Chapter 246 - Did You Consider My Feelings?

    Chapter 246 - Did You Consider My Feelings?

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    The race was over, and the victor had appeared!

    On the motorboat, the faces of Goatee and his men were each uglier than the next.

    Currently they still hadn't accepted the reality of their loss because no one could believe that a metal pedal boat could run at a faster speed than a gas-burning motorboat.

    "I don't believe it, so I won't jump into the lake!" After being quiet for a while, Goatee suddenly acted shamelessly.

    Because this scene attracted a large group of visitors who surrounded them and watched, Goatee and his men would rather die than take off all their clothes and jump into the river in front of so many people.

    "What don't you believe?" Qin Feng laughed lightly.

    In the face of Goatee's refusal to accept the results, Qin Feng's expression didn't change much. It was clear that Qin Feng guessed Goatee would be like this right from the beginning.

    "I don't believe that your pedal boat can be faster than my motorboat. I think you cheated, brat." Goatee glared at Qin Feng with a huff. However, his excuse was so bad that even the audience that came to see the excitement sighed.

    "Then how do you think I cheated?" Qin Feng looked at Goatee in rumination.

    Goatee couldn't help himself. His pair of fish eyes spun a good number of times before he suddenly stood. "I-I suspect that you put a motor in your pedal boat and that you didn't use your feet to pedal. It was the motor that propelled the boat forward."


    Once Goatee said those words, cries of disdain arose all around them.

    Because Qin Feng and Yun Xiao sat in an ordinary pedal boat, there wasn't very much space on it. When Qin Feng and Yun Xiao sat inside, they occupied the empty spaces. How was there space to hide a motor?

    "Then how would you believe that I didn't cheat?" Qin Feng looked at Goatee with a smile. In reality, Qin Feng guessed what this rascal was doing.

    In the end, once Qin Feng finished speaking, Goatee faked an angry expression and said, "I want to get on your boat and examine it. If I find that you really haven't cheated after examining it, then I'll admit that I've lost and jump into the lake... Your elder isn't trying to act shamelessly with you. Your elder can lose, but he can't lose without understanding the situation."

    Goatee exhibited a condescending expression and put on a very convincing act.

    In reality, he already had a plan. He was going to use the excuse of examining the boat to get onto Qin Feng's boat. Then, when Qin Feng and Yun Xiao weren't paying attention, he would personally push the two of them into the lake.

    "Qin Feng, don't trust his bullsh*t. A scoundrel like this is entertaining some sort of errant thoughts for sure. Who knows what he's scheming?" Yun Xiao could see that Goatee's gaze wasn't quite right. She covertly tugged at Qin Feng's arm and quietly cautioned him.

    Qin Feng's face was filled with a careless smile. He looked at Goatee and said, "Old Goat, then hurry and get on the boat to examine it. I can assure you that I haven't any cheating devices on my boat. After you're done examining it, then jump into the lake with the other three of you."

    After seeing that Qin Feng agreed, Goatee gave the three lackeys a look, then smiled and stepped onto Qin Feng's boat.

    At this time, Qin Feng had already moved to make room for him and shifted to Yun Xiao's seat. Since there was very little space and Qin Feng occupied the seat, Yun Xiao could only sit in Qin Feng's embrace.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, your body is so soft and fragrant. Hugging you is really comfortable!" Qin Feng had just hugged Yun Xiao, and then he blew a hot breath into her ear.

    Yun Xiao was so shocked that she almost yelped. She rolled her eyes at Qin Feng unhappily. "Qin Feng, what time is it? Can't you be more proper? You have to be careful of that wretched man; I'm certain he has ulterior motives for getting on the boat."

    Qin Feng laughed but said nothing. He hugged Yun Xiao more tightly. How could Qin Feng miss such a great chance to take liberties with Teacher Yun Xiao?


    At this time, Goatee hopped onto Qin Feng's pedal boat.

    Seeing Yun Xiao up close, Goatee's eyes almost popped out of his skull. Not only was this woman's face beautiful, her figure was fiery and sexy. Goatee began to be jealous of and hate Qin Feng. He really wanted to switch identities with Qin Feng so he could enjoy and hug the beauty.

    "Old Goat, examine well. After you're done, you can lead your other three brothers in removing your clothes and jumping into the lake together."

    After Goatee got on the boat, Qin Feng only glanced at him with disinterest. Then, his gaze fell on Yun Xiao's body, which was in his embrace. He looked at the billowing chest just inches from him. Qin Feng harshly gulped quite a number of times.

    Goatee pretended to examine Qin Feng's spot after boarding the boat. He kept monitoring Qin Feng and Yun Xiao who were beside him. When he saw that the two of them didn't care about his movements, a sinister smile suddenly flashed through his face.

    "Stinking brat, get into the water for your elder!"

    Goatee suddenly pounced and pushed Qin Feng's body. He used all his strength, wanting to push Qin Feng into the water with one shove.


    However, when his hands fell on Qin Feng, it felt like he was pushing a large mountain. Other than a dull sound, nothing else happened.

    Qin Feng continued to sit there unmoved. He hugged Yun Xiao and was now secretly touching her beautiful and fair thighs beneath her skirt.

    "Brother Old Goat, were you pushing me at first?" Qin Feng looked at Goatee with a laugh.

    In the eyes of Goatee, this smile seemed a bit strange and sinister. It made the hairs on his back rise, and goosebumps appear.

