Chapter 245 - Do You Trust Me?

    Chapter 245 - Do You Trust Me?

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    "Tell me first. What do you want to bet on with these elders?" Goatee was no fool. If Qin Feng didn't mention the contents of the bet first, he wouldn't bet so easily.

    "Didn't you say your motorboat was really fast? Let's bet on whose boat is faster. We'll start here and the finishing point will be the center of the lotus pond. Whoever gets there first wins. The loser will take off their clothes, jump into the lake, and swim back to shore," said Qin Feng to Goatee in a calm and composed manner.

    Goatee was stunned, and it took him a long time to regain his senses.

    He even wondered if there was something wrong with his ears and he'd heard Qin Feng incorrectly. This brat actually wanted to race with his motorboat? Goatee almost laughed until his teeth fell out.

    "If your elder didn't hear wrong, you just said you wanted to race me, brat?" Goatee reconfirmed.

    "That's right, do you have the guts to do it or not?" asked Qin Feng indifferently.

    "Tell me, are you using this broken pedal boat to compete with your elder's motorboat?" Goatee didn't express excitement. Instead, he looked at Qin Feng with alarm.

    "Of course I'm using my pedal boat to compete; how else would I beat you?" Qin Feng smiled.

    After receiving Qin Feng's confirmation, Goatee and his three buddies couldn't stop themselves from bursting into unbridled laughter.

    "Haha! This brat actually wants to race in his pedal boat with our motorboat. That's the funniest joke I've ever heard."

    "I've met an idiot in Lotus Lake in broad daylight. Since you took the initiative to provoke your elder's prowess, then your elder will let you see the results of offending me." Goatee immediately agreed to Qin Feng's bet.

    He would be an idiot if he didn't agree to this kind of bet where victory was certain.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? How could you suggest a bet like that?" Yun Xiao got nervous. She didn't believe Qin Feng could win.

    After all, there was too big a difference between the two boats: one was a motorboat that used gas, while the other was a metal pedal boat.

    The competition didn't even need to begin, and one could already predict the results!

    "Stinking brat, how about this? If you lose, this beauty has to take off all her clothes and jump into the lake as well," added Goatee with a grin.

    His gaze fell on Yun Xiao's perky chest, and he began to imagine her alluring and grand figure after she removed all her clothes.

    "No, Qin Feng, you can't agree to that." Yun Xiao was a bit angry. How could something like this be casually bet upon?

    Qin Feng took Yun Xiao's jade hand and looked at her earnestly. He said, "Teacher Yun Xiao, I'll ask you three things before you decide whether or not you want to compete."

    "First question: do you trust me?" Qin Feng's expression was severe. It was Yun Xiao's first time seeing such a serious expression on his face, and she couldn't even look Qin Feng in the eye.

    A moment later, Yun Xiao nodded hesitantly. She said softly, "I trust you, but..."

    Qin Feng waved his hand and interrupted her. His tone became even more solemn as he continued to ask, "Second question: do you trust me?"

    Yun Xiao was slightly stunned. Her expression shifted a bit.

    This time, she considered the question in earnest. She thought about every little thing that happened between her and Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng had saved her from Ma De Hu's clutches twice; when Qin Feng exhibited his extraordinary painting skills, not only had he defeated Hua Ming, he'd made three paintings for her, Lin Bei Bei, and Zhao Ling Xian that exhibited a thorough analysis of their hearts; Qin Feng was treating her social anxiety; Qin Feng now took her out to explore... During the time she knew Qin Feng, he'd continuously appeared in her life when she faced danger and difficulty, and he never abandoned her.

    He was usually lascivious and frivolous, and was hardly ever serious.

    However, every time he became serious, he was the absolute victor and no one could beat him.

    As Yun Xiao thought about this, what reason did she have to doubt Qin Feng?

    "I trust you!"

    This time, Yun Xiao's response was much firmer.

    "Third question: do you trust me?"

    Qin Feng had just finished speaking when Yun Xiao yelled without hesitation, "Qin Feng, I trust you... If you're sure of the outcome, then compete with them and teach them a good lesson."

    In this fickle and noisy society, there's no knowing what a person really thinks, so it's hard to trust people.

    However, with that right person, it only takes three lines to trust them.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, with my actions, I'll prove how right your choice is!" Qin Feng smiled lightly when he saw that Yun Xiao believed in him.

    The race was about to begin.

    There were lots of tourists on Lotus Lake, and the commotion attracted most of the people to stand and watch. When the audience heard that two boats were going to race and that the loser would have to take off their clothes and jump into the lake, they were extremely excited. They were even more excited than the competitors.

    Goatee's lavish and domineering motorboat and Qin Feng's broken old, metal pedal boat got to their places. Goatee stood on his motorboat. His gaze swept over Qin Feng with disdain and he suddenly yelled:


    Once he spoke, Goatee's motorboat produced the deep rumble of an engine. Then, waves arose all around. The motorboat was like an arrow leaving a bow: it shot out with speed.

    And Qin Feng pedaled a broken old metal boat and followed behind leisurely. This scene made the spectators disappointed. It seemed that the competition ended right after it began.

    "Qin Feng, don't be too stressed. Even if you really lose, I'd be willing to jump into the lake with you." In the face of the doubts and mocking laughter, Yun Xiao suddenly clutched Qin Feng's arm and looked steadily at him.

    She didn't place any hopes on this race. However, as a teacher, Yun Xiao was clear that winning or losing didn't matter. What was important was to provide more care and encouragement to those beside you.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I'm not stressed. I'm going faster. Very soon, we'll get ahead of the motorboat." Qin Feng looked casually at Yun Xiao. He didn't look worried or afraid in the slightest.

