Chapter 257 - Arrival of the Superstar

    Chapter 257 - Arrival of the Superstar

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    Royal Group, Sales Department Lobby

    When Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou walked into the Sales Department, they sensed the atmosphere today wasn't the same as usual. The sales representatives, who were usually extremely busy, were not making calls or filling out charts, but were gathered and seemingly discussing something.

    Qin Feng walked into the office hand in hand with Xu Ruo Rou and laughed at the crowd. "Yo, is today the Sales Department's day off? Why're y'all so free?"

    After he'd been promoted to Group Leader in the Sales Department, he'd gained considerable prestige. The employees of the Sales Department respected him greatly. Seeing his arrival, two of his subordinates, Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu, welcomed him with smiles.

    Ever since Qin Feng beat them up and hospitalized them, they treated Qin Feng as their big brother.

    "Big Brother Feng, you probably don't know yet, but a superstar has come to our Royal Group today. She's now in General Manager Li's office!"

    "Big Brother Feng, she is the Pure Jade Girl Rao Shi Man, the hot star of the showbiz, who has mastery over the trifecta of movie, television, and music."

    The voices of Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu echoed in harmony, causing a commotion throughout the Sales Department.

    Although Rao Shi Man had just debuted for merely a year, she'd made an impression in the public eye. She was gorgeous, had a flaming body, and her singing voice was enchanting. She was not only idolized by tens of thousands of men, but most women were her fans as well.

    These superfans were aroused when they heard of Rao Shi Man.

    Even Xu Ruo Rou joined the procession of worshippers and yelled in excitement, "Rao Shi Man? It can't be. A person like her would come to Acropolis City-a second-tier city? Wah! I'm so excited; I'm one of her fans too!"

    Qin Feng's expression changed into one of indignance. Wasn't he tasked to protect and provide hospitality for Rao Shi Man during her stay with Royal Group? However, she was already in Royal Group, but he wasn't notified about this at all. What more, he was the last person to know.

    It was really a dishonorable act... by the top management of Royal Group!

    "How can they be like this? No, I must have it out with General Manager Li." Qin Feng was furious and stormed toward General Manager Li's office.

    After a couple of steps, he was blocked by two persons: Wang Chao and Lin Shuai, the gold medal financial analyst at Royal Group's financial investment department.

    "Leader Qin, why're you in such a hurry and where are you going?" asked Lin Shuai, looking at Qin Feng with a grin on his face. At the same time, he peeked at Xu Ruo Rou twice. A touch of possessive desire could be seen gleaming in his eyes.

    Recently, Qin Feng had become Wang Chao's superior. During this period of time, Wang Chao had played cat and mouse with Qin Feng. Yet, he was now standing beside Lin Shuai with his head held high, giving a frivolous look at Qin Feng, seemingly denigrating him.

    "Yo, wasn't this the bastard of our company's financial investment department? What brings you here? Wanna get yourself a little brother in our sales department?"

    Qin Feng confronted the duo casually. They were inconsequential to him; once he opened his mouth, he slandered them.

    "W-Who are you calling a bastard? How can you insult someone so casually? Plebeian." Lin Shuai was unhappy after being insulted by Qin Feng.

    Wang Chao's heart was filled with pent-up anger too. Indeed, he'd become Lin Shuai's lackey, but he couldn't simply publicize their relationship; doing so might cause him to lose face.

    "Isn't Manager Lin a sea turtle that returned from studying abroad? Sorry, I'm a roughneck. I just couldn't differentiate between a sea turtle and a bastard. Since they're the same, wouldn't that make you a bastard too?" [TLN: A student who returns from studying abroad and a sea turtle are both pronounced "hai gui." Also, the characters for "bastard" can also mean "turtle."]

    Qin Feng hugged Xu Ruo Rou in front of Wang Chao and Lin Shuai. He gazed at Xu Ruo Rou and asked earnestly, "Ruo Rou, I didn't say anything wrong, right?"


    Xu Ruo Rou couldn't hold it in anymore. She giggled under her hand while nodding nonstop.

    The sales department staffs were amused by Qin Feng's humor. They despised Lin Shuai's vanity, but they didn't have the guts to offend him. So, they were overjoyed when Qin Feng gave Lin Shuai a piece of his mind.

    "Hmph! One can tell from a glance that you're just a country bumpkin from the village. You're hilarious!" Lin Shuai gave Qin Feng a freezing glare and wigged, "You're going to see General Manager Li, right? Sorry but General Manager Li has no time for you. She's now entertaining a VIP. You have no right to enter given your current position."

    Qin Feng chuckled and replied, "You're from the financial investment department, who are you to say what I have the right to do? Bastard, mind your own business."

    "Stinking brat, mind your foul mouth. If not, I won't go easy on you." Lin Shuai was enraged.

    "Get outta my way, you bloody bastard!" Qin Feng's expression was as cold as ice.

    Both sides refused to step down. The atmosphere took a harsh turn and it went below zero. The entire sales department was as quiet as the grave; only panting could be heard.


    On the other hand, Li Yu Chen wore her formal outfit-uniform and stockings. She was sitting on a sofa in her office, with a sweet smile on her face and said, "Miss Rao Shi Man, once again, welcome to the Royal Group."

    Opposite her was the dignified and gorgeous beauty, Miss Rao Shi Man.

