Chapter 253 - Yes, I Do!

    Chapter 253 - Yes, I Do!

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng was relieved when he saw Xu Ruo Rou. He then called to her gently:

    "Ruo Rou, are you alright? They didn't do anything to you, right?"

    "Qin Feng, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Please take care of yourself." Xu Ruo Rou's two bright eyes were filled with tears when she saw Qin Feng.

    Suddenly, she realized that Qin Feng was always by her side at the eleventh hour when she was in trouble.

    After making sure of Xu Ruo Rou's safety, Qin Feng glanced at the men. Immediately, he recognized four out of the five. Weren't those four the ones who attempted to kidnap Liu Xiao Jia on that night?

    During that time, Qin Feng had been busy comforting Liu Xiao Jia and had no time to bother with the four. In the end, they escaped. And now... they tried to kidnap Xu Ruo Rou?

    "Humph! Both of you're at death's door. Do you think you guys still have the time to play Romeo and Juliet?" A fatso among Big Brother Qiang's group shouted at them with a fiendish look and jiggling cheeks.

    The situation took a harsh turn and the atmosphere became cold all of a sudden.

    Surrounded by the men, Qin Feng stood firmly with his hands clasped at his back, and looked calmly at them. On the other hand, the four underlings of Big Brother Qiang glared menacingly at Qin Feng, prepared to pounce on him at any time.

    All of a sudden, Big Brother Qiang's stern voice was heard, shattering the awkward situation. "Baldy, find me a rock. Remember, I want it big!"

    The fours' mouths twitched nonstop; they were unable to maintain their composure at Big Brother Qiang's irrelevant order at this tense moment.

    This was especially true for the plump baldy. He went to a corner of the courtyard reluctantly and started to search for a stone. After a while, he finally found a fist-sized rock.

    Baldy grabbed the rock and returned to Big Brother Qiang's side. He then asked with a bad manner, "Big Brother Qiang, why are you looking for a rock at this moment?"

    "Baldy, throw the stone at that little brat and tell him not to ever try dodging it. If he does, I'll snap this little girl's neck."

    The incident on that night had cast an unfading shadow on Big Brother Qiang's heart. He could never forget the humiliation of being forced to swallow a rock. Every night in his dreams, he'd always shred Qin Feng to pieces.

    Those three underlings would never understand Big Brother Qiang as they'd never experienced the disgrace before. The baldy's mouth twitched so hard after he heard Big Brother Qiang's reason.

    "Why are you still standing here? Hurry up and do what I said."

    Big Brother Qiang yelled at Baldy, snapping him out of his astonishment. Baldy raised the rock and hurried toward Qin Feng; he then stopped two meters away from him.

    "Little brat, can you see the rock in my hand? I'm going to smash you with this rock later on. You, little brat, can't dodge it nor fight back... Dare to disobey us and Big Brother Qiang will snap the girl's neck!"


    The other three underlings staggered for awhile and almost fell down after hearing what Baldy said.

    Originally, they'd planned to kick Qin Feng's ass with the power of numbers. Even if they couldn't imitate the domineering Xu Wen Qiang from The Bund, they could at least portray the ruffian aura of Ding Li.

    However, they were dumbfounded by Big Brother Qiang's attempt to fight Qin Feng with such a childish approach. A rock? How silly was that?!

    Growing impatient, Big Brother Qiang roared, "F*cking throw the rock now!"

    On that night, he had been the one who threw a cigarette at Qin Feng first, but Qin Feng avoided it. Qin Feng then countered with a stone, calling him an idiot. At last, Qin Feng even forced him to swallow the stone.

    So today Big Brother Qiang reenacted the incident of that night, to wash away the humiliation rooted deeply within his heart.

    "F*ck you! Today, I want you, little brat, to pay for everything you've done to us!"

    Baldy gathered all his strength and threw the rock even though he was reluctant to do it.

    The rock flew through the skies in an arc, dropping toward Qin Feng's body.

    Xu Ruo Rou's eyes were gushing with tears and she cried loudly, "No!" as soon as she saw Baldy throw the stone at Qin Feng.

    That was a big rock. It would really break a person's bones if it smashed into a person's body. Xu Ruo Rou was dying to replace Qin Feng. She couldn't stand to see Qin Feng injured.


    A muffled sound drifted over. Qin Feng didn't dodge the rock because Xu Ruo Rou was still held captive by Big Brother Qiang.

    The impact of a fist-sized rock when thrown with great force cannot be taken lightly. A normal person would have been badly injured.

    However, since Qin Feng had the Flying Dragon Armour and he utilized his Inner Qi to protect his chest at the same time, he didn't feel any pain when the rock struck his body.

    Qin Feng's legs went limp. He dropped to the ground after being hit by the rock and said, "Oh my gosh... you, scumbag, really do want to kill me?"

    With a pained look on his face, Qin Feng covered his chest with his hand and coughed violently and incessantly.

    Wow! Such remarkable acting. Even Qin Feng was impressed with himself!

    "Qin Feng... are you alright? Qin Feng, please don't scare me!" Xu Ruo Rou had gone mad when she saw Qin Feng was badly injured by the rock. She struggled for all she was worth to escape from Big Brother Qiang's grip.

