Chapter 249 - The Moon was Like a Silver Plate, the Cool Breeze Rustled in the Air

    Chapter 249 - The Moon was Like a Silver Plate, the Cool Breeze Rustled in the Air

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    Qin Feng kissed with the stimulation of hope and allure.

    Both of their hearts continued to speed up, and seemed as though they would leap out of their throats.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, if this goes on, it'll go too far!" Yun Xiao was fragrant and soft. Qin Feng's steady heart began to waver.

    "Qin Feng... let me go too far tonight. I'm willing to do it!" Yun Xiao's captivating voice rang in Qin Feng's ear.

    Since the beautiful teacher requested it, the last shred of uncertainty in Qin Feng's heart was shattered. He hugged her tightly.

    A beautiful view of Acropolis City's Northern District was outside the window. The rows of streetlights wound about like a long coiling dragon.

    Tonight, the moon was like a silver plate, and the light breeze rustled in the air!

    On this mesmerizingly beautiful night, Qin Feng wildly demanded Yun Xiao's body, and Yun Xiao produced waves of cries like a yellow oriole.

    Half an hour later!

    The passionate battle calmed, and Yun Xiao was spent. She was so tired that she was panting, and she clung tightly in Qin Feng's embrace.

    Half an hour ago, she was a complete woman. Now, she was still a complete woman, but she was a woman who belonged solely to Qin Feng.

    A conservative woman from a large family clan, she'd handed out the chastity that she'd preserved for 25 years. She raised her head to look at Qin Feng's handsome and steadfast profile, and warmth surged into her heart.

    Before they began, she didn't regret it. When it ended, she was even more gratified.

    Because in the past half hour, Yun Xiao felt that she was floating the whole time. That stimulating and great feeling was something she was sure she could reminisce about for the rest of her life.

    "Qin Feng, y-you're really amazing!" Yun Xiao rested in Qin Feng's embrace for a good while, then glanced shyly at him.

    Qin Feng hugged Yun Xiao tightly. If she didn't have a flight at 10, Qin Feng wouldn't have ended their battle so quickly.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I just finished warming up. If you weren't leaving tonight, I could battle with you until tomorrow!" Qin Feng smiled evilly, making Yun Xiao blush enchantingly like a lotus.

    "Qin Feng, I have to go... Though I don't want to leave here, and I'll miss you all, maybe this is my fate." Once Yun Xiao thought about how she was going to be leaving this place soon, an ineffable disappointment swept through her.

    Especially after doing it with Qin Feng, Yun Xiao's feelings toward him completely changed. She hadn't even left and already suddenly missed him.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for completing the quest to help Teacher Yun Xiao get rid of her fear and social anxiety, the System awards you 1,000 Hedonist Points."

    The System's cold announcement suddenly rang, causing Qin Feng to jump in shock.

    He hadn't had much hope for Yun Xiao's quest. He hadn't thought that after doing it with her, he'd smoothly complete the quest.

    As Qin Feng considered how he'd completed his quest, disregarding the 1,000 Hedonist Points, he was extremely happy that Yun Xiao could live like a normal person for the rest of her life.

    He looked at the beautiful and alluring Teacher Yun Xiao in his embrace, used some strength in his arms, and embraced her once again.


    Another half an hour!

    Another war was completed.

    Qin Feng already wore his clothes. Because Yun Xiao's shirt was drenched in beer, Qin Feng called Long-hair to bring a new dress shirt over as soon as possible.

    At this time, Yun Xiao was still naked. She stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror combing her mussed hair. Qin Feng stood quietly to the side, admiring her captivating back.

    If time wasn't of the essence, he would have definitely pounced on her a third time.

    "Qin Feng, what time is it now?" Yun Xiao washed her face. The flush in her face receded, and looking at her, it didn't seem like anything had happened.

    "It's already 8:30. Teacher Yun Xiao, don't want to go back yet?" Qin Feng came up and hugged her from behind. He suddenly felt it would be best if Yun Xiao could stay and be his lover.

    "Qin Feng, hurry and let go!" Yun Xiao's manner changed completely.

    After wildly battling twice, she regained her senses and her conservative and composed manner from before. She struggled out of Qin Feng's embrace and said a bit shyly, "I have to go back to the Capital's Yun residence. Take me to the airport in a bit, okay?"

    On the outside, Yun Xiao looked like she wanted to keep some distance between her and Qin Feng, but inside, she wanted to be with Qin Feng longer. After all, she knew that after she left, it would probably be their last time seeing one another.

    She wanted to look at Qin Feng a couple more times and hear him say some more things. That way, later in life, she'd have more memories to cherish.

    "Okay, I'll take you home to pack first, and then we'll go to the airport," Qin Feng responded with a nod.

    The two people waited awkwardly in the bathroom for a while; then someone walked into the private room outside and Long-hair's gruff voice reached them. "Young Master Qin, are you here?"

    "Wait in the private room. I'll be right out."

    Long-hair had arrived. Qin Feng exited the bathroom and entered the private room's lounge. Long-hair held three white shirts of different sizes and smiled at Qin Feng.

    "Young Master Qin, I don't know what size Big Sister-in-law wears, so I brought three shirts. Let Big Sister-in-law try them on. If they don't fit, I'll immediately buy new ones."

