenly felt a surge of warm safety, and her frantic heart calmed.

    Goatee still thought Qin Feng was a wuss. Qin Feng suddenly uttered senseless words, so Goatee yelled icily, "Stinking brat, who the f*ck are you talking to?"

    "I always hear about old cows eating new grass, but it's my first time seeing an old goat eating new grass... You guys look over 40 years old; your children should be supporting themselves. Aren't you ashamed of making a move on this beauty beside me behind your wife's and children's backs?" [TLN: The idiom "old cows eating new grass" refers to romances where the male is significantly older than the female.]

    This time, Qin Feng looked at Goatee as he spoke. Goatee was stunned.

    He was 43 this year, and had a wife and a kid. In fact, his kid had just started working the day before yesterday. Qin Feng was spot-on.

    "Stinking brat, why do you care whether or not your elder's married and has kids? And who the f*ck are you calling an old goat? Are you f*cking crazy?" Though Goatee yelled at Qin Feng, his voice clearly wasn't as confident as before.

    "You have a goatee and look like a mountain goat. If you couldn't talk, I would have wondered when beasts were let in to Lotus Lake to admire the flowers," said Qin Feng in an indifferent and composed manner.


    Yun Xiao, who was suppressing her anger, suddenly couldn't help but burst into laughter.

    She just discovered that this Qin Feng was too cute and too talented. He was even skilled at insulting people.

    The four men had previously made Yun Xiao impossibly angry, but her mood was now extremely good. She took Qin Feng's arm tightly and refused to let go.

    Goatee froze for a long while. His expression then suddenly changed drastically as he glared viciously at Qin Feng and yelled, "Are you f*cking calling your elder a beast? You're really something, brat. See if your elder doesn't kill you."

    As Goatee spoke, he looked like he wanted to jump onto Qin Feng's boat and fight him. Qin Feng didn't look frightened in the least. He said calmly, "Old Goat, I urge you to pause. Lotus Lake is a scenic tourist area, and there are security guards everywhere. If you dare make a move, you'll only be arrested."

    Goatee's extended leg was immediately rendered immobile. Qin Feng's words were very logical, and Goatee instantly didn't dare make a move on Qin Feng.

    "Stinking brat, then hurry up and jump into the lake for your elder. I'm in a good mood, so I'll spare you once." Goatee found that his situation suddenly became really awkward.

    If he didn't make Qin Feng look bad today, he wouldn't back down.

    Qin Feng smiled lightly. He looked at Goatee like one would look at an idiot and said, "Old Goat, you want me to jump into the lake? Then let's make a bet. If you win, I'll jump immediately. If you lose, then the four of you will jump together-and you have to take your clothes off before jumping."
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