    "Ruo Rou, please don't cry... You wouldn't be pretty if you cried!" Qin Feng pressed tightly on his chest, stretched out a hand, and talked to Xu Ruo Rou as if he was on his last breath. "It's my bad that I don't have enough strength to protect you. Ruo Rou, I've always cherished you like the most precious jewels. When I keep you in my hands, I fear you'll be cold; when I keep you in my mouth, I'm afraid you'll melt... Ruo Rou, I don't want anybody to hurt you. I hoped that you'd always grow up happily by my side. Ruo Rou, I think I'm gonna die. It's my pleasure to have met you in this life. It's just... I've one last wish before I die. And I still have some regrets."

    Xu Ruo Rou's chin quivered. "Qin Feng... please... stop... please don't die, please don't leave me alone!" she moaned loudly. Her heart was pained as if pierced by a hail of arrows. Only now did she understand that she couldn't lose Qin Feng.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng asked Xu Ruo Rou solemnly, "Ruo Rou, why aren't you asking about my dying, unfulfilled wish?"

    Xu Ruo Rou clenched her teeth while nodding her head determinedly and replied, "Qin Feng, tell me your wish. I promise I'll help you to achieve it with my best effort."

    "Ruo Rou, my biggest regret is I never slept with you before. I want you. I really want you badly!" Qin Feng clutched his chest and said in anguish, "Sorry, I've put my request in an absurd, almost insolent form under this situation. Looks like I'm out of luck for this life. I can only hope that we can meet each other earlier in the next life!"

    "Waahh!" Xu Ruo Rou was choked with sobs. She thought Qin Feng was really dying and said, "Qin Feng, as long as you promise me you'll live, I'm willing to give you everything of mine, including my body. Yes, I do!"


    Qin Feng stood up and kicked the rock away once Xu Ruo Rou finished talking.

    "Holy sh*t, which stinky brat threw a rock at me just now? How old are you guys? Have some finesse please. Is it you, Baldy? Come out now!"

    Women change quicker than the flip of a page, and Qin Feng changed even quicker!

    Big Brother Qiang and his four underlings were dumbfounded and stunned by Qin Feng's brilliantly sentimental one-man drama. They were unresponsive when Qin Feng questioned them. In their hearts, they'd have liked to ask Qin Feng, "When is the release date for next season... especially the steamy scene!"

    Big Brother Qiang returned to his senses first and shouted at Baldy, "Holy f*ck, why're y'all standing there blankly? Baldy, pick up that rock and f*cking smash him until he's down!"

    At this moment, Baldy had the urge to withdraw himself from this group and stop being Big Brother Qiang's lackey. He quickly ran to the corner, picked up the rock, and returned to his position once again.

    "Baldy, this time, aim the rock at his head. I don't believe he'll still be able to survive that strike." Big Brother Qiang stared at Qin Feng with a black look and added, "If you dare dodge it, little brat, I'll choke her to death!"

    Same scenario, same threats, and same Baldy.

    With grudge on his face, Baldy threw the rock with full force at Qin Feng's head.


    Qin Feng moved suddenly. He didn't want to play along with them this time.

    Qin Feng's willingness to be a target just now was because he wanted to trick Xu Ruo Rou into giving her body to him. Since Xu Ruo Rou had agreed, Qin Feng didn't have all the time in the world to mess around with these people anymore.

    He liked acting, but he had to be the main actor. Plus, he shouldn't be controlled by anybody!

    After Qin Feng started to move, he dropped his 250 kg Flying Dragon Armour and circulated his Inner Qi in his body at the same time, and then stormed at the group at a speed 1.7x faster than an ordinary person. He moved with leopard-like grace, leaving nothing but shadow in everybody's gaze.


    Qin Feng arrived in front of Baldy in a blink of an eye. He swung his arm and gave Baldy a big slap in the face. His strength was 5x stronger than a normal person; the fat Baldy was sent flying to the skies!

    After the assault, Qin Feng moved his body again and went in front of the other three. After he delivered a few punches and kicks at them, those three were blown away, one after another, like flying kites.

    Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

    Followed by a couple of thumping sounds, the four fell at the corner of courtyard in a stack.

    One slap, two punches, and a kick, Qin Feng defeated all four of them within a minute.

    Shock, anguish, fear, and despair welled in Big Brother Qiang's heart!

    He was so stunned by Qin Feng's incredible feat that he couldn't speak. He'd known that Qin Feng was a proficient martial artist, but he hadn't expected him to be this good. You'd also pee in your pants if you saw a person fight like a superman!

    He'd yelled ferociously and threatened to snap Xu Ruo Rou's neck earlier on. But now, he was so frightened that his legs trembled and the hand gripping Xu Ruo Rou's neck shivered continuously. He couldn't even perform a handjob now, let alone wring a person's neck.

    After putting down the four underlings, Qin Feng gazed coldly at Big Brother Qiang and said, "You're Big Brother Qiang? I guess you're addicted to eating stones, right? So, you'd come to me wishing for another scrumptious meal of stones again!"

    He'd never taken these hooligans seriously. In his eyes, Big Brother Qiang was already a dead man.

    "D-Don't come over... I'll strangle her to death if you didn't stop right now." Seeing Qin Feng move gradually closer to him, Big Brother Qiang was terrified and backed away.

    Big Brother Qiang retreated to the door where there was no escape route anymore. His back was damp with cold sweat. He knew the plan for today had failed and might even cost his own life.

    At this moment, Big Brother Qiang's eyes shone brightly. He remembered that he still had a trick up his sleeve.

    He immediately thrust his hand into his pocket, withdrew a gleaming handgun, and held it to the back of Xu Ruo Rou's head.
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