    And once he spoke, his legs began to speed up.

    The speed continuously increased, and the broken metal boat rushed forward faster and faster.

    Gradually, the spectating tourists realized the change in Qin Feng's boat. Though the boat was still left far behind by the motorboat, the boat clearly got multiple times faster. It achieved a speed that this metal boat wasn't supposed to possess.

    Also, this was all just the beginning!

    As the spectators paid attention, they found that the metal boat was still speeding up. It kept accelerating. It wildly gave chase to the motorboat, and the gap between the two boats quickly narrowed.

    The originally unremarkable boat became everyone's focal point. It was like a super boat with boundless capabilities. Beginning from when it set off, it kept going faster and faster.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, you're too amazing. It's such a great feeling that this broken metal boat could be pedaled at such a speed!"

    Sitting on Qin Feng's metal boat was like sitting on his 28" bicycle. Yun Xiao felt that this metal boat was going to fly off the surface of the lake. Once again, she felt the excitement of forgetting everything under absolute speed.

    Qin Feng flashed Yun Xiao a slight smile. His legs continued to pedal quickly. At this time, he exerted all the speed within him-this was the speed possessed by a martial artist of Stage Three External and Stage Two Inner abilities, not a speed a normal person could attain.

    Qin Feng's legs already became blurs. They looked like two electric fans spinning at high speed, and were even much faster.


    The speed of the metal boat already surpassed that of the motorboat.

    Bam bam!

    Everywhere the metal boat passed, it formed waves as tall as a person.

    The surrounding tourists stared, dumbstruck. Quite a few of them rubbed their eyes several times, yet the scene before them remained unchanged.

    They were so stunned that their jaws were about to fall out. The couldn't understand how a broken metal boat could be so fast. How strong would the legs of the person pedalling have to be?

    "Haha, that man on the metal boat is really an idiot. He's actually using a pedal boat to race with our motorboat. This elder really wants to meet this kind of idiot every day, boast, and feel this face-slapping feeling."

    The four people on the motorboat were in the middle of drinking beer in celebration because they were not even 200 meters from the finish line. They estimated that by the time this cup of beer went into their stomachs, they'd already have won the race.

    "Not only is the man crazy, the woman is abnormal as well. She knew they were going to lose, yet she didn't stop the man. I'm waiting to win this race, watch that beauty take off all her clothes and jump into the lake, then feel her up underwater. Haha!"

    "Haha, I want to go too."

    "Big Brother... Look, what in the world is coming up behind our motorboat?" They were all in the middle of laughing when one of them suddenly glanced behind them. He'd wanted to see if he could still make out the shadow of the metal boat, but he ended up getting so shocked by the scene before his eyes that he almost fell into the lake.

    The other three heard the news and also looked back. The three of them were instantly resentful and shaken.

    They saw waves as tall as a person rising and falling, and a blurry object wrapped within the layers of waves flying toward them. In the blink of an eye, it already surpassed their speedboat.

    "F*ck, is this a water monster? Hurry and dodge it; don't let the water monster hit us." Goatee was the first to regain his senses. He immediately changed the direction of the boat to get away from Qin Feng's metal boat.

    The other three people also regained their senses. They continued to stare at the "water monster." At this time, they could see it clearly. How the f*ck was this a water monster? It was actually that broken metal boat.

    "Big Brother, bad news. That guy passed us and his metal boat is already at the finish line." One lackey yelped in shock. He still hadn't completely regained his senses.

    Goatee immediately looked at the finish line. All he saw was that Qin Feng's broken metal boat really was at the finish line. At this time, he was drifting in circles around the center of Lotus Lake. The metal boat's spinning caused layers of large waves, eliciting applause and praise from the surrounding tourists. The scene was incomparably magnificent.

    "Qin Feng, you're too amazing; there really isn't anything you can't do!" Yun Xiao sat on the metal boat and was so excited that she could fly.

    She basked in the feeling of the quickly spinning metal boat and sat there watching the changing scenery that came and went, along with the layers of waves. This was a dreamlike scene, an impossible scene that appeared countless times in Yun Xiao's dreams.

    At this instant, Qin Feng helped make a scene from her dreams come true. Yun Xiao hugged Qin Feng's neck with excitement. She pressed her entire delicate body into Qin Feng's embrace.

    The metal boat turned for a good number of times before slowly stopping. The splashing water slowly settled, and Qin Feng's metal boat became clear. When the spectators clearly saw that this romantic spectacle had been formed by a broken boat, their eyes almost fell out their sockets.

    "Qin Feng, I can't do it anymore; I'm too dizzy." After the metal boat came to a complete stop, Yun Xiao felt gloomy. Those couple of minutes of fast spinning were indeed hard to bear.

    Qin Feng was completely fine. He'd broken his limits several times, so his body achieved new heights and normal people couldn't compare with him. He quickly arrived beside Yun Xiao and supported her body, pressing her upper body into his embrace. He helped fix her windswept hair and began to lightly pat her back.

    At this time, Goatee and his men's motorboat arrived.

    However the four men's faces held no trace of the arrogance and contempt from before. They all scowled miserably and looked as horrible as men whose parents had died.

    "Goatee, I didn't think you'd yield to me in such an important race. It appears that you four like swimming nude and intentionally let me win so you could swim nude in Lotus Lake.

    "Then slip off your clothes and jump into the lake," said Qin Feng as he smiled at the four men on the boat.
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