    Qin Feng took the three shirts from Long-hair and returned to the bathroom. He was quite satisfied with Long-hair's efficiency and method of doing things.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, hurry and wear the clothes. After you've dressed, we'll go!" Qin Feng handed Yun Xiao the clothes. When Yun Xiao saw that Qin Feng brought over three shirts, her heart warmed up a little.

    Women are always easily moved by little things!

    Yun Xiao wore the medium-sized white dress shirt, Qin Feng placed his blazer over her shoulders, and the two of them walked out.

    "Long-hair, give me your car keys."

    "Young Master Qin, do you need me to be your driver to take you and Big Sister-in-law back?" When Long-hair saw Yun Xiao walk out, his eyes instantly brightened.

    He admired Young Master Qin more and more. No wonder Young Master Qin was Acropolis City's Number One Hedonistic Young Master, he had so many women by his side that one couldn't even count them. Long-hair had already seen five or six of them himself, and all of these women were as beautiful as fairies. They could cause the downfall of cities and states, and they were all different: each of them had their own characteristics and fresh personalities.

    When Yun Xiao heard Long-hair call her "Big Sister-in-law," the face that had just returned to normal turned red again. She held Qin Feng's arm tightly and buried her face into his embrace without saying anything...

    "It's fine. You go take care of your own business." Qin Feng sent Long-hair away. He knew that Yun Xiao would be uncomfortable with Long-hair there.

    Long-hair's car was an Audi A6. He'd bought the car using the money made after forming the Feng Group. Originally, the three brothers got the car for Qin Feng, but Qin Feng always rode his 28" bicycle, so the car became a car that all three brothers used for business matters.

    After leaving the Fei Tian Bar, Qin Feng sped along in the Audi A6. They arrived at Li Shui Jia Gardens 10 minutes later.

    Yun Xiao's luggage was packed long ago, so Qin Feng helped load her two suitcases into the trunk and rushed to the international airport.

    Qin Feng's driving skills didn't need to be doubted. His driving speed only increased and never decreased. He raced fiercely to the international airport and arrived at 9:10. There were still 20 minutes until boarding.

    The two of them sat in the waiting area lounge. Neither spoke, and the atmosphere became a bit heavy.

    "Qin Feng, I left in too much of a hurry this time; there are still quite a few people who don't know I'm leaving. If you see them, help me pass along the message that I was really glad to have known them all."

    They watched the minutes and seconds quietly tick by, and their parting was right before their eyes. The disappointment within Yun Xiao intensified. She suddenly turned to Qin Feng and really wanted to hold him tight.

    "I will." Qin Feng nodded, and he looked like he wasn't willing to part with her.

    "Qin Feng, I have to go soon. Can you hug me?" Yun Xiao's beautiful eyes became a bit moist. Farewells were always sad.

    And this time, this was quite possibly an eternal farewell...

    Yun Xiao had just finished speaking when she felt soft, moist lips on hers.

    Not only did Qin Feng hug Yun Xiao tightly, he even gave her a passionate kiss in the waiting area.

    A handsome man and beautiful woman kissing passionately.

    The two's actions immediately caused the people around them to circle around and watch. They all thought that the scene was extremely romantic!

    "Flight 007 from Acropolis City to the capital has begun checking tickets. Passengers of this flight, please get your tickets checked in order and prepare for boarding!"

    The boarding announcement was broadcast. Qin Feng and Yun Xiao were so wrapped up in their kiss that they'd forgotten all else.

    "Qin Feng, I have to go!" Yun Xiao pushed him away lightly.

    "Have a pleasant journey!"

    Qin Feng stood and watched the beautiful and moving Yun Xiao. He forgot what he was going to say.

    He thought that the usual elegant but insincere words, the lavish rhetoric used to pick up girls, could not be used because he didn't want to sully Yun Xiao with these false words.

    Yun Xiao said nothing more. She took her luggage and walked into the crowd. She followed the line and slowly moved forward, then she passed through the ticketing area and disappeared from Qin Feng's sight.

    Yun Xiao left and didn't look back even once.

    Qin Feng felt that his story with Yun Xiao also ended here. After the two lines crossed, they went farther and farther apart. A feeling of despair spread through his heart.

    At this time, the System's announcement resounded in his head:

    "Ding... The Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: help Yun Xiao's younger brother, Yun Lei, successfully take the head young master position in the Capital's Yun family."

    "Quest time limit: three months."

    "Successful completion reward: 5,000 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, Yun Xiao will become a sacrificial item for marriage alliances and be married into another rich family."


    Yun Xiao suddenly left, Zhao Ling Xian agreed to the Capital's Liang family's proposal, and Liu Wen Jing couldn't be found.

    These couple of days, Qin Feng was extremely gloomy. For three days, he had no energy at work. He wasn't even in the mood to play games or sleep in the office.

    When it became time to get off work, Qin Feng was still splayed on his desk in a daze. He didn't even notice Xu Ruo Rou come in or go out.

    Xu Ruo Rou could tell Qin Feng's spirits were down the past couple of days. She asked him several questions, yet he didn't respond, making Xu Ruo Rou a bit unhappy. She was originally elated to get off work and go home with Qin Feng, but when she saw him splayed on the desk in a daze, she didn't want to call on him.

    She sighed softly and tiptoed out of Qin Feng's office. She arrived at the entrance of Royal Group and waited for Qin Huang's car to go home with Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying.

    At this time, Xu Ruo Rou's cell phone rang.
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