    Rao Shi Man was wearing light make-up; a head of long, fine black hair was coiled atop her head, revealing her ungodly beautiful and handsome face. Her pair of eyes dazzled and sparkled with mirth, as if they spoke. She gazed at Li Yu Chen and replied:

    "Sis Chen, you're the one who entertained me during the opening ceremony of the villa area of Royal Group's Cloud City Hua Manor. Your care and assistance remain in Shi Man's heart. If Sis Chen doesn't mind, let Shi Man address you as Sis Chen, and you'll call me Lil' Sis Shi Man."

    As a superstar, Rao Shi Man was famous and held a position of eminence. Yet, she was now holding Li Yu Chen's hand like they'd known each other for a long time. Her down-to-earth attitude moved Li Yu Chen strongly.

    "Lil' Sis Shi Man, it'd be my honor to be your big sister."

    "Sis Chen, please don't be too courteous. I know I'm isolated because of my fame, because I'm a superstar. However, I'm actually a big girl deep inside my heart. So, Sis Chen, please don't think too much." Rao Shi Man's smile was mesmerizing, filling the office with a youthful vigor.

    "Rest assured, Lil' Sis Shi Man. It's the honor of Royal Group to host you during your stay in Acropolis City. We've prepared the itinerary and someone to help and protect you during your stay. Should you require any assistance, please seek for his help."

    According to the original schedule, Rao Shi Man was to arrive at Acropolis City three days from today. This was because the opening ceremony for the Phase II villa of Royal Group's Cloud City Hua Manor was four days from today. However, Rao Shi Man had come early without providing prior notice and Li Yu Chen hadn't expected that.

    It was not Li Yu Chen's fault for not informing Qin Feng. Even she herself hadn't been aware of this incident.

    "Sis Chen, you're not my guide this time?" Rao Shi Man's arched eyebrows furrowed slightly. Last time it was Li Yu Chen who entertained her and Rao Shi Man had been satisfied with her service. She still preferred Li Yu Chen over another person.

    "Lil' Sis Shi Man, it'll be different person this time... He is a very capable employee of Royal Group and is also the team leader of the Group Two in our sales department. His name is Qin Feng. Shall I introduce him to you now?"

    Li Yu Chen felt awkward after she finished her sentence. It'd be disastrous if a superstar of Rao Shi Man's caliber were involved in scandal. Normally a female host was much more preferable but a male was assigned all of a sudden. Li Yu Chen angsted over the possibility that Rao Shi Man would not agree to this arrangement.

    "Sis Chen, this Qin Feng... is a guy?" The furrow between Rao Shi Man's eyebrows deepened. She was confused by Royal Group's arrangement. How could they assign a male host to her?

    "*cough* *cough* Err, Lil' Sis Shi Man, how about you meet him before making any decision?" asked Li Yu Chen after noting Rao Shi Man's opposition.

    "No, no." Rao Shi Man rejected Li Yu Chen's idea. She waved her hand and voiced her concerns, "Sis Chen, I'm not trying to put on airs, but you know that I work in a very particular industry. I was invited by your company to Acropolis City to attend a ceremony that'll last a few days. It'll be awkward and inconvenient for me if my host is a man. Sis Chen, as a woman, you understand my scruples, right?"

    Li Yu Chen's face was awash with embarrassment. Of course, she understood what  Rao Shi Man meant. However, it was an order from the top for Qin Feng to be Rao Shi Man's host. Not even she had the authority to change it. If she really had to replace Qin Feng, she'd require the permission from above for her to carry out the replacement.

    "Oh yeah, Sis Chen, I've a question for you." Rao Shi Man's expression eased up and she changed the topic abruptly.

    She had her own reason for visiting Acropolis City. Her involvement in Royal Group activity was merely a pretext. Her real purpose was to help her big sister, Dong Fang Qing Xue, escape a forced marriage.

    "Just fire away, Lil' Sis Shi Man. I'll try my best to answer you," Li Yu Chen replied with a smile.

    "Sis Chen, does Chairman Qin's only son, Young Master Qin, work in this company?"

    "Lil' Sis Shi Man, why would you suddenly ask this question?" Li Yu Chen was taken aback slightly. Her mind was thrown into confusion by Rao Shi Man's sudden change of topic.

    Rao Shi Man realized she acted too suddenly. She was just too eager to ease Sis Qing Xue's trouble.

    "Haha, I was just curious." Rao Shi Man covered her sexy, red lips with a fine hand, trying to hide her awkwardness.

    "Young Master Qin doesn't work in Royal Group... But, even though I'm a Royal Group employee, I'd like to warn you. Young Master Qin has a bad reputation throughout Acropolis City; you'd better stay away from him." Seeing a great personality in Rao Shi Man, Li Yu Chen reminded her.

    "Haha, Sis Chen seems to know Young Master Qin very well." Rao Shi Man's eyes shone with a hint of hope.

    She certainly knew Young Master Qin was not a great man. He was frivolous and a philanderer. However, in order to help Sis Qing Xue, she'd decided to meet Young Master Qin in person. So, she tried to get his contact information from Li Yu Chen first.

    "Actually I don't know Young Master Qin very well and haven't seen him before. But the male host, Qin Feng, that I'll introduce to you knows him very well," Li Yu Chen replied casually.

    Rao Shi Man lost her composure and her eyes were shone with excitement. However, she regained her calm very shortly. She then grabbed Li Yu Chen's arm and said, "Sis Chen, didn't you say you wanted to introduce the male host, Qin Feng, to me? Tell him to come in right away!"
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