    "F*ck, this elder can't believe it. I was born as strong as an ox. Why wasn't I able to push over a pretty boy like you?"

    Goatee saw that his intentions had already been discovered, so he was no longer cautious and used both his arms and legs to push Qin Feng.

    At the time, Yun Xiao hadn't paid attention to Goatee. Now, she saw Goatee pushing Qin Feng with violent vigor, she yelled in shock. However, she only yelled a couple of times when her voice disappeared, leaving only a shocked expression. She sat quietly in Qin Feng's embrace and watched the strange scene before her.

    "Sh*t, have you tied your feet to the boat? Why else would your elder be unable to push you?

    "F*ck, your elder is going to try again!

    "Damn, what did you do, brat? How are you like a mountain, and why can't you be moved?"

    Under the audience's stares, he kept using his strength to push Qin Feng. However, Qin Feng sat on the boat without moving. This scene was indeed strange to watch.

    Based solely on physique, the stalwart Goatee was clearly much more built than Qin Feng. He looked strong, but he couldn't even move a pretty boy like Qin Feng. Even though Yun Xiao sat on Qin Feng and added some weight to him, Goatee should still at least be able to push Qin Feng into tipping over or somersaulting.

    But from beginning to end, Qin Feng didn't move at all. He didn't even tremble. The surrounding visitors that watched them suspected Goatee was acting and that he wasn't exerting any strength.

    However, thinking about how Goatee and Qin Feng had just made a bet, the two of them were hostile enemies, why would they purposely act here?

    After hearing these people's questioning and deliberations, Goatee wanted to kill himself. How was he acting? He used all his strength, yet Qin Feng was like a towering mountain; he couldn't move him.

    "Hey... I say, Old Goat, you're unrestrainedly pushing me again and again under the countless gazes of all these people-are you treating me like air? You're touching my shoulder, chest, waist, and even my ass without my consent. Did you ever consider my feelings?

    "Do you not see this beauty in my arms? Don't you know this young master is in the middle of picking up a girl? By teasing and flirting with me, you want my beauty to question my sexual orientation? At night, if she doesn't get a room with me, can you bear that grave responsibility?"

    Qin Feng got mad. He earnestly and seriously criticized Goatee.

    The two sentences made Goatee freeze. His hands were still suspended midair and he made the motions of wanting to grasp but not grasping Qin Feng's chest. He was doing exactly what Qin Feng said earlier. In the eyes of the audience, Goatee's image instantly changed.

    They went through all that and it turned out that this bearded man who was acting cool was homosexual. He wasn't pushing that man at first, he was taking advantage of him!

    Tut tut, it was too disgusting!

    The surrounding visitors looked at Goatee with different expressions. However, Goatee didn't care about this whatsoever. After all, he knew that he wasn't homosexual and really wasn't trying to take advantage of Qin Feng. He was actually trying to use all his strength to shove Qin Feng into the water.

    At that instant, Goatee realized the truth: this Qin Feng was an expert. He had startling strength that was at the stage where it couldn't be guessed. Goatee was so shocked that his legs turned to jelly and his heart beat the drums of retreat. He already wanted to back out.

    "Old Goat, after taking advantage of me, you want to leave without saying anything? What are you treating this young master as?" Qin Feng grabbed Goatee's arm and smiled coldly.

    In Goatee's eyes, this smile was like that of the devil in hell. He now completely understood that Qin Feng had been toying him the whole time.


    Qin Feng exerted some strength with a single hand and tugged downward, tearing Goatee's T-shirt in two.


    He exerted his strength again and Goatee's pants were also torn off along with his belt. He was so powerful that Goatee's underwear fell as well.

    At that instant, Goatee stood above the lake completely naked. Qin Feng was too quick and too strong, scaring Goatee so much that he still hadn't regained his senses. He stood stupidly on the boat in the nude, and even forgot to cover his vital areas.


    This scene elicited a wave of gasps from all around.

    In particular, female visitors shyly covered their eyes and were embarrassed to look. However, they couldn't help but peek curiously through their fingers. After seeing, they couldn't help but think, "Why is it so small?"

    The instant Qin Feng tore off Goatee's pants, he used his other hand to cover the eyes of Yun Xiao, who was in his arms. Thus, Yun Xiao only heard everyone's startled exclamations, but she didn't see the scene.

    "Qin Feng, what happened? Are you alright?" asked Yun Xiao with a bit of nervousness.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, nothing really happened... It's just that the old goat suddenly went crazy and took off his clothes in broad daylight. Quite a few girls saw his body and couldn't help but yell because his thing is too small," said Qin Feng with a laugh.

    Yun Xiao's charming face blushed. However, even she was a bit curious about what it looked like because Yun Xiao had never had a boyfriend, so she naturally never saw it.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, it seems that a lot of women cover their eyes but peek through their fingers. Don't tell me you also want to see?" said Qin Feng with a laugh.

    "Go die. I don't want to see." Qin Feng mentioned exactly what Yun Xiao was thinking. She was so angry that she stamped her foot.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, don't be anxious, I'll show you at your house after we're done walking around. Mine is much better looking than that old goat's. Most importantly, it's big enough!" Qin Feng intentionally teased Yun Xiao, making her so angry that she pinched Qin Feng's thigh like her life depended on it.

    "Shut up, shut up. You're talking nonsense with Big Sister again, aren't you? If you say these types of things again, I'll really get mad."

    Qin Feng stopped teasing her when he saw how flushed she was.
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