Chapter 247 - Homicide Case

    Chapter 247 - Homicide Case

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    At this time, Goatee regained his senses. Once he realized he was standing completely naked in front of an audience, he was so angry that he almost clenched his teeth hard enough to swallow them.


    Goatee didn't need Qin Feng to force him into the water; he bravely jumped into the lake of his own accord. He couldn't keep exposing his body for the world to see.

    "F*ck... what's wrong with Big Brother? Did he get possessed by a water ghost?"

    At this time, Goatee's three underlings came to. From beginning to end, they didn't understand their big brother's actions at all.

    "F*ck, how could there be a water ghost in broad daylight? There's an 80% chance it's something to do with that brat. How dare he make a move on our big brother? Let's go strip him bare and throw him into the lake."

    The three quickly fell into agreement. They didn't believe that the little pretty boy, Qin Feng, could be that great. Thus, they still couldn't understand what their big brother was doing when he pushed Qin Feng over 10 times.

    "Stinking brat, you actually had the guts to push our big brother into the water? Then you go down as well, brat."

    The three men arrived on Qin Feng's metal boat in succession. This boat was small to begin with, and now that five people were on it at the same time, it began to sway.

    Qin Feng was afraid that the three of them would flip the metal boat over. He was too lazy to waste time on them. He was about to toss each of them into the lotus pond when he suddenly felt three gusts of evil wind from behind him. The evil wind carried a thick, murderous air with it.

    Swish swish swish!

    Qin Feng's expression instantly changed drastically. He hugged Yun Xiao, bent over, and quickly dodged the three attacks that came with the three gusts of evil wind.

    Crunch crunch crunch!

    Three crunches were heard beside him, and each of the three throwing knives that flew over stabbed one of the three lackeys in the middle of the forehead.

    The throwing knives were very powerful. They passed through the heads of the three men and flew out behind them, falling into the large lotus pond.

    And the three lackeys that swaggered over to clean up Qin Feng now fell rigidly into the lotus pond. Fresh blood immediately dyed the surrounding pond water red. This scene looked like that of a movie.

    "Ah... murder! That brat is killing people!"

    A scream suddenly came from the crowd. Once everyone heard that there was a murder, they were all so frightened that they blanched.

    "Qin Feng, what happened? Who's killing people?" Yun Xiao was quite startled, and she looked extremely nervous.

    Qin Feng had suddenly embraced and covered her, so she didn't see the flying blades pass through the three lackeys' heads. Now that the three men already plunged into the lotus pond, Yun Xiao didn't know what had happened.

    Qin Feng didn't respond to Yun Xiao's question. He furrowed his straight eyebrows and looked in the direction the blades came from. There was a vast crowd of people at that side of the lake, and it was in a frenzy because of the murder. There was no way of identifying the murderer hidden in the masses.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, it's really dangerous here. We have to hurry and leave." Qin Feng carried Yun Xiao onto Goatee's motorboat.

    Though the three knives sliced through the heads of the three lackeys, Qin Feng wasn't certain of the assassin's true target. Thus, his first course of action was to leave the premises.

    "Mister and lady on the motorboat, please stop your motorboat immediately and submit. We have the right to arrest you and even fire upon you!"

    Qin Feng had boarded the motorboat and was about to leave, when over 10 motorboats suddenly appeared on the surface of the lake. The men on these motorboats all wore uniforms: half of them were Lotus Lake's security guards while the other half were policemen who'd rushed over upon hearing the news.

    "Qin Feng, are the man and woman they're talking about us?" Yun Xiao was frightened by the large and powerful scene. She looked at Qin Feng and asked, "Why do they want to arrest us?"Yun Xiao had just finished asking her question when her gaze happened to fall to the surface of the lake, where she suddenly saw the three corpses floating. They looked like the three bad men that had boarded their boat to take revenge on them.

    When Yun Xiao saw the three men were already dead and in the lake, Yun Xiao was so scared that her eyes bugged out.

    A vast sheet of white suddenly exploded in her mind as if she instantly understood.

    "Qin Feng... Y-You killed people again?"

    Yun Xiao didn't know how to face Qin Feng. Last time, Qin Feng killed Ma De Hu's lackeys in the abandoned factory in the northern district. This time, he killed in broad daylight in front of an audience-had he already gone crazy?

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I didn't kill those three people. Do you believe me?" Qin Feng grabbed Yun Xiao's arm and pulled her into an embrace. Yun Xiao looked frightened out of her mind, and Qin Feng was worried she'd fall into the water.

    Yun Xiao's brain whirred. She felt as though she was unable to think or judge. This was an important matter concerning human lives. Yun Xiao didn't immediately say that she believed Qin Feng, and she even looked a bit afraid as she leaned in Qin Feng's embrace.

    When Qin Feng saw the change in Yun Xiao, he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone!

    Yun Xiao's social anxiety was originally about to be completely cured. Now, because of this sudden event, Yun Xiao's expression returned to that fear and alarm from before. There were only four hours until Yun Xiao's plane took off, and Qin Feng felt that results of the quest were uncertain.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, what can I do to make you believe me? I really didn't kill anyone!" Qin Feng hugged Yun Xiao tightly. He did all he could to express gentleness as he looked at her.

    Yun Xiao gazed into Qin Feng's eyes. A while later, she said, "Qin Feng, stop the motorboat and let the police catch us. After all, I didn't kill anyone, so I'm not afraid of getting arrested. If you didn't kill anyone either, you definitely have nothing to fear."

    "Ok, I agree!" Qin Feng hesitated, then stopped the motorboat.

    His main goal in driving the motorboat away was to hide from the assassin's attacks. However, for the sake of Yun Xiao's trust and to complete Yun Xiao's quest, Qin Feng couldn't care too much. At worst, he would fight with the murderer.

    Qin Feng stopped the motorboat. When Yun Xiao looked at Qin Feng again, her expression changed a little. That sliver of guardedness and iciness was already slowly dissipating.

    "People on the motorboat, you've been surrounded. Please put your hands up and don't resist." Not long after, over 10 motorboats flanked Qin Feng's boat.

    Qin Feng and Yun Xiao followed the instructions and raised their hands. At the same time, Qin Feng continued to monitor the surrounding situation. However, even after looking for so long, he still didn't find the assassin from before.


    Guns held at ready, two policemen boarded Qin Feng's boat and pressed Qin Feng and Yun Xiao down.

    "Don't move, and don't resist." There were two policemen: one fat and one thin.

    The fat one detained Qin Feng, and the thin man was prepared to restrain Yun Xiao.

    "I stopped the boat for you all to catch us, so I'm already giving you all a lot of face. It would be best if you didn't touch that woman; she can walk herself." Qin Feng's voice was icy, and he spoke before the thin policemen could make a move. He couldn't allow other strange men to  touch Yun Xiao's body. At the same time, he was afraid the contact would make Yun Xiao's social anxiety worse.

    Qin Feng's arrogance immediately made the thin policeman unhappy. He pointed his gun at Qin Feng and was about to open his mouth to yell at him when the fat policeman blocked him.

    The fat one stared at Qin Feng and considered him in detail. He kept feeling that this person looked somewhat familiar, but he couldn't figure out who Qin Feng was right then.

    "What's your name?" the fat one asked severely while looking at Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng." Qin Feng added indifferently, "The people of Acropolis call me Young Master Qin."


    After the name "Young Master Qin" came out, the hands of the skinny policeman, who pointed a gun at Qin Feng, trembled. He was so shocked that he dropped the gun he held into the boat.

    The fat one's expression also shifted dramatically because he remembered that this person was indeed Acropolis City's number one young master, Qin Feng. He'd even seen Qin Feng in the North District Sub-Bureau a month ago.

    At the time, even the new, fiery bureau chief, Liu Bing Bing, had been powerless against him. How could a little team leader dare provoke Qin Feng so easily?

    "We already have them under control. You all put away your weapons and disperse. Our North District Sub-Bureau will follow up and take care of this." After confirming Qin Feng's identity, the fat policeman immediately waved at the other policemen. After they received his command, they put away their weapons and drove their motorboats to take care of the three lackeys' corpses. At the same time, some dispersed to placate the frightened crowds.

    After these people left, the fatty's expression changed. A smile filled his face as he looked at Qin Feng and said, "Young Master Qin, if I offended you earlier, please forgive me.

    "However, this situation has become a homicide case, so I still have to inconvenience Young Master Qin to come back to the station with me to record a statement and go through procedure."

    Qin Feng thought about Yun Xiao's quest. He had no time to go to the police station. He waved his hand and said, "I'll go to the police station in a couple of days. I didn't kill those three men. I'm sure that as a scenic area, Lotus Lake has a lot of surveillance cameras. You policemen just have to get the recordings and examine them to know if I did it."

    Since Qin Feng decided not to go to the police station, no one could stop him. He held Yun Xiao's hand was about to drive away in the motorboat when he suddenly turned his head to look at the fat policeman and add, "That's right. If you find the murderer in this homicide, remember to let me know."

    Qin Feng finished explaining the situation and took Yun Xiao away on the motorboat.

    At this time, among the people at the lakeside, an icy woman's gaze was pinned on Qin Feng's motorboat.

    The woman was in the crowd the whole time. She had a head of neat, short hair dyed purple, bright eyes, white teeth, and looked extremely beautiful. However, she exuded a light, icy aura, giving one an oppressive, unapproachable feeling.

    In this scorching weather, the woman wore tight, black leather clothes and black moccasins. This strange outfit was like that of a cosplayer.

    "Qin Feng, looks like I've underestimated you... But this was just a small test of mine; the games have just begun. Get ready!"

    As the beauty with the purple hair watched Qin Feng's motorboat reach shore, the cold smile on her face was swept away. It was replaced by a charming and mesmerizing smile.
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